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  1. Today
  2. We have our first joust this weekend

    Now THAT sounds like a great time!
  3. The Front Porch

    Heidi, What kind of details can you tell me about your new toy?! Kubotas are nice machine, I'd have one if my current tractor wore out on me. Glad your cat is doing better, there are 6-9 cats that show in the morning to eat, but only one that is tame, a neutered Tom, that is pure white, that I call Ivory. PD
  4. Texas People #6

    Me too. It also comes in 40 pounds. Wish I had a grandson. They seem to be very handy.
  5. Lets Race!

    Do you have to travel far for the races? Here they are scheduled or used to be so they would be in Rice Lake Friday, Superior Saturday & Proctor Sunday.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Getting a Second horse?

    Getting a second horse can be an adventure. You will always have unique relationships with all your horses. So when you get horse #2, it won’t diminish your love for your first horse in any way. Like in parenting, the new horse always benefits from the experiences you have had with the older one. The new horse benefits from the lessons you’ve learned Having two horses has obvious benefits. Unless there is some serious infection going around, both the horses will fall ill at different times. So you will always have one horse to ride when the other one lies low. If you love to ride, and you think you give a little too much exercise to your horse, having two saves you from this anxiety. You won’t tire your horses. You can ride them both during the day without fearing that you will tire them out. And you get your fill of happy rides. You do need to consider that your expenses will double and you will need the right team to care for them. You must also have ample space for them. And yes. Once you get the two horses together, the kind of relationship they will share is difficult to predict. They could hate each other or end up being pals - doing everything together. A lonely horse generally is not a happy horse. Horses are social animals so there are pretty good chances things will turn out well. So go ahead, keep your fingers crossed, and get your second horse.
  8. the story behind conners pink shirt

    Him in and out of wrestling gear. LoL
  9. Last week
  10. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Just got done with Safe on Netflix. Wow what a good twist & turn missing person along with a murder show. The murderer was a character I would never have guessed. Highly recommend it & there is only 8 episodes so you won't invest alot of time in to the program.
  11. What color would look good on this dun paint?

    Yes mint or auqua
  12. Hey y'all

    And there is a very funny story behind Conners shirt. If anyone want to know just ask.
  13. Goood Afternoon

    My favorite hanging baskets are fuchsia flowers and the cherry tomato ones .
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