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  2. The Front Porch

    Good lord guys its hot and humid here! How anything can live outside in this heat is beyond me. I bought a circular saw...and I love it! I cant wait to show you guys a pic of the project Im doing. The cutting is done and its being hung on the wall tomorrow but Im just waiting for some hooks to come from Amazon before I take pics. I think my landlord even likes it! Speaking of the landlord, we had a chat today and he wants to sell the remaining 2 minis, Margarita and June. Zarinna is not holding up her end of the deal, and neither is her mother. Zarinna is supposed to check their salt bucket everyday and make sure they always have (loose) salt, and she hasnt. I could tell/remind her til Im blue in the face, and its not going to happen. Additionally she hasnt payed them any attention at all all summer. I even suggested that she look up videos on youtube on how to train them to do tricks. Shes always on youtube. She hasnt looked for one video. Her mom never payed for the farrier visit weeks ago, and theyre due again. The landlord wants to sell the minis, and rightly so. I hate to see them go, especially June. Would I be a fool to keep June? She could be a companion for Sonic and I would like to get into driving one day. Ive even gone as far as to inquire the cost of training June for driving last month. The verdict was thats shes actually not old enough yet to pull weight, so the trainer suggested I wait and just keep ground driving her til shes old enough. What do you guys think? Lastly, anyone have an air fryer? What do you use it for? Favorite thing to cook in it?
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  4. Check in.

    QH, sure hope things turn for the better for you and your family. Nice to see you pop in by all means feel free to stop more frequently. As for my part of the world not much different for us, work work work is what we do. Doing our best finding a little fun time during the busy summer.
  5. Texas People #6

    Oh, wow!
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