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  1. I love the pics! We are in the middle of 4-5 days of rain. We need the good soaking but I wouldn't mind some pool-time in between rain storms.
  2. My favorite time to yarden and garden is in a light rain when the soil is soft and workable. If I can do it after dark with a headlamp, that is also a plus. I remember pulling up some mis-matched hedges at the other house and then planting azaleas in their place one night after it had rained that day. I had the truck out there, the halogen light stand and all my yard tools. I was out there from 10pm to 1am and I remember a Sheriff car slowing down to take a look at what I was doing.
  3. Whew! I'm so glad she heard you talking outside and made it home. Time to kill the fatted can of cat food for the prodigal kitty! =^..^=
  4. If this is the criteria, then I have cojones. Woot-woot! I admit it felt very strange voting outside my party but I must say I also felt very good about casting my vote *away* from those I felt were harmful. Then again, while some scream my-vote-won't-count there are others screaming if-you'd-voted-right-(like the screaming ones)-this-never-would-have-happened. Darned if you do, darned if you don't. I rest easy with my decision because my vote counted TO ME.
  5. LOL I love that story! It made me smile so big.
  6. Generally, indoor-only cats won't go very far from their house. They will find a place to hide and hunker down. Put food out for her on both porches. If you can, at night, turn off all the lights and open the doors so she can come back inside. (I caught an escaped indoor cat that way) Also, look for her at night with a flashlight, looking for eye-shine. Keep looking and she will turn up. Best of luck, she is a lovely torbie.
  7. Dang, I'm sorry they were pills about the camera. *mad* Love the pic of Shortman next to the circus trailer. Historical.
  8. Wanted to ride today and also needed to mow. Rain storms moved in last night and everything was too soaked to ride or mow. So I pulled up weeds and pruned shrubs instead.
  9. I love that pic of you all stacked up with the statue!
  10. I think I'd love having the beach all to myself! Or even mostly to myself. They are fun places to relax. I remember Grandma getting my sister and I up very early one morning and she took us to the Belmont racetrack to have breakfast overlooking the track, watch the TBs exercising in the morning mist, were shown how a starting gate worked and we got to meet a racehorse whose name was "Mouse" - though I'm sure now that was a barn name.
  11. I've BEEN there in the summer. My sister and I used to spend 2 months of every summer with Grandma. I remember she took us to the beach and we were on the left side of a remarkable lifeguard stand. That night we went to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner and found out that our Aunt was there on the RIGHT side of that remarkable lifeguard stand. The beach was so crowded we never saw each other even though we couldn't have been more than 30' apart.
  12. I totally agree with what you've said. It was a real d*ck move on his part. Not all muslim people are extremists as the terrorists appeared to be. Many, many more are peaceful and also denounced what their countrymen did.
  13. I think what Trump did was wrong and it caused untold grief and duress. My question was specifically about UAE and Egypt not being in either list. If Obama thought it was okay to not include those countries, for whatever reasons, I am not understanding why people are now outraged that Trump hasn't included them and are scathingly attributing it to his business interests in those countries.
  14. I don't think the membership is dumb at all, which is why I said this: Trying. And failing.
  15. I'm glad you are getting to see them. It makes me sad they are closing down.