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  2. The Front Porch

    Ill try anything once, yes anything. Well, this day didnt go as planned at all. I woke up early to scramble around and pick all the girls up for the driving clinic today. Got out there and within the first hour all 4 girls were uninterested and not paying attention at all. I shouldve stayed but I told the girls to pack it up since they werent paying attention. I took each of them home. It was a quiet ride home. Ive never been so aggrivated with these girls before. I told them they wasted my time and Id have to think really hard about wasting my time and money on thier showing. We had talked about this clinic days in advance and they were discouraged from coming if they weren't that interested, but they all wanted to come. Anyway, after that a friend invited me to come read a part for his new short film, which I did. It will be on YouTube eventually (with all the others Ive done) and Ill let you guys know. Its basically based on the old Phantom comic book. Then took my dogs to a friends to play and Benny decided swimming in the pond covered with algea would be a good idea...eww. Yea she had to have a bath. Now Im off to bed so I can wake up before the rooster crows. I get to watch my niece and nephew tomorrow til 7pm. Its gonna be a loooong day lol, pray for me!
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  4. Off Site Trial Contract

    Noponies is right. You need a solid contract. Never let your horse leave your control without a notarized contract. Do you remember the story behind my Morgan horse, Libby? Retiree leases farm out to 'friends', along with a few riding horses. No contract. Renters stop paying rent. Retiree goes to the farm and the horses (and tractor) are gone. When she caught up with friends, they had their lawyer call her and say that the horses and equipment were abandoned, and therefore, they were free to sell the horses and the tractor. Never even told her who they sold them to. I bought the Morgan from a man who had her for over 18 months. No vaccines, no treatment for an injured eye, skinny, and scared to death. Miraculously, her papers were on hand (with the original owner's name because she never signed her over to the renters). Guy paid $100 for her and was selling her for $250. She came home with me and I contacted her owner. She was beside herself when I talked to her. She never found the other horses. Never, ever, let this happen to you or your horse.
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