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  1. Well, I hope Karma takes care of this for you. What a fiasco!
  2. I'm anticipating a good story here! *rubs hands together with glee*
  3. Niiice!
  4. OMG that was funny! That poor bear!
  5. Other than more desensitizing, I think you can only keep doing what you're doing to show him he can trust you. I only have a fail story. I got a Paso Fino mare that was very responsive to cues and jumpy as all heck if I moved too fast. She knocked me down a few times when I was haltering her and the strap would flip over her poll and bounce on her neck. She'd spin away and I didn't let go of the halter fast enough and she dragged me down. A few times she turned into me and pushed me over. Like you, I never did anything to get after her because I wanted her to learn she could trust me. I'd go out and just hang over the stall gate to listen to her eat and I noticed her trembling one night. I thought she was maybe chilled in the evening air. Another night she did the same thing but it was warm and I realized she was terrified of me being near her. Nothing I did with her helped her relax. Every contact with her was full of anxiety for her and despair for me that I couldn't enjoy my horse. I eventually let her go back to the lady I got her from as her nervousness was dangerous to me and being around her wasn't relaxing or enjoyable for either of us. I hope someone else has a success story and advice. Maybe I could learn something from your journey along the way, too.
  6. I became a fan of the Steelers shortly after I married in 1993. I found Cowher highly entertaining! LOL
  7. To make things even better ..... I was wearing a sleeveless top and SHORTS! LOL I've seen the movie twice, the night I got it and the day we showed it at the library for our patrons. I'm looking forward to watching it again, but it seems football is winning out. Packers WON and the Steelers are on right now.
  8. I loved Secret Life of Pets! I just got it back from loaning it to a coworker .... I may have to put it in the dvd player tonight because of you. ;) I got a lot done today. My friend Kim helped me with the yardening. We first boxed up my wreaths and garlands, in addition to the extension cords I use for those things. Then I had to put gas in the 3500 because it was (Grrrr!) on empty. When I got back, I backed it up to the Crepe Myrtle and stood on the back to trim that tree. We gathered the limbs and pulled them in a cart to the burn pile. Next we pruned a *huge* lantana bush and gathered those trimmings for the burn pile. Then we raked leaves away from the fence and I used the mower to mulch it all up. Finally, we transplanted some houseplant trimmings into another pot and then called it a day!
  9. Oh, I know they come in all colors but all the ones I've seen in person have all been red.
  10. Today is GORGEOUS outside and I plan to get some yardening done. I pruned one Crepe Myrtle tree yesterday and want to do the other today. I have three more Muscadine Vines to prune. I also need to box up my porch garlands and wreaths, then I'll be done putting Christmas away. If I get ambitious, and I might not, I could start digging a hole to put a transplanted shrub into and start digging out said shrub to move. Doing this will make a clear path to my water spigot instead of having to squeeze between two shrubs.
  11. I think she looks like one because she's got the hat and the chest shield. Here is an online article telling about Medicine Hat or War Bonnet horses and it even mentions blue eyes, like your mare has. http://www.ponybox.com/news_details.php?id=1126 https://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/articles/031_medicine.htm http://www.equiworld.com/breeds/medicinehathorse/index.htm In looking at other websites for information, I realize I've only ever seen RED medicine hat horses. I cannot remember seeing any in bay or black colors, they've always been chestnut.
  12. That sounded like great fun! Puttering around the house and yard today - I need to vacuum and do some outdoor vine/tree pruning. I have a shrub I want moved but I think I'll wait a bit for that one, maybe next month.
  13. Whoops! Sorry, I didn't know about that. I clicked out of the vid too fast to see what the next vid was about. Sorry, everyone!
  14. WARNING: Language! These bikers aren't having a very good day but they are having great fun trying to free their bike from an electric fence.
  15. I've eaten at one in Athens, GA a few times and it was delicious!