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  1. So......it IS a little cold here. Currently 45° with a little wind......BUT supposed to warm up into the 60's and, blue, sunny skies!
  2. No ice, no snow, no rain, no cold! I'm in sunny Arizona. I have to go back to the mud, snow and ice tomorrow. While I'm here, after my appointment, I'm seeing a friend, doing some shopping and, enjoying the good weather, it's back to freezing, soon enough. Whenever I'm here, I drive by my old house, I miss that house, I wish it hadn't sold.
  3. Yeah, Nasdaq up to almost 20,000. Looks like everythings up. Trump may be instilling confidence in people....... it looks as though he's doing his best to keep promises he made.......and, not even sworn in yet.
  4. I'm sorry about your dog, I was hoping that wasn't the reason you've been absent. Hope your ferret turns up, I wonder where it went, very curious. Things will get better, I know they will.
  5. Breakfast burritos and donuts, you hit the jackpot! Windy here, too and spitting sleet, big change from yesterday, which was sunny and warmer. I have to get a few things done today, laundry, cleaning the barn, before leaving tomorrow for Arizona, I hope I don't run into any snow storms in the Show-Low area, I've driven through the Salt River Canyon several times, but never while it was snowing. I've been blanketing my older horse at night, he's walking like he has very sore joints, also been giving him Bute daily, hoping it's just arthritis and not something worse, like, hoof problems. The Farrier was out Monday and said the hooves look healthy, but, without a vet exam, he can't really say for sure. I'll see how he is when I get back on Saturday. Have a good day, all.
  6. That is so neat! Does it mean your dogs could end up on the dog food bags? So cool, I hope you "win".
  7. My new countertop is being delivered/installed today, they're coming from Albuquerque so they'll be here at about 10:30. Why is it, on the stormiest day, the power stays on, but, on a nice sunny day like today, it goes out, I don't get it, not a cloud in sight, no wind......hmmmmm.
  8. I'll give that ^^^^ a big thumbs up!
  9. I thought I read, it was your parents who acquired the horse, don't know what gave me that idea.........
  10. I am a little more than curious, though. How many people who are now all for getting rid of the electoral college, felt that way in 2008 and, 2012. Generally speaking.....
  11. There must be an opening for him to pee, otherwise wouldn't he be uncomfortable/sick, not being able to get rid of the toxins? Plus, his bladder would be full to capacity. I don't envy you, trying to get that cleaned up. So, a free lease means, if the horse comes up with a major medical problem, your parents can take him back, or what? Sounds to me like, they wanted rid of him because of that particular problem. What I'd do, probably, have a vet look at it, give his/her professional opinion on the situation and, go from there.
  12. It's freakin' freezing here! But, the sky is bright blue and, the sun is shining. We've had below zero overnight temps the last few nights. qhridinGA......sorry about your barn, good thing no horses were inside.
  13. That's horrific looking! Yes, both pics look the same. Your parents were sold that horse knowing that, obviously, it would be kind of hard to miss. I'm surprised he can still, retract. I think I'd wait to see what the vet says. Poor fella.
  14. Exactly. Now, is not the time to throw out the, "unfit" card. That time, came and went. I can't get past people thinking a candidate is fit enough to be nominated, but, not to serve if they win......!?
  15. It's only because Trump won, they're doing this. People just need to relax, breathe and, give the man a chance. He hasn't even been sworn in and, they're already trying to come up with ways to keep him out of the oval office. Neither candidate was ideal, but, they are the two nominated and, one of them did win. We can't now, have a "do over" because it didn't turn out as expected....... If Americans had been given better choices none of this would even be an issue, but, we got, what we got, we need to suck it up and, deal with it.