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  2. Last of my landscaping, pics!

    Great work, PW! I especially like your planters with the little "trees." Do you have anything planted in the giant tree stumps? Your kit cats grew up!
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  4. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    LC, Thanks,
  5. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    Prayers for your wife, PD.
  6. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    Happy Turkey Day to one & all, I might go out to eat in the PM, I've spent the last 4 days running 70 miles to see my wife in hospital, any prayers you can spare for Mozelle would be appreciated. She's starting to loose her will to fight, so needs a spark of encouragement. Thanks again . PD
  7. Last of my landscaping, pics!

    PW, Very neat pictures, but I'm most jealous of the green grass. Happy Turkey Day. PD
  8. Last of my landscaping, pics!

    Painted you should be very proud of yourself. New beautiful home & the work you did on the yard. It is fantastic. Lover your grey kit-cat
  9. Last of my landscaping, pics!

    Here are a few pics of the planters I put together that will go on my patio next spring summer. Also had to add in a couple updated kitty pics.
  10. Last of my landscaping, pics!

    Finally getting a chance to share pics I took of the finished landscaping. So glad that's done. Now to wait while the grass grows. The two planters with dirt all have bulbs in them. Next spring I will be adding more plants.
  11. What classes would YOU have in a horse show?

    That sounds like a fun way to do a show. One that anyone could do. I love doing trail and obstacle classes. My horses likes those classes to as well as cutting and jumping.
  12. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    I'm not a fan bugs either, especially the really large ones. We have been getting those nasty little stink bugs even with the cold nights we have already had. We have gotten early snow in the mountains here dumped on us like crazy. Some of the ski resorts on Hood have been open for a couple weeks already while the lower ones opened last week. Normal years they open Thanksgiving weekend. No snow at my house yet but lots and lots of rain. Its getting closer to my elevation though so wont be long.
  13. Stopped in & Nobody was home. had to say that.... I now, hate stays on the ground forever and, then we get blessed with a heavy, suck your boots off, mud. Did I used to love winter? Yes, I did. Do I now detest it? You better believe it! Am I currently looking for a winter home in Arizona? Oh yeah! I wish, the house we had there hadn't sold in two months. I'm a bit of a wuss in my...ahem...older age, I don't do cold, wet, frozen and, mud, too well anymore. No snow yet, usually by now we've had at least a couple, maybe even one big one, it's been unseasonably warm. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, don't eat too much!
  14. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    We don't get flooding from snow. Plus our cold winters & snow dies back fleas. Plus it helps cut down the tick population. First time had problems with fleas we had two back to back mild winters. It also sucks having warmth as deer ticks will come out if temp is up.
  15. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    And you wanna talk wet spots? When the white stuff DOES finally go away, you get floods.
  16. What classes would YOU have in a horse show?

    Barrel racing is kind boring.
  17. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    But see, the bug is now gone. The SNOW, on the other hand, appears to last forever, and you can't squash it.
  18. What classes would YOU have in a horse show?

    It would be hard to get large animal vets for judging, but I do know some retired ones that might enjoy it. Around here, the major horses events are the jackpot barrel races. Not my sort of thing. I saw too many lame barrel horses when I rode with our vet. If the bill was more than $150, they just sent them to auction and found another cheap CL horse. Most of the horses were ONLY ridden at barrel races: No conditioning. Most horse sale ads around here discourage the use of the horse for barrels to chase those buyers away.
  19. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    But, all this will end soon. We do get freezes here in the northern part of the state. <evil grin>
  20. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    I've lived with deep snow. I prefer that to bugs, but I moved south for love. No regrets. I was terrorized by a palmetto bug in the garage today. He was really scary. My husband and son were worried when they heard me shriek. Then, I got the eye roll from my beloved. I told him the bug had a knife. And scary tattoos. He didn't believe me. I stepped on it and it left a big wet spot. I wondered if I should set up cones and a "wet floor" sign...
  21. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    I think big bugs might be easier to deal with than the deep snow.
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  23. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    That is why I wouldn't move south. BIG BUGS
  24. What classes would YOU have in a horse show?

    Gee, thats the way we USED to do it way back when....oh, never mind.
  25. I thought this would be a fun topic. Regardless of breed, it seems like all horse shows are just trend events and have very little to do with the longevity and usability of horses. I would love to have a fun open show and make up classes designed to compare horses based on everything BUT whatever is trendy. I want a place where average people can haul their good using horse. Also, breeders can show off their broodies. Trainers can show off their work, vets can judge based more on conformation than breed (while explaining why they picked the horses to educate people), and farriers can educate a little by judging feet. Here are my choices for classes: 1) I love the idea behind ranch classes, so those would be fun. No need for cattle, though. It's cheaper to just demonstrate roping on dummies. Horsemanship type pattern and horses should ground tie as well as handle gates with ease. 2) How about a broodmare class for mares who have had two or more foals? They need to be presented at halter and compared to the standard of their breed, PLUS, overall conformation based on soundness and longevity (I'd want vets as judges). 3) Trail/obstacle courses are awesome. Nothing too crazy, but flags, mailbox, slicker, stuff like that. 4) Fun classes for kids, like bareback and egg and spoon races. 5) Arena manners class to demonstrate how well-behaved your horse and how well you know the rules of sharing an arena with other riders. 6) Campaigner class for 20 or older. Show off your old husband/kid/trail/therapy horse. I'd love to see the horses that are still sound and usable in their old age. Make them perk up in the arena and have their time to shine. 7) Farrier's class. Show off your horse's great feet. Judged by a couple of local farriers. 8) Freestyle trainer's class. This would be a fun way for local trainers to show off their horses. Each one has a certain amount of time to demonstrate how well trained their horses are. Kind of like a mini Extreme Mustang event. Extra points based on how green the horses is. -No papers necessary. Just bring your groomed horse (no clipping, hoof polish, banding etc...necessary). Just clean and groomed. Old horses with Cushings need only to be clipped only if it makes them more comfortable. Would you guys have fun at such a show? What classes would you have if you held a fun show?
  26. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    We're doing a traditional Thanksgiving, as far as the fixings go, but we haven't been raising turkeys lately, so no turkey tomorrow. Home raised chicken and beef are on the menu. Also, some homegrown sweet potatoes. Everything else came from the store. Rode my 27 year old Morgan mare yesterday. Finally finding the time for her. She is a bit spunky after a summer off (we don't ride much in the summer, but this one was especially busy). Libby was a bit barn sour, so we doubled back several times until she was ready to walk home on a loose rein. She forgot that I don't allow that. She was lots of fun though. The most exciting part of the ride was when she walked through a huge spider web and had this eight-legged hitchhiker on her right ear. He looked like a ghastly oversized earring. Made her tilt her head slightly to compensate for the uneven weight. I flicked him off and heard a thud when he hit the grass. Yeah, we grow them BIG here. I should have collected him for roasting tomorrow (6 extra drumsticks!!). Libby just moved right on down the trail while I dealt with the massive beast. A lesser horse would have lost it. Not my brave old girl. That's why her ancestors were war horses.
  27. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    Been busy past week. We were full house with hunters. So trying to catch up with h the laundry. Then having spent 1/2 day at railroad Monday getting those duties done & had the vet out this morning for the ponies. Oh & she was a dream to vaccinate the dogs also. Looking forward to having turkey & stuffing tomorrow.
  28. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    I didn't say anything. Afraid I'd be accused of talking to myself.
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