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  1. RRW, I'm tired now, just got done with weed wacking the whole yard , plus doing some raking in a couple spots, of course I have a land scaspe rake on tractor, so thaty makes raking quicker & easier, but my lawn is rough from ground moles making all their mounds on it last year, I have a roller that helps some to smooth out the rough spots. Flower beds could use more attention, but we might just get by with the way they are now. I originally went back outside to ride my horse, & there was rain in the air, so I got distracted & did something useful. PD
  2. RRW, I do appreciate you asking, but thought of more yard work, makes me tired. But it was nice of you to ask. Danyel, Glad your rain has let up, I feel for those that are dealing with flooding. Last night my wife was showing me picture off Facebook, of high water where she grew up in Arkansas, so it sounds like a big area was hit by heavy rain, down south. PD
  3. Danyel, Sounds like you are really getting hit with bad weather, with all that moisture, I do hope, any sign of drought is gone. I wish you well going forward. Heidi, I wish your mother well, has to be hard being so far away, & being concerned about your Mom. I mowed my lawn for first time today, got my box stalls cleaned out, & dumped on garden, I dug parsnips from garden for my wife, she likes them, & I can pass on them, they claim parsnip & carrots taste better after being garden all winter. PD
  4. The sun is out & temp is in 40s, I'll definitely have to get out & enjoy the weather, bugs aren't out in full force yet, so makes life around our place a bit more pleasant. PD
  5. TL, To many good sellers out there, than to mess with one, that causes you to have doubts. The right one will come your way, when you aren't expecting it. So enjoy the journey. Best Wishes. PD
  6. Been gone all day to MN. State Horse Expo, Was interesting but good to be home again, doesn't hold quite the appeal that it used to. TL I hope your son feel better soon, I remember those well, doesn't seem that long ago, but youngest daughter will be 39 this year. Heidi, I wish your mom well, hard to see our elderly parents have health problems, I turned 70 a month ago, & I used to think that was old, now it is just older. Best Wishes. PD
  7. Horsecrazy, Sorry that your horse passed away, sending good thoughts your way. Best Wishes. PD
  8. Nice looking horse, & the color of halter blends well with the Grulla color of Sage. Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes. PD
  9. Been raining here most of the morning, it is down to showers now. Hauled both my geldings out to a equine dentist this AM, one gelding needed some work, & the other didn't, so that was a bit less money out of my pocket. I'll have to see if my wife has a honey doo list for me, if so I hope it is a short one. PD
  10. I grilled the steak, my wife made the salad & beans, her choice, as I'm kept at arms length in her kitchen. PD
  11. We just got done with lunch, we had steak off the grill & bean & macaroni salad. Was very good. The boss knows how to dirty dishes, mgood thing we have a dishwasher, or guess who would be doing them!! PD
  12. The sun is nice & bright this AM here, but we have rain in the forecast, for next couple days. Got a number of things I should do, as they have been waiting all winter for my attention, guess they might have to wait longer. PD
  13. Pink, Mozelle went for her second checkup today, since having surgery, almost 4 weeks ago, she still has pain in her mid-section at times, & DR. said that is not unusual, as surgery was rather extensive. They will do both Chemo & Radiation therapy in the future, but DR. was pleased that she looked good & glad she had good appetite, but warned her about doing anything extensive yet, then pointed to me, & said let him do it. PD
  14. RRW, It has probably been 30 years since I've been on a bike, we both bought one 30 years ago, but just never kept riding them, I bought a horse shortly after & that was it. Wolf, I hope your weather improves soon so you can enjoy all those bike trails, without having to carry a snow shovel with you. Pink, Hope your back gets better, & you have a good day at work. TL, Hope those seeds you put in the ground grow, into bountiful crop. Not much going on here, & that is okay, Later PD
  15. Thought this forum was for expression of honest opinions, & in my thinking that is all nick has said, yes she was trying to draw more people into the discussion. I understand how people get burnt out with politics, as there is little each one of us can do to change things. But there is much going on in our political world that should be questioned. Only when people hold their reps in DC accountable, can much be done. Because when the people are not happy with them, it does get their attention, as there is power in numbers. PD