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  1. RRW, I wish I could give you a answer on this one, but I rarely followed any James Bond movies. Just know that Sean Connery was the first & I think Peirce Brosnen I think the most recent. PD
  2. This a no win issue, as there are many different thoughts on slaughter, but as been said many times before, it is a necessary evil. The kill market still exists & always will, so much better to lift the ban. I don't agree with raising horses just for slaughter, but we can't control what other do with do with their property. PD
  3. QH, Congratulations on the new grandaughter. they are precious. Best Wishes. PD
  4. jubal, I put my horses in every morning for some grain, & right now it it is a place to get away from the flies.
  5. jubal, Good Morning, Our high today is 82, & tomorrow it is going to be in mid 70s. Nothing wrong with thinking for yourself, & you know best your strengths & weaknesses are. I'm trying to figure how I'm going to spend my day, I should get some hay, I should mow the lawn, & I should get oil changed on my truck, I'll get one of the 3 done today, & maybe 2. If I plan my day to far ahead, something will come along & throw a monkey wrench into it. Later. PD
  6. TL. Do hope job situation works out for you, & I can understand where the cost of day care makes it difficult for many mothers to work out. The sun is out, with temp in low 80s, so should be a nice day. Have a great day one & all. PD
  7. Summer goes by to fast, so any heat will be short lived, especially here up north, but the heat & the moisture has does wonders for our garden. We just harvested a great crop of weeds, my wife pulled most of them, while I mowed lawn, & used rototiller. PD
  8. RRW, Have a good visit with your old friend. jubal, I can believe that 60lb bales may be a pain, to let alone be hard on the back. But I'm glad that Jubal likes the hay, I've got to work at getting more hay, but I like the big squares & big rounds better, as I can move those with tractor, & small squares have to be moved by hand. Have a good day. PD
  9. jubal;, Most of the small squares we get around here are 35-40lbs, that's a average, most of them sell from $2-3.00 a bale, for a mixed grass hay, with a bit of alfalfa or red clover mixed in, my horses prefer to get second cutting. Got most of my one pasture mowed, there was a variety weeds in it, & now it looks a bit neater. Now the boss has other things for me to do. Later. PD
  10. RRW, I bought some small squares this spring for less than $2.00 a bale, & can find some big squares for $25.00 for last years hay & $50.00 for this years hay, & neighbor might have 4x5 rounds, later that I can go get as I want them. Right now pasture is good & they don't want much hay. Later. PD
  11. I think I'll spend my weekend catching on many things around home, might even get on one of my geldings, for a while. Been spending to much time keeping them in hay or keeping their pastures mowed, must be time to collect on my labor. PD
  12. I had a half of a peach this AM & a bowel of cereal. & of course coffee, on my second cup & might go for a third, just depends how long I play on here. PD
  13. We made back from our trip south, yesterday PM. Good to be gone for brief period, but better to be home & play catch up on everything. Have a great day. PD
  14. jubal, Thanks, the years have flown by when I stop & think about them, but most have been good years. PD
  15. Today was our 47th anniversary so we both had ham & cheese omelet with hash browns, in Clear Lake Iowa, on our way home from the Ozarks. We got home at 3:30 PM. Nice to be home, but now we have weeds to pull & grass to cut, all the pleasures to spending time away. Best Wishes, PD