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  1. Good morning! After a super windy, rainy stormy night, woke up to the clouds clearing and the sun peaking out. After a busy weekend so not ready for Monday yet. But oh well. Off to work with coffee in hand. Hope everyone has a good day!
  2. Happy Easter everyone! I ended up hosting Easter at my house. Had to rush home after church to finish getting stuff ready. We had just a small group this year of only 7 people. It was nice. Lots of good food and I am stuffed. My friend brought movies over so after the family left we crashed on the couch with desert and movies. Im beat and so not ready for Monday again.
  3. Good morning everyone! Finally woke up to some sunny clear skies. Good thing, my poor lawn needs to be mowed really bad. Glad its my day off, got way to much stuff on the to do list. Was a super busy week so got very little done all week. Had some easter eggs and a piece of leftover cake for breakfast along with coffee. Hope everyone is having a good day so far.
  4. I'm hanging out at work while I get a new battery back up and hard drive installed. The wind storm we had Friday kept causing power surges and messed up both. Fun fun. So much for a productive day.
  5. Good morning! Looks to be yet another wet rainy day here. Oh well. Getting ready to head into work for the day. Hope everyone has a great day!
  6. Good luck with the dog issue. That gets a bit scary. I've had some that came after me on a run or ride before. I usually carry a tazer on me. I have never had to use it yet. Its back to rain and cloudy here today. The sun break we got yesterday didn't last long. So ready for some nice weather. Getting ready to head into work, then will hit up the gym this evening. I hope the heater in the gym's sauna got fixed, its nice to relax in there after I'm all done.
  7. I have several trays of seeds in my green house right now. The weather has been so wonky here that stuff is just now starting to sprout in there. I plan on moving my green house to a different spot when I replace the railroad ties it sits on. The trees have grown to much where it is now so it isn't getting all the sun it should. Right now in there I have zucchini (regular and golden), three kinds of cucumber, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, peas, three kinds of tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, bell peppers and a mix of different flowers. My pansy's started blooming in their pot so I am going to move them out the porch. I need to figure out where I am going to do my garden spot this year and get that tilled up. Don't usually plant outside till next month. I plan on doing corn, carrots, beets, beans, lettuce, and the green house starts. I wanna get a few more fruit trees at the huge plant sale next month as well.
  8. My day off here mostly. I do have a board meeting this evening though at a restaurant. Gonna try to tackle most of my to do list today. Was so busy over the weekend that I didn't get much done. At least it is not raining right now. Sun is even starting to peek out from behind the clouds.
  9. So not ready for Monday yet. Was a busy but fun weekend. Sang with my choir on Saturday and Sunday, my nephew came over yesterday to color eggs and then had unexpected company too. A few people I havent seen in quite a while stopped to visit which was nice. Sun is peaking out here so at least we are getting a nice break in the rain. Supposed to have more rain and possibly a thunder storm today. Had a crazy hail storm yesterday with huge hail! Getting ready to head into work for the day then off to the gym after work. Hope everyone has a great day!
  10. Its cloudy and really windy here. Not raining right now but we are supposed to get more rain along with some possible thunder and lightening. So glad its Friday. Im tired and the seasonal allergies are kicking my butt. Hope everyone has a great day!
  11. Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day so far. It's my day off but have been super busy already. Had the shoer out to trim my horse this morning. He was running a bit behind so it gave me extra time to give my horse a good grooming session. I think he enjoyed that. Sun was peaking out and he stood there half asleep. Got all my barn chores done and green house taken care of. Taking a quick break for lunch before I mow the lawn. Clouds are starting to roll in. Hoping to get the lawn done before it rains again.
  12. Its about 30 here right now but the sun is out! Yay. We so need to dry out some. Getting ready to head off to work here in a few min. So not ready for Monday. Between the allergie issues and lack of sleep over the weekend I am so ready to head back to bed.
  13. Jubal - We have all suspected that house is possibly a drug house. There are cars coming and going all hours of the day and night. Most of them don't stay long. I haven't heard anymore other than the house closest to them lives an older guy who said his house shook. He was thinking propane due to the color of the explosions. I wish I could of had time for a nap. I almost fell asleep in church today twice, that was even after a large coffee and a sugar cookie. Grabbed another coffee after church before chores. Went to a friends house this afternoon and evening for a game day. We played Mexican train dominoes. It was a fun afternoon even really sleepy. She made a fresh pot of coffee which helped.
  14. It was sure scary. All is still very quiet over that way now. I dont think it was an exploding target. It was way bigger than that. The flashes were bright yellow/orangish. Someone said something about a propane tank but I am not sure. I haven't heard much. I feel bad for the neighbors to the east of them. There is a large boarding/training barn next door that boarders their property.
  15. Good morning! So ready to go back to bed. At least the sun is peaking out here for now. Got startled awake last night by some loud booms. Looked out the window and I could see some really bright flashes coming from behind the trees just south of me on the neighbors property. Their house sits back off the main road about 1/4 of a mile but the way the hay field is in front of them you can halfway see the house and barn. The booms were so loud that people from a mile down the road could hear them. I called 911 and the dispatch lady kept asking me if I was hearing gun fire. I told her no, that I hunt so I know what gun fire is and this was definitely explosions. You could hear it and see it. She brushed me off but said she was sending someone out to check and then actually hung up on me! The cops did end up coming out and all quieted down eventually. Don't know what ended up happening. Its quiet and quite dark over that way this morning. It was so hard to go back to sleep after that one. Dont know what blew up over there but it was loud and the fireball was going above the trees at one point. Hope everyone is ok. Heading to church in a few min. Gonna grab a large coffee on the way, gonna need it to stay awake. Hope everyone has a great day!