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  1. or most certainly doesn't run a business either. wonder if she even voted.
  2. apparently 50 CEO's of Fortune 500 companies serving on Trump's advisory boards didn't condier Charlottesville media "Chicken Little", and I figure they can discern between fake and real news. otherwise they wouldn't have gotten where they are today right?
  3. why does anybody post that kind of undecipherable nonsense?
  4. am I the only person here has noticed that two, count 'em TWO advisory councils were disbanded by the White House after the members started to bail like rats abandoning a sinking ship in the aftermath of DJT's gutless (and not good for business) response to the openly white supremacists? and he's supposed to be a businessman and author of "The Art of the Deal", yet another lie. he didn't write it he had a ghost writer. we're talking about captains of industry: JP Morgen, Chase, Under Armor, Walmart and around 40 others. these are very, very savvy people who didn't just conjure up success. you want to call them full of hate TOO?? NO they are pro-business. it doesn't take a genius to figure out that white supremacism is so NOT business savvy. in the wake of our führer, not "furor's" response to Charlottesville. and führer is a very appropriate word for a guy who hired Steve Bannon, editor in chief of a white supremacist publication Breitabart, and today fired him. All the King's Men. quite a body count so far. and Brannon is going back to Breitbart. what a surprise. for anybody who finds "getting used to being poor" as a default lifestyle more power to you. being beaten, raped, molested, discriminated against, really? get used to it?
  5. I know for a fact that media world wide read word for word what he said, they also have access to quote functions and did not in any way, shape or form cherry pick. the fall out is incredible. ALL 50 advisors on his "economic advisor committee" have jumped ship leaving him with NOBODY. I guess all those CEOs read his statements word for word TOO and decided being associated with him wouldn't be good for shareholders.
  6. what nonsense is this please? cite hate speech. there is a quote function here.
  7. apparently no ponies is indeed asleep at the switch. or alt right. how dare you? let me guess. you're going to pull the first amendment card right? Have you ever bothered going to our nation's capitol and visiting the Mall and reading what Lincoln wrote there??
  8. unfortunately HC administration is too cowardly to make public on these boards the reason I was suspended. go ahead HC. post my PM TERESA MAY oberservation. bring IT ON.
  9. listen to me you newbie. and listen close. that was the reason. have a nice day.
  10. hi fellow posters. just a heads up I got suspended for 7 days for using the word "ennui". guess the admin thought French for "boring" was bad. or I might have mentioned **** cheney come to think of it. wait for it, ****.
  11. hi lynnehall, welcome back. your new dog is a peach!
  12. Trump further disgraces our country: - assures the Saudis openly that his administration will do their very best to make sure that they "get a good deal" on their arms deal with the American defense industry (what??!!) - shoves the Montenegro prime minister out of the way to hustle to the front of the NATO congregation for the group picture; - instead of walking the quarter mile to the next meeting point he, and he alone, takes a golf cart while every other delegate walks; - he openly rails against the german automobile manufacturer Bavarian motor works (BMW) for "selling too many cars to America, while oblivious to the fact that BMW is one of the biggest employers of americans in the industry. how much more of this crap are we willing to put up with. I've had it. and I let every single trump supporter who sends me emails with alternative facts or fake news know it.
  13. Guess where? Saudi Arabia with his Son in Law's 11 trillion dollar deal. Netanyahu got screwed i guess. Along with the rest of the Middle East.
  14. He is an embarrassment and a disgrace, and from a tax standpoint for Americans everywhere a cheater. Where is his promised audit?
  15. did anybody see France's macron's air Jordan move toward trump? great, great fake and the orange fell for it. what a ******* the Donald was not to see it coming. before somebody tries to complain an *** is one parent of a mule.
  16. when anybody now tries to tell those of us who actually care about the state of the nation to "just get over it?" you get loud. t
  17. why is there no response to this post. 9 out of September 11 terrorists were Saudi college garaduates. Trump awarded Saudi Arabia a 11 billion arms deal; and he promises he will make them a good deal, the Saudis, who were the perps in 9/11.
  18. okay here's a lovely thing for ALL the Kellyanne Conway admirers in an interview with Jake Trapper of CNN. she admitted that trump lies constantly, but asked Trapper why the media does not spend more attention when he tells the truth. ***. that is like asking how many presidents John Wilkes Booth did not kill.
  19. what are you talking about? Trump said he took Russians into the Oval Office and gave them ´classified information, saying he can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants to. the POTUS said this publicly. not "he said she said".
  20. Speak for yourself please. Clearly you haven't done any of the research you're alleging others haven't done. Ennui?
  21. waiting for open Comey testimony. he has been invited to make it public, and he has tapes and notes.
  22. What? Trump Invited the Russians into the Oval Office and volunteered classified information, and afterward admitted it. edward Snowden is in Russia on charges of TREASON. Hello??
  23. Because trump is a you know what. Syria is the reason why Trump, that killer Assad and his abettor Putin need to get kicked out. Skeered