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  1. Not much help, but grinding the teeth is a sign of PAIN in a colicing horse anyway.Anxious to hear what the vet says.
  2. I myself am speechless- it's everyone secret dream to have a black arabian! Looks like he coould do anything. Congrats.
  3. I am your newest fan!!!! LOVE the "coblet", and the cute video.
  4. My mini, who has a heavier body type than your fine girl, but had to lose some fat and become smaller- always hard for an airfern. His neck getting cresty really scared me, so we worked for months slowly loosing _ or rather starving as he saw it. His crest started to fall over a bit, I think due not only to weight loss, but sticking his poor starving head through the panels of his pen. He is a very hairy yakky sort of beast in the winter, so I used nair in his mane, and thinned it right where it was falling over. It is fine now. Sorry no pics right now. He had so much hair it wsn't hardly noticable.
  5. I'd like to see up dates on the mares feet. I live where I am surrounded by ignorant horse owners, and can from experience tell you this- there are no expenses involved with breeding horses around here. No vet is ever involved! So what is a few extra flakes of hay for the mare? The foal will be SOO cute, no matter how bad the conformation.She obviously won't be spending much on a farrier, shots, or a clean stall for foaling. After all, it is a NATURAL process. In other words, in my experience, no intervention will be effective. You can't fix stoopid.
  6. I do not get the part where your boss has you "prove you can take care of horses", only to give you a lame horse to ride! If the standards are so high, treat or retire the horse. My reaction is so strong because I had worn the cartilage completely out of one of my discs, and the bone on bone type pain is quite exquisitely sharp. SHE should be persuing all treatment options with the vet.
  7. Thank you for the up date. Those are the strangest feet and x rays I have ever seen! So does the vet think she is in a lot of pain? and it is rehab-able? I know you will do your best to see she isn't. keep the photos coming.... Those photos with the children really captivated em, and I want to see how she does.
  8. I take a large syringe, cut off the tip, then melt the edge to smooth it out (with a lighter, very carefully). I mix the crushed med with applesauce or caro syrup and give like a wormer. I sometimes use the old cleaned out wormer syringes. Using the applesause in the syringe method was how I taught my wormer hating horses to take the wormer.
  9. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that you need to cut down on riding. This must be bad news for a new horseowner! Sounds like time for retirement. Hard to face when she was working out for you so well. Again, sorry about the news. Good luck.
  10. I now, at 58, am in awe of fact that I learned to jump AND was successful in hunters with an old crosby when I was in my twenties. As a rerider so many years later, I want all the help I can get with deeper seat and knee rolls!
  11. Hi! Have you heard the results of the rads? How about some update photos on her condition and feet. Lovely girl.
  12. And I thought my neighbor was an Idiot! It is absolutely crazy-making to have to watch what some people do ( or fail to do) with their animals- when there is actually very little you can do about it. No law against Idiocy. , unfortunately.
  13. Since a vet is out of question, you will need to try your instructers advice. If you live where it is very hot, I know mine can be sluggish in the heat. And I have a perfectly healthy gelding who loves to try to get out of work given a chance. But at that age you would want to know if pain is the issue. An experienced instructor should be able to tell the difference between pain and attitude or the horse taking advantage of your inexperience. And if it is pain, your father needs to understand the cruelty of not calling a vet. Good luck.
  14. I agree with trick pony, that establishing a relationship with a vet is important, and doing it now, before the inevitable unfortunate mishap your TB will somehow manage to get into.
  15. Thank you for the up date. Those photos of her letting the children hug her are absolutely precious. When I first saw those feet I wondered if she was worth rehabing! I consider that "earning" her keep- even if as a companian horse. I am really hoping you get a good report on the condition of her feet and that she can be kept comfortable. Keep up the good work and bless you.