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  1. Yep we are home! And doing fabulous. She had her one week checkup today and the doctor doesn't even want her to come back for the typical 1 month checkup because it is flu season. He would rather not bring her in around all the germs. Very slowly adjusting to getting 2 kids ready. It's difficult, especially with an uncooperative toddler. Haha
  2. Oh i like that feeder! I wish I would have made something like that when I had the goats and mini horse. They were pigs when they ate.
  3. Mine has not had a fever either. Vet wasn't going to test Lymes until I mentioned we lived in Pennsylvania before where Lymes is everywhere. I have been attempting to find someone local with a doggy wheelchair they would be willing to rent/sell or let us borrow. They are so expensive though. I have been trying to use a blanket as a sling under her to help her move, but it is causing her a lot of discomfort. I really have no clue what I will do without her, but if there is no improvement by tomorrow, I believe we will let her go peacefully. I have terrible anxiety and she is the only thing that makes me feel safe. I'm hoping she shows improvements this evening, but very doubtful at the same time. The awful thing is, apparently a high percentage of dogs in PA will test positive, but never show symptoms or have any issues. A very small percent will exhibit symptoms. This is my second dog to get lymes. The first one also got the kidney failure with it. My aunts GSD ended up with Lymes and got the same symptoms as my dog, and passed away a couple of days after she got him a wheelchair.
  4. Raining here. I'm ready for snow. Poor dogs this morning, they didn't get fed till about 12:30. Trying to find us a whole new routine with the new baby. Man I am missing my fenced in yard where I could just let the dogs out. My GSD is so-so today. Eating and drinking good. Eyes are bright and ears are up, seems a bit more energetic. But she has lost complete control of her hind end again. I'm at a loss. I don't want her end to come too soon, but I don't want her to suffer either. I really wish they could just speak to us.
  5. Wow! She is making huge improvements!
  6. Thanks all! The bilirubin is pretty normal, especially for a breastfed baby it is just frustrating having to get her little foot poked constantly. And as long as the dog, Mona is willing to fight, and doesn't go downhill again we will fight for her. But we refuse to let her suffer, just hoping the medications keep working. She ate like a horse this morning!
  7. Thanks! I'm sure this will all work out fine, but it sure is stressful and scary in the meantime.
  8. ehh...not so fun and more stressful, but with some hope for us. We have to take baby Livia back to the hospital for a bilirubin level check. We have had to go back every day since discharge to get her little feet stuck for blood. Hoping it comes down so we don't have to do a hospital stay. And then our lovely German shepherd dog, who is my whole life, was diagnosed with Lymes last Monday before I went into the hospital. We started her on antibiotics and she rapidly declined. Yesterday we had to run her back into the vet as her spine and nerves were effected. Her feet were rolled and she was dragging the tops of them on the ground, and she got to the point that she could not walk and we had to use a sling to support her rear end. A couple of hours after her first steroid she perked up a bit, ate some food and was able to sort of walk, although she is very wobbly and weak. We remain hopefully optimistic after the slight improvements. And now I have to figure out what is for breakfast
  9. We ended up going with Livia Harper. Finally got a couple of hours of sleep in. Should get to go home tomorrow. I can't wait.
  10. I can do them from my phone. Just have to size down.
  11. Thanks everyone! I'm trying to rest because I am exhausted, but it seems I snore...and then she fusses and it wakes me up. Cat napping in 2 minutes increments! Haha
  12. My older daughter, Mia and her new baby sister. Whom I can't think of a name for. And yay! HC, I'm posting these photos directly from my phone. Only problem I'm having is needing to crop to make them smaller as some are too big. We are open to name suggestions btw! Husband is stuck on Lyvia, which I do not like. I liked Harper Kate, but it just is not fitting. I love Scarlett but my husband hates it. Why is naming a baby so hard?
  13. She is here with no name. Tiny 5 lb 12 ounces. We will see if pictures work
  14. It would be super fabulous if we could upload pictures straight from our phone, like how we can on FB.
  15. Major improvement in her eyes! I hope she continues to mend. She looks so sweet ❤️