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  2. The Front Porch

    jubal, That 4 inches of snow is like putting nitrogen on your pasture, so think how lush the grass might be. Best Wishes. PD
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  4. Texas People #6

    Wish you safe travel to the hospital, & wish your daughter well as she gives birth to new life. Best Wishes. PD
  5. ELD mandate

    It is interesting because he's hauling from NY to FL. The animals (usually horses) he hauls have stalls and he sleeps in a sleeper part of his truck. He does have a CDL. I hope he doesn't get busted. He's a veteran and this is how he supports himself. I'm glad you guys will be okay. Over time, we'll see if this translates into more cost to the consumer as well as more regulations that don't make sense. It seems like every time there is a high profile accident involving a big rig, Congress has to pass a law, even if it's a bad one.
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  7. This Or That

    horse! Sunday or Monday?
  8. Floppy eared horses

    LC, That is interesting, have not seen one, but can understand how that could happen. I bet some real great horses have been passed by because of that defect. PD
  9. Colt starter?

    If you like the trainer that did the initial work, maybe continue with them? However, at this point, perhaps you need to ride the horse at the trainer's and let him get you going. If you won't be in a position to ride him during or after training, perhaps wait on the training until you do have time? Starting your own business is a big time commitment.
  10. Equine COPD

    Have pony with similar problems. Vet prescribed ventipulmin which is expensive and they become reliant on it. now soaking hay, rubbing Vicks Vaporub in nostrils and spraying eucalyptus oil on wood inside stable. Also using winergy ventilate feed supplement. The improvement is astonishing.
  11. Promise of Heatwave

    Heidi, Got to compilment you for taking a negative situation & turning it into a positive one. But animals can be great healing agents, & I'm sure so much responsibility, so young gave you no time to feel sorry for yourself. I guess one could say the step dad that left, gave you another over time, that you could look up to. All children need that, doesn't have to be blood, just love. Best Wishes. PD
  12. Buying a horse trailer

    I'm going to get a cover for it. That's the best I can do to keep it out of the moisture and keep it lubed well.
  13. A few snow shoe pics

    Beautiful! I'm going straight to the kitchen and make cocoa!
  14. Giving Horse Ace Before A Ride

    Edited.... Only just realised this is an 8 year old post!!!!??? When you say ACE'D do you mean the equivalent of ACP? If so, I won't ride a sedated horse. I totally understand your opinion OP. I want a horse 100% sound minded on judgement. Not clouded. Sedation is not made for working them in my book. Training and temperament issue. I would be livid unknowingly riding a doped animal also.
  15. Rat Traps and Tears UPDATE 1/5!!

    LOL! My mom had a pet bird she tried to teach to say that. That wouldn't work in our house. Three cats would come running and then, "oh look, prey...."
  16. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    A man that allows anyone, male or female, to manipulate him is absolutely responsible for allowing it. Sex or gender being involved in the manipulation has nothing to do with it, IMO. This is akin to blaming the victim for the rape. She should not have dressed/acted/spoken that way or been in that place, kept that company etc. It's not smart to walk down the street naked but it is also not an invitation to be raped. You think when a woman sets out to manipulate a man, he does not set out to get his reward for giving her what she is after with the manipulation? Unwanted attention is not the victim's fault in any case, not in "most" cases, in any case. The men who offer the unwanted attention lack self-control. We ask for more self- control from our dogs on a daily basis. Men don't get a pass for any misbehavior because they are men and she was cute/sexy/naked/drunk/an escort/disabled/mentally challenged/a CHILD/(see where I am going with this?) Women who misbehave also do not get a pass because he was cute/sexy/naked/drunk/an escort/a subordinate/peer/disabled/mentally challenged/a CHILD/(see where I am going with this?) People, male and female, should be held accountable for sexual harassment or assault. It really doesn't matter what the circumstances were when the harassment or assault occurred. The victim is NOT TO BLAME in any way, shape, form or fashion. I don't think it happens that often in reality. As with most everything else in the world today, we only hear about the ones that are considered news worthy. A female employee falsely reporting a supervisor for rape will not make the national news. Not so with famous people. A report like that against a famous person is newsworthy and does not need to be true, just reported. Agree. I work with a woman who falsely reported sexual abuse against a male supervisor. Ruined his career even after she re-canted. He was terminated, she still works here. She should have been terminated when she admitted lying about her report. They did have a consensual relationship and he was her supervisor so he got what he deserved. She did not suffer for lying about the abuse because he refused to continue the relationship. I work in an adult male prison. Men certainly are victimized by each other AND staff on a regular basis. If it can happen with alarming regularity in this controlled environment, I can only imagine how often it happens "out there". I do think men are more reluctant to report and hope that will become less true. For what it is worth, men also report false allegations for personal gain or revenge. Inmates know we are required to restrict staff contact with inmates who have made allegations against that staff member. They use this requirement to "get rid" of officers who are too close to discovering, or have already discovered, some sort of misconduct by the inmate. I think the investigation is easier here than it is "out there" but it is still not easy since most of the allegations are he said/she said with no real evidence. What a world we live in, huh?
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