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  1. How cool! Congrats to the girls! Its another gray rainy day here today. Getting some house work done, then heading out for a lunch time meeting. Still have to finish the house work and do all the barn chores later. Wanna get my tax stuff set up and ready for the tax lady too so that will be one thing out of my hair and done.
  2. Me too. Hope all is well with her.
  3. Jazzy and Pink - hope your both feeling better soon. RW - Hope you feel ok after your fall, thats scary. Wolf - Have fun at your hockey and yoga. Its 40 here and dumping rain. Getting ready to head into work for the day. So glad its Friday. Been a long busy week. Meeting up with a friend for dinner though tonight so that will be fun at least. Between the weather and who knows what else,Fedex lost my package of exams this week. The delivery date changed 5 times. At one point they lost it as well. Finally found it and delivered it yesterday, a week after it was supposed to get here. I was so stressed out calling and tying to track that box down. The exam is this Saturday. I have 13 people coming to take it too. Almost had to have all 13 reprinted and overnighted to me. So relieved to see that box once I got home from work yesterday.
  4. Lol!! Needed a good laugh. Poor guy in the bear suite.
  5. Pink - I love to watch the sunrise too. Cant wait till its light enough out in the morning to ride again before work. I love to watch the sunrise while I ride. Wolf - That sounds like a run trip! Enjoy! It looks like the rain is going to miss us today and we may get one more dry sunny day today. Still have snow on the ground but lots of bare patches showing through in places. Its supposed to warm back up here and rain all week. Boo. Not ready for the snow to go away yet, Been enjoying it. Getting ready to head off to work for the day in a little bit. So not ready for Monday, it seems like it came up really quick.
  6. Its sunny again here this morning but only 20. It may get up to almost 40 today! Im still in pj's as well, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying a fresh cinnamon roll for breakfast.
  7. That is a really neat idea. I usually get mine from one of two hay growers in my area that I already know. I am on their list and get called when its ready.
  8. QB - sounds like a fun evening! That will be some great memories for those kids. Woke up to a cold sunny day. It's already a warmer start than yesterday. My thermometer said it was 20 when I woke up. Gonna get a few things done around the house and maybe work on some craft project's.
  9. Here is a new pic of my guy. This is Keno.
  10. Oh I know. The hill in my hay field is steep. I need a tow line.
  11. It was 12 this morning when I got up and has only gotten up to about 25. Didnt go to work again today due to really icy roads. If it was just snow it wouldnt be bad but its very icy. Took a break from barn chores to have some fun with the sled I was using to haul water and hay. I did some sledding down the big hill in the hay field. Got going really well a few times. Had to come in and warm up a bit and have lunch.
  12. Paneras soups are sooooo good! I love their broccoli cheddar one. They have really good sandwiches as well.
  13. I've had both the ones you take home to bake and ones they've baked. Each time I've had one they have been really good. Haven't had a bad one yet. They seem to be fairly fresh on all their stuff as well.
  14. No green grass here. I still have quite a bit of snow. It was about 20 when I woke up and made it up to the mid 30's. I didn't go into work today because my road is still and ice rink. They were only open for 4 hours anyways. Tonight it's supposed to get down to 10 with freezing fog. I have a feeling I'm not going anywhere tomorrow either. At least I still have a lot of my homemade soup and bread left. I made cinnamon rolls this morning for breakfast. Hope everyone had a great day!
  15. Woke us this morning to a snow on the ground and snowing fairly good. They closed my clinic so its a snow day for me. We had sleet and a light dusting of snow yesterday that turned all the roads to a sheet of ice yesterday evening then dumped a ton of snow on top of that over night and today. All our roads are so hilly even with chains and studded tires people were sliding. It was 35 before I went to bed and woke up to 24 deg. Not supposed to get above freezing today. Got the coffee brewing and getting stuff done around the house. Still need to go out and clean stalls. I'm Trying to get as much done as I can in case the power goes out. I made a really yummy tortellini soup in the crock pot yesterday so that will be lunch and dinner today along with fresh bread.