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  1. Afternoon folks, QH-So sorry about your mother. Parents like that are awful to deal with. My dad is an alcoholic and very needy, but I typically just avoid him. My mother is okay to handle most of the time, but when she gets crazy...she gets crazy. lol. I've been having good luck shopping. Splurged on a gift for my grandpa from the Mysterious Package Company. I think he'll really enjoy it. First mailing doesn't go out until January though, so I bought a custom cryptex and I'm going to do some fun build up things to the main event....totally anonymous. He'll be like...what the what?!
  2. Mudder, so very good to see you again. Your grandchildren are adorable! I am glad you are doing as well as can be expected. I miss the old days too. Please take care and visit again soon.
  3. VA Abandonment Laws This may be worth looking into if she refuses to pick up said horse after 5 days. The horse may legally become yours. I'm not a lawyer, but I'd call on this.
  4. If the owner refuses to pick the horse up, it could be animal abandonment, depending on state law, especially considering the horse needs medical attention/put down. I would contact local law enforcement and see what they have to say about the situation. Tell them the scope of what is going on (ie, said horse came to landlady supposedly in good health, when in fact the horse has a potentially cancerous tumor that needs either medical attention or the horse should be PTS according to a veterinarian, and since she won't pay for the care unless the horse is hers (which I agree with) and the owner refuses to relinquish ownership, AND now the owner is now refusing to pick up her horse again...) Yeesh. If she wants to avoid further confrontation, is there anyway the horse can be loaded up and dropped off at the woman's home?(Me personally, because I'm a snag, I wouldn't do that and I'd just call law enforcement and push animal abandonment, but that's me. lol) Keep us updated.
  5. At this stage then, if nothing is to be done and given the horse is in his 20's...the photo looks like the p-enis is already showing signs of swelling, as does the sheath. But Something I didn't really look at and see before. Just sort of saw the head and the growth. Then again, perhaps it's just the lighting of the photos. If it were my horse and I wasn't going to treat, I'd probably just go ahead and put him down sooner rather than later. No sense in waiting until the horse is uncomfortable and having bad days. Let him leave on a good note than live life in any discomfort. As for cleaning, sheath cleaner is relatively mild and won't hurt him. Betadine scrub diluted would also be appropriate given an infection (where the smell is coming from...but if you're worried about it potentially bleeding or causing him harm, waiting for a vet to do it wouldn't be a bad a idea. Especially if it eases your mind and comfort! No sense jumping into something that will cause you undue worry!) Best of luck with whatever you all decide!
  6. I would seek a second opinion from a different vet. Penile carcinoma's can be removed successfully without them recurring should you pursue medical treatment. Does that mean they can't reoccur? No. They certainly can. But for a vet to straight up say, without biopsy or knowing how far the cancer has spread, would make me seek a second opinion. When I have worked in veterinary medicine in the past, our doctors would never have made such an assumption out without viewing and biopsy. There are 6 different types of treatment options available for this type of cancer as well...depending on severity. Since there is a smell associated with the tumor, that tells me there is bacterial infection going on as well. I would definitely seek a second opinion if you want to seek medical treatment for this animal. If you do not want to incur those costs, I would return the horse to owner and hope they do the right thing. What they did was deceitful and wrong. The horse will only suffer without attention and without attention, the cancer WILL metastasize to other lymph nodes and spread further up through the p-enis.
  7. Oh my god it's only 3:10. I really wasn't sure if the work day could go by any slower...but I was wrong. Lol. Seems the a.m. goes by at a pretty quick pace..but after lunch just draaaaggs for AGES. I think perhaps I just need to move on to a new project. I'm tired of entering photos into PP for the day. Need a change of scenery to keep me from getting sleepy.
  8. PT--I'm only getting a few gifts off those sites due to costs. Probably send my brother and uncle a mancrate. Maybe another relative if I find something cool. Love Apollobox. I end up finding more things I want for myself than anything. I'm a terrible shopper some days. lol!
  9. Honestly, I would happily take some snow. Rain means it will freeze and turn the roads into nightmares. Hate this kind of weather when we get freezing temps right after. Pastures will be horrid too and then I have to worry about someone breaking a leg out there until we either get a solid later of snow or we will have to go get a load of sand for up front.
  10. PW- I only wish we were getting snow so I could get out and do some snowshoeing! We are getting rain. Icebox of the Nation and getting RAIN and it's nearly December! Gross!
  11. She's looking great! So glad to see she's doing better!
  12. I LOVE getting people gifts. I don't care if I receive anything, but I just LOVE shopping for other people. I like seeing their faces light up when they get something, whether its homemade or whatever...doesn't matter. I don't get crazy and shower people with gifts, but I like finding things that are unique and special, things that remind me of them.
  13.'s that time of year again and I'm waaaay usual. No idea what I'll get the s.o. He's asking for a drone. Yeah. Because he really needs one. lol. He's the kind of individual who is nearly impossible to shop for since he just buys whatever he wants, when he wants it. His father is easy peasy since I just buy him horse stuff and tools to tinker with. His sister is the same way. Not sure what I'll get for the rest of the family. I was going to try for homemade gifts this year...scarfs and things for the ladies, but I don't know....Idk if I really have the time...or the ambition to sit and crochet that much. Anyone else in the same boat as me? I'm going to be shopping the and this year i think. They look fun and they have unique gifts! What are you picking up for your loved ones? Any favorite sites other than amazon?