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  2. The Front Porch

    It has to get better, Queen. Try riding for high blood pressure. It helps mine immensely. But the stress is probably what's causing yours. Riding helps that too.
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  4. Kitty Needs Help

    I think she knew you had saved her. IME working with the ferals and the desperately ill kitties .... they KNOW. They really do. She knows you've changed her life for the better.
  5. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    they ( 2 horses and a mini donkey) are in a 3 acre crappy weedy dry lot, I let them on my yard and driveway ( about 2 acres ).But hay to buy is almost nonexistent,They need to keep what they have for their own stock so none for sale. I am feeding a good amount of hay for the last feeding of the day and cubes/pellet mix during the day. I am still able to get a burmuda grass maybe 40lb bale paying 7.45 each from the local feed store.
  6. Prayers Please

    Thinking of Pink.
  7. He's really taken to this ! She stoped in the one pic and he was like what the check.I had to take screen shots of the videos my mom sent so there not great pics .
  8. New Puppy Pics

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