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  1. This is what came up: 00302271 KNR MI LIL LYNX 1995 BLACK Overo Mare Owner: Edited to delete name and city Stallions:2 Mares:4 Geldings:1 Total:7 Overo:4 Tobiano:0 Tobiano/Overo:0 Solid:3 Total:7 White:0 Black:3 Bay:4 Brown:0 Chestnut:0 Sorrel:0 Red Roan:0 Blue Roan:0 Bay Roan:0 Palomino:0 Cremello:0 Perlino:0 Smoky Cream:0 Dun:0 Dun:0 Grullo:0 Buckskin:0 Gray:0 Gold Champagne:0 Amber Champagne:0 Classic Champagne:0 Show Recs:0 Race Recs:0 Breeders Trust:4 Foal Year Sex Breeders Trust Horse Name Show Color Coat Pattern Bred To Breed 2010 Mare Yes VR SPLASH OF SCOTCH No BAY Overo VR DOCTOR TIME PT 2008 Stallion Yes IMA DOCS LEGEND No BLACK Overo VR DOCTOR TIME PT 2007 Mare Yes LF LADY LYNX No BAY Overo VR DOCTOR TIME PT 2006 Stallion No LF LITTLE LYNX No BLACK Solid VR DOCTOR TIME PT 2004 Gelding No VR MI LIL LYNX No BAY Solid VR DOCTOR TIME PT 2003 Mare Yes DOCS LYNX LADY No BLACK Overo VR DOCTOR TIME PT 2002 Mare No VR LIL LYNX No BAY Solid VR DOCTOR TIME PT
  2. Has anyone noticed that their mares are not comming in to heat this summer due to thehigh temps? I have 3 mares and not a one has been in heat since the temp has been so high. I know this should prolly be in horse health but figured more people that breed might notice more.
  3. Wonderful pictures
  4. Start a local club, I did and our club has been riding together for 4 years now. Found lots of new horse friends. It took my husband talking me in to it since I'm what you would call an introvert and have a very hard time talking to anyone.
  5. Owner hasent tested him and prolly wont not for the low price I think I will just pass on him and keep looking. Aqha doesn't have a test on Mr Exotic man on record and I can't get ahold of APHA for the others in the line Phone is busy.
  6. Can someone please check if Mr exotic man has a HYPP statis thru the AQHA? ok I got into AQHA and it dont say so I'm looking at a horse and wanted to find out if he could be HYPP positive if I can't find out I will pass on him. his name is Indiana white cloud his Dam is jp tiger poco and her dam is Exotic ghost whos sire is mr exotic man whos sire is Impressive. Is there any way to check the hypp statis to find out with out sending a test out? edited for update
  7. By the way I do thank you for all your help. I really appreciate all the help everyone gives here on horse city I have been a member a long time just dont post a lot. I sit back and read and try to learn.
  8. Left front I did rasp the outside heel down after taking these pic because I noticed them still longer than the inside I am doing a little at a time because she is still not used to picking up and holding her feet. I finally got her where I can pick out her backs but she is still pulling and putting her weight on me. So back are going to take a little longer.
  9. Right front I did rasp the outside heel down after taking these pic because I noticed them still longer than the inside
  10. I feel that way too
  11. Anyone good with aging a horse by its teeth? I have pics of her and her teeth here: Was told she is 5 but thinking more like 3. any guesses
  12. Left foot
  13. Right front foot
  14. Got a friend to help hold her today sorry she is not squared but she didn't want to stand still at all Full body
  15. my parents surprized me with two horses once. my parents sent me away from the house to do something and then called me saying that my dad was upset with me cause I left the horse trailer a mess and I was to get home right now and clean it. well I went home and argued with my mom that I cleaned out the trailer last time we used it. well when I opened up the front trailer door there was the horses with my dad video taping from over the back door of the trailer. I will never forget it I was so upset I was almost in tear cause I knew I had cleaned out the trailer and then to find the new horses. emotional overload!