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  1. Rrw--mouse poison? B-Day cake muffin is just plain muffin batter w sprinkles in it, and a little dollop of frosting on top. Delish
  2. Eggs Benedict w hashbrowns and a birthday cake muffin, and a OJ.
  3. Strangeness is afoot
  4. Cellulitis was my first thought last year. So strange. Hope she turns a corner soon.
  5. Ugh I feel your pain! Here's hoping there's an abscess somewhere (abscesses are my go-to hope when I have a lame horse, as they're generally easy to care for) and that the vet shows up soon!
  6. HnQ -great minds...
  7. I'll be thinking of you today, Equi! I always tell myself "better a day too soon than a minute too late" Not much going on here....brutal week at work and I'm just counting down the hours til quittin time. I have to coach a student at a show on Sunday, but will probably be pretty darn lazy on Saturday!
  8. Nothing here. I doubt Nick was behind it. I've kinda always appreciated Nick's opinion when it came to horse stuff. I stay away from the debate board for the most part....too much nastiness from all sides, imo.
  9. I'm already waiting for next Friday. Lol
  10. I think I have you beat! I'm 31 and haven't kept the same job for more than 2 years, ever! I feel like the position I'm in now IS a decent forever career....easy on the body, yet still active, not too much interaction with other people, benefits, pd vacation, all that jazz....but I love moving!
  11. Is it Friday yet?! Go vote for SerahRos, if you're so inclined! I'm so sick of work...I thrive on change , I guess. Ugh. I think I'll apply for the railroad vegetation control job that's been in the paper for ages.
  12. We weally needed the wain this Wed! It's a monsoon out there!
  13. Is he registered with a particular breed? I have a big pet peeve when folks don't use registered names as show's a discredit to the breeder. And keep in mind some breeds won't award year end points to horses shown under a name different than their registered name.
  14. IDK. They're staying in lanesboro, and doing day trips from there.
  15. Yay for not having to let go of your steed just yet! Good weekend here. Got my west pasture fenced, trimmed the PintoThing's hooves, took mom on a bike ride for Mother's Day. She leaves for SE Minnesota on Thursday for a weekend of biking and kayaking with her sisters. It looks like the weather could be crummy....glad I wasn't invited! Ha