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  1. Pink I like your chocolate lab, very neat looking, RRW, I don't think your lab looks pathetic, just very content, but my eyes maybe missing something. jubal, I have a horse that could almost pass for that pony, but then blaze faced sorrels are probably pretty common. PD
  2. Don't have a poster child to share, all my critters live outdoors, but I like the black labs. Our last dog was a black lab, & she was almost the perfect dog. PD
  3. Since I started this thread, I would like to end it here. Since Trump is now our president, I don't think the president elect title no longer applies. Plus this thread has gotten mean spirited. PD
  4. Been on clean up detail, cleaned out my 3 box stalls, & then cleaned the ashes of my wood furnace, & dumped them on my garden area. Then came in for lunch, resting until I get another burst of ambition. It is overcast & the humidity feels like it is up. RRW, Good luck with your booth at Stevens Point, arn't those grandmas handy for keeping grandkids busy, I'm just glad they don't call on us grandpas as often to babysit. QB, Glad you gals had fun goat tying, they may be smaller, but they can move much faster than most steers. PD
  5. I remember reading many of Nagolder's posts, as she said what was on her mind. Sorry for her passing. Best Wishes. PD
  6. jubal, Glad your horse is back to normal, always good when are critters are feeling good, Pink, After a month of antibiotics I can understand why your mare doesn't like a halter. But I think jubal is right, that you should ask for parts of your coworkers salaries, if you have to run office alone. Jon, Glad you are feeling better, no fun being sick, hope your day back goes better as day goes on. I'm thankful to stay upright when I walk outside on the ice, temps went up & snow melted where it had been plowed, & the rest turned to ice. I could spread wood ash on it closer to house, but then dirt would be dragged in the house. Of course I could learn to ice skate, or wait until spring when it will melt!! such are the joys of living here up,north. PD
  7. The warmer weather is nice, only needed one layer on to go out & feed horses this AM. It is the ice under the melted snow, that can be a bit of a challenge. But I can handle the challenges of this spring thaw. Wolf, you are thinking spring with horse camping, I've personally never done any, but you have some very neat country to do that in, just about any direction you go. My wife & I have enjoyed many of the sights, in a 50 mile radius of Superior, plus a drive up the north shore of Lake Superior, on MN side. PD
  8. equicrxzy, Cleaning barn!! I thought I was done with that years ago, when my dad quit farming & moved to town, then I got foolish when I was older, & bought a horse,but it is easier cleaning up after a couple horses, than it was after about 30 head of dairy cattle. Please excuse my sarcasm, don't often start my day that way. It is in single digits here in WI. & predicting highs in 30s for next week. Later PD
  9. There is no doubt that the media loves to stir the pot, & help generate more headlines, 30 years ago, everybody complained about the National Enquirer, now our major networks are almost as bad. Good journalism has fallen by the wayside, fiction I guess sells better than fact. PD
  10. Glad a few of you are getting nice weather, it went from 28 degrees yesterday, to 8 degrees today, plus we got just enough more snow that has to be moved, plus I better make room for more while I'm at it. Might have to make a trip to town, to get diesel fuel, I'm down to my last 5 gallons, & like to have at least 10 gallons or more on hand. While I can put up with winter, there are times I don't always appreciate, what mother nature throws our way. PD
  11. Heidi, Glad you like my tractor, it is over 40 years old, & ages much better than I do, PD
  12. RRW, Must have had the same front, I waited until 2PM to start moving snow, & I think there was about 6-7 inches on the ground at that time. Was a bit chilly with the wind blowing, using my tractor, by the time I got horses feed, & wood in furnace, it was after 5 PM. This my snow moving machine below, next one will have a cab & a heater. PD
  13. We must gave 3 inches of snow here, & still snowing, I'll clean it out later in the PM when the snow slow down. Snow is light, so a strong breeze later, could send it in every direction. PD
  14. Good morning to you ladies, I'm in better just by fact that is our temps are above 0, suppose to be high of 20 today & 30 tomorrow, & then back down to single digits again. But new seed catalogs are now, so that helps a person think spring might really come. I better get moving & accomplish something today. Later. PD
  15. Tuck, Great to see you on here, when I think of you, I can't help chuckle a bit, as I remember all the laughs, you & Mudder gave us with your stories, What didn't think of the other did. Sorry to hear about your husband, life can make our path in life rocky at times, but He gives us the strength to deal with it a day at a time. I have 3 horses, still have trails I want to ride, but now days I just like them shorter, than they use to be. But life has been good to me, & for that I'm thankful. Best Wishes. PD