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  1. Mmmmmm eggs benny are my favorite! It's "hope my car starts" degrees. We don't usually get these lows and wind chills til after Christmas. And no snow on the ground, but sounds like that will change tomorrow.
  2. 118 cookies piped and frosted this morning. Hauled water out to and fed steeds. Water is so much easier to lug out when there's no snow to trudge through! The outside dog has become an inside dog. I think we've got all the funeral arrangements figured out. Just having a memorial service and cookies/coffee/juice afterwards. We have no idea how many people to expect. My sister literally has no blood relatives who will come, besides her father, so we're hoping a bunch of friends and "other" family can come. Other family being ours, the family she grew up with. My dog isn't feeling good. The end
  3. I'd have her send a certified letter requiring a signature, just to get a little extra backing in case the old owner has an angry change of heart.
  4. I got pulled over by highway patrol literally as I was pulling into where I park at work. My sister's mom died. This Monday sucks.
  5. We had a very brief glimpse of the yellow orb in the sky. Alas, it only lasted 3 minutes. I've never seen my paddock so muddy's just been constant melting snow and misty drizzle stuff since Thanksgiving. Meh.
  6. I haven't read all the posts, but yes, I've seen this before. It grew very rapidly, I'd say it appeared in 3 months time from nothing to a big ol sarcoma. This was when I was on the island, so we had to wait for our horse vet to visit. He simply sedated Red, then pinched it off manually (with his hand....I gagged) Red went downhill pretty fast, it grew back within a month and he likely had cancer throughout , our vet said. When he could no longer maintain weight, we put him down. I'd say within 6 months
  7. I got mom a TV for the bathroom (because the tub is amazing and a lot of time is spent soaking in built the bathroom with a LAN wire in the wall for the express purpose of mounting a TV) and a bunch of bath bombs for stocking stuffers for mom, sis, and sis in law. Need to pick up jerky for K, nuts for dad, and I'm set. Should probably get something for the nieces....bro won't let me get them a pony tho.
  8. Could you just put a second layer of the same netting?
  9. It was all I could do to not buy a bunch of Fragrant Jewels bath bombs today with my 33% off code....but I refrained. For now.
  10. It thunder stormed all night, melting the rest of our heavy, wet snow. Needless to say, it's a muddy mess out there!! And now it's freezing rain. Should be fun driving home from work tonight
  11. yikes! any chance your cameras caught him?
  12. We don't do gifts in our family anymore. It's really nice! I'll get K a movie, and I'm doing secret Santa at work, but other than that....nada. it's great.
  13. I have a 15 brother....there are no leftovers, ever. I am on what I like to call the "k's gonna be hungry again in 50minutes so I better eat half portions" diet.
  14. My steeds, indeed. lol. Maybe I should rename PintoThing and call her Ruby.