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  1. She is beautiful!!! Just had to say!
  2. YAY, Sylves!!! Don't apologize for bragging...silly! You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishment!!!
  3. WOW! Nice picture! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!!!!! [smiley Wavey]
  4. SUPER duper cute!!! OMG! What a little peanut!
  5. So sorry to hear about Fleck, Holly! That really stinks. But it's great that you're taking action and getting it taken care of. Take care of you too!
  6. Wow! Sorry to hear your horse is struggling. It's so great to hear that you listen to your gut where your horse is concerned. Kudos to you for taking the time to go about this the best way for her!
  7. We had our introductory call last night and it went well. There's still time if you're interested. Go to the link to listen to a short audio clip from last night's call. Free Class with Audio Clip
  8. My horse, Major, was FREE! How does it get better than that??!! And I'll be honest: If I would've had $100K to spend on a horse, I couldn't have done any better! He's an OTTB who has become the best all around horse I know. I can gallop him on the road, and he has a ball. Take dressage lessons and it's like he's done it a million times. Take him on a trail and he crosses bridges and walks through everything I've asked thus far as if he's been there his whole life. And I can throw my daughter on him in the arena and she can walk/trot him all over the place. He's a dream come true! My daughter in leadline barrels this summer My daughter in leadline Key Race **Sorry! My friend's horse was trying to help her with the video. lol Hope it helps give ya hope...they ARE out there, just gotta find 'em!
  9. HOLY CATS!!! That pic of "Honor" belongs matted and framed and selling in some catalog for BIG $$$$$. What an incredible photo!
  10. WOW... So sorry to hear about your loss. That's so hard. [Angel]
  11. I am hosting a 5 week class, beginning in 1 week, called "Better Communication with Your Horse" where blocks (things that hold us back or hold our horses back) to our equine relationships will be explored and tools given to begin working on overcoming those blocks. Each call is 1 hour and the "class" will have to be limited so that we can cover each person's blocks individually and for the benefit of the group. There are live spots and virtual spots (for those who cannot make the live calls but want a recording later). All calls are recorded so that participants can listen again at their leisure or download to an iPod. Go here to sign up
  12. I really liked Jane Savioe's book "Cross Train Your Horse" when I was first learning about dressage. I also know that she's releasing a site...Dressage Mentor...next week. And she has some videos on YouTube. Ease-Joy-Glory!
  13. Can I be honest? Hopefully, I can be honest here. Guilt is a waste of time and energy! I learned a LONG time ago that guilt has NO place in my life. About a year ago, I moved my horse because the gal I boarded with wasn't feeding him enough, he was ribby and in poor condition. I tried to tell her and she would argue with me: "Thoroughbreds are supposed to be ribby. Just go to the track and look at those horses." Are you kidding me??!! He's not a race-fit 2 year old! He's a 15 year old pleasure/dressage horse. Geez! So, she wrote me this long LONG letter about how she let me borrow her saddle and "let" me work there (more like farmed me out for FREE chores!)...can you hear the violin playing??? I have a friend who stays there outta guilt. She has to check on her horse regularly as the water tank has gone dry during JULY. Yet, she "feels guilty" for wanting to leave. Guilt is a waste! You've outgrown one instructor...plain and simple. It's fine that you may miss her. Doesn't mean you can't still stop in and say "hi" once in a while. But you're growing and need more help than she can give. Leave the guilt. Just my opinion! Ease-Joy-Glory!
  14. Glad he's looking better!!! And I'm with practically everyone else, if it were my horse, I'd use some type of "barrier/moisturizer" like vaseline or corona or something. And yeah, 2nd pic is SUPER DUPER cute!
  15. Holy Cats!!! I'm with the others...what happened to cause that to be a rule?! Uh, actually, do I want to know?