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  1. This is a simple one for roast beef: put a roast in the crock pot, dump a pack of Lipton onion soup mix on top and then add two cans of coke (any brand, just not diet). You can cook on low for the day, house smells great from it! And, you can use the juice for gravy.
  2. Very cute!! The name that comes to mind, when you describe her, for me is "Scamp."
  3. Hope you enjoy your day!!
  4. I voted. He's adorable!!
  5. How exciting!! :yay: Congratulations!!!
  6. Bumping this up..... Frog, :huggy: :angel3:
  7. How cute!!
  8. Thanks for making everyone else's day special. Hope you had a great birthday!!
  9. Voted! I hope they win!
  10. Great shots!! I like what you did with them. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Beautiful pictures EH!! I'd love to see more. The clarity, poses, and color in each of them is just wonderful!
  12. We were there yesterday. Found a few things I needed, but the one vendor with boots that's usually there wasn't. The one guy usually offers specials on boots, two for $129.99 but he didn't have a booth there this year.