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  1. Love love love
  2. Chance would like to have curve in it
  3. I'm loving these names
  4. Writing these down
  5. Keep them coming I like the names both parents are on allbreed
  6. We need help thinking of registered names for our new foal. Sire: mje dashing frenchman Dam: mje watch breez skip
  7. Would anyone want to help thinking of registered names? So far we have Frenchmans Curve
  8. Thank you
  9. Didn't plan on it Julie. I have that in vet bills
  10. He wants to come buy him $200 what he offered me I have THAT in vet bills
  11. Lovely
  12. He use to own the mare I have... I don't know if they ran together or what...
  13. Oh trust me I let them both have it over the phone lol. The owner who has the stud is too worried about buying the colt off of me. Which will not happen
  14. They are out in a dry lot. And I was at work when the foal was born
  15. Its mje watch breez skip