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  2. How many horses do you own?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask everyone how many horses they personally own and how much time you actually spend time riding. We have our own small little property and currently have 8 horses and a mini donkey. Last year I downsized to 5 head and then my mother in-law passed and we ended up with 3 of their horses, so we are back up to 8. I love horses and I love to ride but I look back at the last couple of years and the girl that loves to ride has not gotten to ride much at all. In fact I feel like all I do is barn work and by the time I'm ready to ride, I'm too tired. My husband helps out around the barn when needed but for the most part he says the horses are my thing not his and I understand that. He rides occasionally. I thought about doing an onsite lease with a few but then I have to deal with people on my property and liability and that stuff. So how do you decide when its time to just really cut back and which ones to sell. I've been lucky the last few I sold went to good homes and still get updates of them. I'm just at the point of my life where I feel have less is more.
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  4. Texas People #6

    PD you hit the nail on the head. Since Paul’s long transplant experience, my tolerance for stress is about 5 on a scale of 1-100. The amazing contractor who remodeled the bedroom, repaired our buckled floor, all the wall cracks, installed the front door, painted 2 rooms and did other odds and ends charged us just $4,000. We found him when Paul called him down as he was leaving a local restaurant wearing his company T-shirt. This man is a veteran and employs veterans. He made no profit, when Paul pointed this out to him, he said it’s a slow time of year for construction and he just wanted to keep his crew working through the holidays. I feel too...he knew how much we needed him. You’re in my thoughts this Christmas PD.
  5. Song Redneck Crazy. Good song or stalker song?

    I'd much rather hum along to Bolero. Makes more sense to me.
  6. The puppies are born!

    Good gravy he’s HUGE! Sorry I forgot what his name is and he’s stunning!
  7. The Front Porch

    Adult children feel entitled, because, their entire lives, they've been catered to by their parents. My SIL, was such an entitled adult.... anything she wanted, cars, that she wrecked or, quit paying for, down payments for one time, she, her husband and three kids, were having their cell phone bills paid by her dad..... I don't know how they're surviving now that her parents are dead.
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  9. I had the same concern but after riding in it, I do not see how it could become entangled in the tack. It would entangle my legs after dismount more than getting caught up in the stirrup leathers while dismounting.
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  11. These days there really isn't much board control at all. But there aren't many members still visiting either, that I can see.
  12. Newest yard decoration

    Cute! I love old red tractors, it's the only legitimate color in my opinion. Lol
  13. Windy weekend

    In which case, I would start worrying about Alzeimers. Getting angry and being depressed are usual first signs.
  14. Feed/buying material for health

    You might be surprised at the number of people who don't ;get; that one thing.
  15. WEIRD Names.

    I had a gelding a year or two back and he came with the name "Crosby". Changed it to "Scooby" xD The gelding I own now I named Manny, my grandma owned a mare named Tia... My friend has a horse named Cruzy and another named Jackpot.
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