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  2. The Front Porch

    Agree with Red. Under coat brush is cheaper & works. Live in the land of burdock & other prickers with long haired dogs one becomes a master. Oh & it also works on cats. Spring time it is the best for shedding wooly mini monsters.
  3. Texas People #6

    The wood floor in the library room is a reddish color and I'm not sure I want to matchy-match it. I think I'd like a warm, honey-brown with a hint of red. The floor is close to the Sedona Red color. I might go with Red Chestnut or the lighter Gunstock. However .... I stained my truck rails with Red Mahogany and they turned out super-dark, like Ebony! But in fairness, I applied the stain at night, with a sheepskin roller and didn't rub any excess off. The wood was pressure treated and had been outside / on my truck for more than 6 months of drying and weathering. With this in mind, I will test-try some spots on the back of the bookcases before I commit to a stain. I might think the light red with darker red floor is too much. In that case, I'd probably lean towards Golden Pecan or Colonial Maple. What are your thoughts?
  4. Texas People #6

    Heidi, I bet those truck rails looks nice. Any idea what stain you want on the new shelves? I love staining and refinishing wood but not stripping it so much.
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  6. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Oh, and only once, for 3 days, half a lifetime ago. Irrelevant.
  7. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Says the queen of digressions....
  8. RT @UltraViolet: Sexual harassment is an epidemic. Sexual assault is an epidemic. #BelieveSurvivors #MeToo

  9. Texas People #6

    I love it! I just stained/urethane'd my flatbed truck rails. Now I want to do the step on the front door and I have unfinished bookcases coming in less than 3wks. I'll need to pick a stain color for them. The one (red mahogany) I used for the truck is too dark for what I want.
  10. I asked if you'd ever actually been there. No answer. Until you've been on the ground there as far as I'm concerned you have no grounds to judge. Anything.
  11. Already forgotten about your post about people starving in India who are vegetarians while cows are "sacred" and don't get eaten. Tsk, tsk.
  12. No longer horseless(almost)

    A great opportunity, for you to enjoy the view, from the back of a horse. Best Wishes. PD
  13. No longer horseless(almost)

    So glad for you. Happy trails!
  14. No longer horseless(almost)

    I’m just so stinking happy! We move so much that purchasing a horse would be a pretty dumb idea, so this is just perfect! Plus I don’t have to worry about finding someone to watch it while I go on vacation, if I ever can go on vacation thanks to having all the house critters
  15. The Front Porch

    Thank you. I read that too. Wonder what idiot started that hoax?
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  17. No longer horseless(almost)

    Great - enjoy the journey!
  18. No longer horseless(almost)

    What a different face marking on the mare. Kinda looks like misplaced Groucho eyebrows. I'm sure you'll be happy to be riding again. The girls look right at home there.
  19. guess you might be right. then again I've actually been to India and seen how the cows and people live and have actual grounds for voicing an opinion on that front. but we digress as usual. silicon valley is starting to rumble about Russia meddling in the elections.
  20. Texas People #6

    Thank you Heidi. Oh and we ordered a new front door that should be in any time now. I'm going to stain and seal it like my pine farm table. The hardware came today, I think it will give the house a real farm house look.
  21. Texas People #6

    Jubal, I promise to keep you in the loop. Honestly, I had something completely opposite of this in mind but Paul couldn't picture anything other than this look. He never involves himself in the decorating choices I make so I wanted him to have what he wanted. Good thing is...because we have the worst mineral and rust laden water, I figure this tile would hide any of that and tie in well with our existing vanity and granite countertop. We got new faucets to replace the chrome we have now and match the oil rubbed bronze fixtures he picked for the new shower. I will change out the sconce lights and try and spray paint the mounting hardware on the mirrors bronze. .
  22. No longer horseless(almost)

  23. Texas People #6

    I love the tile you've chosen!
  24. No longer horseless(almost)

    So for a couple of weeks I have been chatting with a real sweet lady with 2 mares. It has really been trying my patience, as every time we are supposed to meet, something happens on one of ours ends, and we have to reschedule. And I'm not a patient person, at all. LOL. I have met her and her horses twice now, and was supposed to go tonight to finish signing paperwork and pay her, but this time something came up on my end. So we had to reschedule. So I will be leasing one of her mares, and I can ride both, for awhile to figure out which one suits me better. I hopped on bareback the other day, with a rope halter, after not riding for years! Thankfully, she really was a good little mare, and behaved wonderfully. But man, am I ever missing my riding muscles. Whew! My balance is not what it once was. Thankfully, and unfortunately at the same time, my husband is running back to PA tomorrow, for his cousins memorial service, and is grabbing my saddles for me. My mom was going to bring them out this week, but she got called back to work and couldn't make the trip. His cousin passed away from a life long drinking issue, so while it is sad, it has been expected. I think he is going more to be there for his sister, who was really close to their cousin, as he hasn't talked to said cousin in years. So I introduce you to Mia, my older child, Livia, my youngest and Spice, the mare in the background. And this little slice of heaven in the city. Chickens, goats, turkeys and beehives! I hope to make friends with the property owner and learn a bit about beekeeping from him.
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