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  1. I too like this idea!
  2. wow. just. wow. some people PAY for their horse's tail to be so luxurious. not you, no ma'am!
  3. ....saying that like DUNE and CHESTNUT are breeds, not colors.
  4. yes. put her in a bag and flush her.
  5. refresh my memory? what breed is he again?
  6. my son got in an arguement with a neighbor kid while we were at my friend's house. Across town. we left in her car and came back an hour later to My car = tires slashed, back windshield busted out, dents all over it, and **** Y0U carved in the hood!!
  7. I, for one, entirety agree with every word said by B'Roo and would really (and have really) appreciated her words of wisdom. From what I read is this thread, you should heed her advice as well.
  8. "Like"
  9. And Selfish.
  10. YaY! I would love to suddenly find someone to ride with!!
  11. Fjord = 14 Morgan = 14.2
  12. You should be so proud of yourself !!!
  13. LMAO I want to see he commercial that says EXACTLY that^^!
  14. Excellent photo op! This is a lot of good information to ponder. I am starting to re think the idea of wearing protection. It will, indeed, keep them paying attention to where their feet fall.
  15. She has tried and tried to show me, i have a hard time maneuvering it. its just so big and clunky. I get the gist of the hoof and how it is supposed to be done and all that, just the rasp is awkward, or rather, i am awkward with the rasp. what if i used a sanding block?? you can get them at walmart in the painting section, it has a rough side and a smooth side. She uses them for touch ups. My son uses it to remove rust. It's pretty durable and cheap enough I wouldnt mind buying one every couple months.