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  2. Are you a veteran?
  3. Maybe your groundwork is not is of the standard that he needs.
  4. my first bit of advice is that if you're feeling sorry for him you need to stop. just imagine that you're afraid of everything, and somebody by their body language alone is communicating to you that you have every reason to be afraid. recognize that he has a rocky past, including physical health problems but then file that away and look forward with the knowledge that he doesn't want to feel the way he does. I know people who seem to enjoy worrying all the time, but animals aren't "neurotic" in that sense and most certainly not a prey animal. without realizing it a lot of people start moving stealthily around horses like this (not unlike a hungry mountain lion would), which just makes them even more skeptical. second piece of advice is to treat him like another horse would. socialized horses correct this kind of paranoia in the herd, and they can be pretty no nonsense about it because that kind of behavior upsets the balance ergo safety of the entire group. you mentioned your other horses; is he turned out with them? nothing like a well balanced horse as a teacher and role model for a horse who is nervous and spooky. third bit of advice is maybe get a professional in to help you, since 10 months of constant work is a long time with no visible signs of progress. I have never rehabbed a horse but I have rehabbed many problem dogs. there is a formula for dealing with all kinds of behavioral issues, but unless you have logged in the practical hours most people don't have the experience and timing to diagnose and correct effectively. I would even question if this a "respect", and not a trust issue. one last thing, I've learned from working cows that pressure motivates but it's the release that teaches. if you're taking pressure off while he's being "fearful" or "distrustful", you're teaching an undesired/dangerous behavior so you need to be correcting yourself. good luck!!
  5. "price point" is a term taught in econ 101 in college, and is nothing more than a theoretical projection based on a number of factors, including derivatives. there is NO substitute for people in the food and guest industries, who can taste and feel what GUESTS DO, and we only have to look to VW for cheating big time on their automated emissions. sure you can stick a robot on the line, but just like in the kitchen he/she will need the human quality control, because it's a human consumer.
  6. m Madagascar, Enugu and Lagos Nigeria, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Bangkok Thailand, Vientienne Loas, Saigon Vietnam, Los Angeles California, Seoul Korea, Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Chiemgau, Germany, Taipei Taiwan, Guadalupe, St. Bart's, Tahiti, Bora bora. the world is a big place with lots of different people and all kinds of manners, which I try to respect when i'm there. I was just curious. Im always curious to learn what people have learn from something new. or not.
  7. Could you post a picture? I'd be really interested in seeing that machine. (You have some esoteric hobbies. "Industrial sewing class" hmmm...). What other kinds of stuff can you sew or repair? (Before I ask google).
  8. counter canter on the outside rein, inside leg. she'll get softer because she'll have to so she doesn't fall on her face. that's the lesson.
  9. from what I've read in your posts so far you like to run barrels. i'd avoid that pattern for a while until she loses the one sided tendency. or train the pattern in both directions--better yet make the distance between barrels even larger and ride them in counter canter with a flying change just for fun .
  10. weather is wreaking havoc here. foot and a half of new snow and fog make driving sort of hazardous. I hate winter. I hate the ice, I hate having to shovel snow, I hate black ice when i'm driving, and I hate freezing while standing for the trimmer which I did yesterday.
  11. counter canter can work wonders with balance and activating the haunches. I used to hate having to ride it, but it is so effective for healthy moving that I have come to accept it as the solution for a lot if issues. the mare sounds nice.
  12. cavelletis will help with her using her back and tracking up, but for mitigating that one sidedness i'd build up to a lot of riding counter canter, quarter line, counter shoulder in, shoulder in, leg yield in both directions. it snaps them out of "assuming" too much. best of luck!!
  13. if you want to run barrels and really like the horse, then ask her to include 90 days of training in the asking price.
  14. but he has lyme's? or is it your mare?
  15. -25 Celsius today. trimmer comes next week Tuesday for all three horses. I hope it warms up by then .