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  2. Texas People #6

    Maybe she's getting teeth? She doesn't look her usual cheerful self. The good thing about weather--it always changes.
  3. Prayers Please

    Strong prayers for you and your family.
  4. Yesterday
  5. The Front Porch

    Take a chair & relax in your field with a good book.
  6. Last week
  7. Lameness

    Is he in shoes? It really sounds like it could be hoof related because you said he trots sound on grass. How about uphill or downhill? If he has heel pain, he will be more lame going downhill. If he's barefoot, have you tried hoof boots? Sorry, but there are so many possibilities.
  8. And once again, why do you think I care? It’s the Internet.
  9. Our fun filled weekend

    What a fun way to spend the afternoon. Apparently it was a weekend for everyone to get out for sun & fun.
  10. Greyhound racing

    I worked at a dog track in Nevada, many years ago and, not only were the dogs treated badly, but, omg....the "trainers!" Walking sleazeballs, who only cared about the money. I didn't last there very long, despite the pay, for being the early 80's, was pretty good, I couldn't stomach it. I heard, sometime later, the track was closed down, the Mafia and, all kinds of illegal goings on, were rumored. I'd like to see all animal racing stopped, but, it'll probably never happen.
  11. I did it!

    Did really well on my practice social studies test today . maybe next week I can take the real one
  12. Sparkle went to the beach

    Yes it's a permanent heat wave here currently! So very cooling lol. Yes he went over first time bless him! Not one obstacle phased him, just had an ear focused on them and a look as he went but straight over them! Very pleased with him.
  13. My horse might've eaten rubber bands, now what?

    Most likely nothing. It will pass through. It would have been more alarming if the horse ate long strands of something. Round small rubber bands will pass and I am guessing you won't even find them.
  14. Opinions please

    Nice kids.
  15. What is your horse's home like?

    Only the yearling minis play in the pond, the others wont go in. As good as it looks out there, its no place for a mini foal apparently. Baby Mojito, who is now Breyer, was bit pretty bad. Required a vet visit and some lancing and draining but he will be fine. We put him and his mom and the expecting donkey in the paddock with another mini gelding to keep them company. That lasted a couple days. They were begging to get outta there yesterday evening. Probably because they had eaten all the grass, and arent used to being on a diet, lol. So, my cowgirl and I were out late making shade in another grassy lot. Ill have to get a pic of it this evening.
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