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  2. The Front Porch

    So I had to totally miss out on a fun gala last night related to the Big Boy steam locomotive. Hubby & Shortman went, Shortman was introduce to the man that is head of Union Pacific steam program. The gentleman was nice to have his PUC taken with Shortman & also signed the special edition cover of trains magazine. Talk about making a 9yr olds day. Oh & it was encouraged for guests to dress steam punk. Hubby & dressed up Shortman on open platform of UP business car. I wasn't totally forgotten. Hubby bought me a pair of car marker lamps for my business car on silent auction.
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  4. Texas People #6

    Whew! Sounded like a mountain of obstacles to overcome but it seems you guys are getting a handle on things pretty quickly. I'm sorry he had a bad day and night, those are no fun for anyone. The person with the pain is feeling it and everyone around them is 'feeling' it too, but mostly wishing they could take the pain away. It is a pretty helpless feeling, no matter which side of the pain you're on. (((hugs for all)))
  5. Check in.

    Hi qhridinGA. Don't be a stranger. We are few but interested.
  6. Hey everyone

    Sounds like a busy year so far. Congrats on your graduation!
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