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  2. Audi CEO Stadtler arrested.

    Of course pesticides and air pollution are not the only causes of premature deaths. But you are wrong about life expectancy in the US. It is behind other first world countries and is on track to drop again in2018 for the third year in a row. The following article references the CDC statistics.
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  4. Audi CEO Stadtler arrested.

    I guess you are behind on reading the latest studies.
  5. An American friend living in Austria,

    Seriously? I don't think anyone here farms. Regardless, I find your comment highly insulting. It might surprise you to know that a very small percentage of illegals actually work in agriculture.
  6. The Front Porch

    Sounds like you've got a great plan! I agree, it also sounded like Bagheera was ready to explore. I hope the hawks leave them alone. I didn't know they'd hunt cats.
  7. Audi CEO Stadtler arrested.

    While I agree with your hypothesis about Roundup, I disagree with your premise about life expectancy in North America. According to the CIA factbook and the WHO the America’s are in the upper third world wide when it comes to life expectancy, that despite often truly terrible dietary habits, a diabetes epidemic especially among children and a junk food industry that treats hamburger meat with ammonia. Diesel, pesticides or Roundup can’t be figured as the sole culprits here.
  8. Silly Trot Question...

    oh, I see. helpful information!
  9. Just some Bonnie pics

    Thanks , she had come so far , and I have to admit she has taught me a lot . I thought she was a point and shoot pony . Hahah nope . I actually have to ride her ! Once I learned her back ground we got on so much better. She has a lot of buttons and I'm still learning to push them. And her I have to run every where days are over she now stands still for me to get on and will walk ! Her lay off is over her ankle is 100 % and we are good to go.
  10. Look what I did today.

    Slowly but surely!
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  12. Just some Bonnie pics

    Hahaha, glad I'm not the only one taking to long between trims. She sure is looking g good
  13. Just some Bonnie pics

    I've always admired Bonnie.
  14. Look what I did today.

    Good going, Poco!
  15. An American friend living in Austria,

    Odd that you are the only one still somewhat active on this board after, what, THREE time-outs? Lets check out YOUR spite, since admin seems to recognize YOU.
  16. There’s no admin anymore. That’s why poponies can make personal remarks( not that anyone cares) with abandon and spite. I hope everybody has a great harvest this year. Regardless how many illegals you’re using to get the back breaking, diesel snd pesticide inhaling work done.
  17. Nah. I don’t feel like it. Too much fun making mojo around here.
  18. An American friend living in Austria,

    Heidi and farah........KUDOS!
  19. Look what I did today.

    Sorry I'm tooting my own horn here . But I took my practice GED language arts test today. I want to practice a bit more before going and taking the test but I'm getting there!
  20. The Front Porch

    Thank you, Heidi! We have been letting them out when we are there to watch them. Bart is shy, so he goes back in his crate on his own before we leave. Bagheera is full of herself and seems very confident. I removed her crate and put her bed, food and water on the same table where her crate was. She popped back up there for a snack and petting. I think she is ready so we left her out. I think it helps that we go there around the same time every day and stay for awhile. I expect I'll see her waiting for me. The only other worry is that there are nesting red tailed hawks in the area. Now, we had them at the old farm as well, so I think Bagheera knows about them. For those that don't know, red tailed hawks can and will hunt small cats, puppies, and kittens. Managing a property 30 minutes away is doable. Our real estate agent has a management company to help with screening the prospective renters (I will check the animal database as well) with background checks. We will do the final screening, like vet recommendations, etc... They can also tell me what we cannot ask the renters. We will padlock the stand alone pool and require the tenant to keep it locked unless they are using it and no one under 18 allowed alone. All riders must wear helmets. No horses not owned by the tenants are allowed. All you can do is have appropriate rules in place. If they don't follow them, that's why you have insurance.
  21. Just some Bonnie pics

    Before anyone says anything yes she is long , she goes Friday for a reset.
  22. I found a place for you to hang your hat, nick. Maybe they will appreciate you brutish behavior over there...
  23. The Front Porch

    QH, how about calling her Asher? It will still have "ash" in the name and not be an Ashley. LC, for your kitties, if you can, I think it would be best if you waited until you were AT the property to let the kitties out. You don't want them to wander around wondering where their family is or cause them to leave to find their people. With your family established at the new place, the cats learn where 'home' is and will establish their territory around their people. I would be concerned that with your family not there, they may roam/stray too far in looking for you.
  24. The Front Porch

    If you decide to lease it, I would get a lawyer with horse people experience to draw up the lease agreement. They know all the pitfalls.
  25. The Front Porch

    It all depends on if you want to play landlord.
  26. The Front Porch

    Hmm, I think the middle stall with the smallest paddock might be better for hay storage and a two horse, for personal use, restriction.
  27. The Front Porch

    Hi guys. A new report says that more and more homes in Florida will be in flood zones in the next 30 years. Our old farm is high and dry (very high and dry). Our new one did not flood during the 100 year flash floods during Irma, but the waters were nearby. Maybe, we should lease out the old farm, just in case. Does anyone have any experience leasing out a horse farm? I have to talk to our home owner's insurance, but our mortgage is low and the rental prices are high for similar properties. We have three stalls, so that would mean no more than three horses/cows. The old hay barn has some roof damage on one end, so they could use it for hay storage, but not much else. I was thinking about a one dog, one cat restriction for the house. We would need to check on the renters often to make sure they caring for the land properly (mowing, cleaning up after the horses, etc...). No boarding. There is a pool, so, we would hire a pool maintenance company to care for it. Anyone else have other lease restrictions that would be good?
  28. Audi CEO Stadtler arrested.

    Pesticides are definitely impacting health. However, not many inner city children are exposed to spray booths and yet, they are contracting asthma in record numbers. I remember a few years back warning about the toxicity of RoundUp on this forum. Everyone pooh poohed my post. And now it's the prime suspect in the dramatic rise in lymphoma in the US. We've managed to lower life expectancy while the rest of the world has raised theirs.
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