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  1. yay. I know hardly fodder for debate. gut riddance to bad rubbish.
  2. yay. I know hardly fodder for debate. gut riddance to bad rubbish.
  3. NRA versus Gun Control

    Remington (manufacturer of the weapon in the sandy hook mass shooting) files for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the state of Delaware. the company will revert to ownership of its creditors. seems other gun manufacturers are suffering a drop in sales due to the market's fading fear of additional gun control laws. oh the irony of it all .
  4. NRA versus Gun Control

    he had a plan of escape that didn't work out. I have a problem diagnosing that kind of mentality as a "beakdown". one point that hasn't been mentioned enough IMO is that the targets of the large majority of semi automatic massacres are schools. kids are now finally mad as **** and distrustful of the adults and powers that be who have failed every single time to protect their lives, their futures. and then you have the NRA representatives and that idiot Steve King mocking the Parkland survivors for wanting change. what the **** is that all about? King said if you want to prohibit gun ownership to over 21 years of age then we should also prohibit voting rights until over 21. (voting ballots don't kill anyone, but they could vote you out you idiot).
  5. NRA versus Gun Control

    there's an idea! they want less gun legislation, then they can pay for security measures against school shootings. if airports can do it...
  6. NRA versus Gun Control

    Enforcement. That’s what needs to happen. Laws have no “teeth” without enforcement.
  7. NRA versus Gun Control

    The weapons manufacturers must be required to vet every buyer. According to DMV standards. A car is also a weapon.
  8. NRA versus Gun Control

    We have a massive opoid epidemic in America. Doctors are not controlled to whom they give prescriptions. Hello??
  9. NRA versus Gun Control

    here's a pop quiz, just for fun; who knows which states/agencies regulate firearms? and what the regs are?
  10. NRA versus Gun Control

    Since 1968, more than 1,516,853 American civilians have been killed by guns, as compared to 1,396,733 cumulative war deaths since the American Revolution.
  11. NRA versus Gun Control

    Bingo Heidi. Somebody asks for some kind of I.D. And proof of insurance. The DMV has strict rules. And you evoking the second amendment is a JOKE. The founding fathers were talkin about MUSKETS, not semi automatic weapons.
  12. How long

    it's not that difficult.
  13. How long

    how about if you just have your own shopping bags or basket in the car when you go shopping? hand them to the bag boy--i'm sure he'll he be happy to fill them up and carry them for a tip.
  14. NRA versus Gun Control

    nothing is being done. anyone can buy a gun who is over 18, buying or selling a car has a much bigger paper trail and background check. the NRA is a long recognized gun lobby, with huge influence among republicans. let's call it what it is shall we hmm? there are laws and penalties pertainining to drunk driving. you lose your license. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been around forever based on kids getting killed by drunk drivers.
  15. NRA versus Gun Control

    United acknowledged that the 9 month old dog perished in the overhead bin. What kind of “crap” are you talking about? Everybody has acknowledged the dog was dead.
  16. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Which is who has not been sexually abused? Excellent question. This post is not about me, you, or no ponies. Get it?
  17. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Example? But really, let’s stay on topic shall we?
  18. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    This poster made no mention of “knowing people on here”, only to having read some posts to which i also took umbrage, and i’ve been on here for 17 years. If a post is not directed at you personally, maybe the high road would be to not take it personally. and yes, without pointing fingers in the apparent absence of any administrative oversight the vitriol, personal and otherwise toxic posts here are NOT few and far between. Apparently they DO fly somewhere. back to topic—Me Too has reached South Korea with a vengeance, where women have been mad as he** for a long, long time. Guess “time’s up”. and for those who now want to pull the “what about men getting abused card”, you’d have had to be living under a rock for the last 30 years to be unaware of widespread sexual abuse of young boys by the Catholic Church and cover ups. Gee, sounds just like Hollywood and every other industry. You can’t tell me “they were asking for it”.
  19. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    you want to say it is a woman's fault when she is assaulted? ah, I see. men cannot control their sexual impulses. really??
  20. NRA versus Gun Control

    one dog dies in an overhead bin on a united airlines flight, and the legislature takes immediate action to ban putting animals in overhead bins. 17 students die in an assault with a semi-automatic weapon and no action is taken. say what??
  21. NRA versus Gun Control

    for killing people?
  22. we had this topic in 2012 when lawmakers in the European community proposed a change in the laws based on the argument that it violated the rights and the body of an essentially helpless human being. ironically, muslims and jews protested loudly and aggressively, shoulder on shoulder that this was "non-negotiable" as a pillarstone of their religions. the laws consequently only changed to the extent that only doctors and trained professionals can perform the procedure and not religious officials. same argument is back now in Iceland. some members here had some pretty strong and very emotional opinions back then on this subject. I personally view it as mutilation and physical assault on a child who is incapable of consenting or dissenting. the arguments that it promotes male health and hygiene are weak at best. what say you?
  23. little cow, inform yourself, what Israel is doing ín Palestein is nothing short of criminal,