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  2. The Front Porch

    Husband had to go to the Hilton at Pensacola Beach, FL for training and I accompanied him. While he was at his meetings during the day, I lounged around. In the evenings we went out to dinner and walked on the beach. His first day there was a half-day so we went to the Naval Aviation Museum, which was fantastic. Here is a pic of me being a mermaid in the pool: *I took 3 mermaid tails with me and talked many people into trying them on and becoming mermaids and mermen.
  3. The Front Porch

    Jubal, our friends son LOVES school & is upset when summer break comes. The difference is he doesn't get to go do much, so school is fun. Now our kid would rather be out working with the boys. Heck three weeks ago the boys came to put up the cross buck at the motel. Shortman was out in his pjs & slippers shoveling dirt/rock for the boys. Shortman can spend an entire day working on building a rail yard with his model trains & will put together trains for specific movements. I had Shortman pick out a costume for Halloween so I can get sewing early. Well he is going as locomotive building engineer from the 30s era. He asked Hubby to print him copies of the Zepher building plans that he can carry. I am not surprised this is what he wanted to go as but it isn't your average costume request from an 8yr old. I just go with the flow & say "OK" As for fun, we like to say a family that works hard plays hard.
  4. Kitty Needs Help

    A door in the tack room sounds wonderful! The ivermectin should kill the mites and all we (you and she) gotta do is wait for the itchy scabs to heal and the inflammation to go down so her fur can regrow. I'm sure she feels miserable, but with you helping her, she will feel better soon.
  5. Kitty Needs Help

    Thanks, Heidi! She gets Ivermectrin once a week for three weeks. She had her first dose Tuesday. Recheck is on the 28th. If she is clean, she gets bathed and out of the crate. The hookworms will be treated again during that visit. We have asked our friend to help us build the tack room in our barn. I intend to put in a door with a cat door that can be shut at night to keep her safe. Miss Delilah can move into there when she gets out of the crate.
  6. Prayers Please

    Thinking of Pink.
  7. Kitty Needs Help

    I just got back from being out-of-state since Sunday. Was cleaning up Emails and saw a PM from LC and came to check out this topic right away. Little kitty DOES have beautiful green eyes and her skin makes my heart hurt for her. I don't know much about scabies, only that it is cat mange. I had to Google treatment: The first step in the treatment of mange is isolating your cat to prevent the condition from affecting other pets and humans. Your vet will prescribe medication to kill the mites. Depending on the type of mange and your cat, medication may be applied topically, by injection, or by shampoo and dip. You vet may also prescribe an antibacterial shampoo or anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to treat skin issues and ease inflammation. Although mites are quickly killed, results are usually seen after a month of treatment. It looks like treatment, good food and love will help her recover. I would love to watch her progress.
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  9. Kitty Needs Help

    Little bast---- just make flotillas. No bath until three weeks is up. Vet wants her in isolation.
  10. Kitty Needs Help

    Can you set the table in a kiddie pool with water in it? Would that deter the fire ants?
  11. Kitty Needs Help

    You could just put small amounts of wet food in, and wait a bit, then take up the dish and leave her with the hard food.Most cats will clean up a serving pretty quickly.
  12. Kitty Needs Help

    Jubal, thanks for the link. I wish I could feed wet food, but the fire ants.... She is fed in a crate and the crate is on top of a table. So far, the evil ants haven't found their way into her dish. I don't dare try wet food with her confined. She drinks a lot and eats as soon as I put the food in front of her. I give her more than she can eat at one sitting so she won't run out. I might need a bigger water dish. Delilah had solid poops yesterday. The dewormer must be working. Hookworms are no joke. I am very glad she went straight to the crate when we got her. She is highly contagious for three weeks. I use gloves to pet her and clean her poop. Hookworms can live in the soil where the cat poops and go through the skin of someone walking barefoot. Even a freeze won't kill them off. They can live in soil for years. I told the lady from the apartment about not walking barefoot where the kitty used to hang out (and making sure she lets parents/kids know). I told her she should tell that evil, cat hating, neighbor that walking barefoot is better for you. She laughed.
  13. Kitty Needs Help

    Heidi would know about feeding a starved cat. She helped me with Grace. There are cat probiotics. I found a Purina dry food called Gentle. She has done really well on it. Here's the thread when my kitty first showed up in my barn and everybody, especially Heidi, helped me with her.
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  15. Prayers Please

  16. Prayers Please

    I'm so sorry, Pink. I hope things start looking up soon. Prayers.
  17. @rachsyme My husband and I love the picture of him and Carly Simon on their wedding day. He even made me a hard copy. Stunning couple.

  18. He's really taken to this ! She stoped in the one pic and he was like what the check.I had to take screen shots of the videos my mom sent so there not great pics .
  19. Prayers Please

    Round 2 chemo started, 19 days radiation left. We are getting there. A long road, but we're gaining on it. Thanks for continued support.
  20. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    The wood chewing can be fixed by getting them out of the dang stalls too. Moot point anyway since what she wanted was to supplement and stretch her existing hay. Also please not it says SOME horses. There are a lot more who won't chew wood. Now, I know you prefer to get in the last word, so have at it.
  21. New Puppy Pics

  22. Kitty Needs Help

    Thanks, guys. Yes, I asked about bathing her. RRW, the vet suggested a very gentle shampoo because everything is so raw. I have a puppy tear free one she thought would work. I'm sure the oatmeal shampoo will help a lot down the road. Great suggestion. Jubal, we like Taste of the Wild. It has to be dry food because she is outside, but I was thinking about adding a vitamin supplement after her second deworming. Do they sell kitty probiotics? They are true carnivores, so maybe amino acid supplement instead? Maybe Heidi knows.
  23. The Front Porch

    ^^^Well, that's your fault. You keep taking him on fun trips! You should let him get so bored he's happy to go back to school.
  24. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    Sorry, NP, I have to disagree. from One disadvantage of feeding only forage cubes is the lack of long-stem fiber, which may lead to the horse seeking other sources of fiber to satisfy this need. As your horse is recovering from a colic episode, the most important thing is to provide high-quality forage as grass pasture, hay, cubes, or a combination of these. A study from Rutgers found the same thing. Some horses fed only cubes began to chew wood. A horse that chews wood needs more fiber. "Hay Cubes: Long stem hay, either alfalfa or a mixture of alfalfa and timothy hay, is dried, chopped, and compressed into cubes. These are usually sold in 50 lb bags which are easy transported and stored, making them more readily available from regions where the hay crop was good. Cubes made from a mixture of alfalfa and whole corn plants may also be available. We have used hay cubes as the sole source of fiber in several research studies at Rutgers with good results, feeding up to 12 to 15 lbs of cubes per horse per day. However, there was a dramatic increase in the incidence of wood chewing in every study, and two horses had problems with choking on the cubes when they were fed dry. The wood chewing can be reduced by feeding at least some long stem hay or straw (see below), and the danger of choke is eliminated by soaking the cubes in water for 10 minutes before feeding them."
  25. The Front Porch

    Shortman goes back Sept 4. I love having him around however, we have been bonkers crazy with work & starting to get a bit stressed. So it works better if he can be away doing something he enjoys. Will be nice to have him back in school & on a schedule again. Plus with our summers is he is at day camp 4 weeks & that basically follows the same schedule as school. So it usually isn't a problem getting back into a routine. Now getting him to kinda enjoy school is a totally different story.
  26. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    Cubes are fine on their own The fiber length is still there. Its the pellets, ie, ground up hay, that presents problems.
  27. Kitty Needs Help

    Poor girl - so glad you have her to help her heal. Yes, please share photos of her progress!
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