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  1. OMG LOL Nick you crack me up but oh so true
  2. Waiting on 10 yards of mulch to be delivered . Hoping to get a ride in before the rain hits this evening .
  3. Saddle pads I take to the coin car wash.
  4. I really need to clean all my tack too, I am waiting for a warm up so I can sit in the barn and not freeze while doing it. I have like 8 saddles to clean and a zillion bridles and reins. I need to find somewhere local to drop my blankets off at to be cleaned .
  5. Brisk sunny morning here today . Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday .
  6. Cloudy dreary Tuesday here today .
  7. Sun is shining now but storms are suppose to move in later this evening . Hope everyone has a great day !!
  8. Thank you
  9. Rainy Thursday here and it was spring shot day .
  10. Sunny and 60's here today . Rain and thunderstorms moving in tomorrow .
  11. Cloudy Tuesday here but still better then cold and snow .
  12. The weekend went by WAY too fast . Hope everyone has a great Monday !
  13. She is actually starting to feel a little better. I think she needed to hear those words from the Dr . In two more weeks they will do another PET scan to see how well the cancer is responding to Chemo.
  14. Appointment went very well on Friday. Doctor said she is responding very well to the treatment and thinks she has at least a 70% of remission . Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers .
  15. Looks like a beautiful spring day here today . Too bad I am stuck in the office