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    Guessing she hasn't always done this. You mentioned that she is ten correct? Could possibly be that she has created an what I call Old Age problem. Yes, 10 isn't old but that is also the age when things start changing for dogs. We had our share of older age problems with Willy that we just worked around but nothing like you are having. Instead of putting her in a crate can you short leash her to the foot of the bed so she can move but only have access to her own doggy bed. Or short leash somewhere in your living room. I had done this with Mickey as she stressed out in the crate & it worked really well. When we eventually get back out to the farm I want to build a nice kennel for the dogs when we go for a day or two. Or the days you just don't want to take them to work.
  5. The Front Porch

    With the heat and her short nose, Id be afraid she'd suffocate. Then theres the very real reality that someone might steal her.
  6. The Front Porch

    I have thought about that (and have recommended them to others) but I haven't tried one. I might pair it with a doggie diaper lol. Im willing to try just about anything at this point.
  7. The Front Porch

    Have you tried a Thunder Shirt?
  8. The Front Porch

    You could always set up a dog run outside for when you leave.
  9. The Front Porch

    Help, before I lose my mind! My 10 year old dog Faith (pitbull x bull terrier) has been having a behavioral issue for some time now. She is absolutely perfect in every way except this ONE issue, and its driving me nuts! I believe she has separation anxiety. Ive been told that dogs dont do things for spite, that they dont think that way, but Im telling you..SHE DOES! I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. When Im at work she pees on the couch, particularly in the spot I sit in. Don't worry, I have the couch covered down to a science so the pee never gets on the couch its self. Plastic matress cover from Dollar Tree, 2 blankets ontop of that and another blanket covering it all. And every evening when I get home, the couch gets stripped, wet blankets go into the washer, matress cover gets tossed and I start all over. This evening took the cake. Got home and the couch is covered in pee...and so is the floor. (I have them confined to the living room) There was enough pee for 3 or 4 dogs. Im so aggrivated. Just once Id like to come home from work and just crash on the couch, but nope, I have to redress it first. So, crate her right??? I wish. She used to crate very well years ago and then I dont know what happened but I came home one day and she had pushed her way out of the crate, her entire face and head was very swollen from pushing against the metal. I tried and tried to retrain her to crate, and she would hurt herself trying to get out. It was so bad that I was afraid that she would really get herself hemmed up and possibly die. Now, before you tell me that 12 hours is a long time for her to hold her bladder...she doesnt pee on the couch (or inside) at all when Im home on my days off. She will happily lay in bed or on the couch for 12 hours and not once need to go out. But if I leave her...yep. I absolutely take her out to pee before leaving so I don't know where shes even storing all this extra pee. I kid you not, I could take her out to pee, leave her for 30 minutes, and she'll pee on the couch. This dog is doing it for spite! Benny and Jenna both hold their bladders when Im gone. A coworker suggested doggie diapers and I seriously think Im going to give them a try.
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  11. The Front Porch

    John is back in school and loves his homeroom teacher. Good stuff.
  12. The Front Porch

    LC, is LJ heading back to school already? Shortman goes back the 3rd & not terribly happy about it. Well summer is almost done. Today is the overnight at camp. Kids going will be sleeping in tents & marks the last of camp fun. My flower pots look horrible but that is the norm for this time of year. Guess next week should clean them out. Have a lot of cherry tomatoes but again the plants are looking really sad. One the bright side tomorrow the caboose should ship & be on the property. This is when I'll never see my kid. Hope you all have a great day. Enjoy the last bit dog days of summer.
  13. The Front Porch

    The local TSC has baby chicks. We happened to put a few in the brooder the day before the fox got to the chickens. We have seven hens and the older rooster left in the coop and nine baby chicks in the brooder. Three chicks are for the neighbor's teens. They have been working to help me clean up the cow barn, so they picked out three chicks of their own for the little coop someone gave them. We paid them for the work, but they did such a good job that they earned chicks. You could call it a bonus, lol! They don't have a brooder, so we will get the chicks to coop age for them. Fiona, Krowka (pronounced Kroof-ka), and Ursa are back in the pasture. They look pretty happy to be home after all the time spent in the barn. It's supposed to rain today, so they have access to the newly cleaned cow barn. I worked on a bison ranch one summer. I did enjoy getting paid in meat, now and again. Especially because those big creatures were difficult to handle. It was like revenge. Elk is good, but I only eat it when we go back to Colorado. They have elk farms there so the steaks are tender. Had reindeer once in Sweden. I found Santa's sleigh engines tasty.
  14. @alexa99 He was born in the summer

  15. The Front Porch

    Oh, I'm so sorry for LJ. That's such a hard lesson for a kiddo and he's so conscientious. I hope it doesn't weigh too heavily on him for too long. I'm not much for game meat, though I was surprised how much I liked Elk.
  16. The Front Porch

    Thanks, RRW.
  17. The Front Porch

    Fara antelope is no different than white tail. All depends on what they eat. I've had sikka & fallow. One of the two I really don't care for as the meat is really sweet. Love corn fed white tail buffalo elk antelope mule deer caribou.
  18. The Front Porch

    Good for him for trying new things! I'm not a fan of antelope, love venison and elk. But what was the most surprising to me when we went to South Africa last year was out of all the things we ate (zebra, kudu, warthog, gemsbock, impala and wildebeest) my absolute FAVE was the zebra. Warthog and impala were both gross. :)
  19. The Front Porch

    LC that's really to bad about your flock. Let LJ know it can happen to anyone. Will you replenish what you lost? Last night was the appreciation dinner for the livestock buyers at the fair. They had beef pork & goat. Got Shortman to try the goat explaining iitis similar to wild game. Yes he loves wild game especially antelope. Well the goat was a hit & even got seconds. It was really yummy & personally it was cooked better than the beef or pork. Hubby wouldn't have any of it.
  20. The Front Porch

    First day of school chaos. A fox got into the chickens and killed several of them. LJ feels terrible because he forgot to lock them up last night. We divide up the chores. Heck of a way to get started back at school. He lost his favorite rooster.
  21. The Front Porch

    Been busy here with work. Shortman got to go see the tall ships & also ride on one. Guess he really enjoyed it. We are trying to figure out some of pur family trips with December not being to far away. The idea of TX is out of the question since most things we want to do will be closed. So that will likely be a next spring outing. Hubby was talking Bahamas for December. Don't have to twist my arm.
  22. Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem

  23. We had a little photo shoot....

    Well, you look pretty fearsome in battle!
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  25. We had a little photo shoot....

    It is quite! Good fun though. There's another lady that still does 15th century but not anyone else for 13th I think.
  26. We had a little photo shoot....

    Looks like a busy summer for you! Are you still the only female performer?
  27. We had a little photo shoot....

  28. The Front Porch

    Depends on how I feel lol. Landlord is very picky about who fishes his ponds and usually its catch and release. But, hes told me I can keep some. I toss them back, unless Im hungry and/or feel like going through the trouble of cleaning them. Same goes for public lakes.
  29. The Front Porch

    QB sounds like you had a really nice break. Do you catch & release or fry up them fish for dinner?
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