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  1. Doesn't it feel good knowing you are not the only one in the not done or started home project club. Bet there are a number of HC members who are in our club.
  2. Non of our windows were put in level. So if you hang a valance leave the window looks off. To hang you eyeball will the the window. Non of the outlets along my kitchen cabinet are level. I could go on & on. Equi my hubby has bought all sorts of supplies with good intentions. There is all sorts of pine trim in storage that was meant for my kkitchen 13yr ago.
  3. Our house isn't level. Not big enough footings & the header was cut out at one time. Hope in 5yrs we will be able to bring in a modular home.
  4. I don't have room for that big of a table. If we did I can only imagine the mess it would be seeing the boys would turn it into a dump station.
  5. Oh that will be a beautiful table.
  6. Nice to have you back safe & sound. Great that your mom is improving but obviously wanting to improve. Yup those hubby's we love so much just don't take care of the house just the same. As for the critters dad just doesn't make the peanut butter sandwich the same as mom but they will still eat it with some grumbling.
  7. This is going to sound stupid for some but just take him for short daily walks. Do ground work while walking. Non stressful for the two of you & you get the connection. Then it doesn't feel like work. You know what you are doing. Totally get the whole don't bounce well anymore. Get your boy home & just enjoy your time with him.
  8. If I had to board we wouldn't have the ponies. They get it you out side when you would otherwise stay in. Last night we took the B&B out for a private event. Had to much to eat & nice visit. Shortman was so happy to stay overnight but I went home. Today just worked in the office & lined up some interviews for positions that are open.
  9. Can you go see this trainer while he is working? Get a feel for how he works. Trainers are no much different from teachers. They each have their own style. Each child learns differently. What one doesn't get another child can flourish. Yet someone else gives the same lesson with a different approach the childs lightbulb turns on. You'll find the right teacher.
  10. I was thinking the same of maybe it is the trainer & her approach with the horse. Not saying she is a bad trainer could be he just doesn't jive with her method. In the end you'll figure out what to do.
  11. Tiger glad that you are OK. Talk about very scary. Guessing you are going yo have a chat with the trainer?
  12. I always enjoyed Rodger Moore as the special agent. But after Daniel Craig he is the ultimate favorite. Say it is the writers or whatever but it is in my opinion a great rep of a government agent. I am on a 007 movie marathon this week. Got to love not having tradional TV but DVD. The entire Bond collection is on the shelf. My hubby liked Peirce Brosnen as 007. Thought he wasn't that bad. Who was your favorite & why.
  13. At the rate weekdays fly on by it is always Weekend Wake Up
  14. However very true!
  15. Wow!! A thread that has been active four weeks come tomorrow.