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  1. Woke up to 32 deg and the sun peeking through the clouds. Thee is still traces of snow on the ground but at least the ice has melted off the roads so can get into town to go to the feed store. Looks like there is more storms heading this way this week with snow and ice as well.
  2. He did! He always gets super fuzzy in the winter.
  3. Here are my kitties. The orange one is Lucy and the gray one is Desi. They are both about 8 months old. My horse Keno turned 22 this year. He sure loves his blankets when it gets cold.
  4. The snow day here turned into freezing rain on top of the snow. My horse is not happy that he has been locked in his stall to wait out the ice storm. He can see outside at least . At this rate I probably won't have work again tomorrow . My road is a solid sheet of ice.
  5. Its a cold one here today. temps are around 30 with and icy wind and snowing. Bbrr.....We are expecting freezing rain later as well on top of what we get for snow. Took a PTO day for work today as I didnt wanna chance the long drive with questionable roads.
  6. Its a clear and sunny day here but cold!! Its about 30 deg right now. I still have some snow left on the ground from Mondays snow storm and we have some icy roads as well. Getting ready to head into work for the day. I will have to share some pics later I took. We didnt get a lot of snow this time but it was fun to watch it come down.
  7. Hello and welcome back! Gorgeous horse!
  8. Good luck with all your sewing projects. I wish i knew how to sew. I can hand sew but would love to learn how to make more than just simple repairs and things. I was so not ready for Monday again today. Woke up to 35 and a light dusting of snow. Yesterday went to a huge Christmas bazaar with a friend. It was held at the local expo center and had about 500 booths!! I got a few Christmas gifts there.
  9. Hello! If you go to the notes from admin section there is a thread there on how to fix your name on here. Some peoples names got messed up when they did an upgrade.
  10. Maybe make her a basket of her favorite treats, teas, coffee, movies or what ever goodies she likes. Maybe a goodie basket of stuff for the dog and some dog toys that she can play with her dog with? A bath goodie basket, with bubble bath, soaps, lotions, or what ever she likes?
  11. Equi - It is something you have to work up to fitness wise. The first ones of the season we always do shorter distances and do the easier trails. It helps as well to have the right size snowshoes. The sizing goes by your weight. When I got new ones I added about 20 lbs to account for heavier winter clothing and my filled pack. It is a lot of work but a lot of fun too!
  12. RRW - thats a great idea on the flashlight hooked to my jacket! Last night I couldn't find my flashlight so was using my cell phone for a light. It does ok in a pinch but not the greatest.
  13. Good morning! Getting ready to head into work early here, Will have to stop off at one of the local coffee shops for coffee and breakfast. Its another gray, wet day here. Had to do my morning chores with a flashlight, I will be so glad once the days start getting longer again. Hope everyone has a great day!
  14. qhridinGA - Sorry to hear about your barn, hope you have some luck finding the hay you need. Queen - The caroling idea sounds like fun! Have fun! Its wet and windy again here today and only in the 40's. The mountain is getting hammered with snow. The snow level is supposed to be dropping and we may get snow this weekend at my place. I hope it snows on my day off so I can enjoy it and not have to drive in it. My truck that has 4WD is down at the moment so only have my car which does ok but not the greatest on snowy roads.
  15. So not ready for Monday to roll around again yet even though it was a longer weekend. It is dumping rain here with lots of wind. At least that means the mountain is getting lots of snow. Getting excited to get out and snowshoe! Well, off to work I go. Hope everyone has a great day!!