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  1. She looks adorable and I love the pic of Conner and her.
  2. Please pause today to remember those in the military who have given their lives for freedoms we enjoy, and respect their sacrifice. Bless all who serve in our Armed Forces as they defend us. I just got home from the emergency vet where I took my 15/16yr old cat, Malibu. She had been having trouble breathing and I wanted her seen before we leave Tuesday for a California visit with my Mom. Mallie had bloodwork and xrays, showing a bit of an infection, bordering on pneumonia in her lungs and a mild urinary infection. She had a high WBC and low potassium. She was very dehydrated, due to not eating/drinking while not feeling well. Her stomach and intestines had a lot of air in them, the vet said from trying to "gulp" air because her breathing was compromised. She was given sub-q fluids, a shot of Convenia (a long-acting Abx) and a shot of Cerenia to make her more comfortable. They cleaned her ears, which have a slight infection and I have drops to put in and they also cleaned her nose so she could breathe better. When we got home, she had a good drink and then ate some watered down canned food. She walked around a bit, purring and with her tail up. A marked improvement from before when we left for the E-vet.
  3. Thank you everyone. It has been incredibly difficult around the house for me. The E-vet was .... efficient ... and I so would have preferred the vet that knew Mallie and me and everything we'd been through. I know it was best for her, but I wasn't ready.
  4. It is with a heavy heart I share that Malibu declined rapidly and I took her back to the E-vet for humane euthanasia. I should have done so last night and not made her wait.
  5. Eskie was part of an off-shoot board I was a member of but she left after a drama filled meltdown. At that time she was still riding but I do not know what is going on with her or her family for the past 4+yrs or so.
  6. Had a small rain squall move through early this morning and it is windy today. Still supposed to get above the mid-80s and I'll probably swim after I get home from work. May try and ride with my BIL tomorrow, but there is a lot going on .... need to do laundry and pack for our flight early Tuesday morning. I am trying hard not to freak out about leaving the kitties. Mostly 15/16yr old Malibu. She went to the vet on Friday and we had better numbers for BUN and Creatinine but I still don't like leaving my fur babies.
  7. ^^^ It made me check how long I've been here and it's been TWELVE years!
  8. She is so lovely and I cannot believe it has been 10yrs! I still remember her foal pictures!
  9. I didn't know that was a thing until the day after I planted my garden. Which is visible from the road. So I'm glad I knew nothing about it and I bet my neighbors are glad, too. Or maybe not, I don't know them very well. 0.o
  10. Give some thought to the build of the horse you are looking for and what you are asking the horse to physically do. I know you want a heavier boned animal to carry your very tall fiance, but be aware that the heavier draft horses expend more energy moving their size and bulk around, in addition to what they are carrying, and may have difficulty keeping up with lighter horses. Because of this, I do like NP's suggestion of a warmblood. There is a reason in the middle ages why knights in heavy armor rode war horses called "destriers" to carry the weight. However, as they traveled to tournaments and battles, lighter horses were ridden while leading their destriers to save their strength for their destination. Later on in history, as war changed, these mounts morphed into cavalry and light horse brigades. As for PMU foals, some PMU farms breed *excellent* stock. They do this so their foal crop has a great chance at having a productive life. Best of luck in your search!
  11. There was a mass exodus a few years ago when one of the admins got on their high horse and banned a couple popular members, then other members who were friends with that banned member behaved badly *just* so they could be banned, too. It was ridiculous. It was also ridiculous to ban the original member over what they were banned for. People started leaving in droves but some remained faithful .... but the damage was done, the participation numbers went sharply down. It has slowly started creeping up again and I like that. Welcome back!
  12. I've said for years; our jails aren't full of smart people.
  13. Absolutely. I want to see her them and assess for myself how everyone is doing.
  14. Well, Mom is back home. Turns out at her Dr. appt they let her blood sample sit too long and it gave a false high reading. The high number is why they sent them to the ER. ER drew blood and when it came back, her numbers were normal. Several hours of time and worry wasted but we're glad she's holding steady and wasn't in crisis. Pink, I'm also looking forward to seeing race pics.
  15. There's been too much rain, wind and cool temperatures - though the pool *is* warmer than the outdoor air .... but lightning keeps me away. Thursday the weather should be clearing and I may have a work friend and her son out for dinner, swimming and possibly a movie. If the weather won't cooperate, we'll make a rain-date for Fri or Sat. She has to come in the late afternoon or early evening when the pool area is shaded by the trees because she has Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with TEN (toxic epidermal necrolysis). Her case developed due to a severe reaction to a medication but now the sun is a trigger for her. Her initial treatment put her in an ICU burn unit for several months. She loves doing fun things with her boy but she has to be so careful of outdoor activities.
  16. It hailed here today. Sister texted me that she took Mom to the ER again due to high potassium levels. They will stabilize her and she will probably AMA herself out of there and back to home. I'm flying out on Tuesday next week for a quick visit. Sister and I fear it may be the last time I see her alive. My Uncle also has a laundry list of end-stage and serious issues. He lives about 30min North of Mom and I hope to see him while I'm there, too. Not going to be a fun trip. Animals are doing well and Pink's posting about equine shots reminds me I need to Coggins my horses for this year as it is up in July.
  17. OMG, this made me snort out loud and scare one of my cats that was asleep on the desk! lolol
  18. I was kinda hoping he'd stop and ask what I was doing, just so he could look around and make sure I wasn't burying a BODY! lolol
  19. I love the pics! We are in the middle of 4-5 days of rain. We need the good soaking but I wouldn't mind some pool-time in between rain storms.
  20. My favorite time to yarden and garden is in a light rain when the soil is soft and workable. If I can do it after dark with a headlamp, that is also a plus. I remember pulling up some mis-matched hedges at the other house and then planting azaleas in their place one night after it had rained that day. I had the truck out there, the halogen light stand and all my yard tools. I was out there from 10pm to 1am and I remember a Sheriff car slowing down to take a look at what I was doing.
  21. Whew! I'm so glad she heard you talking outside and made it home. Time to kill the fatted can of cat food for the prodigal kitty! =^..^=
  22. If this is the criteria, then I have cojones. Woot-woot! I admit it felt very strange voting outside my party but I must say I also felt very good about casting my vote *away* from those I felt were harmful. Then again, while some scream my-vote-won't-count there are others screaming if-you'd-voted-right-(like the screaming ones)-this-never-would-have-happened. Darned if you do, darned if you don't. I rest easy with my decision because my vote counted TO ME.
  23. LOL I love that story! It made me smile so big.
  24. Generally, indoor-only cats won't go very far from their house. They will find a place to hide and hunker down. Put food out for her on both porches. If you can, at night, turn off all the lights and open the doors so she can come back inside. (I caught an escaped indoor cat that way) Also, look for her at night with a flashlight, looking for eye-shine. Keep looking and she will turn up. Best of luck, she is a lovely torbie.
  25. Dang, I'm sorry they were pills about the camera. *mad* Love the pic of Shortman next to the circus trailer. Historical.