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  1. I'm going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire tomorrow in Wisconsin. Then Sunday my Husband leaves for his new job in Indiana where we will join him in mid august when we close on our new house.
  2. I've started Thrive, so I had that and a breakfast biscuit early this morning. And eating early left me nauseous for a couple of hours. Blah.
  3. Oh I wish I would have done it on toast mmm
  4. I just broke my fast at 2 in the afternoon. A mayo, tomato, cheese and lettuce sandwich with some salt and pepper. Probably my favorite sandwich of all time.
  5. As much as I love corn dogs, I have never bought one at a fair. Might get one on Saturday. Skipping out on the fair tonight. We could hear the Gary Allan concert from our house yesterday and today I can hear the tractor pulls. I think I will go Saturday for some bull riding(maybe the horse show too, but it just makes me super sad that I don't have a horse anymore) and may snag myself another piece of that chocolate covered cheesecake.
  6. It's fair season! We got to attend our first Midwest fair tonight. I grew up with several extremely large fairs every year, with great food and fun horse shows. I know I will go at least once more to our fair. So what is your favorite fair food( because really, that's all my chubby butt goes for)? Tonight I had a cheeseburger, which has always been a fair staple for me, and a piece of cheesecake dipped in chocolate, which was a first but it was heavenly. Other then that I spent a lot of time in the goat and poultry barns. The goats made my baby cry when they decided to start eating her stroller though lol
  7. Yep! I've been like this for as long as I can remember. Funny enough when I'm pregnant I don't get morning sickness, but evening sickness instead.
  8. No breakfast here. It always makes me nauseous eating in the morning.
  9. We had severe weather last night with some tornadoes nearby(and of course my husband is out of state). Supposed to be another round of bad weather tonight. The offices at my work flooded with up to 12 inches of water last night. Unfortunately I left my cord for my breastpump plugged in in my husbands office, and found it soaked and fried when I went to pump today. So I had to run home mid shift and get my battery pack. Left the dogs out to potty when I came home to pump. Just got home a bit ago to my husbands little rat dog in her kennel, covered in poo. And she ripped her whole toenail off. On top of that my only comfy pair of work jeans ripped out on me at work today. Haha. Goodness I can not wait to put in my 2 week notice tomorrow morning. Indiana here we come!
  10. Equi, my thoughts are with you today. I know how those shepherds really get a grip on our hearts. He is a gorgeous boy.
  11. Hoping that Amber has continued to improve the last couple of days! Sending good thoughts your way.
  12. Tuna helper tonight. If you don't have an instapot I highly recommend one for quick dinners! They are amazing
  13. Happy anniversary! Been a busy day here. Work then running to a town 45 minutes away to find a last minute rental car. Hubby has to make the 12 hour drive back to Pennsylvania tomorrow for his grandmas funeral. It's going to be a rough couple of days for the both of us, glad I get to stay home but not looking forward to tending to this household all on my own, especially with a needy, moody, teething breastfeeding baby and a completely wild toddler. Sure would be nice to just find a day where I can just relax for once. And catch up on sleep.
  14. Thank god it's Wednesday! My middle of the week day off. Enjoying my last afternoon with the older kid in school, this is her last week before summer break. Good news is our house sells today! Closing is in a couple of hours!!! We have been paying rent and mortgage for 8 months and I'm ready to be done with double payments. Bad news is my husband grandma is in the hospital and it's not looking good, or so our MIL says. She tends to over react, but we are states away, so no way to really tell for sure. Poor lady is up close to 90 and has lived a long wonderful life though.
  15. TL, I hope she recovers. The advances in medicine are simply amazing. Hopefully giving her heart a rest will really help it fight off whatever it is that is making her sick. It was always so difficult to watch anyone, but especially young kids come into the ICU. We had one gal who wasn't even 18 have a baby and go into heart failure. She got moved to my ICU and thank goodness recovered. Sending good thoughts her way!