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  1. Holy cow has it been a long time! I was just sitting here the other day and thought to myself: Horsecity forums! And decided to check in. I see a few people I recognize on here, but that doesn't mean that anyone will remember me at all, lol. But anyways, hmm. I still have my two children, and Indy turns FOUR on June 1st! Can you believe it?!?! I can't. He's an amazing horse, really. There was absolutely no breaking process, and now he's learning how to jump. Not too mention he's grown larger than anyone ever expected him to. He's still a hony at 15.1 hands but pretty much everyone told me he was going to top out at large pony. It doesn't bother me either way, I love him! And Illia is the same old Illia, haha. She's very opinionated, but while I start moving forward with showing and jumping Indy and getting him progressed, we are starting over with Illia and riding her dressage. It's hard to start over, and it's hard for me to have to learn a completely new discipline, but it's what she needs and we haven't been doing dressage for long, but it has already helped her immensely. The last time I rode we had the best walk/trot transitions we've ever had EVER, and that doesn't sound like much, but it is... She's the type of horse where as soon as you THINK about moving, or especially if you gather up your reigns, she's OFF! And a lot of that is me, I get really tense and we feed off of each other, but I'm working on staying relaxed and it's really paying off. (Let me know if the pictures don't work, I'm just copying the URLs off facebook cause I'm lazy)
  2. "I'm not selling him." "Aww, but don't you want to see a kid riding him through a course with a big smile on their face?" "Yeah. MY kid." Haha! I love this horse <3
  3. Milo, how dare you steal my blanket and put it on that tiny horse~! Hahaha Cappuccino_Girl: Cool! I can't believe so many people reblogged it and liked it haha! My inbox was apparently full but i'll shoot you a pm.
  4. From the album Random!

  5. From the album Random!

  6. From the album Random!

  7. From the album Random!

  8. From the album Random!

  9. Bahaha, god forbid he go around it right? Gotta stop right in front of it!
  10. I've seen monty python several times, and the black knight may have said it, but not nearly like this: !!!! Bahahaha ps, I can't believe you don't like LotR D: Did you ever read the books?
  11. Indy! He was born June 1, 2009, so he's about two and a half now. The day he was born: Four days old: Four months old: Who doesn't enjoy a good gelding/wolf teeth removal picture? Goofy yearling: And recent-ish, because all the most recent he looks like a wooly mammoth:
  12. Lol, thanks you guys! I'm in another state now for winter break and I'm missing them terribly. Cappuccino: I don't see why not? Lol. You gotta link it though! Shiloh: Isn't that quote from Lord of the Rings, not Monty Python? Loooool! He does look like he's yelling that though. He put it down to let me fix his blanket, then picked it back up while I was walking away. Here's a random picture I found of Illia and I at some free cleveland county horse show, there's only one picture, but it's the most recent I have of us over fences: http://rmcdonald.zenfolio.com/p638021068/h35c35e1f#h35c35e1f
  13. I got all my blankets at schneider's saddlery! www.sstack.com Indy has a plaid olive sheet too haha. So fun!
  14. Ok Ok Ok last one. And I'll quit spamming the forums haha! Ribbon browband! I just look over, and there's a cat sitting on my horse! She just jumps up onto the horses whenever the spirit moves her. I am pretty sure she sleeps on the horses when it's cold too, to keep warm. Steve picking up a six foot stick.. It looks like he's trying to start a revolution. Another ribbon browband!