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  1. Today
  2. The Front Porch

    I don't know her life before she came to me, but I am trying to make her last lives The Best ones for her. A little less swelling tonight, or maybe it is distributing evenly.
  3. Martha the Orphan Possum

    LC you are now becoming the official HC "Possum Whisperer"
  4. the story behind conners pink shirt

    Him in and out of wrestling gear. LoL
  5. Yesterday
  6. Texas People #6

    You can tell them what my grandmother told me. "Don't worry about being small. You can dance with the short boys and the tall boys."
  7. Lets Race!

    Yay, Pink! I'm glad to hear your long winter is over. Can I read Instagram without joining? I don't join online stuff, (except for horse forums. And of course, Amazon.)
  8. Last week
  9. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Just got done with Safe on Netflix. Wow what a good twist & turn missing person along with a murder show. The murderer was a character I would never have guessed. Highly recommend it & there is only 8 episodes so you won't invest alot of time in to the program.
  10. What color would look good on this dun paint?

    Yes mint or auqua
  11. Hey y'all

    And there is a very funny story behind Conners shirt. If anyone want to know just ask.
  12. Goood Afternoon

    My favorite hanging baskets are fuchsia flowers and the cherry tomato ones .
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