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  1. My tree is looking more an more Whoville. It is leaning way over.
  2. I am back from Florida. As I drove north yesterday it got steadily more cold. I was surprised at how decent gas mileage I got out of the Ram truck. I filled up at home, and then did not need gas till Lake City Florida. It was tshirt weather there. Now I need to finish Christmas stuff.
  3. My tree is curving. It looks like something from Whoville.
  4. BUsy at work. I leave friday for Orlando. I want to be in Orlando at noon. Which means I leave at... 3-4 am.
  5. That little village is cute. I have a village, but I have not put it out in years.
  6. Yes they are. After the barn burned a couple of weeks ago, just prior to that, the farm was logged to pay tax bills. I just could not take the sight of another cut down dead tree. Pickings were slim on what I could get in a pot so I can replant it and not just throw the money out the window for a cut tree since I just end up throwing a dead tree into the woods. Seems like a waste of money and fake trees do not please me at all. So I got what I could find. I have to do a tree up on a table or lock it inside an ex-pen inside my house or my boy dogs will pee all over it. So the last couple of years I just get one I can put up on a table like that. We are only putting up something so that when my daughter gets home the house is slightly decorated.
  7. Here is our tree this year.
  8. Lots of people got snow. I am not feeling great today, I have a borderline migraine. My head does not really hurt, but my eyes are super unfocused and I have white glows around everything. I could just need a nap. Who knows. I tried to shop this weekend I am really terrible at it. I only have a bit left and I need stocking stuffers for my husband and chocolate for my daughter. I am leaving Friday for Orlando. Oh and good news. Kim got the photographing gig for Royal Canin. Hopefully you will see her on advertisements if the shoot goes well.
  9. Yay about Malibu! I want cookies.
  10. Chilly here in GA. I had chick fil a for lunch. I really wanted to go to the pub and get eggs benedict. But I did not feel like walking thru town from the parking deck. I want a goody box. Molasses cookies sounds like something my horse would love. When I was a kid we used to buy him molasses cookies. He got so bad about them that he would come in the back door into the kitchen open the pantry where they were, and pull them out and wreck the pantry. His nose is still an opposable thumb.
  11. I really want eggs benedict.
  12. It is pretty chilly here too. I wore my thicker vest to work. It is friday. I guess I will attempt to shop again tomorrow. UGH.
  13. Great pics. I love Keno.
  14. It is cold and windy here. I went and had thai food and then on the way back grabbed a coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
  15. I went ice skating one time when I was in Maine. I am proud to say that I did not fall down at all and I skated round and round for hours. I was not particularly good at it, but I did not fall. I even went across the middle. :)