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  2. Danyel, maybe he thought it was some kind of tack bread.
  3. Last week
  4. Sorry but no help other than watch your driving. Cops in Iowa will pull you over for anything. Have a fun safe trip. Learn lots.
  5. I learned you can't make it in a convection oven as it will not puff up. Oh there are so many different things you could do with it. Would be yummy to put soft fruit in the bottom of the pan then batter & bake. Precooked breakfast sausage crumbled. Maybe we should start a oven pancake thread everyone adds their own flavor & then post a pic.
  6. I can't believe the amount of rain parts of the country are getting. *thoughts/prayers* Mom kept wanting us to check on Dad (who passed in 2004) last night. We got her distracted and she quieted down. Thanks for the great advice. Sister and I talked and we agree that unplanned visits would be best because then she doesn't have time to worry over it. The house is easy to keep picked up and I'll vacuum more often in case people drop in.
  7. Always thought it would be fun to put in a bathroom garden. Clawfoot tub planter, toilet planter, pedestal sink planter all arranged nicely in the yard.
  8. Very nice. I love the shape of the skirt. I like the look of the Corriente too.
  9. Very cute! Does he have any white on his face? I had a mustang that was sensitive to things touching his legs & belly. I'd flick the end of the lead rope (or lunge line) around his legs & tap his belly with it, while letting him graze. He eventually got used to it & was much less reactive to bugs, people, etc, touching him there. Best of luck with him!
  10. I've seen shows about cool places to trail ride in Ireland!:)
  11. For something this serious, second opinion is definitely worthwhile.
  12. That's the thing about the wood. Seems if it was painted with a oil base it is better odds of coming off. However number of time seen where water based primer/paint is absorbed into the grain. Talk about a witch getting out.
  13. I'm thinking after this heals. Right now I have ice wraps. Those have been a godsend.
  14. Ambers story will be on the news tonight. ABC 12 at 11pm.
  15. Strangeness is afoot
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