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  2. The Front Porch

    Eh, I took this to mean the truck itself isn't reliable, not the tires. Like the saying about a person who "has one foot in the grave". I'm sorry to hear about the family inconsistencies. I hope the test will tell you what you need to know.
  3. Yesterday
  4. The results of girls day

    Yes it is , I love it!
  5. What is your horse's home like?

    Wow, I love how you set up your barn and paddocks. I'm sure Libby will appreciate the minimal changes to her living area. That was very thoughtful of you.
  6. Texas People #6

    Drip irrigation is the way to go. When we do finally finish the garden beds, I want to do that.
  7. Found scary thing in bananas! No pictures.

    Stomp worthy. But watch that tail popping up! That is a good reason to wear boots. We spent some time in Mexico City and the outlying areas when I was a kid because my aunt and uncle lived there. It was an awesome experience. I distinctly remember leaning out of bed, first thing in the morning, to knock my shoes together in case scorpions had found their way in overnight. The house was very clean and I never found one, but they were on the trails where I played.
  8. Last week
  9. Look what I did today.

    I went over my grammar and punctuation and it really helped my score. Hoping I didn't blow the essay part .
  10. Audi CEO Stadtler arrested.

    Thank you for that link. I was aware that the infant mortality rate in the US is shocking.
  11. An American friend living in Austria,

    Seriously? I don't think anyone here farms. Regardless, I find your comment highly insulting. It might surprise you to know that a very small percentage of illegals actually work in agriculture.
  12. Silly Trot Question...

    oh, I see. helpful information!
  13. Just some Bonnie pics

    Thanks , she had come so far , and I have to admit she has taught me a lot . I thought she was a point and shoot pony . Hahah nope . I actually have to ride her ! Once I learned her back ground we got on so much better. She has a lot of buttons and I'm still learning to push them. And her I have to run every where days are over she now stands still for me to get on and will walk ! Her lay off is over her ankle is 100 % and we are good to go.
  14. We have our first joust this weekend

    Thanks bless him! The sword melée was embarrassingly slow paced but the ground was tight and slippy and my right leg was strapped up and on painkillers and I couldn't use it at all one-way lol! In this photo, the basla wood did not break, causing the main pine Lance to break instead! It was a surprising and accidental solid hit and put some force through us as you can tell by our postures!!! If you zoom in on my Lance you'll see the part above the metal to the tip that should break and splinter...... If you look at my partners broken Lance, the broken end in the air off us still has the metal attached, all in one piece still and the solid wood snapped clean! Sure gives you a thud!!!!
  15. Picked Up Puppy

    Very pretty!
  16. Naming a new horse :)

    I like her coloring! Jubal, she made me think of a deer too with those spots!
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