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  1. Stupid, selfish, woman.... I'm guilty of driving with a suspended license but that was not due to traffic issues, it was due to financial issues and the only time I drove was when I was going to and from work and had no one to take me. This woman just blatantly disregarded the law for a long time on top of using drugs. In WA, you get arrested or someone has to come get you if you get pulled over with a suspended license or don't have it on you. No license AND drugs on her person/possession should have been enough to book her. They could have held her long enough to get blood results. I hope this negligent woman goes to jail for quite some time. Poor Whitney, poor Chase. That entire family is in my thoughts.
  2. This is so tragic. I've been a lerker the last few years but hoku always stood out to me. She will be great missed by everyone. The good ones go too soon. RIP Hun. Hope it was quick and painless... Anyone know why she was on the highway?
  3. Oh thank you for that! I was using amazon and it's priced about the same for Merrick. But I LOVE EVO lol.
  4. I personally love EVO. If it were cheaper, I'd buy it. That recall they had was LITERALLY the first recall the company has ever had and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that it was bought by someone else not that long ago(name escapes me atm) Innova is made by the same CO as EVO. EVO is more meat based though. Taste of the WIld had many recalls this past summer so you have to be careful with them too. I'd imagine though after this recall, the new owners are going to be careful. Ruining that rep they had will cost them big time.
  5. Wet actually is very important. ToTW is a good cat food, I put my fat cat on it for diet since it's high in protein. She lost weight from being on a good diet and getting only so much a day. Very restricted. Now I have her and my Bengal cat on a completely new diet. I need to order the 3.2oz cans of wet for her but my bengal gets one can of 5.5oz Merricks canned food a day and then dry at dinner time. She will be on the same regiment when I get the smaller cans(she's a petite but obese cat lol) But yes, wet food is very important. Cats don't drink water enough, if they got enough wet they would drink VERY little water. This is a GREAT read on nutrition. Very informative.
  6. Yea, it's quite scary... And SO many people follow her and buy her books! She has a lot of people who do have success but they are normal hooves(for the most part) I actually just left the group on fb. Same with the "booted out of barefooters" group. She doesn't realize she is doing a lot more harm then good. And a lot of people that follow her are also convinced that the horse bare a good portion of its weight on the sole... Not the walls. I don't get it lol
  7. Thank you AD! The owner said he's registered due to his "white" factor. Hes a very loud rabicano. One of his fillies is like him as well. The roaning is SO white and loud. Very interesting.
  8. The ABC Hoofprint trim? Anyone heard of it? I follow it on fb and I just don't know what to think. They take SOO much off the hoof. Follow J. Jackson and The Strasser trim. They leave like, nothing for the horse to stand on it seems? Yet they have success? Any opinions or experiences with this trim?
  9. I'm curious to see what APHA has to say about a dual reg QH named RS Cats Starlight. He is by High Brow Cat x Lil Missy Starlight which is all QH. He's a sorrel with a lot of roan/rabicano features. I don't know anything about colors, especially when it comes to this type of thing. If any one is curious, he has a FB page. Just look up his name. He's beautiful. I'm thinking about a breeding to him in the future. He has 39k in NCHA earnings. He had 4 years off and has been brought back to the show pen this year. First show he was reserve. He did a show in Nov and was the winner. He has lots of shows coming up next year and we are excited to see how he does. Anyways, lol. Any info you can give me would be fantastic! =]
  10. Did I read that right? Her farrier wants to trim the heel down as close to the coranary band?? WHAT?
  11. I toyger would be cool to own, those stripes are definitely beautiful but I wouldn't pay a huge sum of money for a cat with defined stripes. I really want a bengal. But that's later down the road when i am settled into my own place. They still fetch a pretty penny! But I also want one bred correct, not just because it's a bengal.... Dang backyard breeders.
  12. Hmm, ok Trinity. Gotham is the one with a weak topline but she doesn't get worked too often. I'm probably going to start riding her. It has improved since we got her but now it's just lacking muscle.
  13. Our cat was minding her own business in OUR yard. never left our yard and preyed on birds and mice apart from her normal kitty chow. Killed by two dogs down the road. What do you say about that? Our yard. Practically under the house and they spooked her out before she could climb a tree out of reach. Drug her next door and broke her back. Someone caught wind of it and shot the dog in it's own yard one night. Wasn't my parents, they went out to the bar and when they got home, there was NO way they could hit the broadside of a barn in the daylight, let alone in the middle of the night. Good riddance to that dog though. He had killed more than one cat in the neighborhood.
  14. I've already decided that I'm going to get something else. Probably the enrich 32. Sambo has choked two nights in a row. I do not want her to keep doing it and feeding her enrich will help if you only have to feed about a pound. She gets 4lbs dumor and a cup of the horseshine. They were both minor chokes but two nights in a row is too much. Blah.... Dang horses.... lol I'll probably just feed the rest to Gotham, the grey mare. So it doesn't go to waste. Sambo will still get it, but it will be soaked and she will be fed a little at a time. No one knows if she was eating too fast or what. They were around but not watching her when it happened. I don't need any vet bills! lol
  15. That's what I was thinking but the horses around here have very sunk in toplines. Either they are nice and heavy, or healthy with a weak topline. I haven't seen much alfalfa here and back home, it's hard to find grass hay but you never saw a horse with a sunk in weak topline.