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  1. I am not entirely sure if for dog food or other advertisements or commercials. *confession.. I do not feed Royal Canin. ;)
  2. My work Christmas Party is tomorrow. At an amusement park. It is supposed to rain. I saw Fantastic Beasts it was excellent. I need new countertops so bad. So fingers crossed. This morning I got an email from AKC and it was a call for photos to possibly submit your dogs for advertising for Royal Canin dog food. Well I sent some pics at 10:00 am and by 10:50 I had a phone call from Royal Canin wanting more info on my dogs and pics of any other dogs I will have in Orlando in December. It was a good conversation and I sent pics of Bandit, Kim, and Basior. They will now have their info sent to the judging committee and I will find out next week if my dogs become famous.
  3. Hey RRW, I think you can change your name. Look under "Notes from Admin" and see instructions.
  4. I cannot figure out why Martins and Chick Fil A make such horrible coffee and that Starbucks and Dunkin make good coffee and horrible breakfast. We can put a man on the moon and yet we cannot combine a good breakfast place with a fast drivethru and a good coffee place.
  5. No, we no longer have any buildings on the farm. But the foreman leases nearby property. We will make due.
  6. RRW, I love the happy letter you painted.
  7. Morning. Pink your tree is pretty. I like it. I decided last year that we will no longer do a cut tree and I do not like artificial trees. So instead we buy an evergreen in a 5 gallon bucket, then after Christmas we will plant it in our pasture. I have not done that yet this year. It works out better because it is smaller and I put it on a table because my bad intact boy dogs want to pee on a Christmas tree. So bad news. Our barn burned to the ground yesterday. None of my horses were in and I do not keep my tack there either. But our huge old horse barn, a landmark to the community is gone. Everyone knew the big red barn on the hill. We do not know what caused it. The FD is probably going to investigate. I am heartbroken. The barn was 100 feet long, had 23 stalls, and it had all of our hay in it. We lost approximately 200 round bales and a huge John Deere. Now I am a bit worried as we are in a drought and everyone is out of hay. I think I will be able to manage the horses if I rotate their fields and such. But I am worried about the older ones. We do have alot of forage for the horses. I will also get alfalfa cubes and such. But they do not get grain every day. I will manage till spring though with whatever I have to do.
  8. Yay it worked! Thank you!
  9. Hey I think we are FB friends! I saw the baby on there. LOL. I have long forgotten HC via FB names. Congrats. I was expecting a puppy or a foal. Did she make it home?
  10. We are supposed to get rain today and a few days this week! I am beyond excited. We have not had rain since Mid September. Talking about dogs. I notice that my nearly 8 year old GSD sort of sags. He does not look his age, and he runs and bolts and wrestles with the other dane all over the yard. But now he has extra bend in his stifle, more so at night than in the morning. And I can also tell that his torso is sort of saggy. He is not fat, and is quite fit. But I watch my dogs closely and I noticed this. He used to have a fairly tight tuck up but now his waist area is thicker and slightly lower. So I have gradually cut his food some. He will last longer if he is a bit thinner. He is not fat, he is a solid 165 lbs. But I would like to get about 5 lbs off of him. I did not have his stomach tacked so I do worry about bloat. So I make sure he rests after his meals. I do not want him to lose his rear very soon as I will not be able to carry this dog in and out of the house.
  11. I think last I heard, Heidi, we may get 2" over this week. We need it bad. I was cyber shopping this morning.
  12. Look at that!!! She looks great.
  13. I get 4 days off and I do not really plan on shopping. I want to stay home and spend time with my dogs.
  14. Most times it is painfully slow. Then I get one that is super fast.
  15. I already alerted them to my name. But nothing. I guess I need to add my screen name under the photo. However to do that. I cannot figure out who everyone is.