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    horse showing! and my man and now my baby girl!
  1. Hand foot and mouth a children's virus not sure how it relates to hoof and mouth. I'm sure somehow there is a cross but I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on tv. It shows up as blisters on the hands feet and mouth and sometimes the torso.We need to find which gene mutation Conner has to find out which meds will work . why would I ask our small town ped. When we travel 2 1/2 hours away to a top peds neurological team ? Hubby and I are working together and have been the past few week.therapist thinks it's almost time to move back in with each other.
  2. Hey everyone. Happy. Birthday Heidi! Sorry haven't been around much. Things got a little crazy. Shy had had foot and mouth then. got some weird virus Conner had a flu bug with gi issues. Yesterday we we to children's hospital to see the Neuro shy meds got upped because og he size no huge deal . Conner is going to have genetics testing we are seeing a lot of tics and maybe seizure at night and there is stuff they can roll in or out with this testing. I'm trying not to panic yet just hoping we have some answers. I am in major need of a stress free day .
  3. Thanks everyone. I can't believe she is ten. I got cookies for her class .her party will be Nov. 6th at the firehouse and we have real friends to invite this year!
  4. Shyanna is ten ! Yes TEN!
  5. Pink my hubby loves that show and so do I but I refuse to watch it with him most of the time I have to hear " that's not the way we do it. " I refuse to watch anything that involves firefighters! LoL I'm sure he hates watching horse movies with me. Home alone for now. Going to enjoy it.
  6. Dealing with hand foot and mouth here. Going to be a fun week here.
  7. Took Conner to a new doc today walked out with two more DXes but what I feel are REAL this time . he spent so much time with us and explaining what he wanted to do I'm finally seeing some light for Mr c man. Shy had a pretty good seizure last night. She is running a fever today and has an upset tummy. Hubby took today to work on the house and stay with Shyanna . I can't believe he did that normally I would have had to reschedule everything . the pediatrician has no openings this week so if Shyanna still has a fever looks like we will be headed to urgent care in the morning.
  8. Our fall festival is going on this weekend. Went yesterday and spent hours there both kids crashed hard last night . hubby is going in the parade this afternoon with the fire dept. He spent most of the day with us yesterday. The kids have school but he is off tomorrow so we are going to work on somethings around the house and talk . things are going much better in that dept. Just not sure if we are ready to live together full time again. Time Will tell.
  9. That sounds like fun! I'm going to clean for a bit after I take a nap then I'm going to shys school to handle spring for a little over an hour as the aide has a meeting.
  10. We are home! Yay! Three teeth filled three teeth sealed and one baby tooth pulled to make room for adult tooth that was shoving it side ways . looks like braces are a must but we have a few years before I have to deal with that.
  11. His name now says in recovery. Took about an hour. I'll update when I know more .
  12. I know plus he was fighting like a wildcat when I walked ok ran out .
  13. Sitting at children's hospital. Conner is in surgery now. Not sure why I'm shaking but I just tried to make tea in the waiting room and made a mess cleaned it up said screw the tea and now I'm sitting here watching Conner name pop up and telling me he is still in the Or
  14. Well now shy wants to be a butterfly . uhg I'm going to loose my mind.
  15. We went to our local safety day at Lowe's . Conner was a bit mad we didn't adopt a puppy. They were cute lab/blue tick hound mixes but I can't deal with another dog right now and spring is gone 6 hours a day lol . we just took in another cat. Well I guess he is our now he showed up and hasn't left. He goes Wed. To get demaned lol. The kids got cool bags and shirts etc and we got to ride in the fire truck home. The kids sat in the backwards facing seats Conner loved it shy not so much lol. Monday we are headed back to children's hospital for connected dental surgery. Of course he has lost 4 of the 5 teeth they were going to work on. Shy is going to stay at my aunts so she can take her to school.we should be home in time to pick her up.