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  1. Equi, my thoughts are with you today. I know how those shepherds really get a grip on our hearts. He is a gorgeous boy.
  2. Hoping that Amber has continued to improve the last couple of days! Sending good thoughts your way.
  3. Tuna helper tonight. If you don't have an instapot I highly recommend one for quick dinners! They are amazing
  4. Happy anniversary! Been a busy day here. Work then running to a town 45 minutes away to find a last minute rental car. Hubby has to make the 12 hour drive back to Pennsylvania tomorrow for his grandmas funeral. It's going to be a rough couple of days for the both of us, glad I get to stay home but not looking forward to tending to this household all on my own, especially with a needy, moody, teething breastfeeding baby and a completely wild toddler. Sure would be nice to just find a day where I can just relax for once. And catch up on sleep.
  5. Thank god it's Wednesday! My middle of the week day off. Enjoying my last afternoon with the older kid in school, this is her last week before summer break. Good news is our house sells today! Closing is in a couple of hours!!! We have been paying rent and mortgage for 8 months and I'm ready to be done with double payments. Bad news is my husband grandma is in the hospital and it's not looking good, or so our MIL says. She tends to over react, but we are states away, so no way to really tell for sure. Poor lady is up close to 90 and has lived a long wonderful life though.
  6. TL, I hope she recovers. The advances in medicine are simply amazing. Hopefully giving her heart a rest will really help it fight off whatever it is that is making her sick. It was always so difficult to watch anyone, but especially young kids come into the ICU. We had one gal who wasn't even 18 have a baby and go into heart failure. She got moved to my ICU and thank goodness recovered. Sending good thoughts her way!
  7. I think I'm friends with you on FB, but it has died here. A couple of daily people. Most of the oldies have left or were banned over nonsense. It's a shame.
  8. Looks like it was indeed a lovely getaway! Sam Adams is ok, but there are definitely some much better brews out there. It is very sad to see the circus ending. I went so many times as a kid and have some great memories, I wish I could make those same memories with my kids. I'm a bit envious that you got to go see them one last time. That dome car looks like it would be awesome to ride in. Very neat. I would love to do it when the fall foliage is in.
  9. The only thing that excites me was Thundersnow coming out of the gate, and apparently thinking he was at the rodeo and not the races. Always dreaming looked ok, but kinda meh to me. I don't foresee him taking the crown this year. I do wish Patch would have finished a little better.
  10. Hope you had a great trip! The north east is gorgeous, I really need to vacation to Maine soon.
  11. Cold and windy here. Ready for a nap. Thank goodness I'm off tomorrow
  12. Sorry for your loss. It seems many of us are parting with some amazing horses this spring unfortunately
  13. Boring workday here. Started in February and they still haven't gotten me login information for my email(thankfully). Enjoying probably my last week of that before they realize why I have been so quiet. Haha! I cant believe these 2 have already hit and passed 5 months old. Duke has his neuter scheduled already. I'm a little apprehensive of doing it quite this early, but I want him to start going to doggy daycare once a week for socializing and they have to be altered before they can go.
  14. Thanks guys. It really means a lot. He was a very special guy and taught me so much. He was built from what seemed like a bunch of random spare parts, but he had the heart of a warrior and was my best friend as a teenager. I only wish I could have spent more time with him.
  15. I did pulled BBQ chicken in my instapot and we made it into sandwiches with some awesome pickles and French fries.