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  1. What? She really thinks after a year and a half, she can come and pick up things she left in the barn!? Just casually tells you. "I'll be by to pick up my things". Um, no, you fruitcake, you left them, once I closed escrow, your stuff became mine....... some people!
  2. I remember her, from way back when I first joined HC. RIP nagolder.
  3. There are a few "newbies" that really aren't, their names are different but, they're older members. Snowing here, wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow evening. I'm glad I went to the post office and family dollar, this morning.
  4. If you hear/find out anything, let us know!
  5. Unfortunately, there's no cure or treatment that will do any good, it will progress to the point, he'll lose the use of his back legs and, become incontinent. It's called, "degenerative Myelotrophy"....... he's 9. Trying to eat healthy and, doing it, are two entirely different animals, same for knowing how to eat better and, actually doing it. I'm well aware of the things I need to cut back on and, cut out entirely, but, just now those PB M&M's called out to me and, I answered the call. ( had just one serving, so, guess I do have some self control) Looking horrible out there, a winter storm is brewing, with snow measured in feet, not inches, for the higher elevations, we're at 7,200 feet, so, we'll get quite a bit. Ick! Hope the worst of it isn't still hanging around Monday, we need to go to Albuquerque and, I-40 can get pretty bad. Gotta go, I guess, I need to call my sister, I told her I would when I got back from the post office...... I've been back for almost an hour.
  6. Yes, chopper still has a runny nose, it's not as bad as before, but, definitely still there. The vet says, either we take him back to the specialist or, learn to live with it, since the many rounds of antibiotics and steroids, were only working for the short term. He's got a condition now, though, that is more disturbing than the runny nose. It's neurological, his back feet turn upside down and, he doesn't know to correct it, so, he takes a couple of steps on the tops and, drags the back feet. He's still able to get around pretty good, it only occurs for a couple seconds at a time, but, is happening more frequently and, the vet let me know, indirectly, that it wouldn't correct itself......I already knew that, having worked as a vet tech.....and, it would progress...... already knew that, too. As long as he's eating, drinking and basically still enjoying life, which he is, he still chases the rabbits, goes for walks and, plays with his toys, we're taking one day at a time.
  7. If you look at her profile, you'll see she has been here since, just hasn't posted. I hope she's OK, too.
  8. ....... waiting for tomorrow......
  9. I have come to the conclusion, I need to start riding Sam again. I let him out to pasture Saturday, while I cleaned the barn, my husband yells at me to, "look". I see Sam racing around the pasture, bucking and kickin, he stops, drops and rolls, gets back up and continues running and bucking. Then, I see him standing, just looking to the distance and, he looks so nice, slimming down and, looking sleeker. It's then, the thought came to me.......start riding him this spring. Sam's one of those, been there, done that, type of horses, one who, no matter how long he's been sitting, can pick up where you left off. So, that's the plan........ride Sam come spring.
  10. I don't keep up with the super bowl anymore, didn't even know who was in the playoffs. I'd like to see teams in there that you don't see........ over and over......the same teams are always hogging the spotlight.......lol! The last super bowl I can really remember, the Saints won and, the Who, did the half time show.
  11. That's kinda sad, I would think their mother would want to see them riding on their own, you know, have one of those proud mom moments. And, I for sure would think, they would want to watch the goat tying!
  12. Gloomy and wet here, too, which is why I'm still in my pj's and, not thinking of doing anything. I got some shopping done and, got hay yesterday.
  13. Yep, slug Sunday. I'm still in my pj's and, don't care about getting dressed. I've had a Belgian waffle and coffee and, now watching one of those Bruce Willis movies........"yippee kiyay!"
  14. equinitis, 74° in your neck of the woods!? We won't see that, until probably May.
  15. Dang! How many people does it take, to free a bike from an electric fence.... They certainly had fun doing it! Um, but after the bike video, is a pig, um, breeding video......!?