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  1. If you can go.
  2. Do I really have to go to work
  3. Tiger at this point don't push the buying as one will come along. When we are not looking is when they come along. The perfect fit wwill come along
  4. Heidi, sure hope your mom will be ok. The sun is out. Then to pop the bubble someone said we are to get 6 inches of snow. Believe it when I see it.
  5. Hope the prospect work out for you Tiger. Sorry about your sick guy & fingers crossed nobody else in the family gets it. Would so rather be at home. I sure is nice to be the only one in the house when getting up. Took my time getting into work.
  6. Horsecrazy so sorry to hear about your boy
  7. Baked spag is just taking the sauce, mix with noodle then put in the oven to bake. Make sure you have plenty of sauce or the noodles will suck it all up. Oh & about ten min before taking out put shredded mozzarella on top. Yum Yum as there is something with the sauce baking into the noodles for flavor. Kdrown, Im coming over for nachos.
  8. There was a sugar dusting of snow. Shortman was good to break ice on the buckets that developed last night.
  9. We have never had a pure bred dog yet. All but George have been 1/2 lab & I just can't see our house without that lab mix. Heck George is Aussie/Border mix. Not sure I would know what to do with a full blood something. You could always keep an eye out for husky mix pup, then maybe the natural naughties of the breed will be tamed down.
  10. When you pick you ice berg lettuce watch out for the frost slugs. Heard they can be really nasty.
  11. Keep your Wolf as we have a surgar dusting. If this keep up Wolf you should be able to pick your snow peas next week.
  12. Pepperann, get yourself a all American hairy mutt.
  13. Oh how nice to see you again. Hope you like your new job & enjoy your time at the barn. Sage is looking great & you can tell she isn't as wide like before. The halter is beautiful & is perfect for her.
  14. Sorry I did miss your point. Do believe they have they have more of the natural instinct is because the breed has not been changed much. They are not a popular breed as some others that still have the natural instinct because they are not over bred.
  15. Noponies that's because some are still crossed with hybreds.