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  1. Nope, I've always had the same name. And thanks, they are pretty chunky this year.
  2. Was requested to post pictures of our 2009 foals on the Colts vs Fillies thread, so here's some of our babies. Gage - 46 days old Rosie, the lone filly - 35 days old Jhett - 31 days old Bentley - 25 days old Bentley - 22 days old Granger - 4 days old Thanks for looking!
  3. We have 5 colts and 1 filly with one mare left to foal.
  4. You have my sympathies! ACL's are not fun to deal with. I tore mine 3 years ago and had the surgery. How long is your scar? That thing looks really long.
  5. Great pictures! I would've loved to have gone to the World Show. We had to resort to watching it online from home instead. Our really good friend's son got 3rd and 8th in Open Ranch Sorting. It was nice to be able to watch him compete even though we couldn't make it down there. I'm envious of you right now!
  6. I always end up late on these posts.. My fiance and I on vacation in July, 2007.
  7. quote: Originally posted by QuarterHorseHunta: quote:Originally posted by Brownie_Cinnamon_my_girlz: I dont know Her color either. as for the Stud he was a bright Sorrel overo paint. very splashy. In that case, he HAS to be a dark bay. I win! lol Why do you say he HAS to be a dark bay out of those color parents? I can't see his coloring on this monitor very well. But I do know that most of our blacks don't exactly look very black when they are that age. I've had blacks that shade, but never bays born that shade, even the ones who turn out very dark when they are all done shedding. Almost looks like he has silver on his legs which usually means black points which would mean bay. Definintely can't wait to see what he looks like older and shed out.
  8. No more good looking hubbies on these boards?
  9. Not hubby right now, but soon to be! So I figured I'd jump in on this post too. At work On vacation in July He was trying to model for me.. lol A pic of us...
  10. He reminds me of my liver chestnut mare. If she fades out in the sun her legs will stay darker and she'll look like she has points. Her mane and tail are also so dark they look basically black. If your colt's sire and dam are both red based he has to be as well. How's your guy coming along after his castration?
  11. I don't think I want to know how much we got. I know the cars in back of our house are completely under snow. I'm going to find out in a few minutes how bad it really is when I have to try make it to the barn. The whole part of the state here is closed down, plus the section of South Dakota that we are next to. I've never seen a time when Sioux Falls is basically closed down. All the roads are closed here as well so everything is at a stand still. And we don't close anything down unless it gets real bad! The snowmobilers are loving it. I'm not...
  12. Shy_Ky - I kind of hope I get a filly but I won't know until probably May I think.. I can't remember the exact date right now! lol We have a mare bred to the son of Frenchmans Guy. This is totally unrelated but I just had to say that I got engaged last night!
  13. Yeah, I finally got smart and went and looked at your website. I see what you're saying about wishing she was just a little closer up in the bloodline. It's getting harder and harder to get Watch Joe on the papers. I'm from Iowa. My mom lives in Spirit Lake, almost to MN. I still think she's absolutely gorgeous. What bloodlines are you trying to add to your herd? We've got a granddaughter of Watch Joe Jack. I know where there are quite a few of them for sale and I wouldn't mind getting ahold of a few. They seem like pretty nice, athletic horses. I found a daughter of Harlan Baron Red that I would like and another full sister to one of our mares. I'd really like to find some more Harlan bred mares that have it closer up on their papers, but it's about impossible. Our daughter of Harlander is 27 this year and she's in great shape, but she's retired so I won't have anymore daughters of her. I know where Spirit Lake is. I'm not too far from the Iowa border.
  14. PineBarSissy - Of course you have to like Lacy, she's Falon's mother. You remember Falon don't you? lol I think they are pretty average sized babies. Although Sasha is up to my shoulders already.
  15. QUOTE]If I had a place for a broodmare right now and she looks 1/2 as good all over as she does in that one shot I'd be all over that mare in a heart beat. Are you thinking of trying to downsize?[/QB] She looks just as good all over as she does in that pic. Not really thinking of downsizing, but just changing some. I've added some different breeding and I've found some other breeding that I'd like to add on and I can't keep adding without selling others. I like Angel's breeding, but I wish it was a little farther up.