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  1. When we moved to the farm I moved a lot of plants. Did ok with a number of them & all it cost was labor.
  2. I recognize some but couldn't tell you the names. At Menards we bought our vegetable seeds. Sweet corn, peas, beans , radish, & variety lettuce. Going to get a couple hard side kiddie pools for pots. Also got sunflower variety pack. Have an old bed that can get cleaned out for those, plus I think I have an old container of wild mix that can spread. Either those seeds will grow or not.
  3. Well went shopping as a family & hubby now has a bike. Managed to budget a bike when shopping at Walmart. So when we get home we are going for a family ride to a friend's house.
  4. Serah, mount old metal milk cans on the wall for saddle racks. When my tack room is build in a time far far away the milk cans are getting mounted, plus you get the inside for storage.
  5. Your tack shed is a looking good. Surprisingly they day went quick at work. Shortman made $6 for washing two vehicles, George the Depot dog again today kept wanting to go out because of the wonderful weather & the sun was reflecting off the train into my office. All in all made for a good day.
  6. Oh beautiful pic's of the flowers. Thanks for sharing. Do love poppies.
  7. It is so beautiful out today & I have to work in the office. YUCK!!!! Sure hope tomorrow will be nice as have yard work to finish up. Hubby thought maybe he would bring the front end loader home to clean up some around the farm. Course first thing I said was "the paddock!". Didn't get a favorable response but it is a job that needs to be done.
  8. Cricket, did my best to make the initials look like the seed pods. This painting will be a hard one to take down as I enjoy having it hung in my kitchen.
  9. Better a skate board than a pogo stick. Pogo stick gets practiced on in our waiting room of the depot.
  10. Tiger, are you doing a themed party. If so you can almost find anything for decor on amazon or oriental trading. Every year Shortman pic's the theme of the party. This year it was Green Bay Packer. Good luck with finding that horse. It is when you are not looking one will fall into your lap. It is a beautiful day here. The sun is a shinning.
  11. You could always ride Wisconsin 35 to the Danbury area then rent a kayak for the Yellow River then ride back home.
  12. I also like them better in the picture than in my lawn. Jubal if you have them that bad weed & feed two years in a row with a decent brand & it will be at least two years before they get bad again. That is what I did. First year didn't seem to make a difference, second year did good, third year didn't put anything on the lawn. However you'll find out how much of your yard is weeds. There are a few big spots that are brown because it was all crab grass. Also noticed how soft the grass was on bare feet.
  13. Take a guide bike tour through the mountains. I am pooped out. Couldn't get out of the office till 630 as had some really good leads for groups. My desktop was such a mess & hate walking in the morning figuring out where to begin in the morning. When I got home Hubby & Shortman had dinner ready. They also bought me a bouquet of daisies. I love my boys so much!
  14. Had a great time this month. Really enjoyed working on the pic & extremely happy with how it turned out. I let the instructor pic my sky colors.
  15. Wet here also but will take it as fire danger will stay down, rivers will go up a tad. If it warms up at all figure about mothers day will be ready to mow the lawn at home. Our night temps are still dropping but the damp weather makes if feel worse than it really is.