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  1. good times
  2. I don't think you can go wrong with.ONLY IN AMERICA" BY BROOKS AND DUNN
  3. I heard feather creek is a really nice place.Edmond has some events.Shawnee does too.I'm not really up to date on hunter or eventing Ijust watch when it's around.
  4. A.D. I just have one ? Is there anything you can't do.
  5. Welcome to ok.There's some nice lakes and rivers in the area but that will have to wait till spring.Some really nice horse trails around wilberton.
  6. 24inches we would not be driving anywhere.
  7. Jingle bells.Looks like fun times.
  8. Homemade birthday card from her son.My mother always loved them.
  9. Looks like good weather for this time of year and green grass too.We've been in a drought for the last two years.Green grass has been short lived.
  10. You should try the snow chains for shoes.We bought some for father in law and they really helped.
  11. Welcome to Oklahoma the temps should be going down this mounth.
  12. Bring some cooler weather with you.Have a safe trip.
  13. Would you look at that 10gal hat.Wish I could wearone.
  14. Hope and pray that mom is on her way.
  15. Happened here in oklahoma in may 2010.Don't know who the trucking company was.