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  2. Streaming....GADS!!!

    LC we are so blasted busy that cant justify paying the bill for something that isn't used.
  3. Texas People #6

    Those look delicious! I may have to make some. The cherry tarts were good but a little sweet for me.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Are horsepeople truly nuts?

    So, wait, we're all nuts? Shoot! I thought I was the normal one. That's how it goes though. When you think everyone else is nuts, it might actually be you.
  6. Signs of spring?

    Front yard at work is almost all melted off. Backyard is a totally different story. Now if the night temp warm up then things will really melt & fingers crossed frost starts to break.
  7. Last week
  8. Jacob the orphan kitten

    He looks great!
  9. The Front Porch

    If fog brain is correct a few active members won the smaller contests. But at the time everyone was wondering who those winners were as they were never active. I never entered because I didn't need a young green horse.
  10. Needing Information on Colorado saddle maker

    Thank you, unfortunately I have already been inside and out of that web site and have contacted them for information.
  11. Name Change?

    Flying Stars, Welcome back, I don't remember you, but then I'm old & my memory is short theses days. Only excuse I have. Best Wishes. PD
  12. Sensitive teats

    I never pulled on them. I’m only feeling them to see if there is any milk that’s all. I’m definitely not trying to make her foal sooner. But thanks for the info
  13. Too far gone?

    Good idea, I'll do some poking around.
  14. Saddle I. D.

    Don’t think that they are the original saddle maker. May be wrong. Think Simco. Was original maker. I did contact them. Thanks!!
  15. Floppy eared horses

    I have had one, it did not appear to bother her too, more cosmetic than anything else.
  16. Is He Still Possible?

    So you want to pay actual money for a horse that can't be caught and ridden? A horse that might have physical issues behind his behavior? Unless it's a really NICE horse breeding or skill wise, I'd try my hand at training decent horses over and over again before diving in to wasting money on a problem horse. After all, as said above, there's plenty of horses out there without issues that would love a good owner. Some of them just need a bit of training, or get some wet saddle blankets. I absolutely wouldn't try rehabbing a horse like that without having a vet come out and look him over first to see if there's a physical reason why he's acting up and to check just how old he is.
  17. Getting a Second horse?

    There is a machine called a rock picker. This one is small but if you have a tractor you can get bigger
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