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  1. Yes. It was George W versus Gore. I remember it very clearly because that was the year I joined HC. I think my first post was about the coming election and my thoughts, and I do remember very clearly the manure storm that unleashed. interesting and portentious initiation to these boards.
  2. but someone who attended the show captured the image of image of Pence looking for his seat (and knowing his politics) started booing and everybody booed voluntarily and enthusiastically with him. it's a free country.
  3. if I may say so, Pence is known for his attitude regarding civil rights in general. you can google him--I don't want to slander the man.
  4. in conversations on our holiday back home for two weeks ending yesterday, everybody that we know feels that the electoral college and the second amendment should go the way of the dodo bird. irrelevant and irrelevant.
  5. I am all for getting rid of the stupid *** electoral college. with all respect to Hamiton, just like the second amendment americans have abused it beyond belief.
  6. gee then we're all kind of not in a good situation, the white poor people thought Drumpf would help them. oh dear.
  7. there is an emmy award winning musical called "Hamilton" that has been on Broadway for quite a while. Mike Pence had the audacity to try to walk in and find himself a seat and he was booed by fellow americans. that's their right in a free country right? Trump didn't think so.
  8. oh, I forgot Clinton is 2 million votes ahead in the popular vote thus far, and counting. do you all understand that not ALL THE ELECTORAL VOTES HAVE BEEN CASTED YET? the Trump victory is not yet official.
  9. Let us, just for fun, look at Trump's A list thus far: Steve Brannon, campaign manager and Hitler in Chief of Breitbart White Supremacist Publication, this is just the start. Give the man a chance? NFW. Pence? Trump? No respect for women, not even their own daughters. ***?
  10. thank you admin; my quote function works again! I have spent the last two weeks in California talking to Trump supporters non supporters alike. All of them are upper middle class or wealthy, and all had something in common to say; under the trump administration the way his policies are shaping up with regard to trade agreements, foreign policy, cabinet choices, the rich will keep getting richer and the middle class will disappear and this is a TERRIBLE thing for the country. none of them WANT that. and by the way, the poor will keep getting poorer. and then we might have civil unrest. in addition, he plans to defund Planned Parenthood, voiding women's choices to reproductive rights and Pence wants to challenge the historic Roe VS Wade Supreme Court decision, at the same time saying it's okay to grab women any where you want them too. they'll let you!! (they're so stupid because they're women). ***
  11. gee kdrown, I joined HC when DUBYA was running for office. I have no recollection of you ever posting the entire time but now you show up with a curious post. so I looked at your profile; you have a number of posts according to your history and you're also a "shooter and since ammunition is expensive we shouldn't expect a warning"? what does that mean? should this be flagged HC members?
  12. and please. how many people can you ambush and seriously injure/kill with a knife as opposed to a semi automatic in 30 seconds? specious and if you were to bring argument before a court they would fine you for a frivolous lawsuit.
  13. I seem to get "uptight" over gun regulation in America? well i'm the type who looks at correlations, and there is one between easy gun access and random violence in America. you know, as opposed to countries where gun access isn't so easy.
  14. Not to cabinet posts-to his transition team. So far.