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  1. I'm thinking after this heals. Right now I have ice wraps. Those have been a godsend.
  2. I went to the vet to pick up my dogs flea medicine...I got to talking to a lady who used to be my trainer in 4H days. She recommended these; Any thoughts on those? Her daughter uses them on her arthritic horse. She said it made him sound when he was off at a show. She now swears by them. I read a little bit about them and they sound good. Just not sure.
  3. Yes, one from before purchase, other about 6 years old. Normally not so prominent.
  4. Here is an updated picture from today.
  5. I went home at lunch and hand grazed her while cold hosing her leg (Thank you mother nature for soaking us in water so I can use my well without running out!!) - she looks so much better then yesterday! I took my shedding comb and got the access hair off and the black salve and it really does look to be improving (quite a bit from yesterday).
  6. That will be discussed if no improvement on we will be discussing any further options that may be needed. Last years case - had a reasoning. So it was never necessary.
  7. NP - I wasn't sure what that was and did a quick google search. That doesn't seem like what this is. This seems like a different ball field I'm playing in. Heidi - the swelling has gone down some - she is more comfortable and is bearing about 80% weight on that leg.
  8. ...and this is how it looked last year when I went through it...
  9. Here is a comparison today vs Friday. She has black salve on it and was just cold hosed prior to picture. Let her out to graze for a couple minutes.
  10. The vets wife was quite taken by surprise when I said she was 19. She does not look like she is that old. Heck, she looks better then my show horse on most days. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers - hoping to get her on the mend soon.
  11. Actually, she's not. Vet just left. She is still extremely swollen. She got another round of IV antibiotics and upped her Bute dosage. He feels that this is part from last year, as in she became more active and with how bad it was last year, it rebuilt and came out (I don't know if that makes sense to you all). Though, he is still not thinking initially an infection. He is still saying joint/tendon problem. He is thinking she stepped in a hole or caught up in something. (I haven't figured out what it could be) Stall rest for another week and icing/cold water every couple hours. She's in a lot of pain. She is down right nasty. Can hardly catch her in the stall even with a bummed leg. She pinned me against the wall last night. Total out of the norm for her. On to sleepless nights and 110% commitment - she needs to get better.
  12. When she flinched in pain it was higher then stifle area, however, a lot of swelling in that area...
  13. Yep, sadly. Cast was also brought up, but her stall is big enough that it shouldn't happen (never has in 8 years of ownership) and she was still clean this am that I didn't even think she laid down. Vet didn't believe it was the case, either, but that was another tossed up idea.
  14. Vet just left. Stall rest and hand walking until Monday. Recheck on Monday. He is quite baffled. No temperature. Exactly 100.5 Making him believe no infection. Only heat is in her joint and main swelling is above and into her udder. But the pain is in her groin area (like she lifted her leg up and out and pinned her ears flat back). He believes she has an injured a sprain. However, he treated her with an IV antibiotic, Bute and sav. She's now on oral antibiotic for a week (precautionary) and bute every other day to keep comfortable. Along with cold water hosing/icing. Nothing is ever simple around here. Thanks for healing vibes.