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  1. My male rottie was done at about 7 months. No adverse effects. My female was dine about the same time frame and she has hormone related incontinence. Like she leaves puddles where she lays so I am constantly chasing her with a towel if she goes without meds.
  2. Totally agree! We have a pit and he is a huge baby. When our Chihuahua was still alive he bossed everyone around. The two pound dog was way meaner then the one hundred and fifteen pound dog.
  3. We only heat with LP but it morr then doubled in three days here. It went from $2.05 to $4.79. We are going to wait it out and just use our electric heaters for now.
  4. Poor girl we will keep you all in our prayers rsv is no fun.
  5. She is soo pretty! I love love love that Beanie! So cute with the bow on it too!
  6. Thank you everyone! I was very nervous to have a girl but boy howdy is it fun! She is such a trooper with her bows!
  7. We had our baby on 11/12/13. She weighed 7lb 14.5oz and was 20.5 inches long. Introducing Gatlynn Jo! Baby Gatlynn with big brother Lane Baby girls are fun to dress! Mommy and baby! I look horrible but she is beautiful so it makes it ok lol!
  8. O man I am glad we got a light dust that was gone in about 20min. We were happy the snow missed us.
  9. Does she have a toy that looks wolfish or cast a wolf like shadow? My son did the same type thing for a few months and finally we figured out it was chuck the dump truck. So one day when he was feeling extra brave we pulled chuck out and "killed" it with a hammer. I wanted to cry because we paid almost $50 for chuck but he has slept perfectly fine and all night from then on.
  10. Spelling names wrong drives me bananas. My name is Hannah and I get it three ways but right 98% of the time. The people I am around spell it Hanah, Hanna, or Hana. My mom's family always spells it incorrectly. But on a side note my son's name is Lane Wyatt and my daughter's name will be Gatlynn Jo. I have a thing for the letter y lol.
  11. I am so excited for you!
  12. I would love to but I amgoing to be super busy with a new little one and my 3 year old. Maybe next year!
  13. I voted for you too good luck!
  14. Thanks GH you are awesome at explaining things!
  15. Ugh biggest pet peeve ever! Buckskin or Dun. The dang horse is a Dun he has a defined BLACK line that I swear is to the bone and he also has all of the other factors. "Well my aunt says he is buckskin and she has been dealing horses for 40+ years." Well sorry Deary your aunt doesn't know colors on horses. She labeled 4 bay roans blue roans. When they clearly were bay! Your mom don't know crap either with her rare tricolor paint aka bay tobaino. Seriously I am not a pro and I ask a million questions but if you want to be a professional breeder you should at least get the dang colors right! Google it if you don't know!