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  1. Send the member a private message and hope the email they registered with is still active.
  2. It appears PhotoBucket requires payment before they will allow 3rd party hosting of images and I'd like to remove the ugly PB image from my signature.
  3. I don't care for fair food - too delicate of a digestive system. I love seeing the exhibits; livestock, mechanical and home goods. In fact, I *miss* county fairs because Georgia's "fairs" are a laugh - their "fairs" are only midway rides and some food vendors. Haven't been to the State Fair in Perry, I may have to make that a priority soon. CA county and state fairs were going on while I've been here in CA but I've been too wrapped up with family to get away.
  4. I agree that our votes do need to count and shouldn't be lost to whim or malice. However, "the Russian hack" .... if I am understanding correctly .... was not voting machines actually being "hacked" or tampered with, but was social media stories that may have *influenced* voting? Doesn't seem much different from politicians slinging mud at each other with paid commercial advertisements. In fact, it seems more laughable to me, in an everything-on-the-internet-is-TRUE!!! sort of way. This country needs to be better educated so the populace won't easily fall for such tactics and will think for themselves.
  5. Seems improbable that there would be enough Russian operatives to hack the numerous and variable individual voting machines across the country in order to get the voting results they wanted.
  6. I *saw* your Teresa May observation with regards to Trump and Putin and IT IS THE SPECIFIC OBSCENE PHRASING YOU USED that earned you your suspension. Not using "ennui" in a sentence. Geesh. You can't BS us when we've SEEN the truth. Were I Admin, I would absolutely refuse to make that public because it was bad enough the first time that it (and you) needed to be removed. When someone shows their bahookie in public and gets slapped with Indecent Exposure, no one wants to see the bahookie again just so the person can prove (again) why they needed a ticket. You'll just end up in jail as a repeat offender.
  7. I can't believe the amount of rain parts of the country are getting. *thoughts/prayers* Mom kept wanting us to check on Dad (who passed in 2004) last night. We got her distracted and she quieted down. Thanks for the great advice. Sister and I talked and we agree that unplanned visits would be best because then she doesn't have time to worry over it. The house is easy to keep picked up and I'll vacuum more often in case people drop in.
  8. Tonight, Mom wanted a damp washcloth so she could wash her husband's hand. She was washing mine, but Sis and I just went along with it and distracted her with Gelato ice cream.
  9. Difficult. We've had two difficult days in a row that left me in tears. It isn't Mom's fault that her thoughts are rambling and I remind myself of this so I don't take it personally, but it is still painful. She wants out of the bed or to be taken for a car ride but we cannot even get her to sit up without 4 people helping to make sure she is safe. We hate telling her no and having to keep lifting her legs back into the bed and she hates us denying her what she wants. Her body simply cannot do what she wants it to do and if Sister and I try, we'll end up hurting her and/or ourselves. Mom was so upset the other night she said she wanted to call the authorities because her family was abusing her. Last early evening, she had just told my Sister and I that she did not want any visitors that evening - none were planned so all was good. Sis then had to take her son into town to pick up his car at the mechanic's and I was alone w/ Mom. Phone rings, it is her pastor who wanted to come visit her and I told him Mom wasn't up for visitors. When I told Mom who called, she became upset because she *did* want to see him. I go online to get the number for the church and call, letting them know Mom did want to see her Pastor. They said they'd send him a message and he would call us. Meanwhile, Mom is now worrying about everything that needs to be done for his visit; the house and Mom need to be presentable. I work well under pressure and can prioritize like no one's business so I let Mom know what I am going to do and get started. Only to be interrupted by her yelling for me to come to her, where she rambles about the things I am already trying to do and is directing me to do things that are unnecessary. For appeasement's sake, I do what she asks and keep trying to complete the vacuuming but she keeps yelling for me to come to her. She is getting more and more agitated and then she tells me to turn off the TV and stop making noise with the vacuum. She doesn't want to see the Pastor and we need to pretend as if we aren't home. She's crying, I'm crying and that, of course, is when the Pastor calls us back. He was very kind when I explained to him that Mom is having a difficult time and that tomorrow would be better. He asked after me because I couldn't hide that I was crying, asking if there was anything he could do for us and I told him no. Mom tends to get stuck in a loop when she gets upset and it makes me upset to see her that way and know there isn't anything I can do to fix it. Even while it seems Mom is out of it and unaware, she still knows. After we both had calmed down, she pulled me in for a hug and we reminded each other how much we love each other. They are coming fewer and farther between, but those are the moments I treasure with my Mom. The Pastor has called this morning and it looks like he will stop by after lunch - which is a very good time for Mom's alertness. Mom's nurses will be out before then to bathe her and change her leg bandages. I got the carpet vacuumed, everything is picked up and dusted. Mom will be fresh, clean and have clean bedding. Sister and I also picked out a nice top for her to wear instead of her open-backed hospital-bed jammies.
  10. Jubal will be giving tractor pulls, yeeehaaaaw!
  11. Some people feel they can't get another animal right away and some need to. Each is right for that person. I also agree that a new pet never replaces. I think of it as *honoring* your recently lost pet by sharing the love you gave to your former pet with another who is now in need of that love. <3
  12. It was 107 yesterday and tomorrow or Thursday we are supposed to reach 109. Ugh, waaaaaay too hot for me!
  13. ^^^ LOL That was a great story!
  14. Whew! I like this news.
  15. Sister and I humor her and just play along. It is easier, and keeps her calmer, than trying to convince her away from her reality.