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  1. It is so fun when our pets show personality. Love the pic of Rem watching over the duck. Or is the duck looking over Rem?
  2. Horse crazy sorry for the heart ache you are having. Snuggle those two little ones as you need some lovung hugs. Spanish call one of the gals & GO. Do not pass this up or you will be kicking yourself. Heck if it is a matter of driving come down here Thursday night I'll give you a room on the b&b. Then head to the cities from here.
  3. We are being blown away here. On the plus side it keeps the snow from accumulating. Slogging my way through the day. It is ordering day with two of my suppliers & it usually takes 1/2 the day with going through everything. Now I have to start checking off my list as it comes off the truck cause something is missing from last weeks order.
  4. Jubal, the straight stalls would be on the left as you walk in & could put one going the length on the right. When we moved in someone built in two box stalls but they were no good for putting horses in. There was nothing safe about it in my opinion. Yes we could put a new roof on however the ends are not big enough to get equipment in. Could possibly get the ASV in with a new door put on. QH, the more pictures you share of him the more you can really see of his personality.
  5. Jubal that would be a quonset & it isnot uncommon to see here or Canada. Ours is old & needs to come down. It was set up for straight stalls. There was a time that be of the past owners bred drafts. If we had a new roof put on it would be great for hay storage. We are on a old farm & it really isn't as romantic as most think. The old out buildings are worthless
  6. That just means you will have a grand visiting for a week or so in the summer.
  7. QH, there is just something special about those horses. They are brought to us to show we just need to slow things down & enjoy the time. My Tucker after I got him called the gal who sold him to the broker. She said they had to have him in the pasture for a year or so before they could touch him. Course he wasn't bad when I got him but there were just little things. I just took things slow with him & we had some special bond. There was no rushing in his vocabulary. Don't think I'll ever forget that about him & he taught me to just slow life down a touch. You can tell how he looks at you that he is all yours.
  8. QH, this year we ended up getting small squares. So at night they get a 1/2 bale & in morning about 2 flakes just to keep them happy. Usually I feed off a 4x4 rounds but couldn't get them due to not having means to unload. I know they are still getting way to much but is less than in the past. On the plus they don't have mushy butt. If I had a house of terriers I'd be on Prozac.
  9. See if posts now. Zip Mr. Magoo "Really Im not fat but all muscle." Can you believe it mom has the nerve to tie us to trees. Are we not better than that? Sumo v's Ninja
  10. Dang where did they go? Will have to give it another shot. QH, Koda doesn't look at all like his age.
  11. Why don't we all share our Critter pictures. Zip & Magoo Magoo says he's not fat but the camera adds 100lbs & well anybody who wears a winter coat always looks to be a 100 more. Miss Zip should have had her name changed to Cathy for Chatty Cathy. Then there is Odie & George. This is the best could get of them cause they will not sit still together for a pic.
  12. Spanish it is at the Excel Center. You are going to have so much fun. Yes the schools are dumbing down the kids. I'd like to know if signing your name with an X will be legal. Typing why when you can just use your thumbs on the phone. Phones will take the place of computers.
  13. Spanish you always find cool things to do. Did you go to your concert yet? Saturday we go to Trans Siberian with Shortman. Looking forward to it. Oh hubby just got tickets to BonJovi in March. This is an ultimate favorite band.
  14. QH my mom isn't that bad but will make slight remarks. It gets old as you know. Sure hope you find something to help raise your spirits. Hugs to you.
  15. Well you got to give input on your preference or you'll have to live with what you get.