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  1. This might be rather lengthy, be forewarned. About a year ago I bought my first flat screen tv. Just a 32 inch, nothing fancy. Im not by any means a technology inclined person. I dont have the need for the newest cell phone, dont own a tablet or fit bit or any of that stuff. My deceased brother was all about technology. When we were kids Id be in my room reading a horse book while he'd be in his room building a computer. He always had (or knew) the latest and greatest techie stuff. So whenever I had a question or issue, he'd know the answer or fix it. So back around Xmas I couldnt get my tv to recognize my dvd player. Id plug in all the wires, the red white and yellow, but nothing would happen. Told my brother about it. We lived a little over an hour away from each other so he suggested the we video call each other from our cell phones so he could see how I had the dvd connected to the tv. Or, he could come out and look at it and probably take the tv apart and fix the problem. Or, he joked that I could buy a new one from Walmart, and put the old tv in the new tvs box and return it and get my money back, lol. Well, life went on, and we both just kinda forgot about it. My old small boxy tv in my bedroom went on the fritz recently and it reminded me of the issue with my flat screen tv. I figured I may as well go ahead and get a new tv (Ive been missing out on renting some movies) and put my old flat screen in the bedroom. So I thought about buying a new tv for a couple days, I dont tend to spend my money that way..lol. I could hear my brothers voice telling me to try hooking up the dvd player one more time, but I didnt listen. Off to Walmart I went, and bought another 32 inch flat screen. Got home and set it up. Went to plug the red white and yellow wires from the dvd to the tv when I heard my brothers voice tell me to at least wear the headlamp he bought me so I could see what I was doing and make sure I get the correct wire in the correct place. And I listened this time, and it worked. And then I heard him say, now try the old one the same way. And so again I listened....and the old tv worked! I didnt know wether to laugh or cry! I could almost hear my brother laughing at me. There was never anything wrong with my tv! I was plugging the yellow wire in the wrong place! Geez louise! I feel like a dummy. I was debating on wether to return the new one, but once again heard my brothers voice that said to toss out the old tv in my bedroom and keep the new tv. And so I listened. Lol.
  2. What the heck is going on with this place?! New mystery members, spam, etc. Ugh this is weird.
  3. E gads, sounds like I really missed a bruhaha. Sorry to whoever was on the receiving end of it.
  4. Aww dang, Im so sorry. Anesthesia always makes me nervous...animal or human.
  5. Exactly....me neither. So is Nick gone? Banned?
  6. Hasnt happened to me but....Nick?...I mustve missed something. Do tell.
  7. Rushed over after work to play with the baby and dress the mommas shoulder wound. Baby, who has been named Margarita "Rita" for short, met ALL the kids this evening and took it all in stride. Little hands were everywhere lol, even a little finger explored her ear lol. Rita met my dog Faith too, wish I hadve gotten a pic of them nose to nose. Just so you can understand how little she is, Ive included pics!
  8. My cowgirl is out of town, camping with her folks...how dare they?! LOL. Ill have more help when she gets back. Looks like momma was kicked in the shoulder, Im sure keeping the other curious horses at bay. They all seem to be enamored with this baby. I threw some betadine on the wound which looks like it will heal ok. This filly is sooo sweet yall. Already coming right up to me.
  9. We had a mini foal born this morning. Too early to put a halter on it? Too early for a halter and a little rope attached long enough that it steps on it and halter breaks its self? I just remember trying to halter break weanling minis last year and they were so crazy (flipping over and throwing themselves on the ground) that I gave up in fear of them hurting themselves. Id like to get a jump start on this one.
  10. I got some eucalyptus oil from Walmart today. Gonna try it in a different fly spray recepie this year. My cowgirl sat 3 big bucks during some mini training yesterday evening! These 2 minis havent had much handling...but we changed that, and then some. The first one gave us a little rodeo, but then settled nicely. Shes a fast learner. Im proudest of the second mini. Shes my most favorite and was feral just a year ago. Ive worked with her and now most days she will come to me for a pat and kiss. She was unsure of my cowgirl but didnt give us any fuss. It took her a little while to figure out how to balance the weight but she did very well. We kept it short and sweet for both minis. The mini that we had been working with earlier is doing fantastic. Ive led my cowgirl around the pond on her a few times now and Im confident enough to lead the little 3 year old cowgirl around on her now.
  11. I believe thats for those under 18.
  12. Ive actually thought about that too.
  13. Yes I do have insurance.
  14. I know this sounds dumb, but I dont have a doctor. Other than the yearly gyn appointment I cant remember the last time I went to a doctor...unless I had a broken bone. Lol. I should get a regular doctor, I know. Im generally pretty healthy other than allergies and the usual common cold and what not. Taking a copy to a hospital would involve 2, maybe 3 hosptials. Depends on whats wrong with me as to what hospital I would be sent to. The closest hospital does absolutely no trauma and would either ship me to one of 2 other hospitals.
  15. Most of you know of the drama in my family recently. I am happy to report that I have NOT interacted with my parents in some time now. I have decided that Im moving on with my life without them, and will never have to tolerate thier abuse any longer. My younger brother has been very supportive. I have decided to cover all bases and am in the process of legally making my brother my medical power of attorney. Should anything happen to me and I can not make decisions for myself, I want my brother to do whats best for me, my animals, etc. I feel that I NEED to do this because Im single with no children, therefore my next of kin at this point are my parents. I dont want them involved, at all. So heres the question. ....Suppose something happens and I am hurt/unconscious. Im taken to the hospital. How would police/hospital know to call my brother instead of my parents?? I just walked out of a lawyers office where I asked the same question. The secretary was baffled, she'd never been asked that. I think part of that is that Im living in a very small town where everyone knows everyone if you know what I mean. Her only suggestion would be that I keep something with my license that states to call my brother in case of emergency. She also said that I could send my parents a letter stating that they are legally unable to make said decisions for me. Im going to ask a different law firm and see if they have a better answer. Til then, anyone have any idea? I almost feel like there should be some sort of database type thing.