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  1. I got tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in the ground. Still working on the squash, cucumbers and chard. It has been hot here the last couple of days, so I've been hiding in the house, lol. I did get the baby chickens moved outside though. Thank goodness! They are messy critters.
  2. I picked up some more soil and compost for my raised bed yesterday. Today I'll finish getting them filled and plant my tomatoes. Hopefully I'll get chard, squash and cucumbers planted tomorrow.
  3. No idea what the natural soil is like. The neighbor says its good and we are in the bottom land right next to a river. I'm not planning on using the natural soil for the raised beds. I'm going to purchase the base and then add compost to it. I have several of the black barrel composters that are working now. I should have good compost by fall when I'm ready to start this project. For this season, I'm using an old garden plot that my father in law built up before he passed. It is nice soil, but not in a good location or layed out very well for me. I think I'll turn it into a rose garden next year :)
  4. So, I'm going to start building a garden from scratch in the fall. My idea right now is to use cement blocks to build raised beds and then put a fence up around them to keep things out. I'm planning on 3 ft between the fence and the bed, then 3 ft between each bed. Landscape cloth under everything and then a layer of sand or pea gravel over the cloth between the beds. Fence will be hog panels and t-posts. I would like 6 4x8 beds, and 1 long narrow one for peas/beans that need support. Does this sound like a good idea? I only want to set it up once, so I need to get it right the first time. What would you fill the beds with? I'm thinking coconut fiber, compost and pearlite? Or maybe some potting soil that the local place will deliver by the dump truck load?
  5. ^^Yep! And those photos where taken about 5 minutes apart. We know who rules in our house :)
  6. @jubal, yep, they are work, but worth every minute. They keep me out of trouble :)
  7. Yeah, I'm using a bakers rack and a funky shelf I found in the garage. Not a fan of either one as a plant stand. I'm going to get hubby to build something else at some point, but it is low on his list. He spent this last weekend putting up a wooden swing/slide/playhouse for our daughter, then next weekend he's going to build me a chicken house :)
  8. @Proud Dad, I'm partial to the first one myself :)
  9. And the scaly ones :)
  10. The feathered ones :)
  11. The furry ones :)
  12. Thought I would show yall my critters. The human one :)
  13. The hole jungle :) I need a better window, or to install artificial lights. Some of the plants are much taller than they should be.
  14. Florist Gloxinia, several different ones. I'm not sure what all the blooms will look like. I'll update on that as well when they start blooming. The 1st photo is the plant I hauled across the country last August. I'm impressed and very pleased that it came back after hibernation.
  15. Blooming Aloe plant. My Mom had it for the last 18 months. It was in a south window, in a plastic pot with Miracle Grow Cactus soil.