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  1. Hey everybody. Its gonna be 85 degrees here. Got laundry on the line, swinging in the breeze. Im doing ok. I worked yesterday but my head really just wasnt "in the game". Im trying to just return to some sort of normalcy. (My family is (and has been) very dysfunctional so you cant even begin to imagine the crap Ive had to deal with.) My friends have been wonderful. My cowgirls have been wonderful as well. Theyve had questions about my brothers death, just curious concerned kids, and somehow theyve been the easiest to talk to and explain things to. Today marks one week since hes been gone. I dont know where the week went! It still seems very unreal.
  2. I haven't read anyones posts, I will later even if its just to distract myself. I lost my 36 year old brother yesterday to an aortic dissection. He went to bed, and never woke up. He was just weeks away from his wedding. Im doing the best I can. My parents were out of town, so I had to deal with the brunt of everything. Ill update you all later..
  3. Gorgeous here but Im stuck at work too. Blah!
  4. Thank you. The euthanasia went well. I swear I think he knew. He was waiting for me in the barn when I got there. He nickered his sweet singsong voice to me and I fed him a carrot while he followed me to where his grave has been dug. None of the other horses followed us..almost as if they knew as well. He stood quietly and ate peppermint after peppermint until the end. I cut his tail off and will have jewelry made for Cassie so she will always have him with her. Thinking about this pendant...
  5. Thank you!
  6. Please talk with your bus driver. Work together and turn her in. Not sure where youre located but its against the law here....big time!
  7. Lots of prayers needed today please. The morning started with 2 small school aged children being hit and killed by a tractor trailer as they crossed the road to board their school bus....just a few houses up the road from me. Road is still closed. Absolutely heartbreaking. Today at 1pm Trevor will be departing this earth. You all will remember him as being the horse that was dumped on my landlady with the carcinoma on his ******. I forgot to update you guys about him but it does indeed involve much more than what is seen, ( and would involve reconstructive surgery) which is what I suspected. The girls said goodbye to him yesterday evening and he will get peppermints til his last heartbeat today. Its never easy.
  8. Thank you! One day, Ill tell you guys about Emmy. If you think Cassies story is sad...Emmys will really break your heart. For now Im trying to get more time with her and let her ride and be a kid....plus shes fearless! Lol. Our goat champion Cassie has started riding Mr. Butters a little. She is very timid and absolutely doesnt want to go faster than a walk. Her mom has signed her up for softball again this year and so that is taking the place of the horses a little bit. Doesnt bother me in the least, Im just happy her mom is showing some interest in her!!
  9. Really nice weather here today. Got laundry washed and hung out to dry. Caught up on some sleep/rest and then spent the evening with the girls and horses...
  10. My friend knew my dogs were sick, knew I thought it may have been the food, and still wanted it. Again, it couldve been the deer/bunny poo in the yard that they ate.
  11. I actually gave the old bag to a friend. She says her dog has a stomach of steel...and I really couldnt prove 100% that it was the dogfood vs. wild animal poo. If her dog gets diarrhea then its the dogfood for sure! They are both much better. I had my doubts about Jenna today after a restless night last night, but I came home to only 1 semi formed poo on the kitchen floor. Yes, semi formed! Lol. Faith is all better, so Im sure it was Jenna. They both just ate their Iams and all is good again!
  12. I bought a new small bag of Iams and they have started eating that.
  13. Will they do that even though I dont have a receipt?! Ive offered the bag to a friend who says her dog has a stomach of steel. Eta: Jenna still has diarrhea but it has slowed down considerably. And, she just ate some Iams! Woohoo!
  14. Lol, youre right! Faith is eating the Iams now!! Wooohoo! I think Ill have a glass of wine now!
  15. Ok, theyve had a considerable amount of rice and arent eating like theyre starving anymore. I went and bought a small bag of Iams, cleaned their bowls and put the Iams in. They both walked to their bowls, sniffed the Iams, and walked away. Ugh...what gives?!