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  2. The Front Porch

    It has to get better, Queen. Try riding for high blood pressure. It helps mine immensely. But the stress is probably what's causing yours. Riding helps that too.
  3. The Front Porch

    Oh, man. What a week you've had. I'm sorry about your Uncle and the anniversary of losing your brother. (((hugs)))
  4. The Front Porch

    I LOVE that mermaid pic!! Well, this week has been a doozie. Tuesday my favorite uncle passed away. Totally not unexpected, but sad nonetheless. Since I am estranged from my parents I wasn't sure how to proceed...I surely didn't want to see them at the funeral. My little brother talked me into going to the funeral (which was being held birthday) but then he couldn't get off work so we ended up sending our condolences and not going. I worked Tuesday then flew home to change clothes, throw the dogs in the car and run to the farm to meet the farrier. I failed to realize it was hotter than the devils den outside and brought nothing to drink...and it was too hot for the dogs. So, I left the dogs in the car with the AC on. Bennie proceeded to jump around throwing a tantrum because she could see me but wasn't next to me and turned the AC off. When I checked on them there was hot air blowing and both dogs were near heat stroke. It was cooler outside than in the car. I turned the AC back on, let the car cool down and tried it again, checking on them more frequently and they were fine. Didn't get done with the farrier who also nearly passed out from heat exhaustion til 6pm. Got a decent sunburn and was totally exhausted. Also found that during Bennies tantrum she chewed my seat belt almost in I have to replace that. Wednesday was my deceased brothers birthday and a really really sh!tty day at work. I went home and cried. Thursday my landlord texted me to say that the mail lady had fallen in a hole in my yard. Yea, Bennie digs holes every now and then. I had been meaning to fill that one in. He wasn't mad, just asked me to come get some crush and run and fill it. So I did, and Bennie dug it right back up. I let him know and I put a bucket over it til I have time to fill it again. Hes ok with that. Friday was my birthday and my uncles funeral. I worked. The day wasn't bad but I completely overextended myself this week work wise and was just completely exhausted with a headache all day. I actually ended up in a walk in clinic (because I don't have a PCP) for high blood pressure. Ironically the NP that saw me used to be the unit manager on the floor I work on primarily at the the topic of stress was already answered. I promised her that I would take better care of myself, get some sleep, not extend myself so much at work, cut back on my salt intake and....exercise 30 minutes a day. So, Ive ordered an MP3 player and Im getting a gym membership ASAP. I have an appointment to establish with a PCP but not til October. The NP told me that would give me time to take the steps they suggest prior to prescribing blood pressure medication. She gave me a work excuse for yesterday but I didn't use it. Im at work today too. Tomorrow I get a small break, Im working but Im in a computer class from 8-12...and then again Tuesday. It will be a much needed break.
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  6. The Front Porch

    I don't! LOL I either take them off before I go underwater or I use a little flotation mini-board to hold onto that helps keep my head above water when I don't want to get my hair wet. At home I usually swim with the flotation board because I want to be able to see any bugs (spiders!) on top of the water before I swim at them.
  7. Kitty Needs Help

    I think she knew you had saved her. IME working with the ferals and the desperately ill kitties .... they KNOW. They really do. She knows you've changed her life for the better.
  8. The Front Porch

    Hubby got me & no railroad in my blood. Hubby is always apologizing for passing the defective gene to Short man. Next May we are going west for the golden spike event. At that the Union Pacific is going to reveal the Big Boy steam locomotive they've rebuilt. Short man is going to go bonkers being there. As for a future wife I sure hope he finds someone special.
  9. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    they ( 2 horses and a mini donkey) are in a 3 acre crappy weedy dry lot, I let them on my yard and driveway ( about 2 acres ).But hay to buy is almost nonexistent,They need to keep what they have for their own stock so none for sale. I am feeding a good amount of hay for the last feeding of the day and cubes/pellet mix during the day. I am still able to get a burmuda grass maybe 40lb bale paying 7.45 each from the local feed store.
  10. The Front Porch

    My uncle loves trains and he got lucky enough to find a lovely wife. My aunt was a wonderful lady. Train girls are out there. ;)
  11. Kitty Needs Help

    She does seem to be itching less. When I pet her back, the bones aren't quite as prominent. The space between the spine and the ribs has filled in a little. She is definitely gaining weight. She eats a lot, but her bowl still has food when I check her at least twice per day. Every time I'm in the barn, I talk to her and call out her name. She answers in her raspy little meow. She has two water bowls to make she has enough. She loves her snuggly bed I made in a small cardboard box. She purrs as soon as she sees us come into the barn. Her toys were moved today. All good signs. One of the neatest moments was when I took her to the vet that first day. I placed her on the table and rubbed her poor body with gloved hands. She looked into my eyes, with her intense green ones, and just purred. She held my gaze for quite awhile. It was like she knew that I was her new human.
  12. Kitty Needs Help

    She's probably so happy to find a home and regular feeding, she doesn't even notice the itch.
  13. The Front Porch

    RRW, how will Shortman find a girl who appreciates his railroad fixation?
  14. The Front Porch

    How do you swim with your glasses on?
  15. The Front Porch

    I'm a freshwater mermaid. Yes, husband knows my secret. Dolphins are arseholes, always chittering and flipping about without a care in the world, but they are very interested in us.
  16. The Front Porch

    So do you have to take salt baths at home like in "Splash"? Does your husband know your secret? What do dolphins have to say about the ocean?
  17. The Front Porch

    Husband had to go to the Hilton at Pensacola Beach, FL for training and I accompanied him. While he was at his meetings during the day, I lounged around. In the evenings we went out to dinner and walked on the beach. His first day there was a half-day so we went to the Naval Aviation Museum, which was fantastic. Here is a pic of me being a mermaid in the pool: *I took 3 mermaid tails with me and talked many people into trying them on and becoming mermaids and mermen.
  18. The Front Porch

    Jubal, our friends son LOVES school & is upset when summer break comes. The difference is he doesn't get to go do much, so school is fun. Now our kid would rather be out working with the boys. Heck three weeks ago the boys came to put up the cross buck at the motel. Shortman was out in his pjs & slippers shoveling dirt/rock for the boys. Shortman can spend an entire day working on building a rail yard with his model trains & will put together trains for specific movements. I had Shortman pick out a costume for Halloween so I can get sewing early. Well he is going as locomotive building engineer from the 30s era. He asked Hubby to print him copies of the Zepher building plans that he can carry. I am not surprised this is what he wanted to go as but it isn't your average costume request from an 8yr old. I just go with the flow & say "OK" As for fun, we like to say a family that works hard plays hard.
  19. Kitty Needs Help

    A door in the tack room sounds wonderful! The ivermectin should kill the mites and all we (you and she) gotta do is wait for the itchy scabs to heal and the inflammation to go down so her fur can regrow. I'm sure she feels miserable, but with you helping her, she will feel better soon.
  20. Kitty Needs Help

    Thanks, Heidi! She gets Ivermectrin once a week for three weeks. She had her first dose Tuesday. Recheck is on the 28th. If she is clean, she gets bathed and out of the crate. The hookworms will be treated again during that visit. We have asked our friend to help us build the tack room in our barn. I intend to put in a door with a cat door that can be shut at night to keep her safe. Miss Delilah can move into there when she gets out of the crate.
  21. Prayers Please

    Thinking of Pink.
  22. Kitty Needs Help

    I just got back from being out-of-state since Sunday. Was cleaning up Emails and saw a PM from LC and came to check out this topic right away. Little kitty DOES have beautiful green eyes and her skin makes my heart hurt for her. I don't know much about scabies, only that it is cat mange. I had to Google treatment: The first step in the treatment of mange is isolating your cat to prevent the condition from affecting other pets and humans. Your vet will prescribe medication to kill the mites. Depending on the type of mange and your cat, medication may be applied topically, by injection, or by shampoo and dip. You vet may also prescribe an antibacterial shampoo or anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to treat skin issues and ease inflammation. Although mites are quickly killed, results are usually seen after a month of treatment. It looks like treatment, good food and love will help her recover. I would love to watch her progress.
  23. Kitty Needs Help

    Little bast---- just make flotillas. No bath until three weeks is up. Vet wants her in isolation.
  24. Kitty Needs Help

    Can you set the table in a kiddie pool with water in it? Would that deter the fire ants?
  25. Kitty Needs Help

    You could just put small amounts of wet food in, and wait a bit, then take up the dish and leave her with the hard food.Most cats will clean up a serving pretty quickly.
  26. Kitty Needs Help

    Jubal, thanks for the link. I wish I could feed wet food, but the fire ants.... She is fed in a crate and the crate is on top of a table. So far, the evil ants haven't found their way into her dish. I don't dare try wet food with her confined. She drinks a lot and eats as soon as I put the food in front of her. I give her more than she can eat at one sitting so she won't run out. I might need a bigger water dish. Delilah had solid poops yesterday. The dewormer must be working. Hookworms are no joke. I am very glad she went straight to the crate when we got her. She is highly contagious for three weeks. I use gloves to pet her and clean her poop. Hookworms can live in the soil where the cat poops and go through the skin of someone walking barefoot. Even a freeze won't kill them off. They can live in soil for years. I told the lady from the apartment about not walking barefoot where the kitty used to hang out (and making sure she lets parents/kids know). I told her she should tell that evil, cat hating, neighbor that walking barefoot is better for you. She laughed.
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