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  1. I hate reading such a chunk at once to catch up but my login just refuses to work on a computer anymore. I miss updating with you guys. In other words as a few of you saw, Brooks is for sale again. And I'm totally crushed. He was and still is my best friend. I miss him to death every day.
  2. I wish my login didn't keep me out on my laptop. I've been trying to log in forever again on here but ever since they changed the boards over, it keeps kicking me out.
  3. I'm so opposite of everyone else. I absolutely love school and hate the thought of ever not being a student. Maybe that's why I overload myself on classes, lol. I just hope it all pays off in the end.
  4. Wow, I could never imagine designing a costume half as good as these!
  5. It seems to work for a lot of people and then a lot of people it doesn't. The varying levels of hormones can really wreck havoc, but for others it works well.
  6. Holy CRAP Jess, that's so dang scary. It's totally not your fault because it's still 100% his responsibility, but it actually sucks there was no one else from him around that night that was looking out for him or could have taken his keys.
  7. So, that little girl Autumn they found in a recycling bin? Literally a two minute drive from my farm. It's beyond chilling.
  8. Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it all so much. After 3 days of funerals this weekend, I'm just praying nothing else terrible happens for a really really long time.
  9. Lost my pop-pop and grandmom both this week within one day of each other. (Opposite sides of the family) Officially the worst week I could have ever imagined.
  10. In my personal opinion, the move is a pretty simple one. Trailer versus house. Bathroom repairs vs. roof repairs. Rent vs. free living. There's some major pros to this whole deal.
  11. It's really disheartening when your friends literally disprove of every guy you talk to for some dumb reason or another - "He looks like a dork." "He's just...well, it's "so and so." "LOL he's not even cute." *sigh* I feel like it's a game of let's see how shallow and depressing we can be. Or we know that Maddie always goes out with "weird" guys and this is just another one we can make fun of. First off, I do not go for "weird" guys. Every guy I have ever put an ounce of effort into has always had respectable fashion sense, polite, school/decent job under their belt, and could hold semi-decent conversation. Sure, some of them have been their share of goofy or annoying or doofy, but I'm not talking sits in their basement with Star Trek and chips and a headset on for every day all day long and never sees the light of day. They're guys, they have quirks and hangups just like girls do. And even then, the ones I may meet for coffee or strike up the odd buddy-ship with with no intentions of every pursuing doesn't make me any more weird than the next person. It's a common fact I have the oddest assortment of friends from all walks of life. So idiots needs to shut up and be happy for me and keep their rancid opinions out of it unless I am dating the neighborhood rapist. /endrant
  12. First show with Dun = total rainout. I took off from work and all and have had this planned for months. I am so bummed. =/
  13. Oh my gosh, how devastating! =[
  14. I really hate the whole "Can we meet for coffee?" deal.
  15. What a beautiful girl!