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  2. The Front Porch

    RRW, A Neat picture, your bed must be comfy, but it has been my experience, that a bigger bed, just has room for more critters, & soon the bed out grows the bedroom. PD
  3. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Lets hope that they are talking war, & that Trump isn't getting ready, to start one. A war would be a big distraction, from everything else that is breathing down his neck in DC. With 3 different Russian investigations going on, I'm sure life is not pleasant for him there. I wanted to be opened minded about Trump, when he got elected, but he has closed it at every turn. PD
  4. The Front Porch

    So we sleep in a king bed. The average person would probably love the thought of all the room. Well think again. Yup having a Shortman & George makes one wish for a California king.
  5. The Front Porch

    Heidi, Nice picture of you & Leo, glad that he is working out well for you, you look good on him May I ask how tall Leo is? he looks like he is over 14 hands tall, I've ridden a couple Pasos for brief periods of time, but thought since I'm over 200lbs I needed a stouter horse than either the Peruvian or Pasos. But I know the Rockies, Pasos, & Peruvians, are tough horses for their size. Best Wishes. PD
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  7. The Front Porch

    OMG Heidi!!!! Sounds like you have found the perfect match to take you on trails. So will hubby ride the third horse or are you lucky like QB. Have a horse loving neighbor kid that wants to ride.
  8. The Front Porch

    I rode Leo on Sunday afternoon! He was AWESOME and I LOVE HIM! He looks asleep, but after I asked him to step out, he really woke up! We are new to each other and he startled-in-place a few times but we kept on riding and worked our kinks out. He was FABULOUS! Moved right out at a calm walk. Stopped and stood still at random spots when I asked. Responded to leg to move over and around obstacles and we gaited a bit and he is smooth! I put Dixie's bridle on him and he didn't care for her bit. I have a headstall ordered for the bit that came with him but it won't be here for a few days. He did fantastic in this modified nose band. It has a PasoFino "curb" - basically a chinstrap with two rings for reins to attach. Coming back from our ride we came through the front yard and he stopped to look at my skeleton animals. He is very thoughtful and thinks things out. I think he is amazing and can't wait to get him in shape for Harbins Park riding on the trails!
  9. @Steelcowgirl I want to make the first tracks ; )

  10. The Front Porch

    Today was the first day I rode Leo and *I LOVE HIM* so much! He walks quietly, moves smoothly into gait and will halt and stand calmly when I ask at random places. IME, the Paso Fino breeders WANT that fino horse - the super fast/fine step and that is what they train for. I feel that most of the trainers who show, train for fino first and only if the horse flunks out of fino, will they consider training for other pursuits. I feel this does the horse a grave disservice and sets them up for failure in most non-show homes. I was into the breed for several years, owned several, and (IMO) unless you find a breeder/trainer who likes the trail mounts and allows their horses to move out at a relaxed corto and largo, you are not going to get the riding mount you wanted. I've fallen in love with all 3 Peruvians I've owned. They are also on the smaller side, height-wise, but they are a stoutly built horse. Beware of horses with ESPA/DSLD. It is prevalent in the breed, and unlike the QH and other breeds that are upfront about their breeds' issues, I do not get that same impression with the Peruvians. I do not think there is a genetic or blood test that can determine ESPA/DSLD, it has to be done with an ultrasound and a vet experienced in diagnosing the disease. Other methods are asking to see the parents of the horse you are interested in, and especially seeing if the teen-aged horses are not showing signs of the disease. I have two Rocky Mountain Horses and they are wonderful. They can walk quietly with non-gaited breeds and move out in gait when you wish for a faster pace. Be aware of the 'silver' gene - the one that turns black horses into the coveted 'chocolate' coloring - this gene is associated with eye and vision issues. Horses w/out the silver gene are unaffected. If you decide to get a red, palomino or cremello Rocky, I would still recommend testing for the presence of the silver gene to rule out future eye issues. HOWEVER, the presence of the silver gene, even in double doses, doesn't mean the horse is guaranteed any eye/vision issues, it just makes the percentages of possibility increase. Typically, many silver Rockies with eye issues have mild symptoms that are not painful, never progress further and remain perfectly good riding horses. (my mare has two copies of silver, she is a silver bay but looks palomino at first glance) This is the family I bought my last Rocky from:
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  12. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Source: I guess I should feel reassured that Air Force C-o-F Goldfein is ensuring that we're prepared going forward. I just wish I had a clue what it means. More worryingly, Goldfein continued: Shorter Goldfein: "We have to ensure we nuke the right people." Further Goldfein: Unlike Goldfein, I'm not an Air Force Chief of Staff, but conventional conflict with a nuclear element kinda looks like nuclear war to me but WTFDIK.
  13. The Front Porch

    Can't give you a complete answer to your question, but several years back & I rode fairly often with gaited folks, but I also had stock horse mare that walked fast, & had no problem keeping up with gaited horses. I do think it depends it works better some than others, but if a horses is well trained, & rider has a good handle on horse, both should be able to slow horses down a bit, or speed up a bit to make for a good ride. I ride both a TWH & a AQHA, My TWH will slow down & walk, with nongaited horses, but prefers to step out he would do better if I rode with others more often. but these days most of my riding is alone. PD
  14. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    ditto doo I often wonder what it is you have been dipped in that makes you so offensively nasty........
  15. did Trump ever serve anything besides Trump? certainly not the military.
  16. College

    depending on where you go the college (if you decide to amass the debt) what you are actually paying for is the alumni network, something that isn't mentioned to you in the recruiting process, and not the education. i'm of two minds when it comes to the decision young people have to make. either you go for higher academic degrees (NO GUARANTEE for gainful employment) or you learn a trade such as plumbing, roofing, mechanic. everybody needs a plumber, roofer, mechanic. a historian? not so much. as we all know, nothing in life is free, but it sure is rewarding to invest the years of your life and the money that you spend in your education wisely.
  17. that's what I said. can you not find the "ignore┬┤" function? just ignore me.
  18. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Let's look at this logically. We just had several major hurricanes. President Trump is requesting pilots. Isn't it obvious? His hair blew off and he needs USAF recon.
  19. Anyone Around?

    Very nice donkey! I love the big guys.
  20. Happy Donkeys?

    Yes, that is a happy sound. Not all do it. Some make that sound when you groom and give them attention and others you can hear during feeding time, like a warm up to braying, lol! Donkeys are very social creatures. If they like you, they want to be with you.
  21. The Front Porch

    That reminds me. Does anyone trail ride with a mix of gaited and non-gaited horses? I was wondering which breeds go well together. My husband is leaning towards a stock type as his next horse, but we want to try several breeds, including gaited to see if he likes them better. I have heard it's hard to ride with TWHs unless you have one, too. Is that true? Is that true of other gaited breeds? Also, does anyone know about the Paso Fino? They seem spirited and on the small side. Smaller is fine as we are not big people. I've heard the Peruvian Paso is more mellow. Are they easier to ride with a stock type horse?
  22. The Front Porch

    Want to thankyou both for your prompt replies, I didn't know some Morgans were gaited until I saw them listed as one of the gaited breeds. I remember watching the Disney movie, Justin Morgan got a Horse, years ago, I've heard the Morgans called the true stock horse. There are things in history, that I find extremely interesting, especially horse history. Best Wishes. PD
  23. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    If he's calling up the oldies, he'll likely get people who voted for him--only fair.
  24. The Front Porch

    No, PD, Jubal isn't gaited either. But his trot is exceptionally smooth. I can sit it bareback easily. There is Morgan influence in most of the Amercan breeds--saddlebred, standardbred, quarter horse, etc. Equus magazine did a great series last year about Morgans with photos of a lot of the foundation stock. I learned a lot from it.
  25. The Front Porch

    Nope, not gaited, but she is smooth.
  26. The Front Porch

    Nice Looking aged mare. Got jump in here, & ask if either of your Morgans are gaited? I know some Morgans are, & that Morgans were used in the creation of the Missouri Fox Trotter. I have a special affection, for aged horses, I have a 25 year old mare, that is no longer sound,but was a honest horse I could put young grandchildren on. PD
  27. when you don't have a real Saturday night, so you go grocery shopping. #worksallweekend #5amwakeupcall #whatweekend

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