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  1. She's doing great, lots of poo yesterday. Vet gave her a gut stimulant, hydrated her and something for pain. She's a bit PO'd about her hay only diet though, that girl is a consummate chow hound constantly begging for food with her sidekick Cash. Can you believe he's pushing 30? I'd like to see that Bronco too, they're such cool little trucks. TigerLilly that is pure stupidity. Seriously, what do they tell themselves before they drive around a barrier that warns of high water. Equi, they should have to pay for it, sadly, saving their life sometimes costs a first responder theirs. Back in May of 2015, Houston went under water, flooding surrounded the Medical center where Paul was. As bad as I needed to be with my husband, I stayed home because he would never have wanted me out there in the madness. Eight people died driving into water. I am finally done making jelly! Next time I stop picking at one pail. I am exhausted and taking today off.
  2. Oops, you weren't there when I posted RrW. Yes, I used 6 hens eggs because I boiled all the duck eggs for egg salad. I love Shortman's bacon suggestion and the batter lends itself to all sorts of sweet and savory variations.
  3. And so quick and easy. If you need something to impress house guests at breakfast, this is the perfect thing to serve. I can see it tweaked like RrW said with cinnamon, even chocolate mmmm.
  4. Oh no! Hoping people use their heads and stay safe.
  5. TigerLilly sure wish I was at that sale today, I'd buy that dresser. Prayers for all the victims of flooding. Hope people practice turn around don't drown better than these Texans do, good gracious if it's high and rushing, they're gonna drive through it. Smh jubal, glad you stayed on Jubal. The worst horse spook I lived through was a screeching cat. Could you all keep my daughter's mare in your thoughts today, she's at the vet with her for colic. RrW TS Cindy was not much to speak of down here but she's creating havoc everywhere else. Waco go almost 5" in just 40 minutes. We've had rain like that and it's insane! Dallas is having severe weather too. Now I have 7 qts. of mustang grape juice to process into delicious jelly.
  6. RrW burp...excuse me! May I just say, your Mom's oven pancake was delicious! I got up early and masserated strawberries, blueberries some leftover pineapple in powdered sugar and peach simple syrup. Then I made the pancake. Paul was so impressed, I agreed with him, it reminds us of the Swedish pancakes we got in Door Co. Wisconsin.
  7. You are exactly right. Trying to keep her in real time is counter productive and frustrating for everyone. When Paul was having hallucinations and in some altered state from drugs, his brother insisted on reality checks. Ugh, no matter how many times I told him, he'd jump up, hover over his bed and correct him. I began to dread his visits.
  8. Oooo yes RRW! I've got fresh strawberries that would just be perfect on top of that! Pepperann I fry, scramble, use them in a breakfast casseroles and in baking. Hubby doesn't like eating them, he says they taste different and the white is thicker and a different consistency than chicken egg whites. He doesn't know he eats them in things. Def going to try this!
  9. Heidi, it's so hard but you are doing all that you can doq for her. Sounds like you and your sister are trading off duties which is good, one of you needs to be fresh when they other is spent. Care giving is the hardest job of all because of the emotional attachment to the patient. ((Big Hugs))
  10. I do and they are delicious! The older hen routinely lays the huge egg, always a double yolk. They two younger hens are sitting on two eggs now, I let them have them, they seemed so proud. But I'm hoping that big black chicken snake learned its lesson the last time he tried snatching them...they took a pound of his flesh
  11. PD, hoping your wife will feel better after they adjust her meds. Glad you had company yesterday. RrW, your train B&B sounds so fun! I have the fondest memories of our train trips as kids from Houston to Ohio and Jamestown NY, loved the dining car the most, white table cloths, waiters in white coats and the delicious smells. That's clever! Jubal, hope the wedding party didn't get out of hand last night. We went up to our son's place and picked 30 lbs. of mustang grapes to make jelly. Dumped them in my sink to sort and wash and thought what have you done!! Pretty certain I don't have enough sugar, small jars, lids and rings to do the job.
  12. That is the truth, the drake had a face only a mother could love! These girls have an interesting story. We share a pond with a neighbor who originally purchased a drake with these 3 hens. They quickly learned my horses dropped feed and would show up at feeding time, I got attached to them. At some point coyotes killed the drake and the hens began living at our house where they feel safe I guess. They live and lay eggs in the pecan box by the door. The older hen has a nest on our back porch. The neighbor knows we have them and is just glad they're safe. He lives near a creek the coyotes use to travel and despite his best efforts, they make a steady meal of his chickens. Thankfully, they've never bothered us.
  13. Equi, I've done it both ways after losing a pet and for me, smelling puppy breath is therapeutic. Years ago, I had a long haired dachshund who I adored. On the morning of my birthday, Rusty met a tragic end. My husband felt highly responsible for his death and in his effort to comfort and make it up to me, he said...will you forgive me if I buy you that Corgi puppy you've always wanted? I immediately told him no but the more I thought about it the better I felt. I started looking on line and found a nearby breeder, we picked out a male pup the next day I named Toby. The kids tease me about being disloyal to Rusty's name and Toby never replaced him, it sounds cliche but he did help fill the hole in my heart. PD, how is your wife feeling? TigerLilly, what are you painting now? PW, allergies here on the Gulf Coast are outrageous. I'm hoping this TS will calm them down a bit...give me some relief.
  14. I'd buy that piece in a heartbeat TigerLilly! Word of caution on using p of p wear a mask if you sand in an enclosed area, it can irritate lung tissue. I am all about protecting lungs. I want to try using Vaseline. Lady gave me an easy technique to make it chippy, she lays a damp rag down on the paint, it lifts the milk paint you can let it dry or scrape it off. Painted, hope that coyote was just passing through.
  15. Love it! What brand milk/chalk paint do you use or do you make yourown? What's your technique to distress it? I'd have a very hard time selling it. Love to see it with the drawers done. This is the last one I painted.