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  1. Your Tack Shack is adorable! I love it! Went riding today and my gelding was a freaking BRONC. Well, not a terribly effective bronc because I stayed on, but after I got home and was still for a while, I discovered he had jacked me up. My left sciatic kept wanting to drop my leg out from under me and my lower back was soooo tight. He would get head sling-y and crow hop a bit. I have him in a snaffle right now and I'd take his face away and he'd stop. Sometimes me just saying "Aaaaant!" would make him stop before I could pull one rein. But he kept doing it! Probably 8-10 different times. I checked the saddle and the pad and girth were fine and then I made sure his skin laid smooth - no wrinkles or bumps. We figured out he didn't like having to 'work' to keep up with my friend's faster gaiting Rocky. If my boy was in front and controlling the speed, he was happy. If he was behind and having to work to keep up, he'd get pissy and have a tantrum. Other than that, he was a good ride.
  2. Please stop trying to shame us for enjoying our time here. I read the topics you post and I learn a lot about the world and everyone's different opinions. I've even changed my own opinions based on things I've learned.
  3. I love it's black legs. Don't think me crazy ..... but the table reminds me of a Siamese Cat with its' tan body and black legs.
  4. Wow! That table is beautiful. Is that a drawer in the center? I love it!
  5. Got the horses fed and the truck hooked up to the trailer because Bestie and I will be riding today in a couple hours. We were going to ride yesterday but my husband took my truck to work instead of the Corvette. Grrr!
  6. I think this one is my favorite one!
  7. Looooong day today. I tried to snooze on the couch when I got home but my sister called and disturbed me, so now I"m up. And I'd rather be back sleeping on the couch.
  8. Whoooooo, you and this poor kitty have been put through the wringer! I hope things get easier for you both.
  9. Overcast day here, today. I'll be heading in to work in an hour. Relaxing and surfing the interwebz. Pink, be careful. I read the story about that shooter and while I believe the man knew what he was doing, he is definitely unhinged.
  10. Husband cooked the meal today while I took the horses out riding with my BIL. It was a nice time. When we got back we washed up, I set the table and the food was GREAT. Went for a short walk outside then came inside for a snooze. Just got up but I think I want to sleep some more. This is Jim on Chrome.
  11. Working today but getting ready to close the library down for Easter.
  12. How awesome is that?!
  13. In theory I should be able to but my phone won't turn on for me to access anything. I was given the address of an electronics repair place that could possibly retrieve my info. I'll give them a try next week.
  14. *BIG SMILE*
  15. Call your vet back and let them know what you are seeing on your mare.