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  1. Why do you some of you get so "bothered"on the bloody internet that you take the things personally?? It's the INTERNET.
  2. LePenn ist behind. Surely I didn't cause that :
  3. I have? That's news to me.
  4. i'm wondering why we're all still talking about bike rides, the weather, gardening. is all this crap of no interest to anybody here? and before you, noponies, tells me to stop whining about the past and look forward, I am looking forward and what I see looks pretty bad. 50 of the major business interests in America have dropped out of FAUX NEWS, O'Reilly has been "let go" ( a good thing but god forbid Rupert Murdoch should do anything based on principle or ethics) and the same business interests have signed a petition against the immigration ban citing negative effects on imported and motivated talent. a detriment to the US economy. is nobody interested at all in what's going on outside their personal bubble?
  5. I have a BA. along with at the time student loan debt but it was only 1.7% and a government loan. what goes on these days is criminal going to college is NO guarantee. learning a trade, like blacksmith, podiatrist, plumber, something really useful that will never go away. how about mortuary science? i'm not kidding--steady work.
  6. have you tried tiger balm?
  7. Pretty interesting how fast and furious they've left. Gorsuch nuclear heist being the exception.
  8. What? She won the popular vote by over two million ballots. It was the electoral college that swung it Trump's way, and that's still under scrutiny. now comes the kicker; idiot Par excellence Sean Spicer at a press conference yesterday said Hitler may have been despicable but never stooped to using chemical weapons. Say what?!!!!
  9. nobody is getting along with anybody. it's like a kindergarten with no supervision.
  10. yes it is when the POTUS is tweeting at four in the morning, raging at people who thinks his hands are too small.
  11. Tillerson, his secretary of state, won Russia's "friendship award" years ago. what does that tell you?
  12. let what go? that he's committing international acts of aggression with impunity? let that go. I don't think so.
  13. My point was he (tried) to take the moral high road for justifying this airstrike while at the same time banning the people he is bombing from trying to flee to America. And as a follow up I pointed out how unpresidential (infantile) he is.
  14. You'd think so, but their short term memories keep getting shorter...