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  1. Wolfy- Thanks for the suggestion. We have saturday mostly to dink around and check things out. Otherwise conference has me pretty well delegated Thursday-Friday. The S.O will have loads of time to wander though. I haven't been up to much else other than just WORKING. I work and work and work...hardly any time for play to be honest. Haven't even thrown a leg over a horse I bet in almost a year! Pretty sad to be honest. I'm hoping maybe in August things will slow down, even just a pinch, and I'll get some time to get on a horse and get back into it. I really wanted this summer to be the summer I got back into things now that I have my B.A. and a full time job, but alas, that's definitely not the case. I'm really dying for some horse camping time I tell ya what!
  2. Hmmm...surprising not a single BB had any input. I mean, other than you RRW. GUess these boards really are DEAD. lol!
  3. So, I'll be in Des Moines, IA for a museum conference July 12-16!!! Do we have any board buddies in the area that wanna meet up? Anything the s.o and I should see or do in our free time? Places we HAVE to eat at? . Hit me with ideas peeps!
  4. Welcome back Lynne! I pop in every now and then. It's good to see you and see what you're up to. I hope you'll stick around, or at least pop in occasionally.
  5. Yeah, that's the plan for the cryptex. He'll have some kind of riddle clue to guess the passcode to open it. what will be inside is my next problem.
  6. ahhh wolf. He's going to love it. He loves mysteries and puzzles.
  7. RRW--His actual mysterious package from the company has not shipped yet. I'm putting my own first letter in the mailbox today. I can't actually mail them, so i'm just going to toss it in there.
  8. Afternoon folks, I am SO glad my cat stays out of the tree. Granted he also has no means of climbing anyway, but SO happy he's content to just lay under it. lol!!! Plowing through some work at the museum. Tedious, boring. Would rather be doing research, but no requests are coming in so I must busy myself with other things. Oh well.
  9. Jazzy-She was an un-papered horse. Just some run of the mill QH i got off some guy down by the cities as an unbroke, never halter trained 5 year old.
  10. Wow Jazzy....your pali looks JUST like a mare I use to own. Sure makes me miss her something terrible. Never knew what happened to her after I sold her to a gal. Sale went bad and they told me they would shoot her if I didn't take her back. Well, I'd already bought another horse so I couldn't. Don't know if they ever did that or not. It's like -20 or something like that here. Gotta love northern MN.
  11. Please don't. It's already cold enough here. Told Bill I'm ready to move whenever he is. Like fat chance of that right?
  13. 6 hours for a Christmas party? Lawd. I probably wouldn't go to be honest if the weather is going to be bad. It's simply not worth the risk. They should be more than understanding when everyone else is only traveling 30 minutes or so. Nothing much going on here. Same old same old. Data entry into PP and need to find an artifact of the week and work on the website again. Love my job...hate having to do the work of 5 people.
  14. Morning folks! RRW--How was Trans-Siberian? We had a good time at the Harry Potter performance. Was super nice that the skyway was connected all the way to the convention center. The place was PACKED and it was a very 'informal' performance as far as behavior goes. Everyone was dressed up or dressed in house-robes. Lots of millennials of course...but then again it is that generation and loads of gen-x'ers. We were encouraged to cheer, jeer, and cry for our favorite characters. Alan Rickman got loads of love of course....made my heart happy. My friend asked what I'd do if anyone in the near vicinity boo'd when he came on..told her i'd have to lay a smack down on someone. But...everyone behaved. Except for a few drunk rowdy's in the far back. Boss is gone for the week...productivity isn't super high today...but hey, it's monday. I may bring my christmas postcards in and sign/address those. Anyone want one? If you do, feel free to PM me your addy. Of course, they are vintage holiday of course they are rad. Wolfy-Yoga?? You're a yogi?! Like you take classes? I feel...surprised by this somehow...but then again...not really since you're crazy out there biking all over the place in -97617487634* weather with a headwind. I can't touch my toes so....mad props. Plus, I'm afraid of classes. I'd laugh. Or fart. Or something else horribly embarrassing. Well I better do some holiday shopping. Still have folks to buy for.
  15. Yes yes, working on trying to find someone to go with. Bit of a struggle last minute for a friday.