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  1. it's interesting to see who can dish it out but can't take it. hmmm?
  2. Proud Dad you could always delete this thread. not on my account though.
  3. the media didn't lie about anything. I had a friend that marched there--she said you could have found a seat anywhere in the Mall, it was that empty. "about as bald and white as all of his cabinet appointees"
  4. my horse's back hind is fat . not limping, but definitely fat.
  5. "leftist media"? have you read the constitution? ever? it's the first amendment--"freedom of speech". it's worth reading if you want to understand what your rights are as an American citizen.
  6. I have no idea what rap crap twang is, but I remember beyonce's rendition in 2006. for a presidential inauguration he had to scrape the gutters to find anybody who was willing to perform. the performers who did were desperate for a platform, any platform. that 16 year old said the same thing. it doesn't make her performance any more pleasant to my ears. and I would appreciate it if you would leave the personal remarks out of your posts. if you would bother to read the guidelines for the debate boards you'll see that admin set limited but very specific parameters. thank you in advance.
  7. I always smile internally when I hear the term "a man's horse" when I think about how the boss mare behaves in the herd. there is no such thing as a "man or a woman's horse" only body language, which is universal. so sorry to hear about the further destruction!! stay safe!!
  8. from what you write you have a respect problem. a horse that comes so close to with you without invitation would never do that in the herd.
  9. That was the most appalling and embarrassing inauguration ceremony I've ever seen. Alone that poor sixteen year old poor girl's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner had me grinding my jaws.
  10. RIP. I remember her.
  11. Sounds like an interesting horse. I have trouble thinking that he was "traumatized" by the tornado, because that was a force of nature and if there's anything horses understand as prey animals it's Mother Nature. Are you and your husband maybe reeling from the devestation (understandable!), and maybe it's affecting your behavior around him? getting him cryptorchid tested and cutting his grain sound like a great starting strategy, but as Heidi pointed out checking pain issues might also be advisable since that can make a hot horse pretty uncooperative (I know because I had one--it was dangerous). Best of luck. A horse that is really good on cows is worth cultivating. And that "cowboy" might know something about cows but apparently not much about talented horses.
  12. ? in school at a very early age I learned to question the source. "who, what and why".
  13. oh I think i'm very aware of my limitations. thank you for asking!
  14. i'm all for people having fun and having a good laugh. not at the expense of those who are vulnerable though. like the handicapped right noponies??
  15. can you maybe go over there and check on the status of the property and her whereabouts?