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  2. I may have been, can't remember.....
  3. Haha, sorry! It's said in good fun. Not ALL husbands are like that.
  4. Mine keeps growing but I choose not to look at it or add to it. I just want my kitchen back together before Christmas. A bonus would be to have the carpet pulled out before then also but now I am just. Oh let me add the to pull the carpet, this wouldn't mean just getting it out but putting a new type of flooring down.
  5. I wouldn't list all the projects around here that either need to be done or finished!
  6. I resemble that remark.
  7. Everyone who has a husband, can!
  8. So, without knowing if it was a pain issue, the first trainer just kept working him? I know, I'm harping on, with everything that comes to light, the more I'm convinced that trainer, well, wasn't.
  9. I did. Gave him the video of my horse working. I also watched him work 2 horses at different levels of training. He was quite a bit of help.
  10. You DO have a point......
  11. Why is it this always involves a man with multiple wives? Why don't the women have multiple husbands? Think of all the household projects that would get done!
  12. Equi, its the only way the poor souls can get any real attention.
  13. Doesn't it feel good knowing you are not the only one in the not done or started home project club. Bet there are a number of HC members who are in our club.
  14. I agree with the second trainer. Pain somewhere. I've had my gelding since 2015. He is pretty laidback and easy going. Suddenly late this spring, when I would start to saddle him he would swing his head around to bite at me. (just warningly not viciously) . Thankfully I had a chiropractor working on other horses and I scheduled him to be seen. He was out and after she adjusted him, no more issues with biting at me.
  15. I have to give credit where credit is due, though, the brick walkway behind the house is complete, now, when the steps to the back door will be done, is anyone's guess. We are using concrete blocks. There are currently 3 projects going, ranging from a quarter to, half of them for more than a year. There are projects that we've talked about but, haven't started, for about 13 years, so, I guess I can't complain too much.
  16. I really love how people dig up these old threads, comment once, then disappear. What are they hoping to accomplish, other than, causing trouble? As for polygamy, as far as I'm concerned, it's just an excuse for the man being able to sleep with multiple women and, it being condoned by his wife.....wives? The women, on the other hand, in my opinion, must have absolutely no self esteem or self worth, to share a man with multiple women.
  17. Great news about your mom! So glad she is improving.
  18. Blakhawk, Live your life as you choose, but don't expect your life style to totally accepted by others,. Not the type of relationship I would want my daughters in,. But then life is a choice & you have to live your choices, & deal with the fallout. But Don't expect to find many converts here. PD
  19. Non of our windows were put in level. So if you hang a valance leave the window looks off. To hang you eyeball will the the window. Non of the outlets along my kitchen cabinet are level. I could go on & on. Equi my hubby has bought all sorts of supplies with good intentions. There is all sorts of pine trim in storage that was meant for my kkitchen 13yr ago.
  20. I don't think our house was built level to begin with, either, we couldn't find a licensed contractor in the area who didn't want to charge an astronomical amount to just, basically, stack the logs.....we had the components of the entire house brought in on 3 flatbed trailers, it was just a matter of putting the numbered/lettered pieces together.....we found a local guy who said he'd help us, he hired other locals, supposedly also licensed and, friends of his, as helpers. We were getting desperate, we had no one, a yard full of house components and anxiety was running pretty high. The house turned out beautifully, but, if you know what to look for, you can see the imperfections and, the things that were not done properly....... unfortunately, I know where all of those things are. I don't see my husband paying $12,000, he's been saying he's building a garage for 3 years now and, can't bring himself to part with the's always, "I can do it myself a lot cheaper.".......then, nothing gets done.
  21. Great news about your mom and how fortunate you and your sister are to have found a good caregiver for her! Enjoy being home - it always feels so good once you get things back in order!
  22. Our house isn't level. Not big enough footings & the header was cut out at one time. Hope in 5yrs we will be able to bring in a modular home.
  23. Unlike you, I'm not judging anyone. Not my place. Also unlike you, I'm not breaking any laws. And again unlike you, I don't claim to be christian. Go figure.
  24. I found this thread while searching on google for somethings. I have to say it amazes me the debate about what other people do with their lives. I've seen alot about how they get their money, how they could deal with sharing. Most of you people look down at your nose at them but do you know any? Have you ever met someone that practiced polygamy? In a day and age when divorice is in fashion and 80% of marriages doesn't make it past the first 5 years, you are going to pass judgment on a family dynamic that encourages not only staying together but staying together alot. It's more acceptable to cheat on your wife behind her back then to have a second partner. If you have a second partner you are an outcast, if you are cheating on your wife you are a rock star at the water cooler. I'm a polygamist. I have one wife and one girlfriend that I'm hoping will be my wife soon. I have lived this way for 7 years. I've been with my first wife for 10 years. I have dated several women but as with other relationships not every single person you meet is a right fit. I take my family's safety in mind everytime i meet someone new. As for money all of us have jobs. And make decent money. We are not rich but we are not living poor either. We are all in this relationship because of our own choosing. And before you ask how my 1st wife can deal with it, she came up with the idea about 8 years ago. It took about a year for me to warm up to the idea, study on it and pray about it. Since then we have been doing this. And we live a very happy life completely packed full of love.
  25. Lol Oh yes that's what they love to do! I have a rule in my house, you don't pile your crap on my surfaces. I let Hubby have a messy table next to his recliner but it drives my OCD insane. Equi, don't tell your hubby our leveling job was $12,000, he'll never hire anyone to fix it right. Paul used to do it himself before his lungs went south. This is our second professional leveling job. Paul says the house was never built level and that's why they can't get it level now. I see me repairing wall cracks until I'm 90!
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  27. Heidi, Welcome back, glad things have improved for your mom, do hope she continues to make progress. My mother had dementia, was able to be at home for a few years, but later had to go to nursing home, as needs were greater than could be provided at home. But I'm glad you & your sister have worked things out so she can stay at home. Best Wishes. PD
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