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  1. According to the color calculator... This of course is just a GUESS since we don't know the exact genetic variables... :) Offspring Color Probability 8.79% -Buckskin 8.79% -Bay 8.79% -Bay Dun 8.79% -Bay Dun Roan 8.79% -Bay Roan 8.79% -Dunskin 8.79% -Buckskin Roan 8.79% -Dunskin Roan 2.93% -Black 2.93% -Blue Roan 2.93% -Smoky Grullo Roan 2.93% -Grullo Roan 2.93% -Smoky Black 2.93% -Smoky Blue Roan 2.93% -Smoky Grullo 2.93% -Grullo 0.78% -Chestnut 0.78% -Chestnut Roan 0.78% -Dunalino Roan 0.78% -Palomino 0.78% -Palomino Roan 0.78% -Red Dun 0.78% -Red Dun Roan 0.78% -Dunalino
  2. Schuys Found Her Echo - Home raised, Was by Rodeos Brite Cisco and out of my 2D barrel mare, Sheza Lil Ski Lady. I sold her to a woman who came from Florida to pick her up. She was a yearling when I sold her. Halter broke but would lead, load, tie, and stand for the farrier. I put in a lot of hours on her. Schuys Perfect Image - Was born at our place out of a TB mare I had purchased, Spare The Talk. She was bred when we purchased her. She sold after having 60 days training. She was a great little trail horse, late bloomer, though. She was traded to my trainer in a package deal for one of the horses I still own. Sheza Lil Ski Lady - Dam of aforementioned mare. She was a solid 2D barrel horse. I traded her to Regina for 3 young APHA fillies, two are listed below. She's been the easiest to follow so far. A young girl contacted me about her from TX and explained how much she loved her, I think that may be who is listed as her owner now. Rodeos Brite Cisco - Had him for a stud, planned on showing him, but didn't, so we sold him to Regina, who told us she gelded him and sold him to a guy who was using him on a ranch. Was hoping to see how he was doing. Skips Boomer Rang - Had him loping a good pattern then he was poisoned by someone and almost died. Never was quite the same, but still tried his hardest. SH We Be Smokin Now - Had him for a few months, and patterned him really well. Bomb proof trail horse, wasn't fast enough to barrel race, but was a great Youth horse. Peppys Sunshine Sky - I know she was sold to a rodeo company after I sold her to a friend. So I didn't figure she was gonna be owner updated. O Mity Mardelta Dixon - Youth horse I sold. I just like to try to keep track of the horses I sell, and haven't had much luck as of late...
  3. If you have access to a round pen, try some roundpen work. What is he doing exactly? Maybe try walking him away from the other horses before climbing aboard. Have you asked a trainer for help?
  4. Goodness. I hate that... Thank you again!
  5. He is gelded now, or at least thats what I heard. :) Can you also do a look up for... Skips Boomer Rang? SH We Be Smokin Now? Peppys Sunshine Sky? O Mity Mardelta Dixon? Thank you sooooo sooo much!!! Makes me sad to know Echo is still registered in my name. I was hoping to keep track of her.
  6. Anyone mind doing a look-up for current owner for me? Trying to find a few horses I used to own... Schuys Found Her Echo Schuys Perfect Image Sheza Lil Ski Lady Rodeos Brite Cisco Any help is MUCH appreciated!
  7. Ooooh. If you were only closer I'd be very happy to give the siamese looking one a home!!!
  8. First off, if you have a profession barrel racing instructor who sold you the horse, and you take lessons from, then you should be asking that person for assistance, since they know the horse. Instructional DVD's are wonderful! Never drill (overwork) a horse on the barrel pattern, that does more damage than good. Introduce it slowly, and don't rush the horse through training. Lots of flexing, bending, loping big circles and transitioning down to smaller circles until the horse engages it's hind quarters. He should step off of leg pressure and stop underneath himself pretty well before you even begin training him on the pattern. When you start.. Always focus on making a pocket, and keeping the horse focused on the barrel. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, and more walking. Walk to the barrel, stop, create a pocket, ask the horse to step away from the barrel (but keeping their nose tipped towards it). The horse should start naturally rating at a walk before you speed up into the trot, and so on, so forth. Martha Josey has some good freebie training tips on her website, and Fallon Taylor has several Webisode training pointers uploaded on youtube.
  9. She looks similar color wise, but look at the trot and compare how different they are carrying their body in each picture. She looks IDENTICAL to my barrel mare (AQHA with TB influence), just different colors. I'd say AQHA cross or APHA cross. :)
  10. Perlinos and Cremellos can guarantee a diluted gene in the horse. Greys are really hard to breed for color, because the grey gene is dominant. Like the others asked, do you possibly know what color she was before she greyed out? We had a grey mare that was born as a Red Roan, she has thrown greys, a bay, and even threw a red roan out of a solid sorrel stallion. There is a REALLY neat website you can cross different colors and see what your percentage possibility is: Equine Color Calculator . I love this tool! ETA:
  11. Fanny looks like you could squeeze her neck and her body would explode. lol. She's so HUGE! Belle looks comfy! Mia.. doesn't look like she's quite ready. Anyone watching Liberty Farm? Mare #6 @ Liberty Farm I've pet named this mare, Sixy, because Mare #6 is so plain. lol. She was due yesterday (15th).
  12. Make sure you have insurance or have the person supply their own insurance (if you are paying them). We have some young horsemen who ride some of ours all the time. We also have ones that we pay 10$ a day to ride our younger horses that have their own insurance. Depends on how you want to approach. And I would DEFINITELY evaluate the person in the arena and possibly go on a ride with them to see how they handle your horses.
  13. The barb wire seen was the most intense. I flinched every time he hit them. **** of a horse, but it seemed like he was running because of pure terror, not bravery. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie. But I put aside all my horsey background and went for the story! Sometimes that is hard to do. Even the SO noticed some things "off" and I laughed at him. He's not that horsey, but he's picked up very well. Definitely a very sweet story, and I would LOVE to watch it again. But that of course, is MHO.. lol. :)
  14. I wish I could get one of all my horses! lol. Have miniature versions of my big ones! lol. Can you get different model types?
  15. So, I am going to go watch this movie tonight... I'll be back with a verdict! lol. I'll probably cry alot. I always do on horse movies. Even when they are just running across a field. Heck, I cry when my horses come flying across the field when I call for them. lol. I shall be back!