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  1. Squeeeeee!!!!! Sweet baby!
  2. Nice!!!!
  3. Oh good gravy!!!!! I'm going to quit complaining about our 30 degree weather here...
  4. Ooooh congrats!!!!
  5. Yeah. I only drop in once a month or so just to check things out & say hi. :) I think most have just moved on to their more intimate groups. Too many cooks in the kitchen or something.
  6. Wow. I'm so glad the woman told you the truth before you plunked down a chunk of change!!! I wish more people were like that. I don't see a problem with it anyhow, if that's what you ever wanted to do. :)
  7. Good job Barb! Took you long enough! LOL
  8. LOVE IT!!!!!!! That's adorable!!!!!
  9. Thanks guys! Bella is SO confident now. BIG change from just 2 years ago. Bella's gearing up for spring shows and I have the feeling it's gonna make me broke... LOL
  10. City, I know, kills me that she's getting so old! LOL And thanks guys. My girls are completely addicted to the ponies...
  11. Thanks! Bella's 9 1/2, and Lilly just turned 4, and that was Lilly's first riding lesson. :)
  12. Those of you on my Facebook have seen these already, but I just wanted to make sure everyone got to see these little ones who were both born on these boards....
  13. I love the topsy turvy cakes!
  14. That's so exciting!!!!
  15. Aw how sweet!!!!!!!