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  1. Thank you all! I have just as much fun with these kids and watching them succeed makes me happy. Their parents do not watch them with their horses, especially the 2 that are sisters. Months ago their mom and I were talking about the girls riding and for some reason she thought that I had been leading them ...like a pony ride. You can imagine the look on her face when I told her no, they ride on their own. Im there walking with them, but theyre controlling their horse themselves. It was pretty funny. She knows I wouldnt put them on a horse that wasnt suitable though.
  2. Just waking up and moving around. Think Ill make some coffee. I have a lunch date today...gasp! So my landlady and I took the little riders and a brother goat tying last night. We had a BLAST! They were all very nervous when we got there and I really thought they were gonna back out on me. I dont have kids of my own but my heart felt like it was going to explode with pride when I watched these kids dig deep and give it a go in front of a crowd of people they didnt know. And they loved it! My most timid rider even had a time fast enough to win her a $50 payback! We had a blast and the kids want to go again next week! We got home late and I crashed on my couch. Whew Im still tired.
  3. I actually dont wear them...I have short hair, so no ponytail for me lol. All of my customers have been happy with their hats though.
  4. I charged $20 for adult and $15 for kids. I priced them a tad high mainly because I didnt want a bunch of orders...that didn't work. Cousins came out of the woodwork so I didnt charge them for thiers and got them to them in time as Xmas gifts. I think I made just as many for free as I charged for. The goat tying is without the horse...my riders are nowhere near ready for that! Lol
  5. The snow here is melting, thank goodness. I hate the stuff and the mess it leaves behind. Ive just been working and crocheting. Made $70 on messy bun hats, couldve been more but I dont charge family. My little riders havent ridden since we went Xmas caroling but we've been working on ground stuff. I had a proud moment the other evening when one of the girls turned her horse in a small circle because she "felt" like her horse was going to trot. Shes learned to read her horses body language. Friday evening Im taking them to beginner walk up goat tying. I think Im more excited than they are!
  6. I had to work today. Im beat, my legs cant take one more step. On a happier note, Faith stayed in her crate today with no trouble! Yaay! Back to work in the morning.
  7. Thats what Im gonna have to do. Went to bed at 1am this morning to find that while I thought Faith had behaved herself while I was gone yesterday. ..she had not. Peed on the bed. Grrrrr. Definitely closing my bedroom door when I leave from now on. Shes lucky shes cute, and that I love her so much.
  8. Omg that smile!!!!! Too precious!
  9. I left for a few hours today and left Faith out of the crate. She was laying on the couch with Jenna when I left, and was still in the same spot when I got back. No mess, no pee. I think Ill give this a try...until she pees on the couch, then shes gonna have to go back in the crate.
  10. I think Im probably the only person in the world whos had a really bad experience with a cong, lol. Years ago, different dog, but Ill never use one again. Shes been crated before now. She was crated for a while at the old place and did fine. Tallying up the months today, shes been crated for 7-8 months and Ive had no issues. I dont understand why its an issue all of a sudden.
  11. Im afraid she would hate it even more if I covered it and she couldnt see my other dog. Theyre besties.
  12. No, Im afraid someone would steal her. Plus its been chilly here and shes a spoiled indoor girl.
  13. Sorry Ive been away. Took my little riders Xmas caroling on their horses the night before last. We had a good time! Ill post a couple pics of them. So my younger dog (7 years old pit bull bull terrier mix) has recently been having what I think is seperation anxiety. Shes crated during the days I work. I work 3 12 hour shifts a week so there are days when Im home all day with her, which she loves. She also goes to the farm with me every evening. I crate her when Im gone because she will pee on my couch when I leave her. Ive been crating her for at least 6 months now, probably more like 9, and have had no issue. This week she has broken out of the crate twice. The first time she managed to pry the panels that come together in the corners apart and managed to sqeeze herself through. Yesterday she pushed through the door of the crate, breaking some of the bars (they were already a little weak but still....). Ill post a pic. I could see her struggling through the window when I got home. She stopped when she saw me and I let her out. Her face and front paws were swollen and hot. Shes been fine otherwise, eating and drinking and playing. Today one side of her face is still significantly swollen. I dont know what Im gonna do with her. I can fix the crate, but at this point Im scared she'll get herself hung in a small space trying to escape the crate and struggle until she dies. My gut says to just leave her out and line the couch with trash bags in case she pees on it.
  14. I have suggested that she have her lawyer send a certified letter. In the meantime, the horse is not having any discomfort and is able to urinate.
  15. I dont really have any update. The owner did finally respond to my landlady claiming that she was looking for somewhere to board the horse. Landlady again asked for a bill of sale and owner claimed that she was going to send one. Landlady then suggested that owner take a picture of the bill of sale and send it to her before mailing. That was last week, at least. Landlady hasnt heard another word.