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  1. I'd love a normal stress free life. Ran into the lady who used to own property at grocery store. She wanted to come get her saddles and some other things she had here (a sign in barn that I've yet to see and a flag pole that I'm sure we sent to scrap). Um WHAT?! Closed almost a year and a half ago. Entered a land contract three years prior to that. We're not a storage garage. Everything became mine 30 days after closing....grrrr. She said she's "been busy" - not my fault. Now I have that to add to list of worries, her coming for items. (Which, won't happen and police will be called.) /sigh
  2. I got to go to the grocery, too. I'm dreading it. I feel like crap - but I need food in the house. Gonna make it a quick trip straight from work so I don't back out. Got to go to the meat market, too - so I can pick up something to put in the smoker.
  3. Woke up without a stomach ache - that's a plus. Was afraid it was going to turn into the nasty viral bug going around. Was a nice morning when I did chores, saw the little bit of pink in the sunrise. But, now it's raining and there is nothing but dark skies. Oh well. Going to be near 60 tomorrow. Going to get some outdoor things done. I picked up sticks yesterday. That's a first in January.
  4. I'm sorry I do not remember her. However, sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.
  5. Danyel I sent you a message. I crawled into bed early, have an upset stomach. Hope I'm not getting what my boss has had.
  6. Jubal, I wish. I've said that before. Jonathan, I was just asking about you. Hadn't seen you around. The sickness going around is brutal. Hope you're feeling better soon. Edit, PD you posted when I did! When she had that leg infection this summer, she had medicine 2x daily in a syringe for a month (actually, may have been slightly longer). I need to work just putting it on so she knows that isn't what is going to happen all the time. Be careful on that ice! I go into hibernation mode when it's like that.
  7. That's great Jubal. The mean thing might be in the air. My mare was a pain in the a** this morning trying to get a halter on. I just was trying to put it on so the farrier didn't have to when he got there. Unfortunately she kept spinning her butt and pushing me out of the way. UGH. I cannot stand her at times. I know it's because she had to be on antibiotics for a month and hated it - but eh, get over it! Her and I have a love/hate relationship. More so hate. With that being said, I am thankful that everyone at my work knows I can run the office by myself. Boss 1 is out sick, dispatcher is on vacation today, coworker has off on Thursdays and Boss 2 is at a meeting. So, leaving me in charge of everything. Thankfully it is quiet - but I am glad that I can be trusted (or I guess that they know I can do the jobs of three people) - because usually they'd call in someone if it was anyone else.
  8. We broke a record high yesterday - 59*. It is down in the 30's today and tomorrow then back up until early next week then we get our next burst of snow. Dang. I am being spoiled this winter.
  9. Nick, I talked to her via Email after she left here. I sent her another E-mail beginning of year and never got a response.
  10. Hey - has anyone heard from Jonathan? He hasn't been around in awhile...
  11. I'm mean. I don't feel bad in this situation. Honestly, even if it just makes them straighten things up and make it a little easier living next door it would be okay with me.
  12. It's a waiting game, of course. Time will tell. Hopefully I get an answer this week. It'd be a perfect spot for a nice big barn ;)
  13. I don't wish anyone to be homeless if they are good people. Otherwise, like I stated, I let karma take care of it. The amount of things I have been through the past six months with these people...whatever happens, happens. I did NOTHING to report it (initially). This is all coming from the county/borough. I just called and gave some information after they already sent the letter. From my understanding, they are renters. They do not even own the property.
  14. Oh, Karma definitely does. I always say, I'll let karma do the dirty work. For this instance - so glad I am a member of borough council. That is how I heard about all of this. We got a copy of the letter that was sent. So, I made the phone call this morning. Will be interesting to find out what the answer is to the well, too.
  15. Karma - I love her! Just got off the phone and come to find out - the neighbors never finished the mandatory inspections to live on their property. Therefore, legally, they are not following a borough ordinance. They do not have a Certificate of Occupancy. So, they have 10 days from letter to call and schedule this inspection and if they do not (which, according to our code officer, he's been trying to get the last two years) - then they will show cause to vacate the building. Then they will have to get a letter sent in as to why they never did. I told the code officer what I've been dealing with, told them they have been living there at least the last three years that I've been there, and legally they do not have water to the house as the well is on my side of the property and I have nothing on my property deed. He is going to look into the well thing, because they don't have documents of approval for it to be on another piece of property. But, cannot guarantee anything. I'll get a return call in a day or two after digging into it a little bit. Chachingggg! :)