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  1. What a waste, of what was a nice looking ford truck, people just don't stop & think at times. At least it appears the water has gone down. PD
  2. TL, It seems we to often have extremes in our weather, that creates alot of personal & local damage. I wish everybody there the best going forward. PD
  3. TL, Hope the water has gone down in your area, we had a large rain in our area last September, there was water over roads in many areas, & it was a headache for anybody trying to get home in the dark, as I was one of them, that was trying to get home, so I can feel for those folks that caught up in this flooding. jubal glad you stayed on today, I haven't been on a horse for over a month, at least you are getting out, I have to make time soon, just to many distractions in my life right now. Been a busy day, had a old friend stop by for a visit this AM , then I went to work on garden, as it was dry enough to get roto tiller in, after I was done with that I found my hoe, & got a few of the finer points that needed attention, then I mowed the lawn, still have to weed wack, but that won't take long, when I get started. I finished the day with strawberries & ice cream, went down very good. Later. PD
  4. RRW, I'm awake, just finished breakfast, & now working on my coffee, had to put a extra shirt on when I went out to feed horses, this AM. With highs in the 60s & good chance of rain in the PM it will definitely feel cool if it rains. But then I can handle cool better than I can the heat that has been a problem in parts of the southwest. PD
  5. Heidi, Always hardest to take care of blood, as there is a strong emotional connection, while things are stressful right now, when mom is gone, you'll have no regrets, as you'll know you & your sister gave your all for Mom. Love & Best Wishes. PD
  6. TL, Jag is nice put together horse, & his looks should even get better as he fills out more. Pest Wishes. PD
  7. QH, we have to wait until fall for grapes in our country, we are just now in the middle of our strawberries, jubal, That is nice looking tent, but someone sure has a nice straight fence, I can't see straight, so my fences don't look that nice. Don't know what the day holds yet, but that is okay, got several things I can do, just have to get off here & get started. PD
  8. You folks have been busy today, I survived my outing with the wife & cousins today, I had two male cousins there, to keep me entertained, one had no choice, it was his house we went to. We all had a good time, & good food to eat. Some one asked how my wife is doing, She has had some side effects of Chemo, that make her feet sore & cause swelling in her legs, plus times when her appetite is poor. There has some adjustment made in her Chemo, that should help with side effects, I just hope they are right, as when she hurts, I hurt. PD
  9. I'm just drinking my coffee, going to a cousins house for lunch, it is get together for the lady cousins, but I've been drafted to drive my wife there. . I'll find some place to hang out.
  10. No one but me required a nap, except oldest grandson, he is a truck driver, & is often up longer than he should be. He left from our house for Chicago, so I was glad he got a nap in. A person shouldn't have a favorite grandchild, but oldest one is my favorite, I guess that is because, he was only one for 5 years, & also he is only one I can talk to as an adult. PD
  11. QH, We have humidity here, but I do know that the south east has alot more than we could ever imagine. I wish you well as you deal with tropical storm bearing down on you. I wish you all well. Best Wishes. PD
  12. Just sitting here drinking my coffee, & planning my day, if the rain would stay away I could hoe my garden, our sun is out right now, but it did rain last night So my options are limited. PD
  13. QB, I don't like dealing with those wires, my wife bought a new tv last fall, & hooking it right was not a job I enjoyed. Thankfully we don't change TVs that often. PD
  14. noponies, That was entertaining, a light hearted way to start a Monday. PD
  15. RRW, Would love to come, if I didn't have so many things on my plate right now. & you are only 90 minutes from me. But my schedule is unpredictable presently. PD