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  1. Heidi, Moana was a really good story. We went as a family last week & loved it. However, in true Disney fashion take the kleenex. Found it more tear jerking than some of the other movies they have done.
  2. We have no power to our out buildings & only one outlet on our porch. Been talking to hubby about putting a small solar panel on the south end of the bar then run LED lights down the isle. Figure much easier then trying to run all new power & not having to worry about the wiring in the barn.
  3. QH that you s so cool. Dawn just think of the job at hand. Iv done stuff for competition in past & totally forget about it because so focused on the job. Serah nice to see you are back. It just got cold enough to freeze up some of the mud mess in my paddock.
  4. Did not want to get up this morning. Could have kept on sleeping for some reason. Heck looked so bad in the mirror that I had put makeup on & still a staff mentioned how tired I looked. Apparently there isn't enough makeup in the world to help. Working in the office. Almost got one project done.
  5. We buy those little 3in LED that are found at the hardware stores for maybe $1.99. They already have a string on it so just loop it through the zipper tab.
  6. Yay! I'm back to my normal self
  7. Thanks QH I'll go looking
  8. I lucked out as there was a BIG pot of fresh coffee brought off the train & put on my desk. Last night one of my staffers texted that he left something for me at the office that was very dear to his mother. Said I was the first person he thought of when figuring who to give it to. Well I come in & laying on the counter is a beautiful 22 inch porcelain doll. She will be perfect for my sewing room. I have some dolls already & not one have I bought but were gifts from very special people in my life. Never would I have started a doll collection on my own but apparently I was meant to have one. Painted, my night feedings are done by truck headlights & flashlight. Most of all my warm coats have a little LED flashlight attached to the zipper. That way I don't have to carry it or worry about putting it down. Yes, it is a great accessory to the coat that every person should have. Oh this reminds me I have to buy some more knives. So not fun trying to find on in the barn. Just easier to keep one in a pocket of every coat. I had better get to work.
  9. This is nothing compared to some of the other silly pictures we have. We have bad case of silly syndrome in our house, but is sure make for fun & laughs. I just hope there are other parents who enjoy their kid/s as much as we do.
  10. Heidi,. We work & play as a family. So something as simple as this just totally makes my heart sing. Shortman is all about family. At 6 1/2 he talks about never leaving the farm but getting married & living on the farm. Our answer to him is we will build a house near the pond so we can still be together as a family. We have the best little boy in the universe. Never thought we would be blessed but the Lord had a different path for us. How can you not have fun with a tiki torch dancing kid?
  11. QH so sorry to hear about your barn. Do you have any neighbors who need hay? You could look into having it shipped in from outside the area & if you go in with someone it will help cover the cost. Thanks for comments on my little projects. When I go to these parties I do the painting with my son in mind as they go to him. Ok so he claims them before they are even done. It it really fun to paint in the smiles & critters. Usually find myself smiling while I paint.
  12. Heidi, this is the 3rd paint party I have been to. This project was much harder as it was painted on wood not canvas. Couldn't get the paint to cover or blend as well, then where you needed to paint over it would cover very good. What counts is my son just loves it especially the star. I did manage to work his initials into the snow flakes and he found them right away. Last painting with the pumpkin I put his initials in the vines & had a hard time finding them.
  13. Pink, nice tree. Hint to help finding the bald light spot is to put up the light stand back & look at it cross eyed. Yes silly but it works. I haven't started decorating at all. About time to get the front porch decor up for winter.
  14. My creation