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  2. Dear Odie, your mom is lying about Kentucky weather. (She even sent pictures of you that are too dark to see.) There's a saying (but I forgot who said it) that heaven is a Kentucky kind of place. It's true it usually doesn't stay cold for long in winter, so it doesn't get boring. I know Newfies like water and I live next to a HUGE pond. And it has lots of Canada geese for you to chase (and I wish you would.) And there's a horse for you to hang out with. He'd appreciate the company. This is the best time of year in Kentucky, so you'd better get on the road soon so you don't miss it. Hugs but no kisses, please, Jubal.
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  4. *thoughts/prayers for Mozelle and all who love her*
  5. FYI ifyoubuy apackage of kabob sticks break them in half you can make a Peep story
  6. There may be a snowy Tuesday. It's currently snowing, very lightly and, mostly melting before it can really stick, but, by morning, who knows. Crud.....
  7. PD, is your wife at home now? Pass on the HC good vibes, they're very healing!
  8. 4legs, from your bbc news magazine article: The point is that if African Americans are more likely to be involved in violent crime - both as perpetrators and victims - then the higher rate of police shootings may not be surprising. The truth is that the raw statistics can't tell us whether the police are treating African Americans differently from white people. To understand that, we'd need to look at more details about what happened in each incident. There's a big difference between a case where someone was shooting at the police, and a case where someone was passive and unarmed. One person who has tried to do that is an economist from Harvard University called Roland Fryer, the first ever African American to win the prestigious John Bates Clark medal in economics. This month Fryer released a preliminary study examining records from 10 cities and counties, with the best data coming from Houston - it's not yet peer-reviewed, but it has received a lot of attention in the press. Fryer's research suggests that African Americans and Hispanics are substantially more likely to experience force in their interactions with the police - such as having a gun pointed at them, being handcuffed without arrest, or being pepper-sprayed or hit with a baton. This racial difference is reduced, but doesn't completely disappear, when Fryer adds all sorts of statistical controls such as whether the incident was indoors or outdoors, in a high-crime area, took place at night, and so on. However, Fryer doesn't find any racial difference in the cases where police offers actually shoot someone. This article also backs up the above claims from your article: On a personal note, I have worked for two Sheriff Offices and took part at both agencies in compiling the monthy *required* statistics data on violent crimes of Murder, Domestic Violence, Rape and Molestation and DUI. Every law enforcement agency must compile this data monthly for reporting to NCIC. This site is a comprehensive overview of people killed by police in 2017:
  9. Kdrown, I have spent HOURS over the past several days trying to get somewhere with this little hinny. I have 'closed the gap' with him SOME. But he still will not let me touch him unless it is through the hay ring or gate. I can get maybe 4-6 feet from him and that is his comfort zone. I don't go into his pasture with a rope or a halter, I go empty handed. I have sat in the pasture on several occasions w/ a tablet (silenced) and played solitaire for HOURS just to see if he would get curious enough to come investigate. NOPE! But my other horses think that I have flipped my gourd and THEY keep coming over and nudging me off of my bucket.How long do you reckon it will take to socialize this abandon hinny?
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  11. So nice that you care so much! Her reading to you would be good and using your dogs is also good - kids love it and the dogs usually do too. Anything you can do to boost her confidence and self-esteem will help - from during goat-tying to just spending that extra time with her. I am volunteering reading to two 1st graders who need some help this year, just a half hour with each child once a week and it's so nice to see them bloom!
  12. You pointed out a good point! I do not know why it's like that on here! Her actual papers are APHA!
  13. Nick, Mark our hoof guy says he always wears gloves when he deals with the horses. Craig does too. I guess I am the only dunce on the ranch who man-handles their hooves 'gloveless'. Haha. Leave it to the girl to to be the one getting roughed up.
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  15. Oak's, Yes somehow they just nuzzle their way into our hearts. We just want the best for them. What happened to your baby? And thank you for the prayer!! We both really appreciate it.
  16. Hi im all new to saddle cleaning.....I have 2 western saddles that are med oil finish. How can i go about cleaning, oiling, and conditioning without the saddles getting dark?
  17. I can't see over Oak's either. I need SOMETHING to get on him or a hand on the backside to push me up. He was listed as 16.2hh but I am telling you, (we haven't measured him because to us it is unimportant) he has to be at LEAST 17hh.
  18. Good weather here, too. For the moment. I'm hearing of some bad things heading our way. I don't want to hear it. I noticed new, green grass coming through the graveled walkways this morning and, although cold, for the last few days, it's been sunny. Chipmunks, too, I'm seeing, also, some kind of woodpecker that I've only seen in the spring.......I think, the groundhog got it wrong. Hope so, anyway. The corral and barn need a good cleaning, I haven't been able to get in there and, really do a good job. My husband needs to take the tractor in there. Have I mentioned, I'm so over winter, snow, ice, mud and, basically, wet cold weather? Seriously, I'm ready to move, there's maybe 4 years left on our mortgage, my husband has already mentioned, hoping it'll be easy to sell. We've had the, "we're not getting younger and, it would probably be wise to not be so far from medical treatment", talk. Keeping this house, of course, once payed off, would work too, but, it would be nice to pay cash for another. Ah well, things have a way of working out the way they should. Good for your son, QH, on getting to keep his job, bet that's a huge relief! Don't want to, but, I should go do something...... I'm hoping for Albuquerque tomorrow, it's been too long since I've been off of this mountain.
  19. It is almost 80* here. IF the POOL were OPEN .... I'D BE IN IT! I checked 10-day forecast and we have a low of 33* for tomorrow but daytime temps between 59-78. I still may talk to the husband about opening up the pool. If not this weekend, then next, maybe.
  20. When has it ever been?
  21. Hey CR lol....yep good ole politics to get the blood circulating
  22. You go girl!!
  23. The Duluth Makerspace has several smaller ones and one that's 3'x4'. They also have a bunch of small 3d printers I want to try. For my sewing class we marked the fold and sewing lines with the laser and then it cut the pattern out. Need to learn to use the laser unstupidvized...
  24. There's never a shortage of mud, not here, anyway. Soon as it starts drying out, it rains or, snows again. So tired of it. I did the best I could yesterday, with the barn, scraped/shoveled out as much as I could and, put in some new bedding. This weekend, the horses will have to be put out, so we can get in there with the tractor, the barn and corral really need it. Thinking good thoughts for your wife, PD.
  25. Jubal - I was grumbling about the dryer eating another sock until I found this one behind it. Also found two cat toys back there as well. lol.
  26. So, a levee broke near my Mom's home in CA and my husband and I were searching information last night so she and my Sister could make plans. Turns out the levee break was not on their side of the levee so the water would be going away from them (East and North) and the river the water would be going into is at 28' elevation and Mom's house is at 78' about 5mi as the crow flies from the levee break. Sister and Mom decided to pack the car for an emergency getaway but to remain at home. Then about 2hrs later I saw where the levee breach had been blocked but the area is still under a warning for evacuation. Mostly farmland but still plenty of single homes scattered around. In the below photo, Mom's home would be under the 33 Hwy sign. The levee breach is near the "camel head" looking squiggle-shape in the red shaded area to the Left of the S. Airport Way and S. Union Rd labels.
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