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  2. Signs of spring?

    68 is nice....but only if there is no wind. It sure has been pretty breezy lately. I have a pair of white capris and pants...I think I only ever wore each once. I cannot keep clean. Old Navy has some nice capris from time to time if you're ever near one. They're not denim - but not a see-through material, either. I like them. They sit at a height I'm not blinding anyone but also not suffocating.
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  4. Signs of spring?

    Against my better judgment I bought a pair of white capris. Wore them tonight only to remind me that white with having black dogs don't mix. However, do I really care??? Ummm...nope. Just happy to look fashionable with 68 temps & sunshine. Heck even broke out my new summer fun shoes. Most people were still dressed for late fall type temps but dang 68 temps is heaven. If only it could be 68 with sun everyday. When I go to heaven fingers crossed everyday will be like today. Just perfect out.
  5. The Front Porch

    PD, can only imagine how good you felt going for a ride.
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  7. The Front Porch

    Gray, I spent a half hour to cleaned mud & winter hair off al 3 horses yesterday, the dust from mud & hair was enough to cause me to sneeze. I did get out for a short ride on my oldest gelding, getting back in the saddle was a stretch for me, but ride went well. PD
  8. Signs of spring?

    Was in the 60's yesterday, 70 out now....mixed precip by Thursday. Oh joy. But, I did get a lot of outdoor things done over the weekend. Just wish weather would make up it's darned mind.
  9. The Front Porch

    My son was in heaven. The boy loves winter & what better then playing in the snow in short sleeves & rubber boots. Then out came the shovel for the mud. I'd love to be out washing window but have to much to do inside today. Heck was planning on working in the depot office today but I'd only be up there for little over an hour. Just as well stay here & work on the mountain of projects.
  10. The Front Porch

    Well it looks like it's decided to be spring here after all, got my first burn of the year on the one patch of skin I had exposed while riding yesterday. >_< It was over 60 and lightly breezy, the mares were sleepy and content, loved getting groomed on and had an excellent riding lesson with lots of trail obstacles in the arena. Found out Goblin has zero issues with dragging a barrel behind her, or dragging it while backing up. She actually broke a sweat under saddle, but I think that was mostly due to her winter coat still hanging in there more than any real exertion on her part. ;)
  11. The Front Porch

    Problem with the warmer weather is one wants to be outside working not in. Luckily the grass isn't growing.
  12. The Front Porch

    RRW, Glad you are enjoying this warmer weather, as I am also, I wish you well as you go home, Take Care & Best Wishes. PD
  13. The Front Porch

    With the weather instantly flipping to beautiful I am missing my ponies & barn cats. Fingers crossed in less than four weeks we will be packing to go home. Not putting all my eggs in the basket. Oh wait I am just going to carry around a chicken in the basket till she lays the eggs.
  14. Streaming....GADS!!!

    On our cable there is BBC PBS.
  15. Streaming....GADS!!!

    ^^^There are lots of PBS stations and some of them carry BBC programs. My satellite company only carries two PBS stations but a friend up north has six or seven.
  16. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Jubal thought there was a British PBS channel.
  17. The Front Porch

    That was a nice day for those girls. That was very nice of you. Prayers for Bob.
  18. Streaming....GADS!!!

    No, I don't do Netflix either. I watch PBS a lot and the British series. But it sounds like I'm missing some of those. QH, are you getting those on PBS channels? Right now, I'm watching an American Pickers episode I've seen about ten times.
  19. Texas People #6

    Every time you all put food pictures on here, I have to go bake refrigerator cookies! I'm sure I've eaten too many!
  20. The Front Porch

    I hope Bob will be okay, Queen. You account of your very busy day exhausted me. I thought I did well to mow the pastures and grease the tractor loader and mower.
  21. Last week
  22. The Front Porch

    QB you sure had a nice day with the girls. Sorry to hear about your friend, hope he will be ok. My dad who is in his late 70s had a fire incident with a riding lawnmower in the wood last fall. Luckily he wasn't burned but was brused.
  23. Texas People #6

    I had an epiphany while cleaning the barn just now. I can't wait to NOT have a barn! Sounds insane, I know, most people WANT one. But, cleaning it two/three times a week, which is what I need to do, is getting to me. No, my horses will not have a barn in Arizona, run in sheds, that's it, all that needs to be done is, attach the harrow to the tractor and...... voila! Sorry horses......not really...
  24. don't know who I am more excited to watch: @AnnaKendrick47, @StephenMerchant or Wyatt Russell in #Table19 too close to call. #movies

  25. The Front Porch

    *thoughts/prayers for Bob*
  26. The Front Porch

    Had a busy day yesterday. Started at 9am with the girls Zarinna and Cassie helping me switch out blankets for fly masks on the horses. Then we were off to a local horse show primarily to watch the minis in hand trail class. There was some used tack and clothing at the show and it was "pay as you will" so we made a trip to the atm. Zarinna got a pair of rubber tall boots and I got a western breastcollar, a nice simple leather headstall and a halter for the minis. Zarinna paid for her boots with the money her mom sent with her. On the way back from the atm there was a car show going on at a local restaurant so we did a quick peek through there...there were some really nice old cars there and they had a really good turn out. The weather was beautiful. The horse show had a good turn out too. We finally got to watch the in hand trail class and Zarinna was able to ask the judge some really good questions after all of the competitors were finished. The judge even let us walk the course. We stayed a little while longer and then went home to practice with the minis. Bennie came along to run off some energy. Zarinna long lined mini June around the pond and when the two of them became frustrated (June and Zarinna are BOTH learning and June was ready to return to her friends in the field) we switched to practicing trail obstacles. The only one Zarinna figured she would have trouble with would be the gate, so we practiced that til she was more confident and satisfied she could do it. Then we were off to a quick pizza and salad dinner at a restaurant on the way to our last destination for the day, a local high school play. Both girls LOVED the play and Zarinna thanked me TWICE for all of the activities of the day. We made it home by 930 or so and then fed the horses and called it a night. Cassie and I ended up with sunburnt faces. I fell asleep on the couch as soon as I layed down. While we were out yesterday, the founder of the western group Im a part of was taken to the hospital with 3rd degree burns. Apparently he tossed some ashes outside from the woodstove (its been cold these past couple nights) that were still hot. As soon as the ashes hit the pine needles in the yard, the yard went up in flames..add to that a nice breeze. Bob was trying to stomp out the flames. Thank goodness someone was there with him, and thank goodness he didnt fall down while trying to stomp out the flames. Nevertheless, this isnt good and Im afraid that this may really be the beginning of the end for the 'ol guy. Prayers and good thoughts please.
  27. Streaming....GADS!!!

    LC we are so blasted busy that cant justify paying the bill for something that isn't used.
  28. Texas People #6

    Those look delicious! I may have to make some. The cherry tarts were good but a little sweet for me.
  29. Texas People #6

    YUM for cherry anything!! This scone recipe is so good. It made a double batch so I shared with the kids. Used a biscuit cutter this time for smaller portions but I miss the traditional wedge shape. What takes them over the top is the strawberry good! I'm craving two now with my coffee but we're supposed to be going out for breakfast if I would get off my butt and get ready. We had heavy rains last night and it's still overcast but it's supposed to be sunny and cool so we are heading to Round Top for some country antigueing. The recipe Is for raspberry white chocolate scones but I only had strawberries and chocolate chunks. It was an experiment but they taste like chocolate dipped strawberries.
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