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  1. We went to the beach again. Because we got home late had fried ham & eggs. This is when I love using my electric fry pan. Because we have a ham to use thinking a pineapple ham pizza would be yummy. Makes for another easy summer dinner.
  2. Grimmie, congrats on the baby girl. Don't go crazy shopping for pink. Well at least the room was enough of a mess to show the difference. My house is always a mess in the summer because we are never home to get anything done. One day last week I planned on going home after work but decided the beach was a much better way to spend time. Winter is just around the corner can get caught up then.
  3. Warm weather here also. 80's through the weekend & maybe some more rain. There is all sorts of stuff for me to do. Needless to say it will not go anywhere so whats the rush, right?
  4. Jubal, I have a sewing project that is going on 2yrs since I started it. Then there are all the puzzles that I don't have the heart to take apart that are neatly stacked on my other work top. Have all intentions of gluing & framing a couple of them.
  5. Only reason my room looks a mess it because we have the donation pile growing. I have a library table for a work top & LOVE it with all the space. Plus I can put the storage bins under & still have foot room. My sewing room it the catch all because it is seldom used & to easy to just close the door.
  6. My office gal said that is what her daughter & SIL do. One works days the other works nights so someone is always home for the kids.
  7. English muffin with a slice of tomato, little cheese salt & pepper. Pop in the micro just long enough to soften the cheese. Yummy
  8. Luckily Shortman has to wear a uniform. So shopping Walmart.com beats finding a parking spot. A hike would probably help with your problem but the car ride won't. Recommend finding something much closer to home
  9. What every crafter dreams of....then the reality
  10. It looks like a show room. My sewing room has somehow turned into a disaster & I have worked in it for months.
  11. I do it all. They have to have a required number of certain colored folders. Its hard to find design designed note books & again there they might list a certain required color. Heaven forbid if kids can show some personality. Well today went total different direction. Went to get gas's for the truck & said gas's went on the ground. Lucky it was only 1.5 gallons. The line from where you put in the nozel the pipe plum rusted off. Took it to the shop & got it rigged till parts come in.
  12. Funny you mention school supplies. Was telling my office gal I just might be lazy & order it all online this year. Found that if wait will August for supplies it is harder to find what you are looking for. We are always tired in the summer because we try to pack to so much in little time. Once school starts then we can get on a good routine & life seems to move along a tad better.
  13. I haven't had time to spray the weed yet this summer. Meaning next year will be an explosion after they have seeded.
  14. Summer what summer? Once July 4th hits summer is over because it flies by just to dang fast.
  15. Small squares, rounds, big squares it is all a pain in the rump to put in the barn.