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  1. I've tried logging on both ways. I finally gave up and just started a new account. Facebook is good for businesses and group networking. I'm not addicted to it by any means an it wouldn't be the end of the world but I do find it ridiculous to send an Internet company or whatever you want to call them a picture of a government ID. I don't have Twitter an I don't see the purpose of it.
  2. Yep...but that's the kind of luck I have...
  3. It won't even give me the option to reset the password. It takes me to the login and then directly to the ID page. I can't bypass it lol
  4. So I've come to the conclusion that facebook is dumb. I've been locked out of my account...and the only way to unlock it is sending a picture of a government id (driver's license, marriage certificate, passport, etc) or with some other ridiculous way of mail, etc. Let me think about this.....NO. lol They will "permanently" delete the images once they've confirmed the images. Nope, not doing it. I will just make another page.... Has anyone else had this happen? Not having the page doesn't really hurt my feelings any lol except how do I pass my times of boredom without all the ridiculous posts and pictures. Plus I can't view most people's photography but anymore it's all on facebook. However I refuse to send who knows who my personal information. Never going to happen. lol
  5. based on her stature...I'd be willing to bet she's eating in the pasture... Plus I pity anyone that tries to steal her because it will result in ;)
  6. Thank you. I'm very lucky with her. It doesn't matter how much time off she has, she will work like she hasn't missed a day. Not much excites her lol She takes full advantage of any "down" time with a nap. Yes, she's still pretty...but I might be bias lol Pinky...she's still my horse....but I'll let you keep dreaming! lol
  7. I LOVE Basior, and I'm not a little dog fan!! lol Pinky you're so talented. Denny is filling out tons, he looks handsome! I love the herd of color and old timers! I hope you're going to frame the "pretty things" picture because it's perfect.
  8. Thank you. It's crazy to think she's that old already. It really does seem like yesterday when I got her.
  9. Thank you. She is nine.
  10. Thank you. She's quite the catty thing even as big as she is. She makes faces all the time. Especially when she's I rode her this afternoon. She reinforced why I love her so much. Her 2nd ride this year and she picked up right where we left off. I couldn't ask for a better horse with so much heart.
  11. Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr
  12. Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe weekend. I've been so busy with school and work it's not even funny. I don't spend time online or even facebook for that matter, just too busy. I haven't had any time at all to spend with Sage. She's just been a lazy horse again this summer. It's been a pretty hot summer so I'm thinking she hasn't minded just hanging out in the barn with the fans going during the day and grazing at night. Sage is one of the easiest keeping horses I've ever owned. If she even looks at a bale of hay...even if it's just grass...she bloats. lol The lady I keep her with made the comment yesterday that she doesn't feed Sage but a palm full of grain to occupy her while the other two geldings eat their grain. Plus the pasture she's on is burnt up because of the lack of rain and extreme heat...but no worries...she's still a fluff ball. Anyway, I hope everyone and their animals are doing great. I'm ready for fall myself, and actually I miss the west and the winter. (I never thought I'd hear myself say that, but I'd move back in a heart beat) These are some pictures of Sage from yesterday. When I was finished doing some ground work, the lady came out to talk to me. She said Sage is such a character and couldn't believe how fast she comes back when having time back. I've been blessed with Sage being such an easy going mare. Plus it seems that no matter the time, we have a connection and she wants to please no matter what you ask of her. This evening I'm going to ride her just to give her time out and about. Thank you for looking. Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Head shots Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr The I'm bored...can you stop taking my picture look Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) by Heather T, on Flickr
  13. She doesn't have a cresty neck. Yes she may be overweight a bit, but everyone has their own opinion as to what is too much. She's foundation bred so she's big as it is. Thank you for the replies.
  14. Awww I think he is completely adorable!!
  15. Cute picture! They look to be saying they are being interrupted, do you mind?