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  1. Sorry I did miss your point. Do believe they have they have more of the natural instinct is because the breed has not been changed much. They are not a popular breed as some others that still have the natural instinct because they are not over bred.
  2. Noponies that's because some are still crossed with hybreds.
  3. Oh yes husky is easier to brush out than a Newfie. Totally forgot that they are known for small critter killing.
  4. We get Hummers but I don't feed the birds. Have been looking for perennials that attracts Hummers & butterflies. Found some that would do well in our zone.
  5. Equi I said it for you cause I just couldn't sit on my keyboard over the comment. Oh by the way standard poodles pull sleds also. Oh & before Nick can comment yrs ago a team raced the JJohn Bear Grease race in Duluth. Alright back to subject. Huskies are a great dog for the right person as with any breed. I've always enjoyed those that others have had but they are not for me.
  6. Nick you are aware that the racing dog are actually mutts. The Alaskan Husky from my understanding is not regiserable because they are a mix breed. At least it was 20 yrs ago when a friend who had an Alaskan Husky was told from the breeder as she ask. Now the Siberian Huskies she got it depended on breeder. One breeder was developing a all purpose line to be a family pet yet semi working dog. Another breeder she did get papers as the breeder was breeding for family & potential show dogs. Why are they mutts because they have been crossed with dogs who have been running enudrance. Many have been crossed with whippets or grey hounds. Then the dogs closest to the sleds are breed for strength & not so much for brains. Lead dog is a special dog in it's self. Oh & the Pomeranian is a cousin of the artic breed, so we should hook a team of 30 to a sled & go for a ride.
  7. There would be a Shortman monster in our house if refried beans were remotely close to his plate.
  8. We have crap weather for the entire week. Keep telling people we are not done with April yet so it is all fair game with mother nature.
  9. Hair hair & more hair. Holes in the back yard. Not just go golfing but eat a small car holes. Most likely will want to be out more than in. Can be obedience trained but will be difficult. They can sometimes be nippy with people & children. Not always good with strangers. Neighbors might not enjoy the broo-ing they do.
  10. Home made pizza is probably on the menu tonight. Pepperoni bacon cheese.
  11. Oh I'd have fun with those bed's. I love moving plants around & thinning to other bed's.
  12. OMG!!!! Refried beans would be so good. One of these days I'm going to made it homemade. Just something about refried beans out of the can doesn't seem as good. My spaghetti bake was yummy. Course made enough for a family of 5.
  13. Well seeing as it's on the half. 100%!!!!!!
  14. I prepped a dish of baked spaghetti last night so can just pop it in the oven when we get home. Course in true fashion made to many noodle & they sucked up all the sauce. So on the way home will have to get more sauce to mix in. Thinking maybe tomorrow will make homemade pizza. Shortman could help me make that with the toppings. Course will have to make it 1/2 & 1/2 so we can have toppings that little people don't care for.
  15. No sun for us. But was able to once again have the bedroom window open overnight. Seem to sleep better with the fresh air but my allergies are not great. If it isn't itchy eyes or nose it is runny nose or stuffy nose. The evil weatherman claim we are to have snow sometime this week. I don't believe him as he gets paid to be wrong 99.9 1/2% of the time.