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  1. He did pop in on a thread last week. Or I think it was last week..dang the days/weeks just meld together.
  2. Danyel, my dogs have been know to visit neighbors on the road. We have had neighbor dogs visit us & I don't mind so long as they leave my cats & ponies alone. Oh & don't fight with my dogs. One neighbor across the river has a old lab Blue. Blue would come visit but the owner would driver over to get him because no matter how much they called for him he wouldn't go home most time. Once I was out & could hear the neighbors twin screaming as it was my dog Odie licking them I am sure. Once asked the neighbor if Odie was a problem as I could hear the kids screaming. She said no he is very friendly but a pest to the kids as he wants to be involved. He does the same thing to my son. Odie is a 4 legged baby brother. Thats the best way to describe it.
  3. It is coming around to tax season. That is probably how it all got reported with the county.
  4. Hahahaha!!!! Talk about getting bit in the donkey butt. Karma always works her way around & those who don't believe are the ones that get bit. Today we are having a heatwave. Temp at the farm was a beautiful 34 but then the further we drove away it eventually dropped to 29. Got to love living around water as it keeps the cold or keeps the heat.
  5. Thanks for a good laugh. Especially at the end when the bear face plants it into the ice.
  6. Equi that's a good goal. Also sure he wouldn't mind being worked. Every year I say my goal is to work the ponies on a regular basis. However as always hard to find the time. Especially when typically get one day off. This is why my house is a mess in the summer. Outside doing yard work.
  7. Wolf, would think it all depends on how much added weight you want on the bike. The canvas will heavier than nylon. Luckily there aren't a huge amount of hills or at least on the main highway. Pink, it is a mix for us. The past couple weeks we have had some stellar sunsets & fantastic sunrises. It was a nice morning for us, was able to do my morning feedings with no coat on. Working in the office today.
  8. GO PACK GO!!!!
  9. Sounds odd to hear of you doing yard work in January. Nothing will be touched until May. If the weather is really nice can start in April
  10. For Christmas I bought myself the entire series of Dallas. That what I'm watching this morning.
  11. Being a slug today. Haven't even made coffee yet & not sure if we are going g to be productive. but hey we can cause it is Sunday Slug Day
  12. Working in the office today. Shortman had to come along, so don't always get as much done. It is warming up today. Already nice with the sun shinning, opened up the blinds in my office window for morning light.
  13. Make for a good workout. Just getting the time to work them that is the hardest part.
  14. I could put the harness on Magoo then take him out in the deeper snow.
  15. Jubal we might survive with Magoo but Miss Zip I believe there would be a really big adventure involved. By the way you are not a friend right now as you reminded me that my goal was to work those fat Hoover's this winter & yet to happen