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  2. When I was younger & our children were small, I always tried to put their needs first & mine last, 33 years, I got back into horses, & that was a main expense, I traded my labo,r with friend that was dairy farmer for hay & grain. Of course when I got the horse, I found I could also raise steers, for our meat, & raised a garden for some of our food. I cut firewood to heat my house, & still do. But at 68 & 70 years old, we treat ourselves a bit more than we used to. We've both worked hard to help our children & granchildren. We've been lucky to have good jobs over the years, that provided us also with a good retirement. I feel fortunate, & have lived the American Dream. PD
  3. Hahaha it's a family event type carnival so nothing too provocative! I have seen my outfit and it's quite cool lol... lots of feathers, long bustle skirt to trail over his bum and sparkle haha.
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  5. Hey you guys! So glad to see you all logging in - please stay - it's too quiet here without you!
  6. Wow - congratulations to Jesse - great story and great photos! Praying for good rides for him!
  7. Ooooooooh! I love your horn bags! Wheredjagetem?
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  9. Serah, Thanks for the info, that pinto world sounds interesting, it would be a great way to find out what discipline that she might excel in. So I wish you well, as you take this mare forward, I can believe you might like to just ride your grey mare, but my guess is, you also like a challenge, So I wish you well. Best Wishes. PD
  10. I know! How bored must one be.....
  11. He just looks AMAZING. I wish I could ride him
  12. You're welcome, Jubal. He is a pretty boy.
  13. Heh. Here we GOOOOOOOO!
  14. 2016! Not much action here....
  15. Puppies will be 2 weeks old on Saturday. The breeder sent pictures last Saturday, they're big! I picked the one I want, but, I know I may not get him, with one person ahead of me, but, they're all so precious, I'd take any of them. I still look for Chopper in his usual places, I still wait at the back door, thinking he's gonna come running out and go with me. I still expect to hear him bark, when I hear a car going down the road or, coming down the driveway......and, it still makes me cry, when it doesn't happen. I've had dogs pass, more than one, but, Chopper was special, there was just, something about him, a special connection. That's why, even though I can get a phone upgrade, I won't, because I don't think pictures can be transferred to the new one and, I have pictures of Chopper I don't want to lose. I can pick up the new pup on September 23rd, he's in Tucson, so, I'll make a mini vacation of it, my sister was supposed to meet me there, but, I don't know if she is now, she'll have to let me know closer to September 23rd.
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