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  1. Congrats on the new property... Another PA person transplanted to KY.... Welcome...
  2. Go to and look up Deadly Ky rattlesnakes ... I would post the link.. but there is some strong language in the video…the video was taken about 20 miles from where I live.. and maybe 5 or 6 from my friends house… she is running over rattlers with her truck, mowing them with her lawn mower…falling out of the ceiling of an old trailer… and she even had a rattler in her daughters trailer between the stove and refrigerator ! ! ! Me ? I almost stepped on a copperhead a few years ago when I walked behind my Blazer which was in the drive.... it coiled back.. fortunately I was on the phone so I called a neighbor who came to my rescue, and dealt with it for me… I was not about to take my eyes off the snake to go get a shovel and deal with it myself… Snakes… you can have… Syc
  3. 5th rock looks like a geode... you might look up what geodes are made of in your area...might be pyrite or something of that nature... Syc
  4. Welcome to the State of Kentucky... I am south central.. half way between Bowling Green and Somerset... don't know much about Pikeville since the farthest east I have been in this state would be London .... Kentucky has a lot of lakes... so boating and camping are obvious... most state parks have horse trails... and good camping facilities... Yes, Kentucky has the world largest cave system... over 300 miles of underground caves ! ! And let's not forget Churchill Downs in L'ville and Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.... Kentucky Down Under in Horse Cave... The Nation Corvette Musuem in Bowling Green... Lots of stuff... ya just might have to dig around a bit.... Syc....( PS... I moved from NW PA 31 yrs ago...) so be ready for a culture shock ! ! ! Ticks, rattlesnakes and copperheads as well... just make sure you know what everything looks like BEFORE you visit.... no time googling it as it slithers across your path.... :)
  5. You might be surprised... I have seen 20 ft setback lines on one acre of land... and this is a platt certified by the county ! ! Just depends what the deeds say....might be worth a look... Syc
  6. Have you considered putting out "Lost" posters on the dog in the area she was rehomed to... hate to say it.. many folks will put a dog down.. but many folks will also just dump them on a out of the way dirt road... there is a good chance she may be out there somewhere.... worth a try... Syc
  7. Thanks.. can't wait for the weather to break so I can ride... and the cinch is something else... Syc :)
  8. Lex ( my 31 year old mare) sporting the December's $500 Western Horseman/ Weaver Leather Giveaway ! ! The headstall and breastplate are beautiful, the blanket is awesome, and the cinch is absolutely amazing ! ! !
  9. A in ground security dog fence can work above ground... if you can attach it to step in fence post...Syc
  10. Hope everyone is fairing well with these frigid temps... Still dipping out the busted chunks of ice ( Oz, I did take your advice and break 2 holes leaving some of the surface frozen )... Saw the horses down at the spring so I know they are getting water if they want it... thanks.. Syc
  11. Sounds like a great idea... but it is a ways to the barn... puddles and places that pool water so I am shy about using electric heaters... the horses do have a spring in each of the pastures should they choose to trek down the hill... I just keep a 110 gallon tank full so it is there if they choose not to go down to the spring....Syc
  12. I do not post as much as I used to... but as I was breaking and removing the ice in the water trough I wondered how others deal with it... I remove the broken ice because if I don't, when it refreezes it seems to freezes harder than the first layer...I found that using an old wire french fry basket works well for removing most of the ice... water drains through... only draw back is.. the ice has to be busted up small enough so that the fry basket can scoop it up.... So how do most of you remove the ice or do you just leave it ? Syc ....
  13. I could get into a long drawn out story of a similar situation I am faced with... but I will save you the details... However I will tell you a friend of mine was mauled a Saint Bernard... ( a smaller one at that ) - She now has to wear a doo rag all the time because she was scalped by the dog... she has a pig bladder instead of a scalp, no hair.. No telling how many surgeries... and a long recovery Some dogs don't just take one bite and run... depending on the dog... mauling may very well what will happen... And if it is aggressive toward you... who else has it shown aggression toward... what about someone not at all familiar with the area... someone else( small children maybe ?) may very well be in great danger... Syc