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  1. this horse looks just so honest!! glad nobody was hurt aside from some soreness. this could have gone so far south . you can't buy experience so be glad that you had it (and no need to repeat it...). i'm surprised the event wasn't cancelled with respect to the poor state of approaches and landings. even in Ireland nobody goes over a course like that (or goes hunting) in such dodgy conditions.
  2. Can somebody please explain to me what the "right" moral compass is and who determines who has it and who doesn't? we have laws against drunk driving, wearing seat belts in a car and helmets while operating a motorcycle, among other things. That's legislating "common sense", not passing judgment. when you sell (or give away) a car (lethal weapon) in America there is a clear paper trail and accountability. Not so with a firearm.
  3. that's a nice idea!!
  4. If you look at their website you can see their store locations. there are two in or around Pittsburgh.
  5. do you have trader joe's in Pennsylvania? I was in California last week where there are many outlets, and they had fantastic and affordable gift ideas. you might be able to order online too.
  6. has anyone seen "Sully"? it's opening in german theatres on December 9th, and we can't wait to see it. it's a fascinating true story.
  7. Yes. It was George W versus Gore. I remember it very clearly because that was the year I joined HC. I think my first post was about the coming election and my thoughts, and I do remember very clearly the manure storm that unleashed. interesting and portentious initiation to these boards.
  8. but someone who attended the show captured the image of image of Pence looking for his seat (and knowing his politics) started booing and everybody booed voluntarily and enthusiastically with him. it's a free country.
  9. if I may say so, Pence is known for his attitude regarding civil rights in general. you can google him--I don't want to slander the man.
  10. in conversations on our holiday back home for two weeks ending yesterday, everybody that we know feels that the electoral college and the second amendment should go the way of the dodo bird. irrelevant and irrelevant.
  11. I am all for getting rid of the stupid *** electoral college. with all respect to Hamiton, just like the second amendment americans have abused it beyond belief.
  12. gee then we're all kind of not in a good situation, the white poor people thought Drumpf would help them. oh dear.
  13. there is an emmy award winning musical called "Hamilton" that has been on Broadway for quite a while. Mike Pence had the audacity to try to walk in and find himself a seat and he was booed by fellow americans. that's their right in a free country right? Trump didn't think so.
  14. oh, I forgot Clinton is 2 million votes ahead in the popular vote thus far, and counting. do you all understand that not ALL THE ELECTORAL VOTES HAVE BEEN CASTED YET? the Trump victory is not yet official.
  15. Let us, just for fun, look at Trump's A list thus far: Steve Brannon, campaign manager and Hitler in Chief of Breitbart White Supremacist Publication, this is just the start. Give the man a chance? NFW. Pence? Trump? No respect for women, not even their own daughters. ***?