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  1. Awesome. He is a pretty awesome horse. I hope all is well with you Oz. I think of you frequently. Especially when I was trying to help Julie out with her mares.
  2. We must have seen the same FB post. This is the first time I've been back in years and I wouldn't have logged in if I hadn't seen this topic. I have met sooooo many real life friends here and I do try "remember our roots" and that it all started with Horse City. (well, actually there was one horse board before that for me where I still talk to many of the folks today) We were all so close back in the day. I kind of miss it... but I remember how it was when I left and don't regret my choice. It was probably a sign to move on. VERY happy to see most of you on FB these days though. I can still get my "horse talk" fix. <3 U Draftie!
  3. I really don't care one way or another about what happens here or who stays and who goes. Even though I haven't said a word one way or another about the actions around here I've seen some people I thought were pretty cool unfriend and block me on facebook for no reason and with no explanation. I count that as a blessing but I now know where the true loyalties lie and it doesn't have anything to do with who you are or what you stand for. Our great admin Nikki is one of them and I didn't do or say a single thing to or about her that would cause the action. Whatever. I enjoyed her posts and her pictures but not enough to get worried about it. She was never a friend anyway but she did lose any support from me that I would have given. There are others and you all know who you are. In the great words of a former mod I respect... Bite me. I can only hope I've found you all so I can block you and you'll never have to see my name again even in passing. Here is something I find facinating though and the real reason I'm posting (the above was just a vent). PM after PM after PM has been sent to many mods with copies to OTHER mods and they don't get a response. Often, they aren't responded to until it's brought out in the open that NO ONE IS RESPONDING. Then it's all "I was busy" or "Maybe someone else did but I never got a message from you". Going to the mods is like talking to a wall if they don't want to talk about it. I read many of these boards and I've seen that said quite a bit recently. They make it clear we aren't allowed to talk about anything they don't want to talk about in the public forum and that the members should take it to PM but then they can't take a few minutes to show the member enough respect to respond. That's oh so satifying. Sure everyone has a life and they may not be able to respond the same day but a week later and still not response is a clear signal that they do not want to talk about it. So... it comes out in the open and then they lock it up and don't want to talk about it. Please stop telling everyone to take it up with admin. When they can't take the time to respond and then deny the fact that they ever recieved a PM (or 5!) it sends a clear signal that they are NOT listening. Face it. The administration of this site does not care about individuals. They care when things turn to discontent as a whole but each individual is just another fly on the wall. I can understand their position as this is just another job but for those of us that did care and felt invested in this site and the people who come here it was a real let down.
  4. I didn't see anyone mention the cricket so I thought I'd post this. Here is the NRCHA rule book. Starting on page 21 you can see the rules requirements for the bits.