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  1. Thought this forum was for expression of honest opinions, & in my thinking that is all nick has said, yes she was trying to draw more people into the discussion. I understand how people get burnt out with politics, as there is little each one of us can do to change things. But there is much going on in our political world that should be questioned. Only when people hold their reps in DC accountable, can much be done. Because when the people are not happy with them, it does get their attention, as there is power in numbers. PD
  2. Tack seems to collect over the years, often it isn't of great value, but you keep thinking you'll find a use for it. Some day it will be someone will rid of it for me. I keep hearing report of a horse running loose in our area, it has been spotted for at least the 10 days to 2 weeks, in the same general areas. but no one has got close enough to catch it. Kind of a mystery. The sun is out again should ride again, but I've put off other things to ride, so I better get more accomplished here. But I don't move all that fast either. PD
  3. Serah, Like your tack shed, it looks like it should hold a good amount of tack. You'll have fun organizing it. Heidi, Hope next time your ride goes better, at least now you know the cause, so easier to address issues like that in the future. Just glad you stayed in the saddle & didn't get hurt. I got both care & truck cleaned out, but still have to dust the dash & the clean the doors yet. I'm a bit stiff & sore from riding this AM, took my TWH gelding out, as he can be sppoky at times, he was nervous, but manageable, he's scared of dogs & cattle, & there is alot of them for him to see, in our area, he walked past both today, without trying to run off, last fall he took me through a ditch before I got him stopped. He did good today, he does teach me patience, as a soft hands & tone of voice, work best with him. PD
  4. Just got back from ride around the neighborhood, I had to get out & enjoy the sun, now I think I'll clean all the dirt that gathered over winter out of both car & truck, many things I should do, but pick & choose what I like to do. PD
  5. TL, Thanks for sending picture, I wish you well as you look, sometimes we find a diamond in the rough. Now I should get busy & accomplish something. Later PD
  6. It is currently 39 degrees here & sunny, & suppose to be sunny over the weekend, got to get my horse out& explore, as there has been a horse running loose in our neighborhood, I'd like to see if I find any signs of it. The work I should do will have to wait. Wolf, Sounds like your wife is like mine, is supportive of my interests, even if she doesn't enjoy them herself. So only fair that we support their interests also. TL, How the search for a horse going? Later. PD
  7. Wolf, Glad I'm not only one having weather that is the pits. So I guess it can only get better, but life is good with out the bugs. Pink, I hope your mother will see a doctor, & find out just what is wrong, not easy to be concerned about a parent. best Wishes. PD
  8. There was rain the air all day yesterday, it rained a inch & a half over night, been a wet & weird spring, we had warm days in February, now the third week of April & it is still on cool side, In a few places people have mowed their lawns,, & small grain crops are coming up, on the lighter ground, but grass is growing slower than usual, for this time of the year. After all our rain bugs will be out in full force when it does warm up, as it should be. Later. PD
  9. To bad there are those crazies out there, but good that he can no longer hurt anybody else. We had a guy recently running loose in southern WI. Thankfully he was taken into custody with little resistance. He now faces both state & federal crimes, so I doubt he is back out on the streets anytime soon. RRW, My one horse is black, but had to check the dirt after he rolled yesterday, to see if there was black hair in the mud, I had to look close, but there was. Now I better accomplish something. PD
  10. TL, Hope your next test ride go better, mare or gelding doesn't matter, as long as they can do what you want. Pink I wish you & your mom well, hope it is nothing serious. RRW, My horses are a mess also, rode one yesterday, & cleaning him up, first was a job, as he had mud every where, but I think he enjoyed getting cleaned up, as he didn't waste any time rolling in the mud when I was done riding. PD
  11. Serah, Looks like a ideal sized tack shack, I'm sure you'll enjoy having a nice place to store all you tack. My tack room is in front of my trailer, have never found a better place to put it. TL, Better luck with next horse you have a chance to test ride. Some horses really test a rider, & make life difficult, I have 2 gelding that I ride, but my best trail horses have been mares, would go just about any place, I pointed them, but I had them when I was younger, & rode alot more. That all makes a difference. Pink, I hope you got your hay without any problems, & no problems with guy on the loose, not a situation anybody would want to get caught in. PD
  12. Our daughter & her 5 kids just left, it was nice to see them come & nice to have the house back to ourselves again. Had way to much good food to eat, was glad when daughter some home with her. Jon, Glad you had meal with grandparents today, you've haven't been here much lately, spring calving & teaching must be keeping you busy. PD
  13. TL, Sorry about your mare, not a pleasant way to start your Easter weekend, or any weekend. I wish you well. I spent my day helping cleaning house, the boss was doing the cooking, she almost plated herself out, our daughter & family is coming tomorrow, so we'll have a house full. Now I just hope the sun comes out & drys up some of the mud, so only so much gets dragged in the house. Happy Easter Everybody. PD He Is Risen
  14. JG, Neat pic, & a very neat thing to be part of, & good way to spend Good Friday. Best Wishes. PD
  15. Pink, Good Morning, the sun is trying to come out, hope it does, so some of the mud around here will dry up a bit. Hope you have a good day. Best Wishes. PD