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  1. No, Mallie is the first adult feral I trapped/tamed on our first property here in Georgia. I caught her and her litter of four kittens. The kittens went through adoptions and I kept Mal as an outside barncat because she was feral. It took about 5mo for me to socialize her for petting and over the next year she became an indoor/outdoor cat. When she got sick in 2006 with fatty liver she became a permanent indoor cat. When I noticed her with kittens, I called her The Mamma Cat. After I trapped and spayed/neutered everyone my husband said I couldn't keep calling her "Mamma" and I'd have to give her a proper name so I named her Malibu to remind us of the state we grew up in, which if you guessed California, you'd be right. lol I have a few more wreaths to hang outside on the upper dormer windows but I'm waiting on the timed battery lights to arrive.
  2. She's a softie, but doesn't want anyone to know? lol
  3. GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! Malibu had her check up today (about 1mo since her acute vision issue) and the vet was sooooo impressed with how well she's healed!!!!!! All the paperwork Dr. W gave me and everything I read on line said once a cat's retinas detach, even if they reattach, their vision does not return. BUT, Dr. W said we started treatment so soon that she credits that with Mallie's remarkable recovery. She asked for my photos so she can do a FB writeup for their vet clinic and she may even submit it to an online veterinary medicine journal she belongs to. I'm sure you all can imagine how over-the-moon I am at this news! =^..^=
  4. I am ready for the day! I'm off today but I have errands to run; Mallie to the vet at 2, then back to town in a separate trip to pick up my new eyeglasses and make a deposit at the bank. Then I want to go to the next Big Town's JoAnn's Fabrics to buy material for a hunting-themed quilt I've been asked to make. No plans for Saturday, though I do want to scrub the horse tub and locate the tank de-icer.
  5. LOVE the pics! Your icey water tub reminds me to go find my stock tank de-icer this weekend.
  6. No, I feel I rule the roost. Major plus is I feed them *at night* so I am never woken up in the morning with demands for canned cat food.
  7. I must have tried to do too much before work today because my time-plans went to heck. Hair color/cut appt at 11:30 and I arrived 15min early. I needed to be out of there by 3 (and I told her this) so I would have enough time to re-style hair, wash face, makeup, change clothes, make some phone calls for Xmas gift deliveries and eat lunch. I ended up getting out of the salon at 3:30. There was road work on the hwy home so I flipped around and took back roads, arriving at the house with 12min to get everything done if I wanted to arrive at work on time. I had to prioritize and only changed clothes and ate a cheese half sandwich in the car on the drive in. I miscalculated driving in on the back roads (see hwy above) so I ended up 7min late for work. Worst, is I *hate* feeling rushed, especially before coming in to work, since it takes me a bit to wind down so I can enjoy work.
  8. I'm glad Finn is improving. Mallie's eyes look normal, now. She has a checkup with the vet tomorrow and I hope the vet is able to tell me her retinas are reattaching themselves.
  9. Here are my Hungry Dozen a couple nights ago at feeding time.
  10. AWESOME! I *absolutely* know the heart-stopping fear and ache when a house-pet is lost. SO glad you found him AND that he was inside and not out in the cold! I swear, our imagination is The Worst during those times. (((hugs))) for your GSD. They leave paw-prints on our heart when they earn their wings.
  11. I loved reading about how you learned to interact with her. It reminds me very much of how I interact with JingleBelle the deaf cat.
  12. Went a little wild (for me) with Christmas decorating this weekend. No Christmas tree, yet. It is still outside "relaxing" its branches. We want to wait until the niece and nephew arrive (12/19) to bring it in and decorate ... so the cats have less time to mangle everything!
  13. I found the above to be very profound.
  14. If your landlady wants to keep Trevor despite his medical condition, I certainly hope owner forfeits all rights to him so landlady can make all of the decisions without Damocles' sword hanging over her head.
  15. THIS paragraph: Ashleigh agrees to lease said horse to Tricia for $0 (zero) with the understanding that if Tricia decides for any reason, at any time, that she cannot care for Trevor, the lease will be terminated. IMO, owner must know of the tumors and is trying to pass-the-buck so lessee pays for the required veterinary care for this pre-existing cancerous medical condition and/or has to bear the brunt of the Hard Decision to euth and be present for that.