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  1. I'm already waiting for next Friday. Lol
  2. I think I have you beat! I'm 31 and haven't kept the same job for more than 2 years, ever! I feel like the position I'm in now IS a decent forever career....easy on the body, yet still active, not too much interaction with other people, benefits, pd vacation, all that jazz....but I love moving!
  3. Is it Friday yet?! Go vote for SerahRos, if you're so inclined! I'm so sick of work...I thrive on change , I guess. Ugh. I think I'll apply for the railroad vegetation control job that's been in the paper for ages.
  4. We weally needed the wain this Wed! It's a monsoon out there!
  5. Is he registered with a particular breed? I have a big pet peeve when folks don't use registered names as show's a discredit to the breeder. And keep in mind some breeds won't award year end points to horses shown under a name different than their registered name.
  6. IDK. They're staying in lanesboro, and doing day trips from there.
  7. Yay for not having to let go of your steed just yet! Good weekend here. Got my west pasture fenced, trimmed the PintoThing's hooves, took mom on a bike ride for Mother's Day. She leaves for SE Minnesota on Thursday for a weekend of biking and kayaking with her sisters. It looks like the weather could be crummy....glad I wasn't invited! Ha
  8. Her saddle pad was hot pink, he browband is pink and grey.... See?
  9. Knocked off work 4 hours early and went home to ride. Got all tacked up and the neighbour kids came over and started running around and kicking balls and getting in the way of what was going to be a training was super annoying. Eventually I gave up trying my best to stay out of their way (in MY yard....) and rode out to the pond and down the road.
  10. I'm in an "ugh, why is it only Tuesday?!" mood. It's been a long week already! TL....I got a PintoThing I'll sell ya, cheap! I'm tired of her picking on my old lady. Mosely wouldn't be sad to see her go! Lol I'm trying to get done with work early so I can leave, but there's an event here and people walking around being obnoxious . If you didn't want to actually sit and watch the awards, why did you bother coming? Get outta my halls. Grumpy janitor.
  11. Oh my heck. Yep, that's me!
  12. Dressage clinic this weekend...I wasn't going to do it because I don't trust my truck to haul anymore, but one of my neighbors who also attends the clinics said they'd haul me. So yesterday I asked what time they thought they wanted to come pick up my steed....and they'd totally forgotten they were going to haul and had already taken their horse over. Of course they offered to come back, but I'm not going to make them drive all the way back and forth again, so I guess I'll be hauling myself. Not looking forward to it (I'm excellent at hauling, just don't trust the truck) but I'm sure we'll be fine. Gorgeous weather this entire week, I'm looooving it!
  13. I bought some cheap paracord at Wally world this morning. I don't think it'll break. I do like that chain link stuff tho, never thought of that. Probably costs more than $1 for 50' tho. I had the ladder rungs leftover from a salvage project, so it was convenient! I initially was going to buy pvc but then remembered the rungs in the lumber pile, and the fact I actually knew how to use the drill press without asking for help, I figured I could surprise the folks with my ingenuity.
  14. We've had gorgeous weather after Monday's snow. Rain in the early morning, sun and 70s the rest of the day. Made a saddle pad hanger today out of old ladder rungs and twine...I love it! Gonna make another for coolers/blankets. Probably will have to use paracord or something stronger than twine, though, as even the pad hanger got pretty heavy.
  15. Happy May Day! Been without power since before 10am But sure is pretty out!
  16. I could se my cats sleeping in those milk cans! We're driving home with 10' roof cap and corner caps in our car....we had to get creative, but they juuuust fit. I just discovered the Honda Crosstour....I may have to sell my truck and car and get one!!
  17. We're picking up the roof cap, soffit (sp?) and fascia today, then we'll get the door mounted and I'll move in! We also walked the property and found some good rocks for steps,since we built in a high spot the step on to the porch is a big one without some assistance. The interior is only 8x8, so 4 saddles will take up a good chunk of space. Unless I get a 3-tier saddle rack, which of course I will. Lol. Then all the saddle pads, horse blankets, bridles...oh I'm so excited to organize my tack!
  18. Went to the neighbour's place to trim her project horse for her....he's got a cracked bar that her farrier says needs tweaking every week, so I told her it'd be no problem for me to come over and help her. Of course when I talked to her farrier, he told me the wrong hoof so I was digging around finding nothing, wondering what the heck I was missing. Then I watched the video of the horse trotting and saw the limp was the other hoof. Duh, Serah. Should have thought to watch him go before hand. I left my neighbour with a boot I had floating around in my trunk and some instructions to pack his hoof because I suspect thrush to be just as much of an issue as that crack. Then I got home, let my girls out to graze while I tore down fencing and worked on my farmer's tan. Now I'm thinking it's nap time! My favourite time. Oh, and here's the progress on my tack shack!
  19. Gorgeous! I love dandelions. I've had delicious dandelion jelly, soup, and greens. Never wine, though!
  20. I'm thinking an OCR followed by a long weekend in Wisconsin or something.
  21. That's a good 3 years off, I have to save my pennies. I need to wander soon. Probably a cheap road trip is in store.
  22. Rained all day yesterday, but the gauge only said .3" this morning. Dreary but dry today. I've been looking for my next adventure. I get the wanders too easily! Argh! Why can't I be content in one place? o.O
  23. Rain rain rain today. Nothing to report. I'm super bored at work right now. Have about an hour's worth of work left, and almost 4 hours to do it. Monday was a no school day, so all the little projects I find to do when I've done my regular work are all I'll be really scraping the barrel to find something to do. If it was Friday I'd just go home early.
  24. Not sure why it double posted ....
  25. I picked these up at the dollar store, and screwed them to a random post in the middle of the pasture....might be a viable and affordable alternative!