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  2. I got tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in the ground. Still working on the squash, cucumbers and chard. It has been hot here the last couple of days, so I've been hiding in the house, lol. I did get the baby chickens moved outside though. Thank goodness! They are messy critters.
  3. why is there no response to this post. 9 out of September 11 terrorists were Saudi college garaduates. Trump awarded Saudi Arabia a 11 billion arms deal; and he promises he will make them a good deal, the Saudis, who were the perps in 9/11.
  4. okay here's a lovely thing for ALL the Kellyanne Conway admirers in an interview with Jake Trapper of CNN. she admitted that trump lies constantly, but asked Trapper why the media does not spend more attention when he tells the truth. ***. that is like asking how many presidents John Wilkes Booth did not kill.
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  6. I love the pics! We are in the middle of 4-5 days of rain. We need the good soaking but I wouldn't mind some pool-time in between rain storms.
  7. Whew! I'm so glad she heard you talking outside and made it home. Time to kill the fatted can of cat food for the prodigal kitty! =^..^=
  8. Lol, I am admittedly the most gullible person that ever walked the earth, allowing my children to easily pull fast ones on me. The day I get my permanent crown has finally come! Hurry up 11:30, ohmygosh I hope it fits better than this temporary one does, it has come off 3 times. I will say this...I'm not leaving the office until my bite is right and I can chew on both sides!
  9. We are home. 3am makes for a very short sleep. Dogs were very happy to have us home. Have no idea how much the critter sitter fed them but their bellies are very wide & dog food almost all gone. Now it's the to come back to reality with a very busy day.
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  11. Yep- got out of that relationship as quick as I got into it, thank goodness! I do like moving- it's so fun. I think I'd be a gypsy if it paid haha! My husband isn't so keen on moving, so I think we'll be grounded for a few years to come.
  12. At least you got away from the grind of work for a day.
  13. Good Name.
  14. When I saw you had posted, I thought you probably were going to say you were riding him!
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  16. I had read about this when it just started up. Even talked to the the man that started it because I was really liking some of the foals and the paint stallions they were using. I was chatting with a lady about them yesterday at the show and got a wild hair and checked the website. And I seen this post so figured, why start another one lol. 4th picture down looks like a very fine horse.
  17. I totally agree with what you've said. It was a real d*ck move on his part. Not all muslim people are extremists as the terrorists appeared to be. Many, many more are peaceful and also denounced what their countrymen did.
  18. No Triple Crown is OK with me. American Pharaoh needs a few years to claim the title.
  19. Equi, we have had cold wet summers in the past. Makes growing things impossible & doesn't give you much of a chance to hit the local beach for summer fun in the water and sand. Jazzy, really enjoyed seeing pictures of your ponies. They are definitely looking very healthy.
  20. Pretty browband! I wanna get my horse one with green in it.
  21. That's the trail. Nicely paved and meanders through a few small towns. A nice paddling river is right there too. Be an awesome weekend for them if the weather is decent. Hoping to do this sometime later this summer.
  22. THANK YOU!!! ^^^^^
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