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  2. The Front Porch

    Rain & mist is better than snow. Got a busy weekend with the hunting opener & start of Santa pizza.
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  4. Really! You need to see this!

    ZOMGthatwasawesome! I'd have TOTALLY paid attention! That was The BEST! I'd have loved to be on that flight, the crew definitely know how to have fun and relieve pre-flight tension. LOLOL
  5. Yesterday
  6. LC, A great post, community definitely is very important in our lives & development of our children, there are a hundreds of ways people can be different. Children don't have a choice, on the way they are born, only on the way they live their lives. NP, Great post also. You are a person that can say alot with few words. A skill I don't have, now I'm jealous. PD
  7. Educational Toys, Tv For Baby

    In Australia? Not sure. You probably can buy German toys. Our favorite ones are made by Haba. Really, what you want are safe toys. All toys are good for motor development. Try not to be sold up on gadgets. Stay away from toddler "computers". Little ones don't need screen time. They usually get too much as it is. That covers little ones. If you're friends kids are older, creative toys are great. Playmobil sets are a lot of fun. Lots of toys for kids to build are out there for the 8-10 year olds. Those are great. Doesn't matter if they are boys or girls. Best thing to do is check the age level on the packages.
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  9. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    Thanks. I'm OK. Back on medication currently and got to have more blood tests done. My immune system is pretty ruined currently, antibiotics have caused just as much horrible effects and I'm picking up everything possible. But we shall carry on as normal lol.
  10. And meet Solo!

    Good luck with him NN! I hope he turns out to be great....but I don't think anyone can beat Coblet for being an easy going, super calm, great jumping, dressage riding kind of guy!
  11. All Opinnions Needed... Christian Issues

    I didn't even check, but, oh yes, a resurrected thread. Which seems appropriate considering the topic at hand... Well, it was fun anyway. I do teach catechism at our parish, so the topic got me going. I was really just Roman around looking for a good topic. I must be a Catholiholic. Which is different than a Cataholic (crazy cat lady club). I'll work on that. Yes, resurrected threads become ripe for punning.
  12. Cat toys?

    my cat is an indoor cat but is somtimes let outside for a couple of hours everyday. however when i take him indoors he starts meowing telling me he wats to get back out. but instead of letting him outside agin i try kee[ping him occupied with a few toys. any suugestion on what other fun toys can be given!
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