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  1. Today
  2. Holy COW, the kitties LOVE these catnip scented "fish" to play with!
  3. Not sure if it is as effective without the peanut butter can.
  4. I have always put my pups on adult food. Never had a problem. What about Winchester for a name? It is strong yet refind. Then on goofy days he can be Chester.
  5. He's gorgeous! I do remember Reina.
  6. I bought a Tucker Horizon saddle that is super comfortable. I don't care for saddle horns - don't need 'em and got tired of leaning over and getting my breath punched out of me. Her bit is a Paso Fino small spoon bit. The shanks are loosely attached and have a lot of swing to them before they rotate the bit in her mouth. She is very light on the reins. I love my cool beans! I'm going to have to call them my beans, now.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I get it. After a while, I couldn't even walk in there anymore. They'd send me to the shelter or animal control and, I'd say, "no".....I'd been there long enough, I could do that. I can't work directly with animals, in that capacity anymore, my heart can't take it. I currently do nothing and, am loving it.... LOL.
  9. Got another farrier coming today. He was trained by our favorite farrier so maybe it'll be good. This last girl was way too expensive for her experience level. I'm with you TigerLilly, I'll do them myself if it comes to it. I have a 28 year old mare that trims herself. She's got beautiful, perfectly shaped hoofs. I can pick up all her feet, but she tries to kill the farrier. It's my saddle horse, TWH, that does need trims or her outside wall wants to tuck under. Otherwise, she's got an excellent hoof. That's why all that chipping really annoyed me.
  10. When it gets down to the dirty carpet is food. Too many starving people to ignore it. Like India and its starving people while sacred cows roam the streets. Makes no real sense.
  11. VERY COOL!!!!
  12. Hey everybody! I need music! Heres the situation.... Remember this past winter when I took the girls goat tying every other Friday? Well, the first time we went I had the radio on...the girls like the current r&b/pop station and know every word to every song. My "problem" came when the girls started singing along to "Starving" by Hailee Steinfield. Whether they knew what they were singing about or not, it bothered me. So, I burned a cd with current upbeat empowering songs that we listened to every Friday goat tying trip after that lol. My list included "Scars to your Beautiful" by Alessia Carra, "Just like Fire" by P!nk and a few others. I need to start on a cd for this season as the girls grew bored of the same songs by the end of last season. The songs need to be kinda current, empowering would be awesome, preferably upbeat but I am gonna introduce them to "Rodeo" by Garth Brooks lol. Mainly just suitable for my cowgirls and not full of curse words and sexual innuendo. So...if you think of anything please help me out!
  13. Sounds like everyone took a break for the day, and that can be an excellent thing. QB, you had a rough week and deserved the rest. Your body knew what it needed. Husband and I picked up something similar to this today for free. It is a rotating pallet elevator - it took me forever to find this image because I didn't know what it was called. He plans to alter the top for his motorcycle and our riding mower so he can clean and/or work on them without having to bend over. It is still on the trailer but on his next days off we will decide where in the shop it will go because it will be a permanent placement.
  14. Last week
  15. Magic end of October we are going to a conference in Montreal. To celebrate our 25 anniversary we are going to have dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. The restaurant has 3 or 4 mitchelan star. So looking forward to it as always want to experience a top rated restaurant. Today kept busy working on rooms. Managed to get caught up on all laundry. Shortman went to grandparents for the weekend. Oh & it was above 80 for us. Wouldn't surprise me if it snows the first weekend of October.
  16. Baked potato salad or coleslaw?
  17. Lol..... that's true, sleep isn't something you get a lot of, with a new puppy.
  18. German/French. That makes me a stubborn romantic.
  19. I would love to have fun with him and ride him I just love Stallions like him
  20. I've never said they did. I've never blamed the victims. I've always blamed the bankers, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and credit ratings agencies. Who borrowed the money is neither here nor there. What matters is who lent it and why. The film Inside Job explains how tens of millions of people lost their savings, their jobs and their homes. It's a tale of greed, corruption and fraud. A tale of private jets and private elevators. A tale of strippers, hookers and drugs. A tale of the "systemic corruption of the US by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption." A tale of bankers, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and credit ratings agencies in other words. You can watch it here: Also, too, The Big Short is terrific: From memory, and I've watched both films twice, neither even mentions house flippers as a cause of the crisis.
  21. 'Garden of Weeden' do you watch "The King of Queens?'....... I don't think the person who made the sign, had an original
  22. Wow! That is STUNNING!
  23. Did you get any of that white stuff? Looks like it could help you out!!
  24. Quoting Red Green....if they can't find ya handsome, atleast they can find ya handy. Learn a skill, a trade, a something. Nobody rides for free and that is the **** truth. I do feel for you mothers but it's called TUFFLOVE and it works...why...because it's pure, true love when you shove that babybear out the cave and make em hunt. Period.
  25. HEY!!
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