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  1. Aww yaaay!
  2. Aw, I hope you find your kitty TigerLilly. I woke up at 3am and couldnt get back to sleep. Just have lots on my mind I guess. My brother that passed away was supposed to be married this past weekend. I had hoped that staying so busy would keep my mind off of it, but his fiance had some sort of gathering and posted the beautiful pictures on Facebook. I feel horrible for her but I just dont have the words to express how I feel. She knows that, and thats what matters most to me. Anyway, worked my 12 hour shift and back at it again tomorrow.
  3. Whew what a weekend! Saturday morning work called at 5am to ask if I wanted to work for bonus pay. Naah, I already had a ton of stuff to do. Went back to sleep and the phone rang at 7:30am reminding me of the train robberies that day...meet at the rail road in an hour. So off I went to play cowboy, which gave me something to do while the girls were at scouts. Picked up one cowgirl after scouts and headed to Cowgirls for a Cure which was awesome! Huge turnout, nice venue, awesome people. We had a blast just watching. We passed right by the main entrance to Kings Dominion (large amusement park with rollercoasters) on our way and Zarinna wasnt interested at all but got so excited to see the mini horses doing combined driving on the show grounds LOL. We got home just before dark and managed to seperate the cows from the horses like my landlord had asked. He was going to help but we girls took care of it lol. Today we went to the horse and tack auction most of the day. What a waste of time that was, but we made the most of it. Came home and Zarinna and I went for a hack around the farm. Then we decided to work with the minis and had lots of success with that. Finally, Zarinna had to have a ride around the pond on Sonic before we called it a night. Friday I picked up a decent cooler from the thrift store next door and filled it with stuff for sandwiches and gatorade. Worked beautifully and I wish I hadve thought about that back when we were goat tying! Ugh! Live and learn lol.
  4. Just finished adding a skein of yarn to my blanket. Its growing. Ive got one more skein to add and then I may add 2 more, which will require a trip to the new AC Moore store. This will be the only blanket I make...Im quite proud of myself.
  5. Omg, just remembered theres team penning tomorrow night LOL! Argh! I can go preview the saddles in Saturdays auction tomorrow morning...hmm might be worth doing.
  6. So, Im starting to pull my hair out in anticipation of the weekend...already lol. Theres SO much going on and SO many things to do that I cant think straight...or even begin to plan. Friday kicks off with "Cowgirls for a Cure". Basically an all girls rodeo. I cant remember what the schedule is for Friday but I think its roping. Saturday, The 2 girls have girl scouts til 11am with their mom. Cassie has a ball game til about noon. Her mom has been very involved in her ball games. Meanwhile theres a tack auction (they have a saddle Im interested in) in a town an hour and a half away at 9am. The same town is also having "Cowgirls for a Cure" (basically an all girls rodeo) and a friends daughter is barrel racing there. I need to find out what time the barrel racing starts. Sunday theres a tack auction an hour away from me that I will probably go to. I just need a clone for Saturday, unless the girls skip scouts and ball game lol.
  7. Bright, sunny, and hot.
  8. Worked today, got bashed on Facebook again....it just continues. Ugh, lord. It was so pretty outside today, wish I hadve been home riding Sonic, but Im off tomorrow. Might go look at a western saddle a guy I know has for sale. Not sure if I should go ahead and buy it (well used, leather needs conditioning (but not important leather like fenders) theres a big scuff on the pommel near the horn but its serviceably sound) or wait for something nicer. Im finding it hard to find a 17 inch with semi QH bars. Im not looking for anything fancy, just looking to do some trail riding and possibly some roping. Hmm, what to do what to do.
  9. Its actually pretty warm, all holes considered lol. Its called the "virus" stitch.
  10. Uugh, Im so over the rain! All this cold and rain has me crocheting a blanket lol! Went out to Red Lobster for dinner last night to celebrate a friends birthday. Had a good time, the waitress was fantastic, but my crablegs were awful. I ate them anyway and had THE BEST sangria, man I couldve drank that all night, it was delicious! Nothing exciting today, just watching tv, the rain, crocheting and snuggling with the pups.
  11. I dont know why that option disappeared...Ill see if I can fix it. Try again soon!
  12. Made it through the day by the skin of my teeth. What a crappy day! Im glad I have the next 3 days off. Im exhausted!
  13. Well, my dad called me tonight. I returned his call when I was ready ONLY because he wasnt the one who wrote the hurtful trash on Facebook. I told him that I was done being abused and I will not put up with it anymore, nor do I have anything to say to my mom. Told him I was done. I didnt even get so much as an "Im sorry". I pointed out that hes just as bad as she because he doesnt question her or tell her what shes done/said is wrong, he just lets her "speak" for both of them. I was going to give my dad the benefit of the doubt....and once again I was wrong. I feel bad for him because hes in an abusive relationship with my mom, but at the same time hes just as guilty.
  14. Uugh, this day. Woke up freezing in a sweat soaked bed at 3am with belly pain that makes you sit on the potty and hold something to puke in at the same time. Went back to bed and it was time to get right back up for work.
  15. Lol actually Ive done that all my life. Im surrounded by really good people these days, and Im so greatful.