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  1. She is just so beautiful. I miss seeing pics of her and getting updates. Course I'm a little late checking these since I've been off and didn't turn a computer on the entire time!
  2. He is so handsome. He doesn't seem to mind the snow at all and he looks good as an appy!!
  3. Blue also makes a limited ingredient food that is Salmon and Potato. I have my lab on that since he has skin allergies and seizures. Been on it for several years now, no seizures and no skin allergies.
  4. Great picture, you can definitely see the smile in his eyes!
  5. I really believe this is someone that has come on here to try to start trouble. She pulled up an old thread on the Health board for the person she is referring to in this post, who was asking about weeds in her pasture. Just looks like a trouble maker to me.
  6. Hey this is an old thread pulled forward by a new member that looks like is trying to start trouble.
  7. I think they are called Miracle Bras, I found them at WalMart but have also seen them on the paid adverts on TV. They are very comfy. Also a lady that I know who had breast cancer said Haynes I think it was, was very comfy for her. They are both cotton and don't cross in the back. So maybe you could find one of those?
  8. They all look wonderful! Glad Tilly is doing so good for you so you have one to ride. I hope Gwen is cleared for riding soon.
  9. I was going to comment on spending time at the trainers with him. That was my favorite part of visiting Demon when he was at the trainers. I have no doubt you will have him in tip top shape this fall to go back to the trainers and in the mean time you get to have fun with your big, beautiful guy!
  10. Hey Sayge! Where you been girl? I'm doing good.
  11. Nice. Looks like he does fine once he gets the rodeo out of the way! I love how he mostly keeps one ear back toward the rider. I so remember seeing the pics of this little long ears and thinking how darling he was and now to see him all grown up and starting under saddle. I still see Demon as my baby and its hard to imagine that he is already 9!
  12. I"m so sorry about Joey, he will be missed by lots of us. I'm so glad everything is still going along like it should in the pregnancy and I can't wait to meet Jackson! I pray you have a very easy delivery and you both do well. Let me know if I can do anything from up here in Tn. The "old" ladies look lovely, enjoying the green.
  13. OMG its hard to believe he is old enough for training. I've watched him since he came into this world and I think he is just beautiful.
  14. Those are great! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!
  15. My question would be, if you are having to get donations to purchase where is the money going to come from if the horse needs to see the vet? What about money for feed and other expenses? That is really the main thing that popped into my head was the purchase price of the horse is the least amount of money you will spend on a horse. I agree with the others on the rest.