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  2. The Front Porch

    Queen, I thought I had posted congratulations to you and the girls, but don't see it. I see some second and third ribbons. What an accomplishment for their first year showing! Heidi, thanks for posting your vacation photos. I love old graveyards! It's interesting that so many writers are buried there. There is a cemetery in Louisville that looks much like that one but dates only from the mid 1800's. People visit there for the beautiful grounds alone. Too bad you couldn't visit the witchy place. Have you inherited any witch powers?
  3. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! That Norman nasal helm is the easiest one to ride in haha. You have full vision in that unlike the great helms for jousting which only has a 3mm slit to see out of!
  4. The Front Porch

    My favorite pic is the one of the girls holding the mini's and looking through the arena fence. I'm sorry about the Mom but very glad LL/G-Pa stayed all day. I was in Massachussetts last week! Sister and I went to Concord, MA for four days to visit with our Mother and relatives in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and do a little sight-seeing. We visited w/ Mom every day, walked downtown Concord, visited the Concord Public Library and Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House but had to cancel our trip to Salem due to weather. News was calling for flash floods along the coast and we decided not to chance it. I had booked a private tour with Black Cat walking tours that would have been fun. We'll have to do it on our next trip. Sis and I are descendants of Giles Corey (through daughter w/ first wife) who was pressed to death at the Salem Witch Trials. Our first stop, visiting w/ Mom Headstones from the 1600s Daniel Chester French created this Melvin memorial "Mourning Victory" of three brother soldiers killed in the Civil War. DCF is also the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial statue in DC. Louisa May Alcott Nathanial Hawthorne Henry David Thoreau Ralph Waldo Emerson It was so peaceful at Sleepy Hollow This is our favorite marker, it invited birds to drink and bathe.
  5. Solo got ridden last night!

    I LOVED the pics, especially because I could pick out you and your Coblet! How long did it take you to get used to riding with a helmet that has a spoon in front of your nose?
  6. Prayers Please

    While I don't know what to say, I just want you to know I keep thinking of you both and hope things keep improving. I could tell this was so hard to go through, for you both, but I hope it has brought you closer together.
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  8. OMG lookie lookie

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Solo got ridden last night!

    Cool photos - glad he was brilliant and that you survived the crazy rearing circle! Solo looks great too!
  10. OMG lookie lookie

    Congratulations! Great achievement!
  11. Prayers Please

    Thank you PD. Truly appreciate it.
  12. OMG lookie lookie

    As I mentioned on Facebook, congratulations. Best of luck in the continued education!
  13. OMG lookie lookie

  14. Solo got ridden last night!

    Polework clinic pic from the other week and other battle pics.
  15. whats the reason?

  16. OMG lookie lookie

    I can also go for an extra quarter and be certified to work in the equine therapy field .
  17. Last week
  18. OMG lookie lookie

    You couldn't have picked a better career for yourself.
  19. @jamesmacdonald Happiest birthday to you Pastor James!????????????????????????????

  20. OMG lookie lookie

    Wonderful! Right up your alley. Of course, we'll need updates on your progress. And I'd like to hear what the courses are like.
  21. OMG lookie lookie

    I start hocking college in mid January! I'm taking animal assistance therapy. I'll have my canine grooming certificate, canine CPR certificate, and be able to train therapy dog, search and rescue dogs and service dogs.
  22. OMG lookie lookie

    Whoopee! Big party! What are your plans now? Keep going and get a degree?
  23. OMG lookie lookie

    Good for you. You worked very hard to accomplish getting your GED, now you can move forward to achieving your next goal.
  24. OMG lookie lookie

  25. The Front Porch

    Good for you for taking the girls to the show - what a great experience for them (and their grandpa!)! Glad you were safe through the storm too!
  26. The Front Porch

    QB, Sounds like you were through alot over a period 48 hours. I give you alot of credit for being there for those young ladies. You are a great role model, be proud of yourself, just like you are proud of those girls & grandpa. Best Wishes PD
  27. The Front Porch

    So...just checked in with the teen girls mom. I had wanted to take her to the show with us, but with power outages and not even being sure we were going in the first place..I didnt reach out to her. Welp, she wouldnt have been able to go anyway. She took a bunch of her moms meds and wound up in ICU and then a treatment facility. Shes home now and fine. I don't know if she did this for attention or what..but...ugh.
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