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  1. I could se my cats sleeping in those milk cans! We're driving home with 10' roof cap and corner caps in our car....we had to get creative, but they juuuust fit. I just discovered the Honda Crosstour....I may have to sell my truck and car and get one!!
  2. We're picking up the roof cap, soffit (sp?) and fascia today, then we'll get the door mounted and I'll move in! We also walked the property and found some good rocks for steps,since we built in a high spot the step on to the porch is a big one without some assistance. The interior is only 8x8, so 4 saddles will take up a good chunk of space. Unless I get a 3-tier saddle rack, which of course I will. Lol. Then all the saddle pads, horse blankets, bridles...oh I'm so excited to organize my tack!
  3. Went to the neighbour's place to trim her project horse for her....he's got a cracked bar that her farrier says needs tweaking every week, so I told her it'd be no problem for me to come over and help her. Of course when I talked to her farrier, he told me the wrong hoof so I was digging around finding nothing, wondering what the heck I was missing. Then I watched the video of the horse trotting and saw the limp was the other hoof. Duh, Serah. Should have thought to watch him go before hand. I left my neighbour with a boot I had floating around in my trunk and some instructions to pack his hoof because I suspect thrush to be just as much of an issue as that crack. Then I got home, let my girls out to graze while I tore down fencing and worked on my farmer's tan. Now I'm thinking it's nap time! My favourite time. Oh, and here's the progress on my tack shack!
  4. Gorgeous! I love dandelions. I've had delicious dandelion jelly, soup, and greens. Never wine, though!
  5. I'm thinking an OCR followed by a long weekend in Wisconsin or something.
  6. That's a good 3 years off, I have to save my pennies. I need to wander soon. Probably a cheap road trip is in store.
  7. Rained all day yesterday, but the gauge only said .3" this morning. Dreary but dry today. I've been looking for my next adventure. I get the wanders too easily! Argh! Why can't I be content in one place? o.O
  8. Rain rain rain today. Nothing to report. I'm super bored at work right now. Have about an hour's worth of work left, and almost 4 hours to do it. Monday was a no school day, so all the little projects I find to do when I've done my regular work are all I'll be really scraping the barrel to find something to do. If it was Friday I'd just go home early.
  9. Not sure why it double posted ....
  10. I picked these up at the dollar store, and screwed them to a random post in the middle of the pasture....might be a viable and affordable alternative!
  11. My tack shack is gonna be done this week!! I hope! Lol. This was supposed to me a summer project w my mom. She got antsy and started without me....and then my oldest brother was here for the weekend and he took the project and ran with it... So, it'll be my tack shack, but not my sweat and blood put into building it, it guess. At least I'm the one who salvaged all the lumber.
  12. Had a nice weekend, my nieces came down Fri and Sat, so got some quality time with them. Played farrier for a neighbor, then gave her daughter a little lesson on her super cute sporty pinto gelding. Church and grammas on Sunday, up at 1am Mon morning thought I was gonna toss my cookies - probably just ate too much because after half hour of fighting the urge to puke, it went away. Then up again at 5 to go to work. 20 more minutes and I can go home...Whoot!
  13. I think I'm on the mend. Whoooot! Nothing 3 gallons of pineapple juice can't cure. Got one horse trimmed today, hopefully get the other done tomorrow. Let them graze in the yard for an hour. They quite loved that.
  14. Wolfie, just carry a dressage whip, that'll deter the mongrel after a whack or two. Plus, it might help with your half pass and pirouettes. Normal work day today, thank God. My head is going to explode. I tried getting in to a doc (gasp! I know!) so I could hopefully get some antibiotics....but no one wanted to see me. sad day. So, I'll be continuing my holistic approach to cure this sinus crap. Pineapple juice, garlic, and all things spicy. If I was brave I'd try horse radish root, but I'm not that brave.
  15. The town I work in has a little coffee/sandwich shop that is doing quite well (it's the owner's 3rd business attempt in that building. ) because they make amazing sandwiches and I guess their coffee is good, too (I'm not a coffee drinker) Today their special is the Philly cheese steak grilled cheese. Pretty sure it's calling to me, since I'm the one who suggested it when they were asking for new menu special ideas! So I'm going to take off early and eat yumminess. In other news, I'm 95% sure I have a sinus infection. Ewwwwww
  16. Ground was white here, too. But it was just super thick frost. So thick you couldn't see the lines in the road this am. Couple that with the heavy fog we had, and it took me a good half hour to get to work. I was almost late! Not that anyone would care. Haha Last morning shift til next Monday, then that'll be the last morning shift til summer. I dread summer!
  17. Ugh. No school today and tomorrow so I get to be at work by 6am. Dreary rainy day, and there's basically nothing to do at work. I don't know why they bother having me come in. I'd be much happier sleeping til 9! Upside....we needed some more rain. My pasture is going to be thrilled.
  18. Can't plant yet, here, but I'm starting 3 different pepper varieties in the house. I've never grown peppers from seed, so who knows how that'll work. I'm trying for Serrano, hot Thai, and sweet banana. The Serrano is great made into a chunky sauce with tequila in it, goes so well on eggs. Thai will be made into a chili paste, and the banana will be canned. If they grow.
  19. Drab here, woke up to the neighbour's guineas in our yard making all sorts of dinosaur noises and the grackles grackling, and something that sounds like a duck hasn't shut up for the last 2 hours, but it's not a duck....I think it's a transpecies guinea. IDK. But I hate bird noises in the morning. I was kinda hoping my dog would take care of them...
  20. Def a sleepy Sunday here. I slept the entire way to church, most of the way home, and then crawled in bed and slept til almost 6pm Then I went out and rode. Felt bad for not doing more, but I'm so tired some days, and today it felt good to just succumb!
  21. Gorgeous here, got the base to my new tack shack built, hopefully get some walls started tomorrow. Worked my PintoThing, I'll probably ride her tomorrow. She remembered lunging just fine.
  22. We could really use some rain here...our pond is soooooo low.
  23. I'll be doing it on my own pocketbook, so that's part of the reason it'll take so long. The current barn was built in 1890s, and has a fair amount of salvageable wood, so instead of just knocking the thing over it has to be torn down bit by bit. Potentially could find a person to do the job I'm return for keeping the wood they want, but my dad is a woodworker and already has dibs.
  24. Quite the adventure, h&q! Congrats on the tractor. I'm a little jealous! Someday...! I've begun the overwhelming task of planning to build a barn. Holy cow, there's a lot to look at an consider. I think we've tentatively decided we're going to have to destroy the old barn and foundation and build on the same site. It'll be a good 2-3 year project. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it. Lol.
  25. Endo can still cause issues even after a hysterectomy, though if endo was an issue it'd almost certainly be seen during the operation , so it's likely not the issue. Anyone here but me know that it's Endometriosis awareness month? Sillies aside, I do hope you can find something that works for you!