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  1. At this point my landlady is going to have to get a lawyer involved. Owner refuses to sign the horse over, doesnt want to come get him, and now isnt responding to messages or texts although we can see she has read them. This is crazy.
  2. Heres a pic of the horse and the little girl. Sweet huh?
  3. Thank you! I will definitely pass that info on!
  4. So the saga continues.. This horse was intially supposed to be free. However when the horse arrived the owners mom had my landlady sign a paper stating that the horse is a free lease. Landlady has told the former owner of the horse about the pe nis issue and shes blowing it off. I told the landlady that this horse needs to be owned by her, not a free lease, before we make any decisions. So, landlady asked former owner for a bill of sale for the horse and the former owner refuses. Fishy? I think so. So landlady has now told the former owner to come pick the horse up and former owner refuses to do that too. Now what?!
  5. So I talked with the landlady tonight and pushed her to have the vet at least come out and clean it..this way he can at least see it and I can hopefully be there to ask him 100 questions about treatment/removal. He let it hang again tonight after his dinner and I have to say that it looks..better. Its not wet and smelly like it was initially. Tonight it was much dryer. While it still looks totally bizarre, tonight it didnt look so bad.
  6. The more I think about it, Im going to push my landlady to see of she'll have the vet come out and just clean it. I wonder if hes ever even been cleaned and how in the holy heck youd even remove a bean at this point. Im not sure what to clean it with...sheath cleaner? Ivory soap? Betadine? Just water? What if it starts to bleed? Lord have mercy, I think Im gonna have to leave this up to the vet. Ive never dealt with this.
  7. To clarify, we've had 2 vets opinions, both being the same. I initially "found" this on Thanksgiving Day. We called our regular vet and got his voicemail saying that he was out of town and gave a number to an attending vet. The attending vet was called and it was clear that he did not want to come out. We went over signs and symptoms etc and my landlady decided to wait until Monday when our regular vet would be back in town. She then called the regular vet. Our regular vet is very much "Johnny on the spot" and has never declined to come out for anything. Journeysgirl I too think that the horses age is a big factor here.
  8. No. My landlady offered a good home for this horse. The owner could no longer afford him and wanted to retire him. He was a former trail horse and still has a lot of life left in him.
  9. Yes you are correct. I doubt that my landlady will return him, her daughter has gotten attached to him. The old owner has said that shes happy he has a good home with us. Sounds like she knew about it It will be a sad day when theres nothing more that we can do for him other than putting him down. I agree that there MUST be an opening for him to pee..otherwise..yeah. It just looks so bad and Ive never seen this before. A friend of mine is dealing with this same type of cancer on her mares eyelid and was told that the eye and bone may be effected...I cant imagine what all would be effected with a p e nis.
  10. Exactly my thoughts. Old owner had to have seen THAT at some point. The horse is a free lease so no money was put out but still...how long will it be until hes uncomfortable?! Im not even 100% sure theres an opening for him to pee. I will find out today when I attempt to clean...it.
  11. My landlady got a new horse a couple weeks ago. Hes a 20 year old Appendix and fit the bill for what we do, so now each of my little riders has their own horse. Hes been great, a steady eddy, and the girls enjoy him. A few days ago while standing in his spot after being fed he fell asleep and relaxed...and out came his ******. I have never seen anything like this..growth..at the end of his ******. At first I thought that maybe it was filth that had never been cleaned..and so I tried to remove it and nearly vomited. Its attached and smells to holy high heaven as well as has a discharge of some sort or perhaps its smegma, I cant tell. The vet has been called and the landlady says that the vet says that it will just come back if he removes it and that he suggests putting the horse down when the time comes that hes uncomfortable. The previous owner has been contacted as well since my landlady signed a paper stating that the horse was given to her as a free lease...previous owner blew it off. Have any of you ever seen/dealt with this? I plan on attempting to at least clean it up as best I can at some point today. First pic is of the horse and the second pic is what I found on Google. Looks pretty much the same right?
  12. qhridinGA Im SO sorry to hear about your barn, thats awful! So glad your animals are safe though. Ive been sick for a couple days now. Just a cold I think but its kicking my butt. I have so much housework that needs to be done, including my dryer that needs the belt replaced, but I just cant find the motivation. I hate being sick. I had a "secret meeting" with my little riders last night to see what they thought about Christmas caroling on horseback. Of course that was a great idea and theyre now practicing their songs. They live on a driveway that is basically a neighborhood so we'll just go from house to house. Ive told 2 sets of parents so they can all plan to be home on the same night.
  13. I tried again and all of the pics on my phone are too big.
  14. I think I like the change...I think I got my profile pic uploaded, now to try uploading a pic from my phone... If it works, its a pic of one of my riders and her new horse. Nope not working for me...I see the paperclip icon to attach a pic but next to that it has been saying Loading...now for a while. Poo.
  15. I worked today...and boy was it a hot mess. So grateful for awesome coworkers.