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  1. I love reading everyone's posts. Tigerlily, how exciting to discover for the first time what's in your garden. The previous owners left you a great starting place. I've had feeders out and not one humming bird have I seen. Not sure why, we always have them in Spring. Its so windy today I had to give up working on getting my garden how I envisioned it in 2014 (pre-husbands lung transplant) but if it isn't done before real heat and humidity set in it will wait until fall. The weeds are clearly winning the battle. Short of letting my husband have his way with weed killer, I've exhausted my ideas...weed barriers haven't worked nor has a layer of hay because these native weed seeds are airborne. I got my morning glories planted in the old water trough, excited to see them grow along the fence. Look at this mess!!! Moved my blue/white flower pots out to my full sun spot yesterday along with my Meyer lemon and lavender. I'm looking for a large dark blue pot for the lavender so it matches the color scheme. I adore the metal bluebonnet I found in Blanco.
  2. I'm sorry to hear this. ((Hugs))
  3. Jubal, right! Lol It's all made from Texas red cedar so there was a good chance it would match. My son in law was given a lot of red cedar, he's going to make a storage locker type piece for Jason's porch. Sinatra' playing in the back ground, finished potting the lavender, penta's and plumbago. It has been a glorious day to be piddling in the garden.
  4. Thank you Equi but we are nothing special, just sympathetic that she has no family or friends here to go through this with. She's a quiet timid person who finds it hard to be assertive, I am the total opposite. We want to help her through the process until she's not so scared and uncertain. Besides, Ed asked Paul to be there for her. Wanted to show you our son's new furniture. He made his bed a few years ago always intending to build matching pieces but he works so much he never had time. This dresser and night stand matches it perfectly. I am itching to accessorize for him! Lol
  5. Thank you guys. Our friend got his new lungs. He did very well in the surgery, didn't need to be put on heart bypass, which at 68, is better for his recovery. We got to see him around 3:30 yesterday, he wasn't using the new lungs yet, which happens but all his numbers were good. I am hoping he can go to surgical ICU asap, it will be more comfortable for his wife, right now she's having to stay in the waiting room with her suitcase, his O2 concentrator etc. plus she's on the little scooter because of her foot surgery. We plan to visit later this week, if she's agreeable, because she can't drive yet, carry her home for a day or two. Penny was back at the vet this morning, she had some fluid in her chest. He drew some out, there was no infection so it didn't need a drain. He sent her home with anti inflammatories. I am exhausted a nap sounds so good to me right now.
  6. Jubal, pretty sure that is fake news that she's leaving to do a cosmetic line. I follow her Instagram and who ever is in charge of the account said that was not true. Its rediculous someone can start a rumor like that to sell their product! Our friend got another call for lungs, he's on the way to Houston. I feel this time it will happen. If everyone could send positive thoughts and prayers he would appreciate it. We're going to head up there when traffic thins out.
  7. Well the table legs are stained like the drawer and it's actually bigger and prettier than it looks in the photo. I want one!! Doug cut my shelf boards for me and built an outside release cage for the rehabbed squirrels while we visited. He is just amazing! Our grandson is taking woodworking in school and built a cool saddle rack for his moms saddle. He will be 17 in July and wants a job, but I told him he needs to start building/selling benches out of salvaged items instead and charge a reasonable price for them. He just needs to find his audience and people will buy them. I wanted a small turquoise one from Blanco but the $200 price tag was a little steep. Our dinner was amazing! That ham omgosh, I found the best glaze recipe, water, honey, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, whole cloves. I'm craving a sandwich for breakfast. I took our son my large cowhide rug for his living room. His new furniture is southwest looking and I have just one western room left in the house, my cowgirl themed spare bedroom and the rug is way too big in there. Makes my heart happy to see it's going to be displayed. Need to get moving, we're hitting bath and body works before the movie. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  8. Haha yes to both of you! I'm assuming they are black, I'll know today, our son is in town, so we are having a late Easter dinner at her house. SIL's going to cut some reclaimed wood for me so we can build the lower shelf on my potting bench to store my pots. Picked up the last 4-4" lavender plants at the nursery, they were $2.79 ea. so I'm glad I waited to get them locally. I'm sort of regretting my date with my daughter to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow. All I want to do is play with plants.
  9. Jubal, a small 4" pot was just under $5. I can get a 4" pot for $2.97 I didn't know larkspur was poisonous! dogs and cats too? I'd love it for my garden but I have two cats that practically live inside my fenced garden and do tend to nibble plants.
  10. Yes it's a drawer! My daughter uses quill pens to write and journal in leather bound hand made paper journals. This is her writing table. Jubal, we always tent camped too but I am done with that now.
  11. We had a great time and we're already planning our next trip! RV'ing is very popular with retirees and their dogs lol. Never seen so many different dog breeds in my life! Weather was perfection! Our son came by our camp Thur. evening and spent the night on his way home from his job in west Tx. He finally got power at his place so the AC is being installed Monday and new furniture comes on Tuesday. So excited for him. Was so proud of us, within an hour of getting home, we had the camper unloaded and all unpacked and put away. Just have a huge pile of bedding, towels, dog blankets and rugs to wash at my leisure and clean the camper. Have to run to the grocery store for a ham, we're doing our Easter tomorrow at Amanda's. My son in law made this table for Amanda. Is he a keeper or what?!!
  12. We're back home from 5 days of camping in The Tx. hill country. We finally made it to the the Texas Wildflower center in Fredericksburg. Wow I did not want to leave. Picked up a bag of Tx. wildflower blend to sow this Oct. Hope to see them blooming in the spring. Wanted so badly to bring home lavender plants but they were pricey, I can get some locally for less. Both area lavender farms were closed until the weekend so I couldn't check that off my bucket list. But I did find a lovely bunch of dried lavender and bar of amazing smelling lavender/vanilla soap. My daughter took great care of my plants while we were gone. My morning glory starts are an inch high YAY! ^^California poppies, wish they grew in my zone. Gorgeous larkspur ^^ ^^ loved the California poppies Local cactus blooms near Blanco State park where we camped. ^^
  13. Well we made it to the state park after getting a late start and dropping $100 on brake/fuse job at our local RV repair. We set up and I was inside putting stuff away, turned the kitchen water on and the center of the faucet blew a leak and flooded the counter and behind the stove. The cap has a crack. So now, we can't use the kitchen faucet and dishes have to be washed in the bathtub. I pleaded with Paul before we left the house to bring tools, my dad always brought tools. Did he? No and how he thinks he's going to fix anything without tools is beyond me. Dogs didn't adjust at first. Thing is, they have never been on a leash. Gracie quickly got the hang of it but Penny still has no clue. There's time to work on her, nothing hot dogs can't fix.
  14. Right, especially since they have so much grass right now. Nope, there is no good reason for it except she must know I need a vacation! I swear I jinx myself, no kidding...last week it occurred to me it's been a long time since I got a jury summons. Boom, got one today! I filed an exemption, I lied but I'm not cancelling my vacation to sit in a jury room for 8 hrs.
  15. Yes I did actually unfortunately, we are due to leave for a 5 day camping vacay on Monday. Doesn't leave me much of an option for now.