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  1. Next time I'll be sure to be more open about my plans! [ROTFL] I didn't realise so many people would want to meet little ol' me! [ROTFL] That's so awesome! I'm glad I could be of some use! I wish I had been more prepared and I could have brought something for them. Seriously though, good times, even at Tom's
  2. Aw man! I actually have no idea where we passed through. But we could have used you when we were lost in there! LOL We were wondering who we could call to find out where we were hahaha. We could have! =( I have a feeling I may have passed many board members along the way! It would have been awesome to stop at all of them! It's funny how many people said that to me while I was there! Doing it by motorhome would be a fabulous adventure! I stayed 35 days in all. It's a..... Canon EOS 450D... but according to the manual I think you guys call it an EOS Rebel xsi ? Hahaha. Aw, another missed board buddy. It's ok! I'll be back for round 2 at some point =P I know Nara and I have vague plans for another epic roadtrip in the other direction. Although we may take proper maps for that one.... I seriously had It was awesome, and now I'm kind of sad to be home, but animals need tending and money needs replenishing. Then! I'll be back [Yay]
  3. LMAO Andi they probably are! It's like a miniskirt on those er... big ol' manly men! Hehe Tuck, they're on everyone else's cameras I just haven't got to steal them off them yet.
  4. LOL Andi! Next time! Just so we freak the poor guy out with english overload every time!
  5. and last but certainly not least! The Audrey-Mae gang! And now that I've frozen everyone's computers, I'm done! It was a great time! So much fun! A huge thanks to everyone that accomodated me along the way, you guys are awesome!
  6. And the same Mustangs Audrey posted
  7. The country out there is awesome.
  8. Next stop Washington State/Oregon! Camped on the beach in Washington Went to Seattle and did a bit of sightseeing around there, but apparently forgot to take pics LOL. Oregon, was where we saw the Mustangs with Andi, and dinner with MyDakota (Highly recommended! mmm) MD's goats were too funny! Do you like see-food? And Andi's critters too! Yeah... that wasn't going to work... poor Jake. and Skipper...
  9. Next stop Michigan! Apparently I completely failed in the picture taking in the Michigan stop.... But had an awesome time with ironbessflint and her mum, venturing around the countryside, even to Cabela's to see once-live moose [ROTFL] . And with Buddyroo who picked me up at the last minute and allowed me to crash her family for the evening [Not Worthy]
  10. And what do you know, what should we find in the back streets of Chicago?? A moose [ROTFL]
  11. Cute little lighthouse off the pier. And this thing... a hot air balloon tethered to the ground that made me want to puke as it swayed in the breeze. We went up the Sears/Willis tower, at night.
  12. Next Stop Chicago! Where I met up with BarnBarb. We were there the weekend of the Chicago Air and Water show which was awesome. Wandered around Chicago and did all the touristy things. Went to Navy Pier, and the Chicago Ferris Wheel.
  13. We came to moose country... There were lots of (rein)deer crossing signs And some moose crossing signs But not one single moose. In fact there was no wildlife at all, except the ants that attacked me in the grass... So we took pictures of the scenery instead. And then we began the drive back to PA without a single moose sighting....
  14. Then we drove up the coast through Pennsylvania, dropped Skip off and headed up to New York to see Niagara Falls. We drove... And there were clouds and water... lots and lots of water! THEN we drove across to New Hampshire in the hopes of finding some wild moose.... we accidently ended up in Maine, on a mountain, with no mobile recepton in the middle of the night, but that was an accident and they still have moose in Maine, apparently. So we drove And drove and drove some more until..