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  1. Danyel sorry to hear about your beloved family member. As hard as it is just remember the Lord was good to take him in his sleep. Your boy is still with you in spirit.
  2. PD his favorite grandma came along with us. They both look rather pooped out this afternoon. My hubby is working a show this weekend. So we are entering raining each other. What ever did we do before texting abilities
  3. Would post a pic of the booth just because I am board. However don't want anyone to accuse me of soliciting on the board. Then again I would be showing you all the other horse power.
  4. Working our booth at a very slow show. Shortman is having fun with Grandma in the pool. So glad she came along as I'd be pulling my hair with a board 6 1/2 yr old. Would be different if the show were busy. QB that is so neat about the girls. What do they think with winning the $$
  5. Painted, there is enough winter padding on this bird so no issues.
  6. Jazzy thats what I would do. Crawl back to bed after taking some meds. Nothing better than sleep you help feel better. Pink hope you keep feeling good. Well managed to wipe out in the parking lot at the school. What looked like just wet pavement turned out to be black ice. Down she goes & had to shimmy to the tailgate cause couldn't get any footing to get up. Oh the joys of having rain in January.
  7. Morning!!!! Been up & doing chores already & about to head outside for the next thing on the list. Got to love leaving everything to the last minute. The bottomless pot of coffee is on. So pull up a chair, grab a cup & have some jo.
  8. Keeping everyone straight yes a little bit. Oh don't worry it will all come out in the end. Always does.
  9. Jazzy same temp here also. Can see grass & dirt where it has been shoveled or plowed.
  10. Danyel, funny you should say that because last week I thought the same. Something rang a bell but couldn't put a finger on it.
  11. Thankful for some staff that you can laugh with. PD, if you happen to be in Stevens Point over the weekend & looking to do something we will have a small booth up at the model railroad show. Think got everything packed just have to make a small stuff box. Jubal, glad your boy is back to normal. I have always thought they adjust their attitudes every so often just to make us worry. Pink, enjoy your quiet day at the office.
  12. Could always go on county land but not sure if you are allowed to camp
  13. Wolf, only once went horse camping down by Necedah, was a very nice camp set up with good trails. There is the Dougal horse trail with primitive campground just east of Spooner on hwy 70. The Tascobia trail allows horseback riding but don't think there is a horse camp. Then on there is the Flambeau I believe has horse camping & Govenor Knowles state park by Grantsburg has horse camp & trails. Other than Necedah & Flambeau the others are not far to travel to. Oh think there is also some horse trails in the Chequamegon. Some of the trail have a good long network and others are short.
  14. Oh it felt so good not to wear the winter coat this morning. All the critters are feeling fine & spunky with this weather.
  15. Have not seen her on general chit chat since she has her snit with me. I refused to feed into it with her. Truly hope she is doing ok.