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  1. I'm staying in where it's warm, and have a reading day. Ya, I'm lazy like that
  2. RRW we didn't get snow till first week in December....normally it comes on or before Halloween. We still had combines going here in November. Mind you we never got summer. We got spring, then the monsoon season, then winter. We got over 20 inches of rain between June 26th and November 28th. Lots of crop still out, and some farmers who wished their crop still was. Gotta love farming. Could be worse tho...
  3. Thank you Majik. Is rather mmmm dead around here isn't it. I used to be on fb a bit, but, too much family drama there for me, so I seldom go there. Thank goodness for Iphones and facetime. I get to see my babies and get a ton of pics and video's.
  4. Oh you guys crack me up with your oh it's so cold out stuff. We got about 5 or so inches of snow here, and it's like almost -40 with the wind chill. I'm mad too, cause I need more snow so I can go snowshoeing. We need less cold so it snows some more plus it warms up to like 14. I think my wussy barn baby Eight wanted into the barn today, but nope...he just wanted some oats. :)
  5. Thank you all for the complements on my horse and my grandkids. Blondie is such a nice horse. I can put anyone on him and he'll take care of them. Just the right kind of horse for my grandkids. Top side he's barrell racing bred, bottom side is working cow. He LOVES cutting cows, even on his own, which is why he can't be in a pasture with cows. I've had Belle on him when she was almost one. She loves the horses, too bad she lives for far away tho.
  6. HI qhridinGA I did those braids in the barn, and by the time the parade started he just about had them all shook out. The horseflies were really bad that day.
  7. Well....I'm also one of those who hates Christmas shopping and decorating. I do LOVE shopping for the grandkids tho. Belle LOVES stickers, especially Princess stickers!! And chocolate. I'll take a pair of pj's too. I don't even care what's on them. Went to physio this morning, feel fantastic cause I don't have to go back unless I fall again...which I'm trying really hard not to do on this lovely ice we have. Did some laundry, vacuumed, and now I need a nap. Hope everyone has a great day today
  8. I know nothing stays the same, and you can't go back, I'm good with change. Its what makes you learn and grow. Those two kids are my pride and joy. They live a short two day drive away, or a two hour flight which is what I prefer. I spent 3 months last winter with Brielle playing gannny (that's what she calls me) day care. We had a blast together. Got her hooked on chocolate. Heidi the curly hair is from me. Hi SWWB I'm doing great actually! I'm retired and don't miss the bus one little bit. Wuffy and I are doing great, life is good. Here's a pic of my Blondie waiting for the parade to start. He LOVES parades and kids with candy, cause it looks like they have treats for him
  9. To be honest Dad, I wasn't even sure you were here anymore, as HC is not the thriving metropolis it once was. I enjoyed the old days when we used to have a lot of fun, and to be honest I miss those days as well. You are right about the grandchildren, they are a reward and it's easy to see where they get their sense of humor from. I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas and good health and laughs for 2017. Brielle and Logan my babies
  10. Heidi. Yeah life is a challenge now and again. Hope all is well with you.
  11. I haven't driven school bus for two years now. I retired June 2013. I've had a lot happen in my life the last few years, both good and bad. But the best was I have two grandchildren. Brielle who just turned 3 and Logan who just turned 4 months. Thanks for the wave my friend, thanks for thinking of me. Life is starting to take a settle and mellow out giving me more time for regular stuff.
  12. just wanted to say HI to you, and let you know that I think about you every so often. I hope you and yours are doing splendidly. Hi to anyone else who might have missed me....or maybe didn't. Hi anywayz eh
  13. I'll take the rain rain rain we got all summer and fall, and our snow, and leave you guys to shake in your boots. HI PD!!
  14. I miss you too PD. We are very often on the same wavelength. Wolfhaven yes. that's what I wanted to label it, but couldn't come up with the words. Revenge shopping. Maybe it's a younger generation thing, cause most of these women are much younger than I am. I'm thinking if this is how the younger women think, then there are a lot of unhappy marriages out there. To my way of thinking these women are very immature and selfish, and perhaps playing at house. Edited to add: this I'm seeing a lot more of in the last few months, and I'm shaking my head thinking...really? Seriously? What kind of women are these guys hanging out with?
  15. One of the guys where my husband works is planning a guys only fishing trip. Personally I have no problems what so ever with that. One of the other guys he works with said he'd have to get permission from his wife first. <---- that was my reaction when hubby told me that. Now apparently I must be a freak of nature, cause I thought oh how cool. I hope they have a great time, especially my hubby. I don't give a hoot if all they do is get drunk and play poker. Just go have a great time with the guys!! Now, I got asked to go on a shopping trip to the city, with all the wives. They want to SHOP!! Not where I'd shop that's for sure. Neither for as long as I'd like to shop there, and then quite possibly walk out with nothing at all. I'm not into shopping for cloths. Nor am I into spending upwards of 1000 dollars or more on cloths. Then there is the mani/pedi, hair and massage day. Ok massage I could go for. And I have no interest in sitting in a bar, getting drunk, making goo goo eyes at other men. I think of the money they want to spend shopping simply because their guys are going on a fishing trip!! I could buy another horse with the money these ladies are dropping on cloths, hotel etc. Not that I would mind you, the two horses I have are enough for me. I just don't think it's in my best interest to do something out of spite. If he can go on a 3 day fishing trip, then I can go.... My idea is hubby goes on this weekend fishing trip with his friends, and I load up my horse and go for a day of trail riding somewhere. I think of quality me time at home, where I don't have to cook, I can take a long bubble bath, drink a glass of wine and read in the tub, without interruptions. Or maybe have a few friends over for dinner drinks and a chick flick. Another thing these guys mentioned was having to give up their toys (quads snowmobiles and other such types of (mostly) guy toys) because their wives/girlfriends didn't like them or the time they spent using these toys. Not to mention hockey, ball teams and so on. No more poker nights (or very few), no shooting pool with the guys, attending football games and so on. Gotta keep the little woman happy. In my head I'm thinking what kind of wives/girlfriends do these guys have? It kinda floors me. I'd never expect my hubby to ask for permission to go anywhere or do anything. He did say he would first find out if I had made plans that he didn't know about. I'd also never ask him to totally give any/all of his hobbies up. I know what I'd say if he told me I had to give up my horses. I'd expect him to compromise on them when circumstances require it, and try to include me in those hobbies I might find fun or interesting. For example. I don't care to fish, but I'll be more than happy to bait his hook and run the net. He doesn't ride horses, but, he does enjoy riding in a wagon on trail rides. We compromise. Yes we spend time together doing stuff together but I don't want to be with him or he with me all the time. I encourage guy time, as it allows me to do things that I like to do that hubby doesn't. Just as he encourages me to go riding with friends and he stays home or plans guy things. So I guess maybe I'm not like most women then, or at least not like the women around here. I don't get these women and they sure don't get me either. I told them if I wanted a dog I'd get one, make it beg, do every thing I say and keep it on a leash. So I guess what I want to know is, is this really happening in relationships? And if so, why? What exactly is the woman giving up then?