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  1. That's pure stupidity, right there Arizona has a, "stupid motorist", law, they had to do something, when every year, during monsoon season, people were driving around barricades and had to be rescued from the roof of their cars, because they ignored warning signs and drove into flooded washes or, streets.......they are now sent a bill for the cost of the rescue........still doesn't stop the stupid ones from doing it.
  2. I'm sorry, Jubal, when did you lose your cat?
  3. QH, I wasn't thinking along the lines of, new puppy, but, my husband made the comment, " I feel like there's a hole,".......that really got me. Heidi, I was thinking that same thing, I have enough love for more than one dog in my life, they'll never be another Chopper and, I'm looking forward to seeing what the new pups personality will be. RRW, we don't go very long without a dog either, it just doesn't feel right, I'm still catching myself looking for Chopper in all his usual places. We got Chopper two weeks after Loki passed and, we got Loki just weeks after Winston ........you guys didn't know Winston, but, some of you might remember Loki. It looks like a storm may be trying to brew, it's gotten windier and, a few raindrops hit the windshield on my way to the mailboxes, it will be welcomed, cool the horses down and, get rid of those nasty bugs.
  4. Good morning. I put a deposit on an AKC German Shepherd. The litter isn't born yet, but, the breeder is taking deposits, she has three females and three males, I placed the deposit on the pairing I liked best........ I may not get one first time around, it depends on the number of pups born and, number of deposits received, if that happens, I can use my deposit for another litter or, wait for the next. I'm in no hurry. Some people, my younger sister included, wonder how I can "replace" Chopper so quickly. I'm not replacing him, there is no replacement, for my husband and I, a new pup helps with the healing process. My husband wanted to get another right now, but, it's too soon, depending on how it works out, I'll be picking up the new pup in either Oct. Or, Dec. It's gonna be another warm one, it's been in the low 90's all week, my horses stay in the barn all day, then come out in the evening to graze. It does cool down nicely. I've got snapdragons to plant, I'm opting for the pots on the porch, instead of the bed I prepared earlier, Because of the stupid no seeums, I tried planting yesterday but, kept hearing the buzzing around my ears.......I was in town Sunday and, forgot to get some Vicks.
  5. This little cat is everywhere Chopper is, I have several pictures just like this, in different locations.
  6. Thanks, everyone.
  7. Chopper. This was taken this time last year.
  8. Serah and Heidi...... I've heard that too, I think the first time, was from Buddyroo, years ago when I was going through this with my other dog..... I know it's true, but, it's still an inner struggle. I'll need to do something this weekend, keep my mind occupied, I'm thinking a trip to Lowe's for some flowers to plant in the bed I prepared a few months ago and, is now overgrown with weeds and grass. The no seeums will eat me up, I'll try noponies suggestion and get some Vicks. Have a great weekend, people! I think, I got the word "wonky" from Buddyroo, too.....lol!
  9. I'm sitting here, trying to talk myself out of taking Chopper in today, his appointment is for 4:15........so, a lot of time to think about it. Watching him last night, when I let him out to meet my husband in the driveway, when he came home, like I've always done, I said to myself, "yeah, it's time," he used to run out. Last night, his back feet were dragging on the ground and, his whole hind end looked wonky, he was struggling to keep a momentum going. This morning, we went out to feed and, I swear he looked a lot better, so, that nagging feeling," am I doing this too soon," reared it's ugly head. Of course, I do know, he's not better and, never will be, but, today is the day and, I'm thinking that's a normal thing for people to do when facing this.
  10. Sending good vibes your way, pink.
  11. It was 28° here this morning.........28!! My husband almost started a fire in the stove, but, he knew it would warm up later. I made the phone call today, to the vet, I have an appointment Friday for Chopper, he's getting worse and, it won't be long until he's unable to use his hind end, I could wait until that happens, but, it isn't fair to him, regardless how I feel. Right now, he's having a hard time getting up and, once he does, his back end doesn't cooperate with what he wants to do, the legs cross and go crooked, he falls and, he's starting to really labor when walking... I still have moments when I think I'm doing it too soon, because, there are times he looks better, but, it's just for the moment, because, there's no cure and, I have been seeing a steady decline. It's made harder, because his mind is sharp, the disease doesn't affect that and, he isn't sick. There's no pain associated with this disease, they just lose the use of the hind legs. So, I don't think next weekend will be a good one for me.
  12. I didn't get one.
  13. Going by previous posts, a person who thinks she's better than everyone else so, is entitled to do/say anything she wants.
  14. ^^^ yes......there, then disappeared.... I saw that, too.
  15. Since getting home from Albuquerque, there was no way I was going to cook, I was wiped out. I had a frozen dinner, Marie Callender's turkey. My husband had a turkey sandwich.