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  1. She's such a ham and loves everything. She quickly became the best dog I've ever owned....which was a HARD position to fill, as I've had fabulous dogs. Bitty Kitty THINKS he's a dog and accompanies me all over the farm. And loves car rides.
  2. Saturday morning I woke up thinking it was Friday, and I was so tired and didn't want to get up and get ready for work. As I laid there, dreading the day, it slowly dawned on me that it was Saturday. Today, I woke up hoping for that same miracle. It didn't happen.
  3. Bitty was helping me fix some fencing in -14º weather....he decided he was cold and became a leg hugger while I finished hammering in the last insulator. Captain Pathetic. My dog never looks pathetic....
  4. I do remember sad. Hugs to you!
  5. Been a hectic week at work. The new high school is almost ready for move-in, so we've been prepping and waxing the new flooring, on top of our regular duties, and I'm pooped. On the upside, the weather has been great this week. I may try to take the horses out for a spin tomorrow, depending on the ice factor in the yard!
  6. I have the it's-5°-for-a-high-and-my-horse-is-brewing-an-abscess blues. At least, I hope it's an abscess!!!
  7. Did he ever get a neck cath and tetracycline regime?
  8. -4 right now with a windchill much colder. I don't mind the cold so much except we don't have much snow on the ground ....just ice, and I really love snow. So I hope we get a good storm soon!
  9. Our thermometer hit 7 degrees an hour ago, and now it's dropping. Hauled water and fed steeds bright and early at 9. They get meals 3x a day when the windchills are sub zero, so they'll get more water hauled and hay thrown at 1, then again at 11. We're trenching in water and electric to the pasture this coming summer! No more hauling water will be a blessing.
  10. wednesday here! Got home from work a bit ago, hopped on the computer and saw Chick's Saddlery had some really cute sweaters on sale for $ I ordered a few. and some horse shampoo. and a fleece blanket liner for my old nag, and some hopefully not-too-lime green polos for PintoThing....and some vetwrap. Because when carp is 85% off, apparently I'll buy a bunch of things I don't need. Except I do need to the vet wrap, my first aid kit never did get replenished after Mosely tried to amputate her leg a few years ago. whoops.
  11. fam loves real games. We will be playing Michigan rummy tonight, perhaps some pictionary, and dominoes (muggins, most likely)
  12. Big wrestling meet at work today so I'll have a good 6 hours of cleaning popcorn and candy out of bleachers tonight. Fun stuff. Enjoyed sleeping in til almost 8 today.
  13. I work the stupid day shift this week. Ugh. I hate getting up at 5. Really enjoyed my 4 day weekend though.
  14. Rained all day here! First time ever on record where we've had thunder storms on Christmas day. Crazy stuff.
  15. there was a lovely hoar frost this morning, so I ran out and got some Christmas pics taken. Merry Christmas from South Dakota.