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  1. Good morning everyone! Seems like Monday crept up way to fast. Helped a friend sand and paint her deck over the weekend. Saturday we tried the new food carts in town for lunch. They are really good! I finally got my clothesline up and got to use it this past weekend as well. Gonna get in a quick ride before work this morning. It's gonna be a nice sunny day here. Hope everyone has a great day!
  2. It's been a really nice summer here so far. Been dry for a month. So needed after the crazy amount of endless rain we had over winter and spring. Nothing to exciting here today. Getting chores around the house and barn done before I have to head to a meeting at the hospital.
  3. I love getting the funnel cakes, elephant ears, hand dipped corn dogs, curly fries and apple pie fries. Love fair food. It's fun to see all the animals and exhibits too.
  4. Good morning! I am spending my day working at the hospital proctoring coding exams to be a certified coder. I have 25 examines today. Gonna be a long day. No time to ride this morning but hopefully I can this evening. Need to finish weeding the garden too as well as get my clothesline put up. Hope everyone has a great day!
  5. now I really want ice cream. Sounds good right now but I'm all out. All I have in the freezer is popsicles. That will have to do. Been busting my butt all day getting a lot done. I'm beat. Taking a break right now to eat dinner.
  6. Good morning! Been so busy with so much going on this last week I am behind on everything. I have a huge to do list for today. Good thing I have the day off. It's nice and cool today so the outside chores won't be awful. Nice break from the heat. This past weekend we had my nieces graduation party at my parents house. I can't believe she is done with school. The party was lots of fun. Good food and yard games. It's hard to believe I graduated 20 years ago. It was a hot weekend. It got up to 100 on both days. Sunday I helped out at a bbq we had at church. It was hot but we had fun. Hope everyone has a great day today. I better get started on my to do list.
  7. It's turning out to be a sunny day here. I am getting ready to go to work here in a few minutes. Planning on going to the gym after work today. Not much going on here. Didn't do my usual morning ride, woke up with a pounding headache and allergy issues. Oh well. I don't think my horse minded, he got his breakfast sooner that way.
  8. It's turning out warm and sunny here after a cloudy cool start to the day. Yesterday was sunny and hot. I rode yesterday morning before work and it was super foggy. Saw a huge coyote in the hay field the size of a large dog. Getting a few things done around the house and barn before I have to head off to the hospital for a meeting this evening.
  9. Aawww...what a sweet pic.
  10. At the hospital working proctoring exams. Been here since 7 am and was up by 5. Once I leave here I have to head straight to the church for choir practice then sing this evening with my choir. This is gonna be a I'm already tired and it's only 10 am.
  11. Heidi - I have three gutter planters I made that I will hang there. One has strawberries and the other two are a mix of veggies.
  12. I didn't get one either.
  13. Good morning all! The weekends always fly by and the week seems to drag by.... getting ready to head into work for the day. This evening I will have my workout class at the gym. If the weather isn't to bad I wanna hit the track afterwards. I finished up the landscaping yesterday on the right side of the house. Just need to add my planters and I may add a couple larger rocks too. See below.
  14. Good morning! How did we get back to Monday again so fast? Seems the weekend flew by way to fast. Went to my nieces graduation on Saturday then worked on the yard yesterday after church. Getting ready to head off to work here in a few min. It's a gray drizzly day here.
  15. Good morning! Woke up to more rain here today. Gonna head over to the Saturday market for a bit this morning. This evening I am driving up to Washington for my nieces graduation. Can't believe she's graduating high school already.