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  2. The Front Porch

    QB, I'm glad Cassie is doing well. I guess I thought all 3 had the same mom. RR, we moved pretty quickly to get the one barn ready for the horses. Now we're able to move a bit slower and be more thoughtful about the changes. Originally I wanted to build a feed/tack room at the far end of that space, but now I believe I will consider that entire space to be the feed/tack room. I just want to fill it with hay, now.
  3. I bought the best cat toys!

    I got some for my cats off of Ebay. They love them!!!
  4. Cat toys?

    Does he react to catnip? If he does, a simple ball or mouse with catnip inside could keep him occupied for a while. Does he like to pounce on and chase things? A toy on a pole with sturdy string would be good, and you can play along with him. There are so many toys to choose, and you may have to experiment to find what he likes best. Our 3 cats all like something different---Burger likes wind-up toys, Mysti likes a catnip mouse, and Baby likes a small cloth ball that she carries around, and brings it to me to throw for her.
  5. The puppies are born!

    Pistol is indeed growing up fast. Have his hips been checked? How about his parents' hips? I'd have it done as soon as your vet recommends having it done.
  6. I Love all dogs no matter how bad people say they are.

    Dogs are usually what people make of them. Most PB owners seem to NOT make much of them, and THAT is a problem.
  7. My pets... (Pictures included)

    Casper (cat) ((all white, blue eyes. Breed:Turkish Angora)) Franklyn (cat) ((grey/black/brownish Tabby)) Zoey (dog) ((brown with a patch of white on chest. Breed:Boxer)) Bella (dog) ((mixture of different shades of brown. Breed: Pomeranian. Denis (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a green shell. [MY BROTHER NAMED HIM THIS])) Alex (Hermit Crab) ((red hermit crab with a yellow shell. [My brother also named that one.])) My animals that have died Scooter (cat) ((all black [a tiny barely noticeable patch white on chest] with yellow eyes. We think the breed was Bombay Cat)) Dakota (dog) ((brown with a patch of white on chest. Breed:Boxer)) Swiper (cat) (orange and white Tabby. I forget his eye color. [PS. I was like 5 around that time when we got him and at the time I also like Dora so I named him swiper xD])) Oreo (Gerbil) (I think she was a black and white Gerbil. I forget the eye color) Coco (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab in a cream shell)) Blaze (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a Spider-Man shell....)) [My brother picked out that one] Ocean (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a red sparkling shell)) Romen (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a green shell)) Little bear (ferret) ((I think he was a brownish with a white stomach. I forget the eye color)) There was one more ferret I forgot her name, but I think she was either all white or all brown. (((Also I do not have pictures of the ferrets, gerbil, or swiper)) Blaze /\ Romen /\ Coco /\ Ocean /\ Scooter /\ ((sorry about the Instagram thingy)) Dakota /\ Alex /\Denis /\Casper /\Franklyn /\Zoey /\Bella /\
  8. And meet Solo!

    Yes I plan on getting him out walking everywhere and leading off sparks ASAP. He literally has barely been handled much up until this last fortnight and I can only do him weekends. I think as it is at the moment he'd be a liability to take out on the main roads we have by us, but once he has more ground work established and happy watching the traffic go by (we wait at the road side and watch all the new traffic currently) then I'll be dragging him out everywhere. As it is atm, I don't feel he's established or reliable enough to listen off the headcollar if anything did frighten him out in public. But we will venture out shortly, it won't be too long. My friend is going to ride sparks and me lead him.
  9. That would probably be a 'no'. you don't have any trouble understanding different UK accents, lol! It must be the Scottish words thrown in. I suppose it would be like a British tourist trying to understand our Cajun or deep Southern accents. I hope you recover quickly. No fun being sick, especially when you have cute things to play with.
  10. Why I *extremely dislike* Boxers

    Well, as long as we're here, I can see why someone with that screen name might want to defend her favorite breed. ;) I think, deep down, if it came to a choice between the OP's in-laws and the dogs, I think she might have picked the dogs.... I wonder if the annoying dogs are still alive? Dogs do tend to reflect their owners. Some people just ruin perfectly good dogs. Other people make very poor decisions about where they buy their dogs. If you buy a puppy through an online broker or pet store, it came from a puppy mill. So, the dogs are annoying, but the owners are ultimately responsible.
  11. Happy birthday!

    I saw Mickey in 1993 at Disneyland.....he looks exactly the same today! I'd like to know his
  12. My cat loves chewing Q-Tips.. Why???

    So I got a cat named Casper (she is all white with blue eyes) She's about 9 months old, and We have the Q-Tips up so she can't get them (she can't even get to them) And everyday I find at least 1 Q-Tip Casper chews. Does any one else's cat do this, and how can I stop her from doing this?
  13. Last week
  14. Really! You need to see this!

    That was a good show
  15. LC, A great post, community definitely is very important in our lives & development of our children, there are a hundreds of ways people can be different. Children don't have a choice, on the way they are born, only on the way they live their lives. NP, Great post also. You are a person that can say alot with few words. A skill I don't have, now I'm jealous. PD
  16. Educational Toys, Tv For Baby

    In Australia? Not sure. You probably can buy German toys. Our favorite ones are made by Haba. Really, what you want are safe toys. All toys are good for motor development. Try not to be sold up on gadgets. Stay away from toddler "computers". Little ones don't need screen time. They usually get too much as it is. That covers little ones. If you're friends kids are older, creative toys are great. Playmobil sets are a lot of fun. Lots of toys for kids to build are out there for the 8-10 year olds. Those are great. Doesn't matter if they are boys or girls. Best thing to do is check the age level on the packages.
  17. All Opinnions Needed... Christian Issues

    I didn't even check, but, oh yes, a resurrected thread. Which seems appropriate considering the topic at hand... Well, it was fun anyway. I do teach catechism at our parish, so the topic got me going. I was really just Roman around looking for a good topic. I must be a Catholiholic. Which is different than a Cataholic (crazy cat lady club). I'll work on that. Yes, resurrected threads become ripe for punning.
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