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  1. Sage always looks pretty. That IS a nice halter, I don't think I've ever seen one like it.
  2. I also forgot about the critter killing.....they don't seem to like small animals.
  3. Should no one own herding dogs, if they don't have flocks of sheep? Hounds, if they don't hunt? Greyhounds, if they don't race dogs? Golden Retrievers or labs, if they aren't blind? Dogs adapt, everyone who owns one, can attest, dogs don't sit around, wondering why their owners aren't using them as they were born to be used. As long as a dog is taken care of and, exercised on a regular basis, they aren't going to complain about being a family pet.
  4. If they stayed here during the winter, they'd freeze solid .
  5. Speaking of which.......I need to take mine down, clean them, fill and, hang back up. They'll be back soon!
  6. Omg......cruel to own one, unless you allow them to pull something every, single day!? How many people own Siberians? How many of those people run the Iditarod? Live in Alaska? As long as the dog is exercised regularly, like TB's, as stated by NP, I see no problem. Jeez..... no, say no more.....say no more.....I hope you find your Siberian, pepperann.
  7. Continued good thoughts for your friend and, his wife You, and your husband, sound like the kind of people, everyone should strive to be. Happy napping!
  8. That's pretty much, what my husband said to me yesterday, when I was complaining about the snow........"well, it is still April, you remember how that is". Yeah, yeah......
  9. I'm packing my suitcase for tomorrow. I pack all the clothes and most of the things I won't be needing right away, then, in the morning, I pack my hair dryer and, personal care items. I dislike last minute packing. If I'm going somewhere, I hate rushing around, I want to get up, shower, put the suitcase in the car and, go.
  10. There's always a downside, isn't there? I really enjoy putting in the flowers, really hate all the weeding later. Makes me think really hard, every year, about putting them in, at all.
  11. I always put refried beans in my enchiladas, it gives them substance.
  12. My niece had a Siberian, all I really remember about him, is, he could escape like Houdini......and, he lived 15 years.
  13. You sure keep busy, WH, you do more in one day, than I do in a week!
  14. I see sunshine! The rain/snow combo has stopped. There's no measurable snow on the ground, I think even what was there, has been washed away by the rain........good, but, now there's mud to contend with......ah well, it shouldn't last too long.
  15. Tonight I'm making, baked chicken and steamed Brussels sprouts seasoned with olive oil and, salt and pepper. I'll throw a potato in the oven, if my husband wants one. I've been trying to cut back on the carbs. I love baked spaghetti, I used to make it all the time.