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    They tell stories of the saints at John's Catholic school, so he has heard about humility being a virtue. Teaching the virtues by using the saints is easy. It's something that kids would need to be taught. Telling others what they have done comes naturally. They just need to learn to temper it so it sounds more like a story, rather than bragging. I think I learned at public school from kids being mocked if they bragged about anything.
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  4. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks. Hopefully! I only need part time hours now and it's doing ok so far. A few breakers to do for people and done a few trial trick lessons on Sparks. It's a really nice ride round there, though it floods and disappears over winter after it's snowed. It's a good 30minutes down the main road to get there but once you're there it's lovely!
  5. Can I ask a small favor ?

    Got it.
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