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  2. She looks adorable and I love the pic of Conner and her.
  3. Heidi, Sorry about the loss of your cat. Never easy to loose our faithful companions. Best Wishes. PD
  4. Thank you. Yes her foal pictures were in Montana. I remember seeing pop on here a while back and said hello. It's hard to believe I'll have been on here for 13 years the end of Sept.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I had never seen it before either. My dad found it at a garden center somewhere. He built the planter its in as well. Good luck, hope you find one.
  7. Grimmie we have a contractor dump truck so our cost of materials is low cause we can haul it ourselves. Biggest cost is hiring someone to haul. There is pile of pea gravel already on the farm. A friend had a camper on the farm & brought in a load of gravel then never did anything with it. Camper is now gone & pile still stands. So time with a shovel & cart it will be moved. I'd love to level my front yard & put in River Rock. Get rid of the grass.
  8. Lots of rain the last two days, more expected today. We had a lovely day yesterday. Dined on Gulf shrimp and fried catfish on Lake Conroe before visiting my Dads grave at Houston National Cemetery. dropped off a walker at our friend that had the lung transplant. He's finally home, Paul is going to drive him to his clinic visit tomorrow. I'm excited just to have the day to myself! need to do something special, pedicure maybe. New chair and ottoman slipcovers are on the way. Had to use two different sources, but boy was I lucky to find them both in Waverly robins egg blue chinz fabric that has been discontinued. I've had my eye on it for several years. Just hope they fit. I can't wait to have a craft/tv room, will definitely post pics when it's done.
  9. Trump further disgraces our country: - assures the Saudis openly that his administration will do their very best to make sure that they "get a good deal" on their arms deal with the American defense industry (what??!!) - shoves the Montenegro prime minister out of the way to hustle to the front of the NATO congregation for the group picture; - instead of walking the quarter mile to the next meeting point he, and he alone, takes a golf cart while every other delegate walks; - he openly rails against the german automobile manufacturer Bavarian motor works (BMW) for "selling too many cars to America, while oblivious to the fact that BMW is one of the biggest employers of americans in the industry. how much more of this crap are we willing to put up with. I've had it. and I let every single trump supporter who sends me emails with alternative facts or fake news know it.
  10. Last week
  11. Give some thought to the build of the horse you are looking for and what you are asking the horse to physically do. I know you want a heavier boned animal to carry your very tall fiance, but be aware that the heavier draft horses expend more energy moving their size and bulk around, in addition to what they are carrying, and may have difficulty keeping up with lighter horses. Because of this, I do like NP's suggestion of a warmblood. There is a reason in the middle ages why knights in heavy armor rode war horses called "destriers" to carry the weight. However, as they traveled to tournaments and battles, lighter horses were ridden while leading their destriers to save their strength for their destination. Later on in history, as war changed, these mounts morphed into cavalry and light horse brigades. As for PMU foals, some PMU farms breed *excellent* stock. They do this so their foal crop has a great chance at having a productive life. Best of luck in your search!
  12. I remember you lynnehall, what have you been up to?
  13. Been a busy day here. It was sunny and warm. Got in a nice ride this morning before work then worked in the garden after work. I got about half of the garden planted. Gonna finish that up tomorrow sometime.
  14. Jubal, LOL, no not riding him! I am still trying to get him to trust me 100% and to know that I mean ONLY good for him. He is still a bit skittish and leery of human contact but is coming around a little at the time. <3
  15. Busy Time is a total understatement. Came home after a long day at work dealing with stuff then grocery shopped prior to going home. Get home put a load of laundry in the dryer. Great it was done. So put another in the wash & then realized I had emptied the dryer only to start it with nothing in it. There are days even I am amazed that I have the ability to feed the family & critters. Heidi good to hear it was a lab mix up. Hope your mom is truly ok.
  16. My pasture has buttercup everywhere. (Haven't had time to brush hog). Horses are smart and eat in different areas. I never worry about it. Thanks for all the compliments on the car. My BIL also races in the same class. They both raced stock cars prior to moving up. This is my life and I live for nights at the dirt track.
  17. ^^^I can't imagine how awful it would be to have to avoid sunlight. PW, I see your kitties are supervising your outdoor work. As far as getting caught up with your work in order to have play time...good luck with that! I've never managed to do both.
  18. OMG, this made me snort out loud and scare one of my cats that was asleep on the desk! lolol
  19. okay here's a lovely thing for ALL the Kellyanne Conway admirers in an interview with Jake Trapper of CNN. she admitted that trump lies constantly, but asked Trapper why the media does not spend more attention when he tells the truth. ***. that is like asking how many presidents John Wilkes Booth did not kill.
  20. We are home. 3am makes for a very short sleep. Dogs were very happy to have us home. Have no idea how much the critter sitter fed them but their bellies are very wide & dog food almost all gone. Now it's the to come back to reality with a very busy day.
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