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  1. I have a gang?
  2. well she got outraged over the use of swastikas too, not knowing it was a hindu symbol for peace that Hitler ripped off. kind of like sean spicer saying that hitler was a bad guy but never used chemical weapons.
  3. Bernie Sanders and other prominent Democrats have publicly and loudly denounced this nonsense at Berkeley as being the antithesis of championing free speech. Coulter is crazy but that doesn't mean she shouldn't have first amendment rights.
  4. Chinese factory workers (almost all of them women) earn $62 dollars a week for a sixty hour work week manufacturing 73% of Trump's G-II clothing line. all of this while her daddy is preaching "buy American". anybody who is interested can look this up. her daddy's clothing line is manufactured there too. Ivanka Trump is trying to position herself as a spokesperson for "the empowerment of women". i think the debate points here are a wide open field.
  5. Cruel to keep one unless you give them the opportunity to pull something 35 miles has plus every. single. Day At least. They run the Iditarod for goodness sakes.
  6. what a facetious argument. republicans have control of all branches of government. they knew they would like dopes on a rope if they caused a government shutdown. they, and they alone. that's why they pulled back.
  7. I beg your pardon? I don't understand anything in your post--please elaborate and cite sources of this information so we can follow.
  8. You digress. Please return to the topic or start your own: thank you.
  9. guess you could fit right in with the muslim extremists with that attitude toward women. really? so you're saying the network forces them to dress like hookers, but then if they get sexually harassed at work it's their own fault?
  10. not ALL of them. just the lemmings.
  11. I answered your PM and you are not getting overly picky. Horse looks sweet but that right front is wonky. At the very least get your trimmer out if not also your vet. To me it looks like a slight club foot. You can forget it for barrels.