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  1. It's a hard year for me. I need some unique gift ideas. Someone posted the crate website. Those were great, but out of my price range. Also, gift idea for my Grama. She's not celebrating Christmas. No decorations, no dinner, etc. It's a tough end of the year. But, I want to get her something. I already bought her a dog. Figured it'd help keep her mind busy during the holidays. She doesn't know it cost anything, she thought it was free. So, a unique thoughtful gift that won't rub her the wrong way....any ideas? Tia!
  2. QH - that's awesome. My Mom feeds Royal Canine to her Japanese Chin!
  3. And I have another three day weekend. Took Monday off to go out hunting with my husband. Will be nice to have the day off - not looking forward to going and sitting in the cold. I just love me my archery so much more. Work Christmas party is Sunday. Husband's Christmas party is on the 15th. He wants me to drive the six hours to it. /Sigh. I'll try - but I have to take at least a half day Thursday and Friday. Wish it was on a Friday instead. Nonetheless, glad it's Friday. I am ready for a nap.
  4. I read the original as the vet already was out and said they could remove it but it will just grow back? That looks like high holy PAINFUL! Oh my. If he is on a free lease, can you/landlady return him? I know he is a perfect "steady eddy" - but I wouldn't want any (near) vet bills and heartbreak if he were to go down hill quickly.
  5. QH - so sorry to hear about the barn - but I too am glad none of the animals were in it. I am sure the horse community will come together and help out in this time of need!
  6. Got up before the alarm, baby duck was driving the dog nuts. Of course didn't fall asleep til after 11. But, surprisingly feel more awake then if I had slept to the alarm. Got my tree up and decorated last night. Need to move bulbs around today when the lights aren't on and I can see. Noticed quite a few bare spots this morning. Happy Wednesday!
  7. Start them on Breyers! I decided I'm going to start doing that for my little cousin. Since she's only turning 4, I got her a stuffed little Breyer doodle pony.
  8. Of 2016 - isn't it weird to think the year is almost over? Totally bummed over Cyber Monday sales. One thing I wanted for a gift I cannot find in stock anywhere. I got a My Little Pony doodle stuffed animal and that was it. So much for getting Amazon Prime yesterday. I am really struggling. Heck, I can't even figure out what to get husband. All the things he wants are $500+ and with the money going into the race car I cannot do that. But, yet, I don't want to not get him a big gift. /sigh. Farrier finally came today. I want to ride my pony. It's so nice out - but I'm at work - and need to get hay moved to the barn - so I wont have any time before dark.
  9. Heidi, only good thing is I live about 6 minutes from the state police barracks. There is a constable (I think) - that lives in the subdivision up the road. They are in the area, frequently. Also, very thankful my husband was home and answered the doors. Maybe that threw them off.
  10. Oh, I am. Every noise outside and my heart beats out of my chest.
  11. Guns are loaded, shot gun and pistol. doors are all deadbolted and locked. dogs not allowed out after 8. Ugh, wish my husband worked in the same state.
  12. Nope, all cameras are facing the barn, pasture and coop. Didn't think I needed to worry about front of house. Will be moving one from back pasture to either porch or corner of garage this week.
  13. SWW - those two websites have some great gift ideas. Wish I had more money. Not close to being done - usually am before Dec. 1st. Just not in that kind of spirit.
  14. ....and so crazy stuff continues. Had to call the state police Friday. Had some young adult on my porch - knocked on the door and said he run out of gas. He was high on something and looking at everything, couldn't stand still, it was odd. Said he was out of gas and asked if we had any. Said all we had was 114 octane - race fuel. He said he'd have to ask his buddy if they could use that - then he got in the car and DROVE away. Way too fishy. Called PSP and they had three cars in the area searching for them. I couldn't get a description of the car - as they parked at the end of my driveway, but was able to give a description of the guy. *sigh - I live in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of nowhere.
  15. My farrier was supposed to come either yesterday or today. He told me it'd be one or the other. But, since he's married to my used-to-be aunt - I just let him come and do the horses feet in the morning while I am at work and leave him the cash in the barn. Well, I went home at lunch and he wasn't there. Well, hm. I sent a text asking if I got the day wrong - but never heard back. He always comes first thing in the morning. Thankfully they aren't over due.