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  1. Mine are planted near pine trees so the soil is acidic. My neighbor had one and I *loved* it every spring.
  2. When we do burrito night I like to mix some salsa into the refrieds to make then less thick and easier to spread on the tortilla.
  3. That is how I like packing for trips, too. Short work days today and tomorrow, 4-7. May try to go to the movies with a friend tomorrow before work to see Beauty and the Beast with her.
  4. This spring I planted 8 trees (1 Lavender Crape Myrtle, 2 Pink Dogwood, 2 Redbud, 3 Red Maple) and uprooted and transplanted 2 existing trees (5' tall Tulip Tree and a 3' tall Maple). Planted a dozen daylilys (Prairie Belle, Purple de Oro, Little Business and Wine Delight) into an existing 70' line of standard orange daylilys and dug up and transplanted 10' of the thin end of that line to make the remaining 60' line look fuller. Also planted 2 Catnip plants for the outside kitties and I can snip leaves for the indoor kitties. TO plant: I have 5 Jasmine for the outside of the pool fence, another 5 Gardenias to plant - need to decide where so they can smell their best when we are outside. A small handful of blackberry vines then several varieties of tomato plants, bell peppers and watermelon. Still keeping an eye out for pink double peonies. I need to contact the company I got my trees from because one of the Redbuds isn't doing well at all. It has three main upper branches that did not leaf-out.
  5. No firsthand experience but I've always thought they were lovely dogs!
  6. Thanks everyone, for the anny-wishes!
  7. Oh! How did I miss you're in Michigan?! lol
  8. Anniversary dinner at Longhorn steakhouse this evening. It was delish!
  9. *thoughts/prayers for lungs*
  10. Do NOT think you are being picky. When you think about it; you are looking for a horse to purchase for yourself and it needs to meet specific needs for a particular athletic and demanding purpose. Form follows function so you do have to start with a good foundation. Know what you need and stick to your guns until you get it. I have a friend in CA who raises foundation QHs if you are interested in contacting her for a baby. She may also point you towards older horses that are suitable.
  11. You are right, complacency has no place in debate. We do need to get shaken up from time to time to change our perspective and effect change.
  12. Saturday was beautiful and went riding. The horse jacked my back up so I wasn't moving so well that night or the next day. Sunday I had planned to mow the front yard because it was looking shaggy and vacuum the pool - and then jump in because the water is 80. But we had a cold front with LOTS of rain come in. I ended up planting a dozen pots of daylilys, transplanting about 10 clumps of daylilys and transplanting a small maple tree out of the daylily line. Still overcast with light rain today. I work this afternoon and then husband and I are going to dinner for our 24th Anniversary.
  13. ^^^ Could say the same of you. I don't understand why you are so bothered about what we discuss, or don't discuss, in other areas of HC. It seems as if you are taking it personally that no one wishes to start topics about politics and/or join in. As you've said, it is the "bloody INTERNET" and people can talk about whatever they want - and if they don't want to, there is no law saying they must. I will repeat: Stop trying to shame we who like to share and discuss the daily minutia of our lives. Doing so brings me closer to the membership and makes me feel part of this horse-oriented community more so than discussions on politics that devolve into peeing matches of who can get the best personal dig in.
  14. Went to Lowes to pick up a screen door for the garage apartment and the bottom fell out of the sky. I felt like we were driving underwater and I was singing "We all live in a yellow submarine...." driving through the torrential downpour.
  15. Buckskin was a GOOD ONE! And you won't regret Beauty and the Beast, it was great!