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  1. I had one. Loved her but dang they have so much energy. She was a cat killer. Neighbors had one in Kentucky, she killed all but one of our chickens and would always come over and attack our GSD. Sweet dogs, but they require a lot of time, training and exercise. Not a breed I ever want to own again, but I will enjoy their goofiness through YouTube videos. I groomed several too when I worked at Petco. The only dogs worse(grooming, not personality wise)were the Newfoundland, and the cocker spaniels.
  2. Typically the man cold is what husbands get, where they are sure they are dying. They can't do daily things, such as moving or taking the dogs out. Where wives tend to get just colds and still manage to cook, clean, take care of the kids and run errands.
  3. I've had a nasty man cold since Saturday night. Thought I shook it off last night, but it is back this afternoon. Switched the babies doctors since the old office never answered calls or returned them. Take her in here soon and hopefully I can finally get something to help this rotten eczema. And daydreaming about getting all of our passports and going somewhere tropical for the babies 1st bday and thanksgiving. No family or friends to celebrate with, so we might as well enjoy a warm sunny beach in Jamaica in November. Now to see if I can get hubbys butt into gear and actually get things in place to go.
  4. Baby let me sleep in until 8:30, so I'm happy. The puppy on the other hand had to wake me at 5. we have a couple of inches of snow, definitely not the 6-9 they were calling for. Let my monster child play before the bus came, and that little turd would not get on the bus. I had to walk through the snow in low bobs:| I didn't realize they were waterproof :) and now that the kid and husband are gone for a couple of hours I need to work on the awful mess they made while I was at work this weekend.
  5. It's warm and windy here. Supposed to get storms today. We had snow Saturday and bad storms last week. They are calling for snow later this week again. Seems like a never ending cycle. Hopefully no tornadoes today.
  6. Ah man! I used to have fun with this. I still have the pictures in my photobucket account. Maybe I will do one this year
  7. PD, I hope your wife is able to be treated easily and successfully! The c word is so nasty, but I'm sure with such a great man by her side she will be able to beat it! If she would love a comfy pair of leggings that is super soft on her skin, I would be more then happy to send her a brand new pair from my giveaway stash! Just pm me if you think she would like a pair We just had a dusting here. I started my new job last weekend. And work all weekends until we find a daycare with openings. I'm exhausted. 3 hours of sleep last night and I've been on my feet all day. And back at it tomorrow!
  8. I'm watching Santa Clarita diet too. I'm still on the fence about it though. I'm just not a fan of drew Barrymores acting in it.
  9. Thank goodness for Friday! I'm hosting an online lularoe party tonight. Going to try and earn a free dress. And I need to enjoy my last weekend for a while. I have orientation Monday afternoon and will be working 10 hour days every Saturday and Sunday until there are openings for my kids at daycare.
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. we ended up naming the puppy Duke. He is completely rotten and being a major pita to potty train
  12. It's a cold one here! Walked the puppy over to the neighbors house because the kids are always watching my dogs play through the window. Couldn't feel my face after the very short walk. Brrr! Im going to attempt to do a whole lot of nothing today since it is my birthday, but that probably won't go well. I'm not cooking tonight though. Going to order stuffed burgers from this awesome restaurant. It is a cheeseburger topped with stuff and stuffed into a closed bun thing and all cooked in there. Best burger ever!
  13. My mother m used to give me a small bit of whiskey if I had bad cramps. I couldn't swallow pills and that was the only thing that relieved the pain
  14. Oh good ideas! He doesn't stash things, but our strange, slightly handicapped mutt stashes every toy under the baby swing and hides there.
  15. Oh Lordy. My husband is so difficult. Now he is leaning toward Otto or Cash. I love the names recommended so far! And he is trouble. He is sooooo bad. He thinks the ferrets are chew toys. And he loves shoes and socks. And grabbing pant legs while you are walking. Or walking between your legs when you are walking.