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  1. We've had 80* the last two days. It's beautiful out. Cold front tonight with some storms, then back to 60-then 80 by Sunday. I love it. I also found reason 98754154 why you don't wear flip flops to the barn. Went to let the horses out and I crawl through the fence to turn them out and my flip flop got stuck and I face planted in the dirt I am sure if I play back my security cameras I will be able to watch it all. I skidded - my sunglasses went flying and I just laughed. I'm so graceful.
  2. That color (and halter) is BEAUTIFUL on my favorite HC horse! Glad things are allowing you more time with your girl.
  3. Hairy. Great Escape Artists. Full of Energy. But I still loved ours when I was a kid. He became blind and aggressive when I was only 7 or 8 and my parents had to put him down - but my brother was his buddy growing up.
  4. Went to bed with a headache, slept like crap, woke up with a headache. I'm sure it has to do with our weather. Up, down, hot, cold, rain, sun, blah. Have to go get horse feed after work - forgot yesterday and had to scrape the bottom for the morning feed...oops.
  5. Glad she is making improvement and the doctor is happy with her progress. Is she allowing you to do anything? Hopefully she listens when they tell her not to over do it!
  6. Tonight was sausage sandwiches and mac and cheese. Last night I made chicken breasts and pork loin in the smoker with rice and was delish!
  7. Thankfully the baths worked for my dog. It was more of a surface poop and not all though him. You can use vinegar, too - it's an odor eliminator. PD -'s not bad - it's just a sign of I actually did stuff. How is Mozelle doing?
  8. RRW - it made me want to toss my cookies! I touched it the first time (Saturday morning) and thought it was oil or grease...until I smelled it. Yesterday I knew exactly what it was. YUCK!
  9. I'm at work - sun is shining beautifully outside - wish I was out there. My back is aching today - did quite a bit yesterday. The barn got cleaned and the grass got all cut - even the super wet parts. Dog got a bath because he keeps rolling in, what I think is, duck poop. It's disgusting. Made an awesome dinner on the smoker - and went to the grocery store. Ended the night by roosting turkeys for the upcoming season. I was ready for bed last night. Four hours of mowing tires me out.
  10. It rained here all night - sure made the grass and front of the barn soaking wet again - it was just drying enough to walk on it and not sink. Supposed to storm again later. Actually kind of quiet at work today. Thank goodness! Got to run home at lunch and look for some racecar parts then swing by my Mom's and check on her...still super sick. She insists it's the flu. I have no idea.
  11. The cops got it right. It's all that has been on the news. Autopsy was done this morning and the Mother was interviewed. Can't wait for it to get normal again around here. Got my new rabbit last night. He's huge, but I love him. So cool..and he likes my win. Rough day. Kind of just want to be myself kind of day. You'll have that.
  12. Danyel, yeah - that's correct. It's all over local news right now. I am glad, too. Scary to think so close to home. At least he cannot harm any others. Eta - I get to go get my bunny tonight!
  13. The Cleveland shooter may be dead. The police just had a chase which ended in the city and the driver shot and killed himself. It is not released if it was him - but it was a white ford scary that this person has been in my area the last day. PD - thank you. I went down and checked on her. She is stubborn and refusing everything. Her only request was for me to vacuum the carpet.
  14. I noticed you mentioned trying out a gelding yesterday. What kind of horse you looking for? (Trail, pleasure, show, etc).
  15. Busy day in the office. Was so nice to get out of work early yesterday. Making up for it this morning. Running to my Mom's here in a minute...she was on the couch yesterday with a migraine - then I went this morning (my dog goes there every day) and she was still on the couch. So not like her. So I am going to go check on her. See if she needs to go to the doctor or hospital or something. Has me worried.