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  2. When I was younger & our children were small, I always tried to put their needs first & mine last, 33 years, I got back into horses, & that was a main expense, I traded my labo,r with friend that was dairy farmer for hay & grain. Of course when I got the horse, I found I could also raise steers, for our meat, & raised a garden for some of our food. I cut firewood to heat my house, & still do. But at 68 & 70 years old, we treat ourselves a bit more than we used to. We've both worked hard to help our children & granchildren. We've been lucky to have good jobs over the years, that provided us also with a good retirement. I feel fortunate, & have lived the American Dream. PD
  3. Hahaha it's a family event type carnival so nothing too provocative! I have seen my outfit and it's quite cool lol... lots of feathers, long bustle skirt to trail over his bum and sparkle haha.
  4. Coblet is SO beautiful. I honestly need one just like him.
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  6. I agree cellphones are necessary these days, but not $200+ smartphones. I have a nice pay-as-you-go flip phone that cost quite a bit less than $50. I can call real well with it.
  7. Hey you guys! So glad to see you all logging in - please stay - it's too quiet here without you!
  8. There's burlesque and then there's BURLESQUE! I'd demand to see the costume first. (Just kidding. I bet it'll be fun.)
  9. Wow - congratulations to Jesse - great story and great photos! Praying for good rides for him!
  10. Yes PD that is very true. There are surrounding areas that look like ghost towns. In fact, my current trainer lives in one. I could not believe the conditions of the homes people were living in over there. Those people have very little in the way of wants and highly doubt they can meet their needs. And I will say that a cell phone is absolutely a need these days. Phone companies won't even fix downed lines in poorer areas out here anymore. I have tried and tried to get them to fix the line going down my dad's road for years. They will not do it. He is on SSI disability and has a heart condition. He needs a phone.
  11. You both will be lovely.
  12. Probably hahahaha. It's usually on the news too. Glad I've been on a diet at least lmao.
  13. He ended up second, a guy the next night got a 76 point ride, but he still won $208. Only $792 to go til he loses "Rookie" status, lol! He rode Saturday night just because he could, if he would have made the buzzer, his score wouldn't count. But... he made it about 2 jumps. Bigger badder horse, this one played Helicopter with him. Quote from Jesse: " My butt hit his butt, my ribs hit his neck, my back hit the saddle, then my face hit his butt... I didn't think I was EVER gonna hit the ground!" Glad I chose to not go that night and see that one. Possible cracked ribs, knocked the wind out of him, but he's alright. Dang kid. We rode OUR horses the other night, and he said it was weird to be on one that wasn't trying to kill him.
  14. There WILL be pics, right?
  15. Thanks all! We've been roped into something else interesting this weekend..... A carnival! The burlesque dance group a friend does wants to dress him up as a unicorn and me join in riding him, in a full burlesque outfit as well. Hahahaha. Slightly intimidated by this one lmao!!!!!
  16. Each area has a different cost of living, & if you are going to live where the higher paying jobs are, you are going to have higher taxes & expenses. So when it comes to expenses in different area, it is hard to compare apples to oranges. Also you have to consider where Tiger Lilly lives was hit hard by the last recession, & is just now getting back on it's feet. Then also someone at city hall does a poor job spending tax money. Just saying there are many things to consider. As for being poor, I've seen poor people that have contentment & love in their families & communities, that can't be bought with money. PD
  17. Ooooooooh! I love your horn bags! Wheredjagetem?
  18. Had a great evening ride on my boy Rio yesterday. Supposed to have severe weather tomorrow. Danyel that is some crazy stuff !! Hope everyone is doing well
  19. Noponies my boy has been going to work from the first week he was home from the hospital. He knows the meaning of work & the rewards it offers. We do our very best at tacking time in the day for something. Danyel we are having the problem of no staff. It isn't just our area but everywhere. Until I had to take over the motel & just at the railroad Id go home at 4pm as much as possible. Sadly doesn't happen much. Spanish now you can add motel to my duty list. Will have to say for as hard of work it is to clean all the rooms it is kinda nice not really dealing ng with the staff. Working independently.
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  21. Spanish, thanks. No arrests made. Hope it's solved soon. My sister lives across the highway. Queen, happy birthday!! RR, I have been in your shoes before. I owned a restaurant when my boys were young. I finally put my foot down and started taking 1 day off a week. It's probably harder for you to get free. I had a manager that really helped me out. The humidity is off the charts today. I woke up sweaty and it's worse tonight. Need to clean the kitchen and take a shower!
  22. Danyel- I am sorry you had such upsetting news. That is pretty crazy. You're in my thoughts. RRW- Awwww poor short man! You guys do work so hard all the time; I understand his frustration for missing out on something fun with you guys. He's so young that sometimes it's hard to understand the struggles of being a private business. There is no such thing as 9-5...I do not envy you, but I do admire you guys. I am always proud to tell people your my friend and to visit and ride your train. Queen- Great pics!
  23. I have been poor all my life. I've become quite good at it. It really is amazing how many of those "needs" are actually wants, when the chips are down.
  24. Well we bought this house last year and they did a new assessment on it so we had no idea what our tax bill was going to be. So a big chunk of that was just taxes. And in the same week we had car insurance, life insurance, house insurance and vehicle registration because of my birthday. We pay all of our stuff for the year because it saves money to do it that way. And someone who cant pay it all upfront is typically paying more. It's expensive to be poor:( Edit: $6000 not $7000.
  25. Perhaps you should explain to him that WORK puts food in his mouth, clothes on his body, and a roof over his head?
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