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  1. Mudder, Good looking grandchildren, they wil definitely steal your heart. The old days were alot of fun, you & Tuck gave us alot of reasons to laugh, as you both have a great sense of humor, but there are still good days ahead, they may be different, but nothing ever stays the same. Best Wishes. PD
  2. Mudder, Congratulations on the new grandchildren, they are our reward for raising children. Glad you noticed I changed my user handle, it better fits me now than old handle. Have a Great Holiday season, I also think of you, as your sense of humor, as often given me a reason to smile, when the chips were down. Best Wishes. PD
  3. The rain & the wind makes temp feel much cooler than it really is, I'm waiting for ground to freeze, so I don't track as much mud into our garage, I keep sweeping the floor, & in no time it is dirty again. I guess I can be thankful for the exercise it provides. PD
  4. horsecrazy, You sound more upbeat on this post than you did this AM. That's good, as the old saying goes, When dealt lemons, you make lemon aide. RRW, Just returned from a short road trip to just south of you, my wife wanted to go to Bargain Bills in Rice Lake, to check out some Christmas items for one of grandaughters. Of course I got stuck buying lunch, guess it was my turn to cook & wash dishes!! PD
  5. horsecrazy, Sorry for your troubles, they seldom come one at a time, My hope is that Livia's bilirubin count will come down soon, but it is great that these things are watched so closely in newborns now, than they were years ago. Hope your GS will respond to treatment for Lymes, at least they know what is wrong & that is half the battle. Best Wishes. PD
  6. Don't get excited about Christmas shopping, to many people & I avoid crowds if I can. But I will find my wife something special. PD
  7. RRW, The post roast was a reward for helping my wife take down & put up a new flat screen tv yesterday, she knows how well I enjoy doing those kinds of things, but it has been good both times I sampled it. Tracy, I know change is not always easy, but it is good to hear that you are doing well, with both move & new job. It should only get better. PD
  8. We had our Thanksgiving on Tuesday, so no leftovers here, but my wife fixed a pot roast for lunch yesterday, I'm looking forward to a cold or hot beef sandwich before the day is over. Tracy you sound very content with a good book & Leonardo at your side. How do like your new move & your new job? Change is not always easy, there are time when we don't have much choice, especially if we want to move forward in life. So I hope the new job & new move have worked well for you. Haven't followed your posts alot, but enough that you come across as a positive mature young person. Best Wishes. PD
  9. My wife & daughter & grandaughter, took in some sales yesterday afternoon, they all 3 enjoy shopping, I got to stay home, & that was find with me. PD
  10. We did our Thanksgiving on Tuesday, with our daughter & family, as that was only day everybody could be there. So today will be a quiet day, & that is okay, We definitely count our blessings. Best Wishes. PD
  11. QH, I try to stay busy, but I might have applied a new meaning to staying busy!! Want to wish you ladies A Very Happy Thanksgiving. Best Wishes. PD
  12. That is very true, I definitely don't want to go down that road again. Been alot of good years, but there are times, I want to forget.
  13. QH, We had our Thanksgiving with our daughter & family yesterday, as it was when all the grandkids would be there, plus this the week deer hunting in WI .& our older grandsons are deer hunters. But they stayed & talked yesterday after our dinner, that was nice. Last night we got our first snow, about a inch where live, but larger amounts in other places. I had dentist appointment this AM , so I got to drive in that slippery stuff, just drive a little slower. Been married 46 years, & next spring I'll be 70, just don't know where the years have gone. PD
  14. wgnrrom, Nice picture of train car, but you confuse old men like me when you go & change your handle, I wondered who else was north of 8!!! But you got my attention. jubal, is a awesome looking horse, I can see where he must have a proud owner. Best Wishes. PD
  15. equicrzy, I bet you wonder how all those years went by so fast.