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  1. LUCKYYYY!!!! I swear, that's the only App that has ever called to me & said he needed to be mine!
  2. HEY!!! I have managed to go, like 3 weeks now, without breaking, dropping, running over or into, getting stuck, kicking, bonking, tripping, headbutting, cutting off, or otherwise detaching anything from its original area of origin! (Crap, something bad's gonna happen tomorrow now, isn't it.)
  3. "Wilson" says, "Hey, at least none of it came OFF!"
  4. That's all my son & I have for "TV" here. Well, that & one (*cough) "Local" station... out of Shreveport, Louisiana, which is a couple hours South East of us, lol!
  5. We were just making plans for her to come stay a weekend with me. Well, my little sweet friend, take care of Tequila for me.
  6. HA! Horsepoor, I do have to somewhat agree with ya, & I have pics for evidence later if I need it in court, if I end up blowing a gasket, lol! There ARE some wonderful people here, & (Bless their hearts, & I mean that in the most SINCERE Southern way,) some plain old freaks. I went for a drug test yesterday, so hopefully have a new job starting this coming week. (I live in a Dry County, & don't know anyone that even has access to actual drugs... although Plumber's Crack IS rampant! ) It's just another gas station job, but it'll work, til something better comes along. Other than that, nothing much going on. Rocket had a bout of lameness the other day, I think he's working really hard at blowing an abscess or something. Head bobbing lame one day, so I buted & cold hosed him, next day he was better, yesterday he was having a good ol' time trying to convince me he was good to go out in the big pasture with the others. So I hopped on him bareback, & he was fine on the front yard grass, but still ouchy on the black top. Was only going to fart around in the yard on him for 5 minutes, til he pulled some rearing & wanting to go stand by the barn crap, so that turned into 15 minutes. & yes, that's a Choke Hold on the turd, lol!
  7. Has pain been ruled out? (Not in his eyes, but internal pain. That would be my thoughts, the pain wakes him up, & he is growling & snapping as a defense thing... because it HURTS.)
  8. Oz, I'm about 25 minutes from Texarkana... the ex kept ALL my grooming equipment though. WOLFIE, Buddy!!! How ya been?? I put in 6 apps in town today, & filled out online apps for a couple more places, & also with 2 temp agencies. Got leads on another place in town that closed early today for some reason, so I will be back there in the morning. Saturday is Ranch Rodeo day at the arena, & lucky me got voted in as a Board Member. Maybe someone I run into there will have some ideas. Got some horse hair on me today, as I had purchased vaccines & dewormer for the critters last week. Funny how you don't have time to get stuff done, until you have nothing else to do, huh? farah, no kidding, right? I swear, maybe that was part of the problem. I was good at going behind a couple of the other employees & finishing their half-arsed jobs, then in my own little way, "reminding" them of what needed to be done. When I dropped off my work shirts & got my check this afternoon, one of my girls started bawling. That sucked. But overall, I feel this was a good decision, especially since a friend that quit back in October informed me that the owners asked her if I was on Crack after my first day! Only crack I have ever seen in my whole entire life has been on the back of a few guys that didn't know what a belt is for, lol! Work ethic. Ha! More like a dang beauty contest, to see who can attract the most married men! (Which is a whole 'nother rant!) Alaska, apparently down here in East Texas, there is a differentiation between "Redneck" & "Country". I'm still trying to figure that one out... from what I gather, redneck is basically drunk trailer trash that shoots out of their pickup & poaches, (quote from a co worker, lol!) & country is a cleaner version that obeys most laws & grows their own food. & doesn't have a house with wheels. Or something. It's like I walked into the live version of that cartoon, "King Of The Hill". Either Hank Hill is gonna "Tell me what!", or Boomhauer is gonna come & mumble something at me that I get to attempt to decipher. I will say, I sure do miss being around people that understand the concept of enunciation, lol!
  9. That pony is big enough to keep up with the big horses all day. They are tough little farts, & as long as she's broke enough, she should be fine for a toodle down the driveway, to an all day ride, depending on you & your kid. While I agree that a one year old is a bit young for that, AND too young for a buddy seat, you have to do what YOU are comfortable with. I got a buddy seat for my youngest when he was about 4, hated the connecting straps on the dang thing. There was no easy way to go about it. SO I got him a pony & lead lined them til I felt the kid had enough control over the pony & an understanding of follow me. Worked well. There is a group that rides around here locally & they have 4 kids on buddy seats, & another handful that just graduated to their own horses. But that's a whole 'nother adventure, lol!
  10. Serah, yup, pretty much. I held out as long as I could, this carp has been going on since January when I went to be with my sick kid. Somehow, it just kinda topped the tater when she looked me in the eye & told me I wasn't "redneck enough" I just couldn't take it anymore, ya know?
  11. Yea, I'd be better off selling my SELF before her, the boys would NEVER speak to me again if I did that. She's safe, as long as we don't have to move to like... NYC or France or something. My Uncle just texted & told me to not do stupid stuff like sell horses, he says they can stay here forever, there's plenty for them to eat, "Don't make rash decisions you will regret later, that's how you lost Tequila". I love my Uncle.
  12. To add to my "It just Figures" part.... I am now unemployed again. Sigh. Get this... the store owner actually said I needed to be "more redneck". Other than knocking out a tooth & picking my rear in front of customers, IDK what I could have done more! I've been nauseatingly cheerful, got all my stuff done, blah blah blah. They don't "Fire" people, but sure made sure I felt as unwelcome & unappreciated as they possibly could. Tater topper was, I have a "regular" that comes in & calls me "Crabby". Owner heard it, & called me in the office, with the lecture on how she was sick of hearing from customers how crabby I am. & how they were OH so generous, & kept my job for me, & paid overtime to the others, when I left to be with my son with cancer. (Guilt trip crap.)They wanted me to work 11 hour shifts, which I tried to do, & let them know a few weeks ago that I couldn't physically & mentally handle it. SO I was told today that I need to quit if I can't handle the shifts. (I was not hired to do those shifts in the beginning, tried them when they needed someone, when they pissed off the LAST few people that quit...) I don't know, maybe I need to go back to a doctor & have myself mentally evaluated or something. Just rehomed 2 cats, tomorrow I will go through my tack & see what I can sell, to get us through til I can find something. I know it would be a rash decision to sell horses "Right Now", but that may be something I have to think about. Traded my little Suzuki Sidekick for a mini van back in September, so I have a $150 car payment.... which was just paid, so I am good for a few weeks there. Totally killed my savings account when I went to see the sick kid... who wants to bet that one of the horses will do something stupid now?
  13. Mz Rat... really? Interesting. I only worked at 2 dairies when I was Up North, & related by marriage to 2 more... they just flat out switched the cows with the clocks, no special treatment or preparation. So, the "Spring Forward" morning, everything gets milked an hour earlier than they were, & the "Fall back", an hour later. Which may have caused a handful of grumpy girls, but usually they have their "let down" response to the sights & sounds of the milking equipment & being put in the milking barns, not necessarily according to a clock. Just my experiences.
  14. Currently 46 & overcast this morning in New Boston, Texas. Debating on going riding with the neighbors, or spending time with the uncle & aunt. So far Auntie is in her room with her ipad, the kid & uncle are watching pokemon cartoons together on Netflix, & I am on my 2nd cup of coffee trying to get motivated enough to make a decision. So far it ain't working, lol!
  15. Great to hear! How are the dogs? Arse Crack Jack is getting fat as well, & I miss my Maggot, but last I heard from Jeff, he's a "Stay At Home Pug", because he apparently thinks he is an attack dog, & was biting AGS customers, lol!