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  2. When we moved to the farm I moved a lot of plants. Did ok with a number of them & all it cost was labor.
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  4. Not discussing something, doesn't mean we're all ignorant of what's going on around us. Maybe, we'd prefer to discuss the subject with someone who's sole purpose, isn't just to trash talk and, throw out insults.
  5. Went to Lowes to pick up a screen door for the garage apartment and the bottom fell out of the sky. I felt like we were driving underwater and I was singing "We all live in a yellow submarine...." driving through the torrential downpour.
  6. Buckskin was a GOOD ONE! And you won't regret Beauty and the Beast, it was great!
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  8. It was only when the gal sent me a pic of the horse that I was a bit shocked that she had lost weight. There is no doubt this horse is a hard keeper - but the poor low quality grass hay she was getting before didn't help whatever else is going on. Where she is now she gets a grass alfalfa mix - and the owner of the place - an actual HORSE person - checks her daily and gives her a chiro/massage adjustment as needed. * * * * The owner of the horse is ALSO giving her some sort of herb thing JUST IN CASE.........ulcers are in there causing some issues as well N.P.
  9. I think this one is my favorite one!
  10. I tried a skateboard once. Just as I got both feet on, I went off backward. Shortest skateboard ride in history!
  11. You could always ride Wisconsin 35 to the Danbury area then rent a kayak for the Yellow River then ride back home.
  12. Looooong day today. I tried to snooze on the couch when I got home but my sister called and disturbed me, so now I"m up. And I'd rather be back sleeping on the couch.
  13. I know this post is a few years old, but I thought I'd give my review in case anyone else is looking for information on Synergist saddles. I bought a used Synergist on eBay about 2 years ago. My horse & I love it. Super supple, high quality leather. Pre-turned fenders. Trail stirrups. Suede seat. Best of all...light weight. It only weighs about 21 lbs. Even though it's a western trail model, the bars are more english style (see picture). The serial # on this saddle is for a wide/extra wide built on a wide tree. The company can (for a fee) adjust the width of this particular saddle to either wide or extra wide. So, the saddle can be adjusted to fit a horse if it gains or loses weight...or adjusted (within reason) to fit another horse. My only complaint about the saddle, is that on long rides (over 2 - 2 1/2 hours), the super cushy, padded seat (which others might love) causes numbness in parts I'd rather not be numb in. (Too much information, I know.) I'm used to riding more on my pockets, where this saddle puts you in more of an equitation seat. This saddle was not custom made for me, but was made for someone with the same height, weight and inseam measurements. The company keeps the original owner's custom order info. They are super nice & very helpful answering questions. The serial # for these saddles is located on the under side of the pommel (under the horn area).
  14. Some people are just unable to touch dead things........
  15. I would agree related, and not in a nice way. I wish you luck.
  16. Whoooooo, you and this poor kitty have been put through the wringer! I hope things get easier for you both.
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