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  1. Thank you AD.
  2. I was wondering if someone could give me some info on a horse. Registered name is clusive glow. He an overo 2001 bl/wh gelding. I don't have his reg # but it is on allbreedpedigree.com. I'm wanting to find an address to him.
  3. I'm looking for a horse called Running for Gladys. I have a lady wanting to trade me a 2 year old unregistered stud colt for my 10 year old barrel horse. The colt can be registered and is a grandson of Corona Cartel. The only thing this colt knows how to do is lead. So I'm doing my pedigree research before I decide to do this trade or not.
  4. Spiffy- Dude is lookin so good. I know what you mean on short horses- it sucks to fall from a 16hh horse. Cayla's going to have a few scars from falling off Clyde, but mainly on her forehead, and one tiny scar on the side of her face, and a tiny one on her nose. She's got 3 or 4 little scars on her forehead. And I guess it's a good thing I don't post pics when I tie at my sister's house LMAO.
  5. Go to www.fafsa.com and find your school that you're planning on attending. I'd be sure to check the deadline for the state that you're going to. I went to apply for a pell grant at the end of march for the fall semester in OK and the deadline was like March 15 or something. So now I have to wait until fall of 2012 before I can begin school because of this. Your pell grant though does not have to be paid back and can be used for housing. I think you get more if you're going to be using student housing.
  6. Skeeters in Montana??? LOL. Serah- My bf right now drives a truck for a liquor company. He has his class A CDL, but he said he doesn't have to have a driving job. I'm expirienced in retail, but I was wanting to pursue a career in the animal field, but we're both willing to work in any field. I would like to continue my education and either go into the vet field or nursing field. laramie- We live in McAlester. And let me ask yall this- My paint I have is a hard keeper and does good to make it through an OK winter. Would I be better selling him and buying a horse up there or could I get by with getting something down here that is an easy keeper and can grow a good thick winter coat? I know I'm probably going to have to blanket regardless.
  7. We're lookin at going up to Montana probably next month to check things out to decide if we want to move up there or somewhere else. I'm lookin for suggestions on towns to check out, cost of living, etc. If we do decide that we like it and want to move up there, he's going to stay up there with his motorcycle and I'll bring the truck back to Oklahoma with the girls and wait until he finds a house and job before we move up there with him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Well that's hard to believe. What can I say? I'm sure in yall's minds I'm just a young dumb immature little biatch. I wasn't aware that there is a time limit now between boyfriends. I know between husbands there's 6 months, but I didn't realize you had your own personal little law that it also applied to dating as well. Get 'em Spiff! LOL First... if this is a public board, then why can we not talk publicly? Watch how you word things in the future. Second- Only a select special few you should note too. And I know it was Robert that called and spoke to his wife about the pictures that supposidly wasn't his. Third- For some reason I can hear "Prayin for You" going through this post towards Spiff. *** ever.... And I would love to see this proof you have. And anyone that is thinking about joining this thread or posting something on here, be careful. It's liable to be used against you in a year just to get you off the thread.
  9. Okay, trainers on here should go along with the rules of no politics. LOL Peppy- Who are you breeding your mare to? CC- Since your so curious- Mike and I were never engaged. And before you go talkin about Busted like that, remember that anonymous phone calls still give the phone number. LOL. Mike and I were together from August until November. He couldn't handle the distance between us so he broke it off with me. I met Darrell December 31, 2010 and we've been together ever since. And that mark on Kenzi's face is a strawberry. She's had it since two weeks old if you'll remember from previous pictures that I've posted. Anyways. We're still waiting on the house. Landlord said that a furnace quit workin and she wouldn't rent it out until the furnace is fixed. And Michael has offered Darrell a job as his helper on a big job up in Montana. It's going to last a week, so Darrell will take some of his vacation to go do this job with Michael. A little strange to me LOL my ex-husband taking my boyfriend to a job with him. I might be getting my two boys up here pretty soon. Mike offered to go get them for me from dad's and bring them here in exchange for Trip.
  10. Sorry but Cameron is my favorite all around trainer and Graves is my favorite barrel trainer. In fact I seen him at WalMart yesterday. LOL Well I'm gonna try to get the girtls down to bed and go out myself. Tryin tyo come down with the crud that's goin around
  11. Robert- I've seen that before several months ago. Except it didn't say rolla. Spiify- you'll never guess who I got a wake up call from this mornin... Jack. Lol.
  12. Does anyone have any expirience on Paraguard? I think my paraguard is no longer in proper position, and now its got me stressed out. I know its moving around because my boyfriend said that he can feel it during sex. Can it cause fertility issues? I'm wanting another child, but not right now. If it's not in the right position, will they take it out or reposition it?
  13. Dang talk about me being a thread killer lol
  14. QH- If spiffy wants to post them for me, I can send them to her to post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QH! And guys have a way to do it- Darrell leaves for work at 3:30am. On valentines day when I was leavin for work, I found a dozen red roses and a card in the front seat of my montero. Then that evenin he gave me a brand new pair of justins.
  15. Spiffy- yeah its so nice to be a pursell again, but a pain in the butt when it comes to changing everything (insurance, dl, ss, work papers) JR- sorry to hear that you're not feelin good today. CC- Cute pup. Well come friday we will be in our own house. Gotta go tuesday after I get off work and me and Darrell are going to sign all papers on it. Landlord went down on rent and deposit. We did have a $450 deposit and $525 month to $400 deposit and $500 a month rent. Darrells going to see if she'll take a little off first months rent because the bedroom doors need to be shaved down due to new carpet. It's a 2 bedroom, one bath. We'll have to buy t-posts and field fence (how redneck lol) and put a fence up because it has a huge yard but no fence. Luckily where its at doesn't have a lot of traffic.