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  1. Danyel, maybe he thought it was some kind of tack bread.
  2. What only 21 jars?
  3. "I have 4x4 drive & can get through anything." We see it in our area.
  4. Sorry but no help other than watch your driving. Cops in Iowa will pull you over for anything. Have a fun safe trip. Learn lots.
  5. Nothing but yummilisiousness when your duffus of a dog finds something fantastically rotten/dead to roll in. Odie is so bad that when you open the back door the "perfume" wafes in
  6. I learned you can't make it in a convection oven as it will not puff up. Oh there are so many different things you could do with it. Would be yummy to put soft fruit in the bottom of the pan then batter & bake. Precooked breakfast sausage crumbled. Maybe we should start a oven pancake thread everyone adds their own flavor & then post a pic.
  7. Hope you made it with 6 eggs & not just three. If you really want it yummy & thicker on the bottom, cook it in a cast iron fry pay probably 10-12inch pan. When I make it at home seldom is there any left overs. Made it the other night & Shortman wanted me to cook up bacon & put int in the bottom. That way he could have two of his favorite foods in one. You could also make popovers to use up the eggs. I don't have much luck for some reason getting my popovers to turn out, however, they seem to still get eaten.
  8. Always thought it would be fun to put in a bathroom garden. Clawfoot tub planter, toilet planter, pedestal sink planter all arranged nicely in the yard.
  9. Danyel my aunt made marmalade with zucchini. It was really good. Oh pan fried zucchini with onion is so very yummy. Tiger, it is amazing what bad weather will do to bring people out. Good luck at the benefit tonight.
  10. Danyel, sure is looking good. With our cooler weather & rain I am so glad didn't spend much money on flowers or veggies. My two flower pot look so sick from all the rain & not much sun.
  11. Please someone wake me up. Having a very hard time getting started for the day. Kinda glad I am working as the weather is chilly chilly with rain maybe. Hard to believe you can go from nice temps to low 60's for a high. Those of you in the line of the storms down south please be careful.
  12. Maybe some other neighbors will join & make it a mudding event.
  13. Oh good gravy
  14. Wow that one egg is HUGE!! Make oven pancake. Great way to use up eggs: 6 eggs 1 cup milk 1cup flour dash of salt mix eggs, milk, flour & salt together pre heat oven to 425 in a 9x13 glass cake pan put 1/2 stick butter place pan in oven to melt butter, when butter is bubbly pour in batter & bake about 20-25 minutes. The sides will get really high & when you take it out they will deflate. Serve with fruit, jam or syrup. It is also yummy to mix in vanilla & cinnamon in the batter. My moms recipe is made with only 3 eggs but it isn't as good. When we had layers I made this all the time to use up the eggs.
  15. This spot the tent is sitting on is picture perfect. If the storm does roll through take a after pic.